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The Problem: Hello my pets

Asked by: MasterTS at 07:42:30 PM, Saturday, April 23, 2016 PDT FLAG


Also any debates/questions/discussions welcome

MasterTS Apr 23 2016 7:43pm FLAG

Dude. You're fücking creepy. Go away

Anonymous Apr 25 2016 5:31pm FLAG
I usually don't reply to anons unless they have some kind of point but I'm bored. So you find talking to be creepy? Wow I...actually really pity you. I assume however you just mean me in general to which I would say, you know nothing about me except what your little brain has allowed you to, biased as it is. In which case then nothing you have to say is anything more than your opinion so why should anyone but you care about it? Also, still pity you.

MasterTS Apr 27 2016 7:20pm FLAG
Hey be careful this is a man that uses Pokemon to attract kids for his sexual needs. My sister was targeted beware. He calls himself chaos on the site perfectpokemon.

Sara Apr 28 2016 9:14pm FLAG
Are you talking about me Sara?

MasterTS Apr 28 2016 9:25pm FLAG
You've been getting some seriously weird comments lately.

Sapphire Apr 30 2016 7:39am FLAG
Yes but their complaints loose a lot of weight when they don't come back when questioned on it. But I've never heard of the site perfectpokemon. Nor have I ever used the name chaos as that goes against pretty much everything I stand for, as a master I bring order not chaos.

MasterTS Apr 30 2016 10:20am FLAG
Long time no see TS

Anonymous May 01 2016 1:17pm FLAG
Not gonna lie,I missed you

Anonymous May 01 2016 1:19pm FLAG
Is that so? What is your name?

MasterTS May 01 2016 5:28pm FLAG
I'm an old pet of yours

Anonymous May 01 2016 5:43pm FLAG
I could guess enough, that's why I want to know your name *smiles*

MasterTS May 01 2016 5:48pm FLAG
What makes you think you deserve to know (;

Anonymous May 01 2016 6:51pm FLAG
I think I remember a chaos, but that was a long time ago. I seriously doubt he still comes on.

Sapphire May 01 2016 6:53pm FLAG
I know who you're talking about

Anonymous May 01 2016 7:02pm FLAG
The name sounds familiar, then again its a very generic name on the internet.

MasterTS May 01 2016 8:06pm FLAG
Well if you don't want to tell me that's fine, but I like talking to my girls even the ones who have moved on and I can't do that without knowing your name

MasterTS May 01 2016 8:07pm FLAG
I was joking haha :) Lily

Anonymous May 01 2016 8:10pm FLAG
...Lily? Is it really you? It has been far to long *smiles*

MasterTS May 01 2016 8:20pm FLAG
It's been too long -grins widely-

Anonymous May 01 2016 8:22pm FLAG
How have you been? You kinda just disappeared I was worried about you

MasterTS May 01 2016 8:30pm FLAG
I did disappear and I do apologize for that. I've been great,yourself?

Lily May 01 2016 8:34pm FLAG
Not so bad, not nearly as active as I used to be but there is also a serious lack of talent haha

MasterTS May 01 2016 9:17pm FLAG
maripuchi, no hay muchos ejemplares. La cosa es que no voy a poder pasarme antes del viernes por la feria y lo más probable es que estos restos aroiÃqle³gucos se vean liquidados en breve. El sábado que estuve allí conté por encima que habría unos 30. No puedo comprometerme a nada.

DOU6nH0sJ Nov 17 2016 7:11am FLAG
Do you have more great aritcles like this one?

RFYQsROD Nov 19 2016 3:48am FLAG
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bYByEz4ZxhmC Nov 22 2016 8:00am FLAG
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