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The Problem: Hello

Asked by: LoveYoung at 10:52:30 AM, Saturday, April 30, 2016 PDT FLAG


Well I am now, how have you been LoveYoung?

MasterTS Apr 30 2016 4:52pm FLAG

Need to eat pleas someone order me pizza

Anonymous Apr 30 2016 5:24pm FLAG
Hi, TS! I've been okay. But, I need some advice. Can you help?

LoveYoung Apr 30 2016 5:40pm FLAG
For you? Always *smiles* What's on your mind today?

MasterTS Apr 30 2016 7:09pm FLAG
Okay TS. This is going to sound really screwed up, but here I go. Five years ago, my uncle started dating a woman. The woman has two older daughters, and a son, who is a year older than me. I have been in love with that goddamn boy ever since I first met him. Me and him became fast friends, and would hang out a lot when he would come see my uncle. Well, we have became older, and I have no idea what happened to the friendship. He will barely even talk to me. BARELY. Ugh, but my love for him has silently been growing inside me for the past five years. I just don't know what to do now. I can't really tell him, because his mom and him and his sister and neice all live with my uncle now! I have done so well at keeping this a secret and not blowing my cover, but its killing me! And, when I go over to his house, he just always looks at me, and when I catch him he looks away. I don't know what to do.

LoveYoung Apr 30 2016 9:38pm FLAG
Hmmm...let me ask. Do you sense any hatred or resentment from him? Not the family, I only care about him right now.

MasterTS Apr 30 2016 9:49pm FLAG
Either way...I have an answer for your problem if you wish to hear it.

MasterTS Apr 30 2016 10:00pm FLAG
No. I never did anything to him. But, he "discovered" girls and how hot they are. But, please, I would love to here your answer.

LoveYoung Apr 30 2016 10:12pm FLAG
Hmmm...actually no that's wrong...I don't have answers, I have solutions that you can implement to resolve these issues on your own in your own way, would be a more accurate way of saying it.

MasterTS Apr 30 2016 10:12pm FLAG
My plan is just to avoid him and my uncle and the rest of them for the next ten months. It hurts, but I guess that might be my game plan.... And it would just be so he could see how much I've changed...

LoveYoung Apr 30 2016 10:19pm FLAG
That was actually what I was going to say. Good guys, these are the guys who look away, not because they hate you or think you are ugly but they don't want to be caught looking because they think it would look bad, they haven't realized that a girl who likes them enjoys being looked at yet. They think all kinds of things are wrong and if you really want it you have to show him what things are ok, start by saying 'hey, I've liked you for a long time, I'd like to see where that goes' and see what his reaction is if you get impatient, or you can slowly try to show him and hope he gets over himself. But just beware, sometimes those types can turn bad quickly so if you feel off ever just bail and think about it later, if he's worth your time he will easily forgive you later for it.

MasterTS Apr 30 2016 10:30pm FLAG
Thank you TS. I really do appreiciate it.

LoveYoung Apr 30 2016 10:32pm FLAG
He sounds like a decent find, my only advice is, when you do break the ice as it were, if he tries to invade your life at all times then be very cautions, even if it just starts with him always wanting to be close, he should always be open to your feelings as well as his own. The second he refuses to consider your point of view take a huge step back and look at things.

MasterTS Apr 30 2016 10:41pm FLAG

queen_lala Jun 30 2016 4:44am FLAG
Good to see real expertise on display. Your coiotnburitn is most welcome.

eW5nvzXxy Mar 21 2017 8:37am FLAG
You write so hoetlnsy about this. Thanks for sharing!

uOaVLuW24tK0 Apr 13 2017 8:27am FLAG
Ab fab my golody man.

JFmJskAl Apr 15 2017 12:40am FLAG
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