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MasterTS - Enemy

The Problem: I need to have a friendly chat with you for the first time.

Asked by: Enemy at 08:42:05 PM, Monday, May 02, 2016 PDT FLAG


I need advice.

Nate (Enemy) May 02 2016 8:47pm FLAG

I'll be around tomorrow, we can talk then

MasterTS May 03 2016 1:36am FLAG
Ok Enemy I'm here, what is it you wanted to ask?

MasterTS May 03 2016 2:02pm FLAG
Well, here it goes. I need help on why I get dtart to get worked up on guilt when I keep having feelings in the past. If that kinda makes since. Like holding onto the past, like a grudge. I just need help on what to do as I grow older I start feeling more.

Enemy May 04 2016 2:02pm FLAG
I'll be back later in the day.

Enemy May 04 2016 2:03pm FLAG
Age has nothing to do with it and it's not like I'm some ancient sage but emotions are a fairly simply thing. First of all never feel ashamed for feeling emotions, but never let them control you. Let your emotions play out, let yourself feel everything but use your brain to decide which is best. Everyone is different but the most important thing is to not let your guilt stop you from moving forward. To let go of a grudge, hmmm...for that you need to figure out why you still feel so strongly about that grudge, once you figure that out you can take steps towards fixing it. Lastly, and this is just my personal belief, but when you do good things you feel good and when you feel good you can make others feel good, what works for me might not work the same for you. You have to be the one to discover what is holding you back, and you have to forgive yourself for your past mistakes before you can ever be free of them. Don't be ashamed that you made a mistake in the past, so long as you still breath you can always make it right so long as you really want it. If you want a good starting point then just don't do the things that you feel guilt over from the past, remember the times you were able to help people or make them happy, if you focus on that instead of the bad I think you'll find your own path out of that darkness.

MasterTS May 04 2016 3:47pm FLAG
I see, makes sense when I think about your advice that way. Thanks @TS

Enemy May 04 2016 7:08pm FLAG
Sure, I hope it helps you discover something.

MasterTS May 04 2016 7:12pm FLAG
Yeah, I'm going to go offline for a awhile to discover myself and just have time. Thank you again MasterTS.

Enemy May 04 2016 10:03pm FLAG
That sounds like a solid plan, good luck and remember to always be moving forward.

MasterTS May 05 2016 12:06pm FLAG
You have Boosted up my spirit to go fourth on! Thanks again MasterTS

Enemy May 08 2016 7:56pm FLAG
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