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The Problem: .

Asked by: LoveYoung at 02:08:46 PM, Friday, May 06, 2016 PDT FLAG


Now I am for the foreseeable future though I may not respond right away if I'm in the middle of a match.

MasterTS May 06 2016 6:46pm FLAG

Oh. Ok.

LoveYoung May 06 2016 7:32pm FLAG
Is something wrong?

MasterTS May 06 2016 7:50pm FLAG
Not really. But I know what ff looks like now and what his name is... lol

LoveYoung May 06 2016 7:55pm FLAG
Well...knowledge is power haha

MasterTS May 06 2016 7:59pm FLAG
I have many powah

NB3 May 07 2016 4:41pm FLAG
I think you mean you have much power, power isn't something you have many of.

MasterTS May 07 2016 4:51pm FLAG
Well then 0_0

NB3 May 08 2016 5:14am FLAG
hi nazar,the suter system that the IAF uses, used, is evolving. the russians are doing spin, read damage, control. they may improve their defense in some manner. but the imoprvement may not see the same array from suter again.

mexkIAitUg Nov 17 2016 7:05pm FLAG
Whoever edits and pulbhsies these articles really knows what they're doing.

U5bPpEI7nWfT Nov 19 2016 4:07am FLAG
Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good arcltie.

FHGcIrDK Nov 22 2016 8:07am FLAG
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