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Asked by: Nate S. at 08:31:15 AM, Thursday, June 02, 2016 PDT FLAG


Is there any good reason to stop me from trying to go . myself? I just realized that my fake ass career as a fake ass bass player might be over because of how big of a deadbeat a$$.hole I am to other people in my personal life and on the internet.

Enemy (Nate) Jun 02 2016 8:34am FLAG

No wonder I call myself Enemy, or "Demon" because of how much of a cyberbully a$$.hole I am. HAHA YEAH!!! THATS SO TRUE ABOUT ME!

Enemy (Nate) Jun 02 2016 8:35am FLAG
hey dont worry im the same damn way names dawn but u can call me bich just like every other deadbeat lowlife does cuz they r stuck up about how bad their life sucks and they need friends im just gonna be real with u kid if it hasnt gotten better yet u can throw it to the dirt cuz it aint gone get any better now thats just the way the depressed hatred cookie crumbles :|

dawn2dusk Jun 02 2016 10:15am FLAG
If you are serious Enemy then yes there is a good reason. All life is irreplaceable and has value. No mistake is so bad that you can't recover and change.

MasterTS Jun 03 2016 3:40pm FLAG

mdsaklain Jun 24 2016 2:09am FLAG
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