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The Problem: u dont know me and i dont know u but ive seen the advice u give to others and i need some help with something would u be willing to help with some of ur grateful advice

Asked by: dawn2dusk at 10:38:13 AM, Thursday, June 02, 2016 PDT FLAG


I'm willing to hear what you have to say so long as it's sincere.

MasterTS Jun 03 2016 3:37pm FLAG

well ive been feeling highly deressed lately i tried to distract myself with things that usually make me feel better or make me happy but it hasnt helped much my dad recently gave up on me my parents are divorced and he was incredibly mentally abusive he lessoned and soon stopped shortly after the divorce it got to the point were he eventually ignored me and payed all his attention to my siblings so i explained that i didn't want to be ignored and he told me to get out of his house and to never come back but he wants my siblings to still come to his house i miss him and want to go back and not having him on my life makes me feel empty i need some help someone i could just talk to or have around when i need them i dont have any friends and my mom and stepdad work all the time it makes me feel worse and hollowed could you help by giving some advice or at least a bit of reassurance im just scared of relapsing

dawn2dusk Jun 05 2016 4:14pm FLAG
Distractions will only work for so long. Every problem has a core, a center. If you fix that then everything else falls into place. As for your dad, not much I can say there but be in his life as much as you can but never let go of who you are as a person to be who he needs you to be. If he can't accept you for who you are then he is not fit to be a father.

MasterTS Jun 07 2016 8:12pm FLAG
i agree

#1diva Jul 09 2016 4:52am FLAG
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MasterTS Jul 18 2016 11:14pm FLAG
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#div Jul 18 2016 11:15pm FLAG
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Momo Sep 23 2016 5:10pm FLAG
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Jake💀💀💀💀 Sep 23 2016 5:11pm FLAG
Not on ll D: You see what people are doing with kiks nowadays o--o

Momo Sep 23 2016 5:13pm FLAG
Yeah i do ._. But then how will i get it?

Jake💀💀💀💀 Sep 23 2016 5:13pm FLAG
Gimme yours :D

Momo Sep 23 2016 5:14pm FLAG

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Momo Sep 23 2016 5:15pm FLAG
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Jake💀💀💀💀 Sep 23 2016 5:16pm FLAG
What if I've been faking Momo this whole time and I'm really a middle aged man who now has your kik!? >:D

Momo Sep 23 2016 5:17pm FLAG
Like if i care ._.

Jake💀💀💀💀 Sep 23 2016 5:18pm FLAG
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Momo Sep 23 2016 5:18pm FLAG
Lol message me diamond

Jake💀💀💀💀 Sep 23 2016 5:19pm FLAG
Give advice: