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Asked by: Deen at 05:31:28 PM, Saturday, July 16, 2016 PDT FLAG


thank u 4 the warning

Stacy Jul 18 2016 10:05am FLAG

wow! and I almost messaged that guy ty @deen

H Jul 18 2016 8:07pm FLAG
He said on another post that he's a man, but not an old man or a young one. Hmmmmmmm

Anonymous Jul 18 2016 10:41pm FLAG
You act like Man implies age instead of gender. Also thank you for all your hard work Deen, you really do me a favor by weeding out all the idiots not worth wasting time on. Carry on.

MasterTS Jul 19 2016 6:22pm FLAG
That's a bit counter productive for you isn't it, MasterPedo? I mean, for most part, anyone who comes online to play "masters and slaves" are for most part.....idiots.

Deen Jul 19 2016 6:39pm FLAG
So you say Deen, but really what is your opinion worth? Are you saying that people who don't think like you are idiots? Are you saying people who are doing what they want to do are wrong?

MasterTS Jul 22 2016 10:06pm FLAG
No I am simply saying the people you entertain and claim as being any level of sanity, are mere idiots. Just as you think, anyone that doesn't subvert to your sexual perversion as being closed minded. In the future, don't confuse opinions, with expressed observations.

Deen Jul 23 2016 7:26am FLAG
Give it a rest, Deen. When Hillary wins, organizations like NAMBLA will finally have a voice in the position of equality! We will then be able to discuss consensual sex between adults and s as being a liberty of freedom. Then it can be normalized in media freely, and eventually your bigoted response will be drowned out in a sea of HATE. HEIL LENIN! HEIL TROTSKY! HEIL KARL MARX!

MasterTS Jul 23 2016 9:48am FLAG
woh! deen you are rite he is weird as a mofo

Rita Jul 24 2016 1:52pm FLAG
Seen may troll a lot, but he's really smart.

Anonymous Jul 24 2016 8:42pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 25 2016 5:35pm FLAG
Actually I despise Hillary. Yet again someone making a poor attempt at a fake. Do any of you idiots actually think faking me saying 'haha I'm an idiot' will fool anyone? Deen has his moments of clarity but I wouldn't say smart. Not as dumb as advertised yes, but not smart because he thinks this preschool wannabe be bully BS works on me or anyone else with half a brain.

MasterTS Jul 26 2016 10:46am FLAG
I may have actually expressed an ounce of appreciation for your assessment, had you not resorted to the typical cop-out of victimcratic rhetoric. There is a fine line between being a bully, and a shining example of one that does not conform to the subversive nature of political correctness.

Deen Jul 26 2016 8:11pm FLAG
Oh believe me I'm as against PC culture as one can be, I wouldn't be me otherwise. My point is that anytime I offer you the chance to show off your intellect you decline. Every time you try to challenge me it's with material I know is ultimately beneath your level, and really it's disappointing to see such talents wasted. If you want to truly challenge me Deen then bring facts on par with my own. Until you can do at least that then people like me will just have fun laughing at your pre-shool taunts. I'll admit you have a skin so thick that nothing I say could ever hurt you without getting really personal, I just wonder if that thick skin keeps you from empathizing with anyone. Just a thought.

MasterTS Jul 27 2016 8:26pm FLAG
Having too much empathy is a disastrous position to collectively put society into. It creates a system easily pursued by cultural Marxist ideologies, that will create a government needy culture that will ultimately open its legs wide for a communistic/socialistic society. While the format of such a society has its altruistic views, it is just an sinister position to establish a political agent of useful idiots, that are based on self entitled whiners expecting its progress solely on the empathetic nature of others. A thick skin, or lack of empathetic justice, promotes a merit-logical growth in the minds of the people, that systematically forces progress knowing that there will never be a free hand-out, and or someone there to wipe you whiny self entitled ass when you fail.

Deen Jul 28 2016 9:23am FLAG
As far as my position on your existence here, I am not aware of what facts I need to debate. Your actions speaks volumes. My position is just a heed of warning to those that have not matured enough to understand the nature of the act. If you're mature enough to debate on a philosophical intellectual level, then it is always in my opinion that your target preference is with a demoralizing reasoning behind your logic.

Deen Jul 28 2016 9:28am FLAG
You claim too much empathy and I agree. However you have not determined MY level of empathy when I talk. You assume I am going to some extreme levels, why? What have I ever done or said would indicate that I was that type of person? I admit thick skin is needed, my POINT was that yours was TOO THICK at the wrong times. Do not take my words to the extreme unless you have reason to do so. You have issues with me being a master yes? That I 'go after young girls'? Tell me Deen, when was the last time you saw me mention any age? When was the last time you saw the real me say 'looking for yr olds'? You know me better than most, I make it a point to not involve ages so how does that theory hold up? When was the last time you saw me chasing a girl hmmm? Tell me of the last 10 slaves I aquired how many of them did I chase down and force to be my slave? How many of them came to me willing and ready to do so?

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:14pm FLAG
When we put things into context, like site audience, target group, and preferred topic. I think it paints a clear enough picture.

Deen Aug 06 2016 6:55pm FLAG
What you're trying to do is elude yourself the position of confrontation by asking for substance that derails the purpose. It's like a fat kid telling someone to prove they have been sticking their hand in the cookie jar to eat all of the cookies. When really, all the fat kid was doing to avoid that type of confrontation was shake the cookies out.

Deen Aug 06 2016 6:59pm FLAG
likes this post ^^^^

Anonymous Aug 07 2016 6:56am FLAG
Shoot, who would have thohgut that it was that easy?

Km2Bn8zuzBGM Nov 17 2016 5:33pm FLAG
My prloebm was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

YGqSZ07E Nov 19 2016 4:01am FLAG
A good many vaaelblus you've given me.

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