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seems not much has changed here >_> -fç

The Problem: seriously though seems nothing much has changed xD i see ts still collecting girls but is now mr.popular xD and Deen is still trolling id be surprised if anyone on here still remembers me

Asked by: shadowclaw at 02:51:38 PM, Saturday, July 23, 2016 PDT FLAG


O.O FC!! ah I forgot your name sorry D: (you probably don't remember me though o.o))

Momo Jul 23 2016 4:19pm FLAG

long time no see momo xD and its flameclaw not firefalcon btw

Jul 23 2016 4:30pm FLAG
I knoooow :o how have you been??

Momo Jul 23 2016 5:47pm FLAG
eh soso how long has it been like 2-3 years? xD

Jul 23 2016 7:46pm FLAG
i actually lost track of time but i still remember my old names xD im surprised firefalcon sapphire and starfire havent tackled me again

Jul 23 2016 7:58pm FLAG
oh poo I miss two of them! o-o When was the last time you were on here? it died ._. but yeah I think it has been about 2 years xD

Momo Jul 24 2016 4:14am FLAG
well from what i saw sapphire is still around but i may not talk to her much cause of who shes with and yeah its been about two maybe there's years since I've actually been back

Jul 24 2016 4:37am FLAG
She usually goes to the Love section ;~; but yeah i've seen her talking to Ts I don't think it was recent though there are still posts from last year on this thread but Idk ._.

Momo Jul 24 2016 4:46am FLAG
some of them are recent but meh long as shes happy though i dont see how hes still popular *barfs*

Jul 24 2016 5:24am FLAG
he isnt popular in a good way hahah deen destroys that pedo bitch saphire isnt going to side with deen anyway she is weird af too

Anonymous Jul 24 2016 8:40am FLAG
i know its a bad way xD i know ts the dudes older than me and still changes his age xD and thats cause sapphires wrapped around her fingers sadly though i gotta say deens improved since last I've seen him

Jul 24 2016 10:38am FLAG
Oh fc, glad to see you haven't changed a bit. I seem to be quite the popular topic, it's almost like I'm a celebrity or something *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 27 2016 8:35pm FLAG
yeah yeah let me guess still collecting little girls again TS or are you ruining the lifestyle for people still xD

Jul 28 2016 8:39am FLAG
Most celebrities are actually liked .____. and a lot of them are respected

Momo Jul 28 2016 9:00am FLAG
Celebrities are sociopolitical pawns to influence cultural Marxist agendas. Listening to them without critical thinking is conforming to a subversive nature of borderline brainwashing.

Deen Jul 28 2016 9:30am FLAG
dont forget momo they dont target kids for sexual desires and pretend to be better than everyone else

Anonymous Jul 28 2016 10:36am FLAG
seriously ts how old are you now are you still going arounf claiming your 18 just to get pics of little kids or are you bouncing your age everywhere again so that you can target younger girls again i mean what would sapphire think if she heard about the girl you blackmailed and made suicidal on kik who only turned in january

Anonymous Jul 28 2016 10:38am FLAG
I've changed a lot more than you ts least as a dom i stick to one girl and dont try to steal them from other doms

Jul 28 2016 10:44am FLAG
^ funny how you can do that now but you couldn't do it when you were with me. Don't get too c*cky.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 3:35pm FLAG
when i was with you i stopped going on likelike -_- and trust meim not being c*cky if i were to be c*cky id be like him chasing subs and trying to take them from doms while making them think their dom abandoned them

Jul 30 2016 5:12pm FLAG
and back then i only had one sub who then went after ts when i was gone for a single day i didnt have multiple under my belt because thats not how i roll or did you forget that what me and you mainly did was actually text eachother so people couldn't fake us same reason i was on a lot less back then so idk about you but im still sticking to who i am btw if you wanna get c*cky you seem to forget how often you ran to ts behind my back even though i would ignore people for you and even would tell you when i was and wasnt on here *holds in my laughter*

Jul 30 2016 5:19pm FLAG
i think he means that Stacy chick he had as a sub before he dated you isn't there some code among doms that they should never steal another's girl let alone sexual advancements behind their back and arent the dom and sub supposed to have a loyalty relationship of one dom one sub not multiple at once

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 5:21pm FLAG
When did I ever go to TS behind your back? Even after we broke up, I was only friends with TS. I got with Jake/ Animal. After that was done, that's when I actually got with TS. Then, it fell off again. Right now, I really don't know who I'm with or what I want. I love how you keep putting blame on me though like you didn't cheat. Missed me with that bs.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 5:30pm FLAG
i didnt even cheat on you xD and yeah you did unless someone faked you see you seem to have forgotten when we dated i didnt chase any girl nor did i have a sub anymore and back then 2 other people wanted me to date them but i brushed them off for you that was also when i left qu and did i pass the blame off no i didnt

Jul 30 2016 6:04pm FLAG
actually sapphire you have a few things wrong he stopped talking to a few girls for you if i remember it was raven and rain/rane (however you spell it) rain to try and cconvince him to dump you and there has been times you been sexual and movie with ts while you two were dating that was after he convinced stacy fc wasnt going to come back speaking of which how's the leg finally think you can skateboard again dude

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 6:08pm FLAG
sorry meant lovie my autocorrect is on crack again

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 6:09pm FLAG
*stretches* least i tried before i gave up on everyone kiddo now if your done feel free to go back to him i have a few more questions i need to answer and teachings to go through before two people stop nagging me to help them with their equipment -_-

Jul 30 2016 6:13pm FLAG
Bs!! Why do you think we broke up? News flash hun. It was because you cheated on me. You lied to me and told me that you gave her up. Anon, someone must have been faking me because I know for a fact NOTHING sexual happened between me and TS when we were dating.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 6:42pm FLAG
But anon, who did TS blackmail? What are you talking about?

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 6:45pm FLAG
i didnt cheat and i gave up on here she even spammed my kik i told her off before blocking her yet she still assumed we were dating and i think i have an idea about who the anon is talking about but i forgot her name it was before me and you dated

Jul 30 2016 7:37pm FLAG
there was a little girl between 3-4 years ago whose information without her consent email kik and facebook the poster claimed he was her dom she had no clue her information was posted without her consent and her dom at the time was TS (note she told me TS was her dom during the posting) after she was informed of what happened she deleted her kik facebook and email and started over a year and half ago someone messaged her with only info her dom back then had on her including pics and screenshots only that dom has seen of her (like video chats calls etc) she completely vanished from the grid no one knows if shes even alive or not cause the incident half a year ago happened on her bday

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 7:42pm FLAG
If you didn't cheat, then why did you apologize? You had to say sorry for something.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 7:42pm FLAG
How is that blackmailing though?

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 7:45pm FLAG
during her bday he demanded she return to being his sub or he'd spread everything on her facebook for her friends and family to see

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 7:47pm FLAG
because at the time i was leaving everything i had to move a lot over the past few years and at the time while i was moving about i didnt have internet myself and before you ask why i couldnt text was because i had to use an app to text you which because i was inactive for so long it deleted everything from my account and that didnt help cause my old phone went to with my all my contacts including your number and when i came back i assumed you had someone new so i was just like meh she must be happy and only during the past month or so i randomly popped in to check on certain people like enemy and firefalcon which i haven't heard from ff

Jul 30 2016 7:51pm FLAG
Are you sure it was him? I just really can't see TS doing anything like that.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 7:51pm FLAG
Well I figured you were gone and that you were never coming back. Same thing happened with Jake. TS seemed to be the only constant friend...

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 7:53pm FLAG
im sure the only two people who'd actually post their kik not begging people would be fc and TS

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 7:54pm FLAG
i had to move and i didnt want you waiting forever on me...

Jul 30 2016 7:55pm FLAG
hell i didnt even know when the id be back

Jul 30 2016 7:57pm FLAG
Well thanks for the freaking heads up and just letting me believe that you cheated. Anon, I'm sorry. I just REALLY can't see TS blackmailing anyone.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 8:02pm FLAG
the thing is no one does until someone actually proves it and I've seen doms do the same thing he does acts all innocent and stuff before acting high and mighty

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 8:10pm FLAG
it was last minute and i didnt expect them to cut my internet just like that

Jul 30 2016 8:10pm FLAG
i mean think about it can you see TS not going after someone else's sub then when hes questioned about he brushes it off with the "you snooze you lose" attitude

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 8:11pm FLAG
Sometimes he does have that attitude. Ugh I don't even know anymore. Flame, I'm honestly over that tbh. Let's not forget you lied about who you were when you came back though.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 8:16pm FLAG
when cause when i changed my name to flame i told you FF and one other person who i was cause i wanted to avoid the love triangle i didnt want to be apart of

Jul 30 2016 8:23pm FLAG
idk if you dealt with this yet fc but certain doms that are the abusive kind likes to collect girls for their own amusement some claim they know exactly what their doing and that they've been part of the lifestyle or been a dom for years but they will also have those subs help him gain more by "praising" how great he is which leads to an extremely c*cky attitude towards others especially doms who do not have a sub there are even ones who will chase another doms sub and add that sub to his collection thats where the "c*cky attitude" as youd say comes in and when something like the doms age is asked after claiming hes been part of if for a long time the dom proceeds to become extremely defensive avoiding the question and in turn tries to make the other dom who asked the question the bad guy

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 8:27pm FLAG

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 8:28pm FLAG
anon you forgot the key part doms who have been part of the lifestyle for awhile reveal their ages to the sub and keep a steady age not random ones for each sub and yes i have dealt with doms like the worst case was a guy whose screenname was ryan_smith7 he went around claiming different ages for different sites and would show a fake ID to subs as proof hes real the last case with him was he showed an undercover admin and cop a Canadian passport claiming he was born and raised here in canada when he was actually born in the US and raised there he was a nuisance to deal with claiming only white people can be doms and 50shades of grey is true bdsm -_-

Jul 30 2016 8:33pm FLAG
If you're trying to say that I "praise" him, you're dead wrong. He's just not that bad of a guy once you get to know him.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 8:35pm FLAG
yeah to girls but guys its another story theres c*cky and backstabbing i remember someone telling him to give other doms a chance on here and yet he scoffed them off

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 8:37pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes* Whatever

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 8:39pm FLAG
doms do not chase after another doms sub if a sub thats owned approaches a dom the dom is to back away from said sub not convince her to leave her dom and doms do not collecta personal harem doms who collect subs like that are the kind that will blackmail and abuse their trust

Anonymous Jul 30 2016 8:43pm FLAG
i need a bloody drink right now and to finish packing my bag *rubs my eyes*

Jul 30 2016 8:43pm FLAG
its quiet and my kik is going nuts

Jul 30 2016 8:54pm FLAG
*smirks* Then go get a drink.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 8:55pm FLAG
i dont have anything strong to drink >_> i used all the vodka to make jolly rancher vodka shots for my cousins bday today and i have to save the tequila for friday *headbutts the wall*

Jul 30 2016 9:04pm FLAG
Say yolo and just drink everything. Screw it.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 9:09pm FLAG
id rather not become another slinky and lose a liver >_> already have no love life i dont wanna have a slinky life

Jul 30 2016 9:17pm FLAG
*rubs my eyes*

Jul 30 2016 9:28pm FLAG
I used to know someone that has a liver problem. Not exactly sure where he is now though.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 9:46pm FLAG
*shrugs* i just decided to do something extremely stupid

Jul 30 2016 9:53pm FLAG
*raises my eyebrows* Which is?

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 9:56pm FLAG
just chugged a full bottle of root beer so i now feel like a belching cannon

Jul 30 2016 10:00pm FLAG
ROOT BEER YAYYY!! Although the chugging part was really stupid.

Sapphire Jul 30 2016 10:04pm FLAG
its stupider when its been frozen which it was

Jul 30 2016 10:16pm FLAG
Best drama Ever!

America Jul 30 2016 11:30pm FLAG
your missing the " yeah" at the end of your name unless its supposed to be a hetalia reference

Anonymous Jul 31 2016 5:01am FLAG

Deen Jul 31 2016 6:04am FLAG
Alright so I did a little post searching and I found a few things. 1, I found out that TS didn't actually steal rosy from you. They were getting it on and TS said that they should stop because she was with you. Her exact words were I don't care and I want more of you. 2, I found the post where I thought you were cheating on me with rosy and some chick I think was named snow. You say you didn't cheat, so mahbe it was a faker. 3, I found the post where my "family" was having a pool party and someone said we would be cute together and you were like "nah it would be weird. I'm like her older brother." I was able to find that post, but I can't for the life of me find the post where we actually started dating. All I remember is that it had something to do with roses lol. But yeah that was so random, but I thought I'd share.

Sapphire Jul 31 2016 8:36am FLAG
o-o You and fc dated?

Momo Jul 31 2016 9:40am FLAG
Yeah. It was a long time ago though. Like my first few years of likelike

Sapphire Jul 31 2016 10:47am FLAG
Oh heheh o-o The more you know! xD >.> i'll go be nosey somewhere else now byeeeeee

Momo Jul 31 2016 11:56am FLAG
Lol bye

Sapphire Jul 31 2016 12:01pm FLAG
Uh where is he

Sapphire Jul 31 2016 8:39pm FLAG
Like ZIOKS SCOOB! We gotta get the Phuc out of here!

Shaggy Jul 31 2016 8:46pm FLAG
Rrrrrut 'O!!

Scooby Doo Jul 31 2016 8:46pm FLAG
welp that was a weird way to spend my Sunday xD got attacked by my friend's farm cat so wtf did i miss

Aug 01 2016 4:30pm FLAG
Just read a little and you'll see.

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 5:45pm FLAG

Enemy Aug 01 2016 5:51pm FLAG
ok then quite a bit

Aug 01 2016 5:51pm FLAG
actually sapphire when he was confronted about it in private he didnt care at all

Anonymous Aug 01 2016 5:52pm FLAG
see in public he says things to make himself seem so great and self righteous especially to girls but its a different statement when its private or guys

Anonymous Aug 01 2016 6:06pm FLAG
But it's the internet you can be two faced like meeeeeeeeeee a Truth Teller and a Liar! ^_^

Enemy Aug 01 2016 6:08pm FLAG
enemy >_> that was a moment of rotom

Aug 01 2016 6:17pm FLAG
Eh don't care this is how my character is i'm sticking with it

Enemy Aug 01 2016 6:18pm FLAG
Anon it's funny how you come out of the shadows everytime a certain someone is here.

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 6:24pm FLAG
You talkin bout me Shapphyyyy

Enemy Aug 01 2016 6:25pm FLAG
No not you Enemy

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 6:27pm FLAG
hey dont look at me i try to check my post whenever i can idk about him/her im guessing anons a guy judging by the ts reaction *sip my cup of tea*

Aug 01 2016 6:28pm FLAG
Oooo oootay!!

Enemy Aug 01 2016 6:28pm FLAG
Oh yeah I forgot! *Plays Fc's Ocarina* I remember you gave that to meeee *Plays terrible* I am Pro

Enemy Aug 01 2016 6:29pm FLAG
also im at my friends so dont expect anon to be me im to busy laughing my ass off at my pals rage for street fighter xD

Aug 01 2016 6:29pm FLAG
By the way, does anyone know anything about a boyfriend I supposedly stole from Knightress 3 years ago?? Because I sure don't lol

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 6:29pm FLAG
*covers my ears* damn it enemy!

Aug 01 2016 6:29pm FLAG
umm shes probably talking about that 3 kid back then i think it was Jake3 or i may be thinking of that other guy bryan i think the one who had multiple gfs and cheated on each one by claiming he was faked every time he was caught

Aug 01 2016 6:31pm FLAG
*laughs* I remember the ocarina. Enemy tried to give it to me, but I told him I didn't want it because it was just a reminder that I was forgotten.

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 6:31pm FLAG
wow likelike way to butcher my sentence -_- forgot they banned numbers here

Aug 01 2016 6:32pm FLAG
Maybe she was talking about Jake, but I don't remember him dating her.

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 6:32pm FLAG
jake dated a lot of girls and tried to blame it on his "depression" and he was "autistic"

Aug 01 2016 6:33pm FLAG
Nah we must be talking about 2 different Jakes. He went by MIR. Then he went to Jake and then he went to Animal.

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 6:34pm FLAG
i think we are talking about the same jake >_>

Aug 01 2016 6:42pm FLAG
*Playa more* I knew you always loved my skillz

Enemy Aug 01 2016 6:45pm FLAG
Nahhhh I don't think we are

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 6:51pm FLAG

Deen Aug 01 2016 7:05pm FLAG
Heyyyyy Deen. Btw fç no need to make up stories about Jake just because you're jealous *smiles*

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 7:08pm FLAG
actually im not making up stories i remember jake3 kept changing his name then just used 1.2.3 before just jake and animal and i remember busting him for hitting on a girl behind his gfs back which he then pulled the "i have depression so it gives me the right to do it" b.s. i remember cause that was the night Bryce/bryan came back i actually had to find my old phone to look at screenshots from way back then xD i love how its all corrupted on my new phone but not on my old one

Aug 01 2016 7:17pm FLAG
Hey @Claw doesn't it still seem about right if Jake did have Anal Cancer? XD XD XD XD

Enemy Aug 01 2016 7:20pm FLAG
damn it enemy xD you made me shoot tea out my ing nose

Aug 01 2016 7:21pm FLAG
Nah nah nah remember? Call me Nate and btw I am actually drinking Tea aswell. Lol

Enemy Aug 01 2016 7:22pm FLAG
Wait a second, you're talking about Jake3. Lol that wasn't my bf

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 7:24pm FLAG
jake1.2.3 kept changing his name so idk if it was the same one or not cause i remember him being just jake and animal once

Aug 01 2016 7:25pm FLAG
There were two different jakes

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 7:27pm FLAG
thats what people kept saying

Aug 01 2016 7:28pm FLAG
Yeah it was true. I'm still trying to figure out whether I hate you or not. *plays with my hair*

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 7:49pm FLAG

Deen Aug 01 2016 7:52pm FLAG
Okay can't lie that was funny af Deen but I meant THE HAIR ON MY HEAD

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 8:01pm FLAG

Enemy Aug 01 2016 8:07pm FLAG
*Lays down in the middle of the road eating cereal*

Enemy Aug 01 2016 8:10pm FLAG
*contemplates running you over*

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 8:19pm FLAG
>_> too busy jamming to jacksepticeye and markiplier song atm xD

Aug 01 2016 8:23pm FLAG
*Gets up, runs and steals a Pikachu from a child*

Enemy Aug 01 2016 8:30pm FLAG
Oh now he comes back lol

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 8:37pm FLAG
and im finally home woo time for some drinks

Aug 01 2016 9:05pm FLAG
Don't chug dude

Sapphire Aug 01 2016 9:16pm FLAG
So whatever you like @Claw no one ca stop you, only you can stop yourself. Somw of us care, some of us don't have the reasons to. You are your own man, your own will. This is the absolute of living and dying. Chug or not to Chug! XD

Enemy Aug 01 2016 9:20pm FLAG
And scene!

Enemy Aug 01 2016 9:22pm FLAG

Enemy Aug 01 2016 9:22pm FLAG
im not chugging vodka

Aug 01 2016 9:22pm FLAG
enemy -_- dont say peoples names

Aug 01 2016 9:23pm FLAG
Everyone knows mine, a yet element to be familiar, notice the feel in the meaning of such a drastic name to be held on for so many frank years. I Enemy am the many characteristics to be known and act upon such a dwelling legacy I made for myself as a lieliker, as a character that never showed the real being I hidden for the shits and giggles! I am Nate!! (CAN I GET A ROUND OF APPLAUSE PLEASE?)

Enemy Aug 01 2016 9:28pm FLAG
no -_- i dont like people knowing my name

Aug 01 2016 9:31pm FLAG
Welp I'mma call you!! Fist-Cluster! ._.

Enemy Aug 01 2016 9:37pm FLAG
go for it *rubs my eyes*

Aug 01 2016 9:43pm FLAG
90 percent of the time I have no idea, what the fuck I'm talking about.

Enemy Aug 01 2016 9:47pm FLAG
THEO!!! HOW COULD I FORGET THEO!?!? o-o bye again

Momo Aug 02 2016 8:23am FLAG
omfg i said to not say my name!

Aug 02 2016 8:59am FLAG
But whhhyyyyyy? xD

Momo Aug 02 2016 9:05am FLAG
i bloody hate it -_-

Aug 02 2016 11:34am FLAG
Classic Momo ^_^

Enemy Aug 02 2016 12:03pm FLAG
Why does everyone hate their name!?! o-o

Momo Aug 02 2016 12:36pm FLAG
Oh this is all too much. With a single post I can get the piranhas chomping at the bit, practically foaming at the mouth with the chance to 'attack' me. It really is funny because of how sad it is that you are all manipulated so easily.

MasterTS Aug 02 2016 12:45pm FLAG
Saphire *smiles* as always you are about the only person with a brain on here. I know we sort of fell off but if I recall I was waiting on you to respond to something.

MasterTS Aug 02 2016 12:46pm FLAG
Excuse me sir but just because I don't talk to you doesn't mean I don't have a brain! ;~;

Momo Aug 02 2016 12:58pm FLAG
Really? What did I not respond to?

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 2:43pm FLAG
Not all of us, some us choose to act this way for many reasons, for anything I manipulate myself into whatever I want. This is how I am as a character. Even when I talk like this, it's all for the fun and enjoyment to get sucked in and just be apart in as many arguements about what anyone does. I purposely say and act and gwt myself into trouble-like situations. It's all apart of something much much bigger! Not just a goal but a go with the flow.

Enemy Aug 02 2016 2:45pm FLAG
Don't say they don't have brains by the way. Whether they agree with you or not, some of these people are still my friends.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 2:48pm FLAG
Yeah some, not including me.

Enemy Aug 02 2016 2:52pm FLAG
Why not?

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 2:54pm FLAG
Because like I should I'm always in character even when I first joined here, I created this image, this character Enemy to be many reasons why you should love him or hate him. A choice to defend him or insult him. I sticked to this character and left my real reality out of this place. As I am talking like this I am in my character it's like a role you can't break till it's over mixed with a 4th wall breaking. Everything I say or act is apart of the charcater.

Enemy Aug 02 2016 2:59pm FLAG
Woops ._. Ehh ignore dem typos! *trips over a trash can*

Enemy Aug 02 2016 3:01pm FLAG
So your character can't be friends with me??

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 3:14pm FLAG
If you want to bw friends then we can bw friends. I havw no problem. Anyway my name is Nate for real. Only thing about me I'm going to say.

Enemy Aug 02 2016 3:45pm FLAG
Enemy, I didn't just get on this site yesterday. I know you're name is Nate.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 3:55pm FLAG
Good, I appreciate it if you call me that instead of Enemy.

Enemy Aug 02 2016 4:19pm FLAG
Alright. I will, Nate.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 4:29pm FLAG
so sapphire see what i mean about TS

Anonymous Aug 02 2016 5:34pm FLAG
Not really. What is it?

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 5:37pm FLAG
Who cares!?! o-o Sapphire do you remember me!?! or was it a different Sapphire!?! I always thought there was 2 .___.

Momo Aug 02 2016 5:43pm FLAG
There were 2. I'm not sure where the other one went though. Her name was Sapphire paradise or something like that

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 5:49pm FLAG
XD XD XD Bwhahaha and MOMOOOOOO ^_^ give meeee hugs

Enemy Aug 02 2016 5:50pm FLAG
._. Oh fliper dipper! I think I talked to the other one eeeeee okay xD & Nate It's raining! so no o-o

Momo Aug 02 2016 5:54pm FLAG
i think he means the "your the only one with a brain on here" remark *rubs my eyes*

Aug 02 2016 5:56pm FLAG
I like rainy hugs too! XD XD XD NINJA VANISH!

Enemy (Virtually Out) Aug 02 2016 5:58pm FLAG
honestly idc if the pedo talks about me but do not insult others just because i speak the truth about you ts doesnt mean you can say people who have nothing to do with you are brainless

Aug 02 2016 5:58pm FLAG
xD Alrighty then

Momo Aug 02 2016 6:02pm FLAG
so if TS is so smart why is it hes on a site looking for slaves and trying to act like hes better than everyone else yet tries to get with a girl constantly wont ever insult them only the guys or little kids

Anonymous Aug 02 2016 6:06pm FLAG
Oh for Christ's sake! The more you talk about him, the more he's going to defend himself. Just drop it!

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 6:14pm FLAG
Sapphy! ._. We don't have a Mic! We can't drop it

Enemy Aug 02 2016 6:15pm FLAG
i just wanna see how much more hes gonna insult people since hes not "defending" himself actually

Anonymous Aug 02 2016 6:37pm FLAG
hush MC enemy *sips my tea*

Aug 02 2016 6:38pm FLAG
*Plays the Ocarina* ♪♪♪♪♪♪

Enemy Aug 02 2016 7:10pm FLAG
I'm not about to fight about this, anon. You have a problem with TS. Take it up with him. I'm not him and I'm damn sure not his messenger bunny. Stop coming to me with it.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 7:19pm FLAG
i have already but he has his girls defend him

Anonymous Aug 02 2016 7:42pm FLAG
*covers my ears* god damn it i leave for a few min and happens

Aug 02 2016 7:43pm FLAG
Oh well then, Anon. Nate, give the damn ocarina up. *rolls me eyes*

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 7:51pm FLAG
it's like cats having sex with a chalkboard

Aug 02 2016 8:03pm FLAG
*laughs* I agree with what Theo said.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 8:04pm FLAG
omg *tears my beard off*

Aug 02 2016 8:13pm FLAG
Theo what's wrong? *smiles innocently*

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 8:15pm FLAG
stop with using my name

Aug 02 2016 8:35pm FLAG
I don't get why you hate it so much and you can't tell me what to do.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 8:43pm FLAG
because its a nuisance of a name everyone makes fun of -_-

Aug 02 2016 9:15pm FLAG
Well, I never made fun of it.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 9:17pm FLAG
yet >_>

Aug 02 2016 9:25pm FLAG
It's not going to happen. I never did and I never will. Quit being so paranoid.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 9:26pm FLAG
drop out of school. This shit is not worth it -deep throats a TI84-

dsjf Aug 02 2016 9:30pm FLAG
I know this is doesn't fir with the convo but fuck school. sup guys

dsjf Aug 02 2016 9:30pm FLAG
the s a tl84

Aug 02 2016 9:31pm FLAG
eh schools a bitch and half the stuff they teach is useless nowadays

Aug 02 2016 9:31pm FLAG
Alrighty then

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 9:32pm FLAG
Why sapphire? you like blue? eh. how's your summer been?

dsjf Aug 02 2016 9:34pm FLAG
It's my birthstone and my summer has been good.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 9:35pm FLAG
april. are you an aries or taurus?

dsjf Aug 02 2016 9:38pm FLAG
welp im not in

Aug 02 2016 9:39pm FLAG
*now in

Aug 02 2016 9:40pm FLAG
September. I'm a Virgo

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 9:40pm FLAG
ok screw like like censorship

Aug 02 2016 9:43pm FLAG
You should be used to it by now.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 9:45pm FLAG
i know but all my bypasses have failed

Aug 02 2016 9:45pm FLAG
Oh wait maybe you forgot what it's like since you left for I don't even know how long

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 9:46pm FLAG
nice. well you two have fun. we should talk saph. night

dsjf Aug 02 2016 9:57pm FLAG
3-4 years-_-

Aug 02 2016 10:03pm FLAG
Well there you go. *glares*

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 10:06pm FLAG
keep glaring and I'll throw a pie at you

Aug 02 2016 10:27pm FLAG
You wouldn't.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 10:29pm FLAG
wanna bet

Aug 02 2016 10:33pm FLAG
Fine. You'll just get a fake smile.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 10:35pm FLAG
dont i always?

Aug 02 2016 10:49pm FLAG
No. They used to be real.

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 10:53pm FLAG
magic word used to be

Aug 02 2016 10:57pm FLAG
Well what do you expect?

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 11:01pm FLAG
nothing actually *yawns*

Aug 02 2016 11:07pm FLAG

Sapphire Aug 02 2016 11:08pm FLAG
nothing except sleep

Aug 02 2016 11:17pm FLAG
*Makes a new contraption* BEHOLD!! *Plays my Electric-Ocarina* ♩♩♩♩♪♪♪♩♪♩♪♩

Enemy Aug 02 2016 11:39pm FLAG
*burns it to the ground*

Aug 03 2016 7:19pm FLAG
Oh come on, buddy. Let Nate be happy.

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 7:25pm FLAG
i prefer keeping my hearing madame >_>

Aug 03 2016 7:37pm FLAG
Come on. *does my best puppy dog face* Let him keep it.

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 7:41pm FLAG
you know im immune to that

Aug 03 2016 8:16pm FLAG
No you're not.

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 8:37pm FLAG
yeah i am *yawns stretching*

Aug 03 2016 8:40pm FLAG
No you're not. How come you're always tired?

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 8:43pm FLAG
cause it'd almost midnight and i haven't had my daily coffee

Aug 03 2016 8:44pm FLAG
Aw poor baby

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 8:51pm FLAG
watch it twinkle but i had to babysit three kids that were hyper as hell like their on some next generation drug

Aug 03 2016 8:59pm FLAG
Twinkle? You can literally fight me.

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 9:02pm FLAG
whatcha gonna do twinkle butt

Aug 03 2016 9:08pm FLAG
Fight me asshat

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 9:10pm FLAG
bring it tinker bell

Aug 03 2016 9:12pm FLAG
Don't make me backhand you.

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 9:20pm FLAG
dont make me fish slap you

Aug 03 2016 9:30pm FLAG
Oh whatever. You're not man enough.

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 9:31pm FLAG
id slap you with something else but nah

Aug 03 2016 9:34pm FLAG
.....omg my mind

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 9:39pm FLAG
xD what were you thinking hmmm

Aug 03 2016 9:40pm FLAG
answer carefully xD

Aug 03 2016 9:47pm FLAG
Ummm nothing. Absolutely nothing

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 9:49pm FLAG
dont lie tell me

Aug 03 2016 9:50pm FLAG
or else

Aug 03 2016 9:56pm FLAG
I'm not lying. It's not like you're going to do something about it anyway.

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 9:57pm FLAG
maybe i will maybe i wont *grabs a water balloon*

Aug 03 2016 9:58pm FLAG
Let's not do anything stupid, flame. *grabs a water hose*

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 10:02pm FLAG
go for it i needed to cool off from this summer heat *throws it at you*

Aug 03 2016 10:05pm FLAG
*catches it* Well if you insist. *smirks and sprays water on you*

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 10:09pm FLAG
*spreads my arms* thats much better

Aug 03 2016 10:11pm FLAG
*laughs and shakes my head* You're a weird one

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 10:17pm FLAG
eh whats normal plus im used to this

Aug 03 2016 10:18pm FLAG
Used to what exactly?

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 10:24pm FLAG
being soaked by water xD

Aug 03 2016 10:26pm FLAG
Wow sounds so fun

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 10:36pm FLAG
i could make it fun

Aug 03 2016 10:38pm FLAG
Go find rosy. I bet you could make it very fun with her.

Sapphire Aug 03 2016 10:42pm FLAG
ok 1 perv 2. not happening

Aug 03 2016 10:43pm FLAG
Just wanted to make sure

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 1:26am FLAG
of what

Aug 04 2016 10:01am FLAG
To see if you wanted her I guess

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 12:12pm FLAG
*bursts out laughing*

Aug 04 2016 12:25pm FLAG
Don't laugh at me asshat

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 12:38pm FLAG
it's the fact you had the super jealous moment there *snickers*

Aug 04 2016 1:06pm FLAG
I don't get jealous.

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 1:19pm FLAG
*Rubs my eyes* ..*sigh*

Enemy Aug 04 2016 1:23pm FLAG
lies! *sips my tea*

Aug 04 2016 3:11pm FLAG
u cant catch a water balloon witouth it breaking

Just stating the obvious Aug 04 2016 3:12pm FLAG
It's not a lie. I just don't get jealous anymore. Alight JSTO. Then the water balloon burst in my hand.

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 3:17pm FLAG
Well actually you can catch it without breaking it, you just don't put that much water XD

Enemy Aug 04 2016 4:10pm FLAG
I don't like that saying, because (eh) doesn't seem like a good one, even if it is a metaphor.

Enemy Aug 04 2016 4:11pm FLAG
Nate, what the hell are you talking about?

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 4:18pm FLAG
there are ways to catch a water balloon even if their full

Aug 04 2016 5:08pm FLAG
Well good job

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 5:09pm FLAG
Anon's water balloon like duh lol

Enemy Aug 04 2016 5:40pm FLAG

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 5:42pm FLAG
*juggles knives*

Aug 04 2016 6:04pm FLAG
I hope one of them cuts you. *smiles*

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 6:18pm FLAG
eh im used to it *juggles more knives*

Aug 04 2016 6:28pm FLAG

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 6:31pm FLAG
I used to juggle about anything I stopped because eh doesn't make ya cool just for kids and that's pointless to impress >_>

Enemy Aug 04 2016 7:06pm FLAG
i just like juggling sharp things

Aug 04 2016 9:06pm FLAG
Like girls

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 9:35pm FLAG
Lolll im so funny

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 9:42pm FLAG
actually that's not funny at all *drops my knives* that actually stung

Aug 04 2016 9:51pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes* Oops. Sorry.

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 9:53pm FLAG
I forgot you missed where I turned into a bitch

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 9:59pm FLAG
no didn't miss that you just said something extremely cruel

Aug 04 2016 11:10pm FLAG
I thought you would expect something cruel at all times, since you have to prepare for whatever is thrown at you.

Enemy Aug 04 2016 11:35pm FLAG
And how was it cruel??

Sapphire Aug 04 2016 11:37pm FLAG
I understand points of views, the feeling of how they take it, when seeing or hearing. @T, I believe you need to focus on expecting the worse of the worse then if you ever experience it you will maybe feel a hint of the good harsness and think nothing of them.

Enemy Aug 04 2016 11:42pm FLAG
You kind of meant when you said by the meaning of "@T" over here, Juggling Girls.

Enemy Aug 04 2016 11:43pm FLAG
Hey Nate! o-o NATE! If that's even your real name!?!? xD No but I mean like what does Nate stand for!?! Nathan Nathaniel!?! Nathalie?? you never know! Well I mean you know! it's your name o-o

Momo Aug 05 2016 4:16am FLAG
My full name is Nathaniel and I hate the name Nathan, I do not ever want to hear the name Nathan.

Enemy Aug 05 2016 2:19pm FLAG
Nathaniel! oh o-o okay xD You and THEO such get over the hate cake! Try cookies they're nummy numnums ._.

Momo Aug 05 2016 3:13pm FLAG
should* not such xD

Momo Aug 05 2016 3:14pm FLAG
Eh never had enough hugs as a kid. I always was a loner even in my darkest days, the hate, the madness and all of the amount caused within a riot of sadness... I am forever with this feeling.

Enemy Aug 05 2016 3:33pm FLAG
(And scene) Well I see, but I have no more cookies @Momo I ate them all because I had a crave for them after 2 years.

Enemy Aug 05 2016 3:35pm FLAG
momo do not use my name

Aug 05 2016 4:06pm FLAG
Ugh he's still on that name thing.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 6:20pm FLAG
My, seems I was right. With only 2 posts it looks like Pandora's box was unleashed in here. Well the Pandora's box of trolls and assh@les anyways haha. I wish to thank you all for proving my point so well. To the standard trolls, you know who you are, thank you. To everyone confused about the brain comment, Saph was the only one who actually tried to form any reason or logic, therefore the only one to use her brain. Everyone else was either a troll, wasn't involved in what I said but decided to involve themselves anyways, Or didn't have a valid response to my claim so not worth the time anyways.

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:02pm FLAG
One word Saph, Pintrest. I can give you my kik or email if you prefer?

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:03pm FLAG
smh sadly seems your still acting all high and mighty as i said you can insult me idc but refrain from insulting my friends and honestly dude stop trying to act like your better than everyone else its pathetic

Aug 05 2016 10:24pm FLAG
Here's the thing fc. I never name dropped anyone. If you feel what I said applies to you then doesn't that say something?

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:33pm FLAG
I'm sorry TS but I'm really not talking to anyone outside of this. Also, they're not trolls.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 10:36pm FLAG
That's fine Saph, I know you have an actual life unlike some people here, I don't hold it against you *smiles* And SOME of them are trolls, I never said all

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:38pm FLAG
Well, I know who you're referring to. He's not that bad.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 10:39pm FLAG
didnt drop names? xD your the one who said shes the only other person on here with a brain

Aug 05 2016 10:40pm FLAG
and honestly dude trolls wouldnt tell the truth about someone

Aug 05 2016 10:41pm FLAG
I have no idea who you're talking about Saph *smiles* I simply mentioned stereotypes I know and some people here happen to match. I never called out anyone specifically for any of that. I only mentioned you as the only really sane and rational one here.

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:46pm FLAG
I mentioned Saph yes but as the exception, not the rule like you fc

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:46pm FLAG
But I'm not the only person.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 10:47pm FLAG
as an exception pft xD saying shes the "only one" is not an exception dude thats literally saying shes the only one on here who thinks and when you say some people on here dont have lives doesnt that include you too or do you think your better than everyone else

Aug 05 2016 10:49pm FLAG
Some people have sense yes, but if you notice my criticism wasn't towards them. My criticism was to a few select people based on their stereotype.

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:54pm FLAG
Sooo are you guys going to quit fighting like some 2 year olds or??

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 10:54pm FLAG
here we go again trying to act all self righteous and better than everyone

Aug 05 2016 10:55pm FLAG
*rubs my eyes* sapphire im seriously debating leaving again after the day I've had

Aug 05 2016 10:56pm FLAG
No I'm not better than everyone else. I am however better than some. And those people make themselves clear without any help from me. I just enjoy pushing their buttons because they have decided to hate me without ever knowing me, so I think that's fair don't you?

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:57pm FLAG
People have questions for me Saph, it would be rude not to answer them haha

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 10:58pm FLAG
Go ahead. I couldn't stop you then and I can't stop you now.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 10:59pm FLAG
Oh? And what if I told you that you could? If you had the power what would you say Saph?

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:02pm FLAG
back then i had no choice now i do

Aug 05 2016 11:02pm FLAG
Power to do what, TS?

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:05pm FLAG
Wrong fc, the only human who doesn't have a choice is the human who believes it. All humans have a choices, always. They may not be good choices, but they are choices.

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:05pm FLAG
You said 'I couldn't stop you then and I can't stop you now' what if you could?

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:06pm FLAG
*rubs my eyes* one dont play mind games with her two not everyone has a god damn choice

Aug 05 2016 11:08pm FLAG
If I couldn't stop him from leaving then, I can't stop him from leaving now. I'm not going to think about "what ifs" that are never going to happen.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:08pm FLAG
Wrong fc, everyone has a choice. From CEOs to slaves, everyone has choices. Some are better than others, but most of us don't have a choice in that, but we do have a choice in whatever hand we are dealt. Do we bluff? Or do we fold? Do we intimidate or play it cool? Every human has choices.

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:11pm FLAG
*flicks sapphires forehead* omg child dont you start i told you i had no damn choice leaving came with the constant moving

Aug 05 2016 11:11pm FLAG
and TS shut up

Aug 05 2016 11:12pm FLAG
*glares* I will again asshat

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:13pm FLAG
Okay that screwed up my sentence completely

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:13pm FLAG
Who is him Saph, speak your mind in clear words. You were talking about me, the person here in front of you, and I asked what you would do. Is it so hard to tell me that?

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:14pm FLAG
Do it again. I will fück your shït up. Try me.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:14pm FLAG
Flame said he wanted to leave. I was saying that I can't stop HIM

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:15pm FLAG
fc you are the last person to tell me of all people what to do. You have as much right telling me to leave as I do of telling you to get off the sidewalk I'm on. How entitled are you to think for a second that your crybully tactics would work on me ever? I'm actually insulted.

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:17pm FLAG
bring it twinkle butt *taps sapphires forehead* if you haven't realised during the time I've been gone the only people i remember were you enemy (we kikd rarely) momo and firefalcon the people who were my friends and tried to forget people that royally ticked me off -_-

Aug 05 2016 11:17pm FLAG
Ok Saph, my mistake thought that was directed at me haha ^^

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:18pm FLAG
Theo you're about to get fought with. TS, honestly he talks like that to everyone.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:19pm FLAG
yes its totally a "tactic" lol you know its funny you've been on here longer than me yet you think your so great and think you know everything xD

Aug 05 2016 11:19pm FLAG
sapphire i told you to not call me by my name i despise it

Aug 05 2016 11:20pm FLAG
I told you not to try that shït again. Didn't stop you. "Twinkle butt" doesn't follow rules.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:21pm FLAG
I know Saph, but I'm not everyone *smirks* I deal with those who challenged me with appropriate force

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:21pm FLAG
I will pop both of y'all. Stop acting like 2 year olds. Y'all are so similar to the point where it makes you hate each other.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:22pm FLAG
Oh? Did I ever say I knew everything? Or did I simply have so many correct opinions that it made you feel inadequate? Tell you what fc, until you can bring some actual, I dunno, proof or evidence of anything you say, I'll simply let actions speak for us. Have a great night.

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:24pm FLAG
I know you're not everyone but please FOR ME. Stop fighting with him

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:24pm FLAG
there's nothing similar *rubs my eyes* id rather slit my own throat and i need to finish packing my bags right now

Aug 05 2016 11:25pm FLAG
I already told you Saph. You have the power to do whatever you want. Do you want it to stop? I gave you the right to do so after all

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:25pm FLAG
Fç, don't say that. TS, I already did stop it.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:27pm FLAG
Literally you've been packing your bags for like 2 days

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:28pm FLAG
Very well *bows*

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:29pm FLAG
yes because after learning that the cat went missing today at my friends farm i need to prepare to find her she only takes a liking to me for some reason but i cant adopt her until i get my own place

Aug 05 2016 11:30pm FLAG
and honestly i stand by what i said id rather slit my own throat which is something i must avoid doing all weekend as im stuck now being the 5th wheel

Aug 05 2016 11:31pm FLAG
Thank you

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:32pm FLAG
Oh jeez. 5th wheel.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:33pm FLAG
I'll make another post you can reach me at, just know that anyone who follows does not get the protection I have granted here *smiles*

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:34pm FLAG
yep because they decided last minute to tell me their bringing their bf and gf and i cant cancel at all

Aug 05 2016 11:35pm FLAG
once again full of yourself TS

Aug 05 2016 11:35pm FLAG
Poor baby. You'll live.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:37pm FLAG
not really cause its gonna be nothing but them being lovie dovie and me being alone as always *looks down at my notebook*

Aug 05 2016 11:43pm FLAG
Eh that's your fault. What's in there though? *looks over your shoulder at your notebook*

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:45pm FLAG
anyways your gonna wanna talk to him so have fun *lights it on fire* i need to lock a few things in my closet before i do something extremely stupid

Aug 05 2016 11:45pm FLAG
nothing important just poems thoughts and analysis over the time I've been gone

Aug 05 2016 11:47pm FLAG
Actually I'm not so calm your shït

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:47pm FLAG
Don't do anything stupid. I swear to God

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:48pm FLAG
one i dont have diarrhea so my is calm two you dont wanna deal with this mistake of life *points to myself* and three I've already concluded that once im gone everyone will be happier

Aug 05 2016 11:49pm FLAG
You know damn well that's not true. You're not about to do this again because this time you have a choice. I forgave you the first time.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:50pm FLAG
no im just stating the obvious *throws my notebook on the ground watching it burn* see im always the bad guy no matter what truth i say nor what i do

Aug 05 2016 11:54pm FLAG
You're not the bad guy right now

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:56pm FLAG
thats just how my life is lol people do not stand beside me theystand against me no matter what it is i do or say a guy named eren is one of those instances along with tonight so go talk to him like you want to im not gonna die yet

Aug 05 2016 11:57pm FLAG
i got a long while before death finally accepts me *falls backwards on the ground yawning*

Aug 05 2016 11:58pm FLAG
I'm trying to talk to you. Stop being an idiot. This is me you're talking to

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:58pm FLAG
It should be a long while because its going to be COMPLETELY natural

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:00am FLAG
yes i know its you im talking to and usually you want to talk to him remember im the bad guy hes the "good guy" *closes my eyes*

Aug 06 2016 12:00am FLAG
I never said that. I tried to defend you a few minutes ago if you already forgot.

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:01am FLAG
and no promises of it being natural now go enjoy yourself ill behere awhile longer before sleep takes my mind

Aug 06 2016 12:02am FLAG
I'm not talking to him. I'm talking to you so stop saying that.

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:03am FLAG
well sleep is after i find bandages for my knee and arm

Aug 06 2016 12:03am FLAG

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:04am FLAG
Wait what happened to your knee and your arm??

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:08am FLAG
and im gonna be here awhile longer

Aug 06 2016 12:09am FLAG
Good now answer my question

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:11am FLAG
knee was from a fight earlier today arm was from security before the company was bought out even though i was security i helped with some of the heavy lifting and whenever tenants came to storage area id help them move their equipment ranging from speakers to glass tables (the tables weren't fun i kept feeling like they'd break any second)

Aug 06 2016 12:11am FLAG
Wtf. A fight?

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:14am FLAG
yeah >_> why do you seem surprised

Aug 06 2016 12:14am FLAG
Because you shouldn't be getting into fights. What the hell was it even about?

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:17am FLAG
idiots believing rumors an ex spread about me and tried to convince people i did do them

Aug 06 2016 12:18am FLAG
Wow. Crazy ex

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:19am FLAG
yep except crazy is an understatement

Aug 06 2016 12:20am FLAG
Oh damn. That must mean she's worse than me

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:21am FLAG
shes still convincing idiots i forced her to do stuff and talking about me in ways she shouldnt

Aug 06 2016 12:23am FLAG
If they're dumb enough to actually come fight you, that's their fault

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:24am FLAG
yeah though my knee hurts like hell so my original idea to go through the wheat fields may be destroyed

Aug 06 2016 12:29am FLAG
Well you could've just walked away

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:30am FLAG
as much as i want ed to i pretty much had no choice since i was blocked off

Aug 06 2016 12:32am FLAG
Ohhhhh I understand

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:33am FLAG
arent you tired?

Aug 06 2016 12:37am FLAG
Yes. My eyes are slowly closing but I was trying to stay up if you needed me

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 12:39am FLAG
its ok go to sleep i leave in a few hours

Aug 06 2016 12:47am FLAG
Master TS I am no troll, I'm more imaginary if you think about it ._. My personalities are made up of people I met in person and online. *rubs eyes* if you see I been copying everyone I met no one has ever realized it. The grammar is off for a purpoze to make me blend in because no one here cares about spellimg and gramarrr. Frankly it is nice. I always been fake I always been unreal online FC and Sapphire don't care and will ignore this as always. I am Enemy for many reasons. Even reasons I haven't yet found, but to discover.

Enemy Aug 06 2016 2:42am FLAG
Defend me, defend me not, That is that game here my friend.

Enemy Aug 06 2016 2:44am FLAG
ShiiiitbI don't even know myself most of the time. *hides in a trash can and falls over* CALL LIFE ALERT I FALLEN AND CAN'T GET UP *Blows the extra Ocarina*

Enemy Aug 06 2016 2:46am FLAG
*Throws a Banana Peal at Sapphire*

Enemy Aug 06 2016 2:47am FLAG
*throws a baseball at enemy's head* Y'all are going to quit trying my patience.

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 7:10am FLAG
sigh its too early for this i didnt even have my morning tea

Aug 06 2016 7:19am FLAG
*smacks any upside his head* dont say things thoughtlessly kiddo thought i taught you better than that after all im the bad guy remember *snickers*

Aug 06 2016 7:21am FLAG
You're not the bad guy asshat. Stop saying that.

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 7:27am FLAG
ok then how am i not the bad guy twinkle buttf

Aug 06 2016 7:42am FLAG
Because you're just not.

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 7:56am FLAG

Aug 06 2016 8:03am FLAG
Don't give me that look

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 8:11am FLAG
*Grabs a some tea* Anyone else care to join *Sits at virtual table*

Nate Aug 06 2016 11:44am FLAG
I like coffee better

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 5:42pm FLAG
Coffee makes you shit,also chocolate milk is better than coffee if you want to stay up all night.

Nate Aug 06 2016 7:20pm FLAG
Wow thanks for that image

Sapphire Aug 06 2016 7:27pm FLAG

ST😡😡😡😡😡😡😡OOORT Aug 07 2016 2:59pm FLAG
Okayyy then

Sapphire Aug 07 2016 6:40pm FLAG
seems I didn't miss much

Aug 07 2016 9:36pm FLAG
No you didn't

Sapphire Aug 07 2016 10:06pm FLAG
ok then lol so whats up

Aug 07 2016 10:16pm FLAG
the silence is real for once lol

Aug 08 2016 12:24pm FLAG
*Drops a pen* o.o

Momo Aug 08 2016 1:15pm FLAG
Was it Pin or Pen? o.o I think it was Pin because Pens can be noisy when dropped >.>

Momo Aug 08 2016 1:17pm FLAG
yeah its pin

Aug 08 2016 2:59pm FLAG
;~; Dropped my pen for nothing

Momo Aug 08 2016 3:25pm FLAG
Lol oops

Sapphire Aug 08 2016 7:54pm FLAG
and thus the pen in the stone legend has begun

Aug 08 2016 8:51pm FLAG
The what now?

Sapphire Aug 08 2016 8:52pm FLAG
i was making a very bad Excalibur joke

Aug 08 2016 9:13pm FLAG
Bad joke. Very bad joke

Sapphire Aug 09 2016 10:31am FLAG
*yawns* if you say so. *sips my cup of tea*

Aug 10 2016 2:15am FLAG
I do say so. It was a very bad joke.

Sapphire Aug 10 2016 3:20pm FLAG
>_> okay anyway not important, how are you

Aug 10 2016 6:20pm FLAG
I'm great. You?

Sapphire Aug 10 2016 8:11pm FLAG
Eh you know tired. I'm good thanks for asking. How was your day.

Aug 10 2016 8:41pm FLAG
Actually I take that back. Literally you can kill me. My day was good though

Sapphire Aug 10 2016 8:43pm FLAG
Good, good to hear. Tell me about it.

Aug 11 2016 1:16am FLAG
Went to school, saw my mom and dad (two friends I refer to as my mom and dad), started fighting with my guy friend. He literally acts a lot like you. Anyway he started being an asshat and I basically cried the whole night. Great day. Night was not so great

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 5:29am FLAG
*pats your head*its ok

Aug 11 2016 8:42am FLAG
oh wow just noticed someone was faking me -_- since i wasnt on since my bad Excalibur joke

Aug 11 2016 8:43am FLAG
sigh this is why im normally on kik -_-

Aug 11 2016 9:22am FLAG
Oh thought you were actually interested in how my day was

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 9:26am FLAG
trust me i wouldnt have said tell me about it >_> id literally say "what did you do" or "what happened" I've been gone for 24hours and ts was back yesterday while i was gone apparently some anon posted about his "legacy" and im guessing he assumes its me since the faking started right after

Aug 11 2016 9:35am FLAG
plus you should know me by now i dont like talking about peoples real life on here thats stuff id rather talk in private about

Aug 11 2016 9:37am FLAG
Yeah true but tbh I thought you were the anon

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 10:17am FLAG
nope but i see what he means about his legacy with the constant slaves come here posts xD

Aug 11 2016 10:34am FLAG
It's just what he usually says. I mean you saw what I said when I commented

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 10:35am FLAG
yeah but the fact he made a chat for you two and still used that phrase kind of justifies what the anon said

Aug 11 2016 10:36am FLAG
also why is it only i got faked when he returned -_-

Aug 11 2016 10:43am FLAG
It's just what he usually says. I'm not that bothered by it

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 11:22am FLAG
ok then *shrugs*

Aug 11 2016 11:29am FLAG
He never said anything about Legacy, I was the one. Why is it to me that people arw getting it mixed up between me and him.

Nate Aug 11 2016 1:01pm FLAG
I said thought. Past tense. Don't catch attitudes with me

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 1:26pm FLAG
Ptffff lol right on, right on. Anyway how are you and all that stuff? @Sapphy

Nate Aug 11 2016 1:29pm FLAG
Well if you're not fake. I'm doing okay

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 1:50pm FLAG
Ah okay seems cool, cool. You havin hood week?

Nate Aug 11 2016 2:05pm FLAG
someone's salty

Aug 11 2016 2:20pm FLAG

GONE Aug 11 2016 2:42pm FLAG
once again a faker anf who the hell says salty anymore

Aug 11 2016 3:15pm FLAG
sapphire if you had kik id be talking to you on there right now xD

Aug 11 2016 3:16pm FLAG
Hey @T kik me please >_> at " Mikpro "

Nate Aug 11 2016 4:03pm FLAG
yeah yeah xD my kik hasn't changed kiddo

Aug 11 2016 4:32pm FLAG
I can figure out fakes now. Just don't tell them what they did wrong and I don't have kik.

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 4:36pm FLAG
i know you dont have kik xD but we seriously need to find a new way to talk >_>

Aug 11 2016 4:37pm FLAG
You'll be okay. I'm already confused enough right now. This keeps me from saying things I don't need to.

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 6:20pm FLAG
well youll know its me if im talking to enemy at the same time

Aug 11 2016 7:41pm FLAG
Good to know

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 7:44pm FLAG
eh he will be my proof and message relayer if you need to reach me and im not on or you need to know if its actually me talking

Aug 11 2016 8:09pm FLAG
Nate is your messenger bunny. Got it

Sapphire Aug 11 2016 8:16pm FLAG
technacly yours xD

Aug 11 2016 8:30pm FLAG
Oh oops. I guess you're right

Sapphire Aug 12 2016 3:37am FLAG
yeeeppp lol

Aug 12 2016 9:09am FLAG
*Cough* excuse me?

Nate Aug 12 2016 12:54pm FLAG
Ummmm nothing lol

Sapphire Aug 12 2016 1:46pm FLAG

Deen Aug 13 2016 3:50pm FLAG

Sapphire Aug 13 2016 5:09pm FLAG
Deen is my best friend

Nate Aug 13 2016 5:50pm FLAG
deen i thought we were friends i even made a statue to depict your trolling xD

Aug 14 2016 8:52pm FLAG
Oh dang

Sapphire Aug 15 2016 7:23pm FLAG
i need to learn how to make proper bubble tea >_>

Aug 15 2016 8:47pm FLAG
You don't know how to make a proper anything.

Sapphire Aug 16 2016 3:00pm FLAG

Sapphire Aug 16 2016 3:03pm FLAG
>_> better be

Aug 16 2016 9:58pm FLAG
LOL ^^^

Nate Aug 17 2016 5:10am FLAG
And what if I wasn't??

Sapphire Aug 17 2016 5:33pm FLAG
a thousand cans of whoopaśs shall rain upon you

Aug 17 2016 9:47pm FLAG
And I'll give back one million so come at me bro

Sapphire Aug 18 2016 6:52pm FLAG
cool i can use a resupply on my cans

Aug 18 2016 10:29pm FLAG
No. There is no resupply.

Sapphire Aug 19 2016 3:17pm FLAG
actually there is its call the national bank of whoopasś

Aug 19 2016 7:59pm FLAG
Your account would go into overdraft if you use it on me though.

Sapphire Aug 19 2016 9:35pm FLAG
eh ny accounts fine after all i founded the national bank of whoopasś

Aug 20 2016 9:55pm FLAG
This entire post in one sum: fç still likes Sapphire but Sapphire likes Masterpedokike but she also likes fç and can't choose. Enemy is third wheeling like a motherfucked up kids get a life.

Summary of the year Aug 21 2016 10:51am FLAG
and likelike ruined my whole last sentence fuck off

Summary of the year Aug 21 2016 10:52am FLAG
You've obviously read none of this because that's very inaccurate.

Sapphire Aug 21 2016 7:15pm FLAG
i actually couldn't help but laugh at that xD

Aug 22 2016 9:39am FLAG
1 i never said i still like her 2. thats hust how enemy is he comes and goes as he pleases he doesnt third wheel 3. likeliest censor is bloody terrible and annoying to bypass words cant explain how many of my posts its butchered and last but not least sapphire can like whoever she wants *shrugs*

Aug 22 2016 9:44am FLAG
He just knows there's no need for you to confirm or deny apparently xD

Momo Aug 22 2016 9:56am FLAG
Likeliest? Oh wow. I think you meant likelike, dear friend. *laughs*

Sapphire Aug 22 2016 5:48pm FLAG
*glares* once again autocorrect at its bloody finest

Aug 23 2016 3:26pm FLAG
Aww don't get your panties in a twist about it *smirks*

Sapphire Aug 23 2016 4:38pm FLAG
sorry i wear boxers >_> though i know yours are twisted in more ways than one

Aug 23 2016 9:13pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 24 2016 11:20am FLAG
Omg you're so ughhhh. I literally don't have a word. You're just ugh

Sapphire Aug 24 2016 7:11pm FLAG
xD not my fault you set yourself up

Aug 24 2016 8:30pm FLAG
Ugh. I did not!

Sapphire Aug 31 2016 7:42pm FLAG
totally did and omg likelike is working again?!

Sep 01 2016 6:52am FLAG
I did not and yeah apparently it is.

Sapphire Sep 03 2016 11:22am FLAG
you totally did xD eh I've been on kik and helping a few kids out again idk why my friends keep saying i should be a therapist >_>

Sep 03 2016 9:18pm FLAG
Usually when a lot of people say one thing, it's true. Gosh Theo get with the program.

Sapphire Sep 04 2016 6:12am FLAG
stop using my name twinkle butt

Sep 04 2016 10:30am FLAG
Make me asshat

Sapphire Sep 04 2016 8:10pm FLAG
*flicks your forehead* with pleasure

Sep 04 2016 8:54pm FLAG
*hits you in the chest* still can't stop me THEO. I don't get why you hate it so much. It's cute.

Sapphire Sep 04 2016 10:13pm FLAG
its a bloody curse

Sep 05 2016 2:07am FLAG
It is not. I like it. You should like it. No one else sees a problem with your name except for you.

Sapphire Sep 05 2016 8:22am FLAG
i got my own reasons to hate it

Sep 05 2016 10:56am FLAG
And they are??

Sapphire Sep 05 2016 1:28pm FLAG
too personal to talk about on here

Sep 05 2016 10:45pm FLAG
Oh sorry...

Sapphire Sep 06 2016 4:38pm FLAG
i just dont like being called by my name especially on here ok?..

Sep 07 2016 1:25am FLAG
Alright. I guess I'll just have to settle for asshat.

Sapphire Sep 07 2016 4:46pm FLAG
ok there twinkle butt

Sep 07 2016 7:33pm FLAG
*sticks my tongue out* Mine is better.

Sapphire Sep 07 2016 8:09pm FLAG
not at all twinkle butt *snickers*

Sep 07 2016 11:23pm FLAG
Well I do have a nice butt so I guess your nickname is okay.

Sapphire Sep 08 2016 5:40am FLAG
*facepalms * im not gonna make a joke this time

Sep 08 2016 2:22pm FLAG
I figured that would shut you up.

Sapphire Sep 08 2016 4:30pm FLAG
nah im just keeping myself from making a joke

Sep 08 2016 6:54pm FLAG
Maybe I want to hear it. What is it?

Sapphire Sep 08 2016 8:07pm FLAG
aaahhhh gotta protect your ears *bursts out laughing*

Sep 09 2016 1:12am FLAG
Nooo I want to hear. I've heard many things.

Sapphire Sep 09 2016 2:05pm FLAG
nah twinkle butt youve just been twerking too much btw you seriously need another way to talk other than here xD

Sep 10 2016 12:43am FLAG
I don't even twerk not in front of other people at least. And nahhhhhhhh

Sapphire Sep 10 2016 5:33am FLAG
ha you cant deny you twerk to much and ya you should unless you dont like talking to me xD

Sep 10 2016 7:53pm FLAG
I can deny and I do like talking to you

Sapphire Sep 10 2016 8:10pm FLAG
yiu already admitted and cant deny also lies!

fc Sep 10 2016 9:23pm FLAG
I don't recall admitting that. I do like talking to you though.

Sapphire Sep 11 2016 7:07am FLAG
Hey Sapph, been two years since we've talked. I'm back under a different name now, and I'm not here for long, but its nice to see you.

TheEbullientRose Sep 11 2016 7:17am FLAG
And yea, I think I remember you FC?

TheEbullientRose Sep 11 2016 7:18am FLAG
Well I don't exactly know who you are if you're back under a different name

Sapphire Sep 12 2016 6:23pm FLAG
same >_>

Sep 13 2016 3:09am FLAG
Looks like they're not going to tell us who they are.

Sapphire Sep 16 2016 6:17pm FLAG
not at all it seems

Sep 16 2016 7:07pm FLAG
Oh well. Doesn't matter too much

Sapphire Sep 17 2016 4:29am FLAG
yeeeppp so whats up

Sep 19 2016 9:23pm FLAG
Nothing much. What about you?

Sapphire Sep 20 2016 7:50pm FLAG

Sep 28 2016 5:32pm FLAG
welp other then the fake nm my internets been out since my last posting lol

Sep 29 2016 1:12am FLAG
That sucks

Sapphire Oct 07 2016 7:47pm FLAG
big time -_-

Oct 08 2016 5:05pm FLAG

Sapphire Nov 18 2016 7:24pm FLAG
?? im rarely on here you know xD I've been on kik more sine like like apparently keeps vanishing whenever i try and check my thread

Nov 20 2016 10:10pm FLAG
It's okay. I stopped checking too. But I tried talking to blitz kid if you get my drift lol

Sapphire Nov 22 2016 11:13pm FLAG
you tried to email me? i havent been able to access it since hotmail got taken over xD I'll see if i can get in

Nov 25 2016 9:07pm FLAG

Sapphire Nov 25 2016 10:59pm FLAG
i emailed you :p if anything I'll give you my other email since that works more now

Nov 26 2016 10:24am FLAG
Thanks Theo lol

Sapphire Nov 26 2016 9:15pm FLAG
omg -_-

Nov 27 2016 8:03pm FLAG
Heyy Theo!!

Enemy Aug 21 2017 4:22pm FLAG
Give advice: