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Slaves come here

The Problem: Hello my pets

Asked by: masterts at 11:36:09 PM, Friday, August 05, 2016 PDT FLAG


Just putting it out there. Not a slave and I'm mad at you

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:38pm FLAG

Both are valid points. However the 'Slaves come here' title is kind of my signature. Don't take it to heart. Also last time we talked you were *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:40pm FLAG
True, but I also have a talent for changing my mind. Since flame/asshat is back, I'm just a little confused I guess. I think I just want to stay in the clear as far as boys go.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:41pm FLAG
Sure and the second I ever try to stop you from doing that then you can yell at me, but last I remember was waiting for you to respond, seeing your name blanked, and not seeing you anywhere. I assumed at that point you abandoned your positioned at my side. I hold no grudges, you made a choice it seems. If you ever need help you know where to find me.

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:44pm FLAG

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:45pm FLAG
I know. I hate that I keep doing this, but as you can see I'm awful at making up my mind.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:46pm FLAG
*smiles* It's fine, the heart of a maiden is a...le thing

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:49pm FLAG

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:49pm FLAG
Really? f i c k l e

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:49pm FLAG
I know. I'm sorry but I'm having a little problem right now so I'll talk to you later. Have to make sure someone doesn't do something stupid.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:51pm FLAG
*shrug* tonight is about the only night you have to talk to me Saph, you'll notice how long it takes me to respond yes? It may be months before I show again,

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:54pm FLAG
You're not the only one.

Sapphire Aug 05 2016 11:57pm FLAG
So long as you're ok with that, goodnight Saph, seems your time is already spoken for.

MasterTS Aug 05 2016 11:58pm FLAG
@TS let's talk.

Enemy Aug 06 2016 2:51am FLAG
You're not that stupid at all, I came here to be a good character from the beginning. It really has helped me out mentally, I put allot of time to make this image, the legacy put into likelike and those who remember the name Enemy. It makes you realize reality better as you get into your character as if that person is real. You being in character in reality changes you and makes you that person and feel different. I wanted to say this just to let you know you aren't the only clever one here. I'm done and I don't want anything to do with past mistakes. So I want us to be friends no matter how old we are as the remaining people of likelike and most important I don't want to act like anyone else besides the real me. I done allot and spend allot of time to help myself out and get by, just by being a fictional character only to inspire me and give me courage to pass with success. I am my own role model. I'm sure me and you can talk like actual people?

Nate Aug 06 2016 3:17am FLAG
You're a good man. @TS

Nate Aug 06 2016 3:28am FLAG
nate she doesn't mean him

Anonymous Aug 06 2016 7:17am FLAG
Literally kill yourself dude nobody cares about your stupid aass legacy.

Anonymous Aug 06 2016 10:35am FLAG
Hey man it's cool if ya don't care then ya don't care.

Nate Aug 06 2016 11:42am FLAG
._. I do mr. Anonymouspotamus

Momo Aug 06 2016 11:42am FLAG
of course you would mono.

Anonymous Aug 06 2016 12:38pm FLAG
Having a bad day huh?

Nate Aug 06 2016 1:00pm FLAG
its sad how people think hes a good guy even after he insults them

Anonymous Aug 07 2016 9:36pm FLAG
It's part of the libtard social engineering project, to create a generation of self loathing narrow minded useful idiots that will become radical foot soldiers for liberalism, which is just a modern word for communism. A needicrat society that will vote for their own demise------β€œHe alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” ― Adolf Hitler

Deen Aug 08 2016 5:35am FLAG
What's a libtard? ;~;

Momo Aug 08 2016 5:45am FLAG
google it

Anonymous Aug 08 2016 6:04am FLAG
Googling libtard wouldn't produce a factual definition of the meaning. Googling "Lemming" would yield a more accurate result.

Deen Aug 08 2016 6:33am FLAG
:'/ Aren't we all libtards in some way?

Momo Aug 08 2016 6:55am FLAG

Deen Aug 08 2016 7:18am FLAG
If you mean "liberal" in a sense, sure. Libtards are the radicalized version of the mere definition. They are extremist, to dangerous sociopolitical levels. They are the reason in the next year or so, you'll be squatting to pee next to some guy wearing a dress shaking his d*ck in the stall next to you.

Deen Aug 08 2016 7:21am FLAG
xD Wtfff? I forgot that's a thing people getting offended by the little shape on the door to the crapper ._.

Momo Aug 08 2016 7:37am FLAG
what legacy all i ever see is you calling for your "pets" and giving your kik out to girls

Anonymous Aug 08 2016 12:21pm FLAG
Wow so I have to point this out. Enemy was the only one to mention legacy here, and yet this dipsh*t of an anon attributed it to me when he mentioned pets. Anon you fail. Well you failed when you chose to hide as an anon, but you really failed here.

MasterTS Aug 09 2016 7:00pm FLAG
Wait Nate said that not enemy, but aren't they the same? Anyways my bad, still doesn't ruin my point.

MasterTS Aug 09 2016 7:03pm FLAG
Nate, thank you for the kind words.

MasterTS Aug 09 2016 7:03pm FLAG
Sure Enemy, I'm open to talk to anyone that takes the time.

MasterTS Aug 09 2016 7:05pm FLAG
They are the same

Anonymous Aug 09 2016 9:28pm FLAG
I was told that nate wants to explore his rainbow submissive side

Anonymous Aug 10 2016 6:04am FLAG
Told no one, but a couple directly in a private conversation. Eh it's okay though so how is everyone doing lately these days?

Nate Aug 10 2016 3:05pm FLAG
ur mum

ur dad Aug 17 2016 11:50am FLAG

a guy whos c*ck can spew Aug 17 2016 11:51am FLAG
hey kiddos want to come into my van?

ice cream man Aug 17 2016 11:52am FLAG
^I thought I was the only one who made those jokes πŸ˜‚

Momo Aug 17 2016 5:21pm FLAG
I'm a dirty slave

Whore Sep 17 2016 5:26am FLAG
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kenni Sep 18 2016 5:10am FLAG
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Those Damn Kids Sep 26 2016 3:02pm FLAG
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