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The Problem: Hello my pets

Asked by: MasterTS at 12:06:25 AM, Sunday, September 18, 2016 PDT FLAG


Hey I'm in hunt for a master. ........ if you want to know more about me kik me at kenni_rules 1 6 Oh and yes I'm a female

kenni Sep 18 2016 5:01am FLAG

That's not a kik

Rebel_rainbow Sep 19 2016 7:01pm FLAG
With no spaces

kenni Sep 22 2016 1:15pm FLAG
Oh Master, you haven't left yet.

Sophia Sep 23 2016 2:15pm FLAG
I'm always around, no matter how hard some try to get rid of me haha

MasterTS Sep 23 2016 3:53pm FLAG
I am also looking for a Master, my kik is BmwY2k

Those Damn Kids Sep 26 2016 3:00pm FLAG
them dern kids

Anonymous Sep 26 2016 10:09pm FLAG
A male master here Kik me at brianlozano23 for a great time 😏

Brian Sep 28 2016 12:07pm FLAG
kenni kik me at jwhite_222

J Sep 29 2016 3:04pm FLAG
Brian, J, do you really think any slave of worth would come to a master who posts on another masters page?

MasterTS Oct 01 2016 10:39pm FLAG
you did on someones thread as well

Anonymous Oct 03 2016 12:26pm FLAG
True, but I wasn't looking for slaves on that other thread was I? You can hardly say we did the same thing.

MasterTS Oct 04 2016 9:10am FLAG
J said for someone to kik him yet you put him in the same boatas Brian instantly you did the samething told a girl to kik you in other threads but no ones lectured you on it like your doing to them

Anonymous Oct 05 2016 7:14pm FLAG
Actually I haven't, unless someone asks me for my kik I don't go around posting it. Also I only post here and very rarely over on love. There are plenty of people who attempt to fake me however so it doesn't surprise me to hear that. Oh also J asked a girl who is currently looking for a master to kik him. I'd say that means he did what he did exactly because he was looking for a slave wouldn't you?

MasterTS Oct 05 2016 11:23pm FLAG
Im male i wanna trade with gurls kik-ansocinski i got drop box

Anonymous Oct 10 2016 3:42pm FLAG
Is MasterTS actually Jason Blaha? Go check his youtube channel out..

Master ST Oct 16 2016 12:20am FLAG
HAHA Jason Blaha is a joke! Can't believe you know him

Anonymous Jan 18 2017 12:48am FLAG
girl sixxtenn. add me on Skype: girlgirly1x6x (without 2 x). only slaveboys with face

jgirl Jul 16 2017 6:39am FLAG
Male master 26 looking for slave. Kik mathewanderson_92

mathewanderson_92 Aug 22 2017 2:12pm FLAG
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