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The Problem: Hello

Asked by: MasterTS at 11:08:19 PM, Friday, October 14, 2016 PDT FLAG


Thought I'd mix it up a little bit from the usual. All questions/comments are welcome.

MasterTS Oct 14 2016 11:08pm FLAG

hi masterts I know this is probably weird but I saw you giving advice in the love section and I was wondering if by any chance you could give me advice on depression?? sorry if that's weird haha

Connie Oct 16 2016 2:01pm FLAG
Not at all. I answer serious questions with serious answers.

MasterTS Oct 18 2016 5:13pm FLAG
I should amend this. Ask me anything you want Connie, I will listen to anything you have to say, and give my honest opinion about it. I did say ALL questions/comments were welcome didn't I?

MasterTS Oct 25 2016 9:20pm FLAG

anus Oct 26 2016 9:55am FLAG
hey master ts are you a ing child predator orjust a lunatic that cums on here?

ff Oct 30 2016 8:34am FLAG
Master TS: posts on likelike "sigh. i wonder where all my little 4 year old hoes went" *looks behind himself at the cage of corpses and smiles*

ff Oct 30 2016 8:35am FLAG
Sorry for taking so long, I'm finally getting a break from classes lol. I was just wondering if you had any advice for someone that struggles with depression and anxiety it's been very difficult for me to talk about to anyone but I need help it's becoming to be a serious problem for me..

Connie Oct 31 2016 9:10am FLAG
Those are some serious issues, I'm glad you were able to talk about them, even if only a little. I don't know how much help I can be but tell me whatever you are comfortable saying and I'll tell you what I think about it, deal?

MasterTS Oct 31 2016 6:44pm FLAG
But for the time being I have some general advise. Depression and anxiety are both conditions brought onto you by the outside world and change depending on how you react to that pressure. Think of it like fear, we don't choose to fear, the world around us gives us reasons to. However most people don't have the ability to be brave, or to choose not to fear. The more you agree with them the more power they have over you. The first step is to realize that if you deny them any power then they are nothing. Lack of confidence is your biggest enemy in this case so anything you can do to believe in yourself is a good thing. Don't validate yourself through friends or family or worst of all strangers however, you have to validate yourself first, then listen to the opinions of others, if you want. Know that no matter what the world expects of you, you are only capable of what you are capable of. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose, but never give up and never loose heart, failing is actually the biggest chance to learn and grow. It can take time to find the things that truly fulfill you as a human. Find the things that make you happy, things that make you feel proud and accomplished and focus on. If the people around you don't like it, oh well, there are 7 billion people on planet earth and you have the internet. Share those things with others like you. Ultimately, the better you get at being you, the farther away things like depression and anxiety get. Once you are strong enough things like that are laughable. You just need patience. Think of it this way, the world is hazing you like a collage freshman and your job is to grit your teeth and bear it until you can get back at them haha. P.S. Sorry this turned into a wall haha

MasterTS Oct 31 2016 7:38pm FLAG
You know what ff, I was just gonna leave you alone. Nothing you said was worth responding least that's what I thought. You want to come here, to a thread where someone is seriously asking for advise about 2 very serious issues, all so that you can make some pathetic attempt to hurt me? You ignore someone in need all so you can satisfy your own lust to hurt others, is your life really so worthless that hurting others is more important than helping someone that might genuinely need help? Or are you simply so far gone that you assume Connie is just another attention hore? Know this ff, go ahead and say whatever you want about me, the words of a moronic ant mean nothing after all, but after this anyone who agrees with you is a person not worth knowing. The sad fact is that you and they will all know it. People like you utterly disgust me.

MasterTS Oct 31 2016 7:58pm FLAG

Deen Nov 02 2016 6:25pm FLAG
wut da, damn u got butthurt easily

ff Nov 04 2016 1:47pm FLAG
Yes because telling someone what you think about them automatically means butt hurt *sigh* Really ff I expected better from you.

MasterTS Nov 14 2016 9:44pm FLAG
Here is Dr. TS again.

Sapphire Jan 15 2017 7:46pm FLAG
views on Trump

Anonymous Jan 18 2017 12:42am FLAG
Dr TS is always available for walk ins haha

MasterTS Jan 20 2017 3:50pm FLAG
Wow. Well I don't think I'll be needing your shrink services anytime soon.

Sapphire Jan 20 2017 8:57pm FLAG
Good, means it's one less problem to worry about

MasterTS Jan 21 2017 11:46am FLAG
Mmhmm. Wasn't aware that I'm a problem now.

Sapphire Jan 22 2017 6:22pm FLAG
No, sorry. What I meant was if you have no reason to see Dr TS then that's one less problem you have *sigh* I admit not my best line even when corrected

MasterTS Jan 23 2017 1:04am FLAG
*laughs* It's fine. I knew what you meant.

Sapphire Jan 23 2017 12:46pm FLAG
What can I say Saph, when you are in my life but not mine I don't know if I should flirt or not *grins*

MasterTS Jan 24 2017 12:00am FLAG
The answer is quit simple actually. Would you like my foot to stay on the ground or up your entire ass? *smiles sweetly*

Sapphire Jan 24 2017 6:05pm FLAG

Sapphire Jan 24 2017 6:06pm FLAG
*grins* Entire ass eh? I give you halfway at best IF you manage to catch me by surprise with a running start *smirks*

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 7:02pm FLAG
I think I could manage just fine without the head start. Thank you very much. *rolls my eyes playfully* You never give up do you?

Sapphire Jan 25 2017 7:10pm FLAG
*looks you slowly up and down smiling*...can you blame me? *grins*

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 7:15pm FLAG
*bites my lip to keep from laughing* I guess not, but I'm a bitch so give up.

Sapphire Jan 25 2017 7:55pm FLAG
*frowns* you say that like it's a bad thing. Listen, most guys that call you a bitch do so because you are so far out of their comprehension that it's like comparing 2d to 3d, I however am not most guys *smiles with eyes twitching slighting with malice* I'd ask that you not compare me to them thank you. They call you a bitch, but what did you say never give up? If you weren't something I wanted why would I even be here now? And if you know anything about me it's that I never give up on something I want.

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 8:20pm FLAG
You've got it wrong, TS, surprisingly. No guy has called me a bitch. In fact, it's usually the complete opposite. They tell me how sweet and nice I am and then take advantage of it until I said to hell with it. I stopped being nice or atleast I'm trying to. I never said being a bitch was a bad thing. It's just my thing now.

Sapphire Jan 25 2017 8:29pm FLAG
I see, you really are one to defy expectations aren't you? And you wonder why I want you *smirks*

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 8:34pm FLAG
(looks down and smiles softly) Honestly, I'm still wondering.

Sapphire Jan 25 2017 8:46pm FLAG
*gently lifts your chin with my fingers to bring your eyes to meet mine* Have I not been forward enough? *smirks then smiles*

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 8:55pm FLAG
*takes a step back and glares at you* Don't.

Sapphire Jan 25 2017 9:03pm FLAG
*shrugs* If that's what you want I wont pu, just know that if nobody else, I desire the hotheaded self sure Sapphire I saw tonight over any fake happy one

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 9:09pm FLAG
*smiles a little* Glad you like her, TS. She's here to stay anyway.

Sapphire Jan 25 2017 9:17pm FLAG
*grins* good, a beautiful girl that believes in herself is worth 100 that don't

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 9:20pm FLAG
*covers my face and groans. Stop. Now,

Sapphire Jan 25 2017 9:27pm FLAG
Stop?...but I'd be lying if I said anything else

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 9:30pm FLAG
Dammit. You're such a flirt. *hits your arm playfully* Doesn't change the fact that I'll still fight your ass though.

Sapphire Jan 25 2017 9:40pm FLAG
I don't know about a flirt, I just say what I think about what I see *smiles*

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 9:47pm FLAG
Mmhmm suuuuuure. Of course.

Sapphire Jan 25 2017 9:52pm FLAG
Hey if you think the honest truth is flirting, well I can't help you there *grins*

MasterTS Jan 25 2017 9:54pm FLAG
I just know you well enough to know exactly when you're flirting and when you're trying to get your way.

Sapphire Jan 26 2017 4:10am FLAG
Well that's easy, sometimes I flirt but I always try to get my way *smiles*

MasterTS Jan 26 2017 9:04am FLAG
*shakes my head and smirks at you* You're like a relentless child and I somehow ended up being your babysitter.

Sapphire Jan 26 2017 8:36pm FLAG
I'm sorry but when did trying to win become a childrens thing haha

MasterTS Jan 26 2017 9:46pm FLAG
I don't know. Lots of children always want to be right and want to win. It just came to mind.

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 3:19pm FLAG
Yes and wanting to be right without doing what's needed is childish, but that's not what I said is it *smirks*

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 3:58pm FLAG
*folds my arms and huffs* I guess not.

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 5:36pm FLAG
*smiles* Don't get me wrong, it's not like I expect to succeed at everything I do, but when it comes to the things I want I go in fully prepared to win *grins*

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 7:06pm FLAG
Of course. Just don't be disappointed when you don't win this one. *smirks*

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 8:18pm FLAG
Indeed I would be disappointed if I lost...but after so many wins I feel pretty confident *smiles*

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 8:23pm FLAG
Oh haha. Kiss my ass. *sticks out my tongue at you*

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 8:44pm FLAG
You really shouldn't mention kissing or your ass to me, because both are thing I find myself very interested in knowing about you...*grins*

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 8:47pm FLAG
*jaw drops* That was um... that was pretty... that was smooth. I'll give you that one. *laughs* Besides, it's not like you're a complete stranger to both of them.

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 9:05pm FLAG
Not a complete stranger no...yet I find myself wanting to know so much more. Yet you jump in fear when I get close *frowns* truly a mystery

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 9:13pm FLAG
It's not fear. I'm not afraid of you. Never have been.

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 9:14pm FLAG
Then why did you recoil when I looked into your eyes? You fear something. Maybe not me...but it's something I am capable of yes?

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 9:21pm FLAG
Maybe *bites my lip nervously and looks away*.... yes

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 9:26pm FLAG
*smiles* Good, then I know something at least. I wont claim to know you or your circumstances. But above all else I prize honesty and loyalty. So long as you have those you will always be welcomed at my side *smiles and looks you over* especially *grins*

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 9:38pm FLAG
Thanks for the offer, but you already know the answer. I still don't get why you want to anyway. It always ends with me running over and over again.

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 9:43pm FLAG
Just because you always run away doesn't mean you aren't worth having while you're around. If you ever do decide to settle down as my pet I have a collar made specially for you *smirks*, until then if you only want to stop by when you are between boys that's fine too *smiles* As my pet or merely a friend, you are someone worth knowing Saph, and I will always treasure that.

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 9:49pm FLAG
Thanks, TS. *hesitates and slowly puts my arms around you to hug you* I still ing hate collars.

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 9:54pm FLAG
*gently wraps my arms around your waist pulling you close* Yeah but you look so good in them *smiles*

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 10:00pm FLAG
*unwraps your arms and steps back* I do not. *laughs*

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 10:08pm FLAG
Says you *grins* tho to be honest you look damn sexy no matter how I look *smiles*

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 10:10pm FLAG
Would I still look as sexy if I threw your ass through a wall though? *smirks and my eyes light up a little*

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 10:15pm FLAG
Please...if you managed to put me through a wall then you would be 3 time sexier than you already are *grins like a wolf*

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 10:28pm FLAG
Well for old time's sake. *flicks wrist and sends you crashing into a wall* Yes! Oh God I've missed that.

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 10:59pm FLAG
*form crashing through wall fades* Ooohhh!!! Not bad! *whispers next to your ear* Did you really think thank much would work on me *smiles*

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 11:04pm FLAG
No, I figured you still had a few tricks up your sleeve. It still felt good though.

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 11:07pm FLAG
...speaking of feeling good...*reaches down and grabs your ass in my hands while leaning in to kiss your neck* We can talk about sexy all you want but when you are already here in my arms why bother with words?

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 11:11pm FLAG
*quickly pushes you and glares* Wow fück you. I'm fücking done. Since you love my ass so much, I hope you get a good look while I'm walking away.

Sapphire Jan 27 2017 11:15pm FLAG
Really? Cause here I thought you'd try to put me through a wall again for daring to go so far. I didn't know you were to the type to just walk away

MasterTS Jan 27 2017 11:25pm FLAG
I'm usually not, but don't play with me.

Sapphire Jan 28 2017 6:13am FLAG
Well, that narrows down the list of things you fear I'm capable of quite a bit so not a complete loss *bows* I am sorry for crossing the line however, I apologize.

MasterTS Jan 28 2017 9:31am FLAG
It's okay. So what's on the list now?

Sapphire Jan 29 2017 8:27am FLAG
Abusing physical power to get close or being someone that only wants you in a sexual way, it's hard to put into words but something like that

MasterTS Jan 29 2017 1:16pm FLAG
*nods* Yeah... that's pretty accurate.

Sapphire Jan 29 2017 5:32pm FLAG
As I thought, well if it's only that much then I'm sure it wont be a problem

MasterTS Jan 29 2017 6:11pm FLAG
I guess not. Just don't do that again. I want to be able to keep trusting you like I always have.

Sapphire Jan 29 2017 6:25pm FLAG
No worries there now that I basically know what's going on

MasterTS Jan 29 2017 6:29pm FLAG
Alright. *laughs* I love how I said that I wouldn't be needing your services and here you are treating me like one of your "patients."

Sapphire Jan 29 2017 7:14pm FLAG
It's more me learning what's going on than anything else

MasterTS Jan 29 2017 7:31pm FLAG
I don't have a problem with it. Just a little ironic I guess.

Sapphire Jan 29 2017 7:34pm FLAG
I suppose, but like you said not a bad thing *smiles*

MasterTS Jan 29 2017 7:39pm FLAG
Anywayyyy how are you? We can talk normally now that you know your limits.

Sapphire Jan 29 2017 7:50pm FLAG
You have an odd way of putting that haha, a bit bored to be honest, aside from talking with you everything else is same thing different day

MasterTS Jan 29 2017 7:59pm FLAG
Aw putting what?

Sapphire Jan 29 2017 8:02pm FLAG
I can talk normally because I know my limits haha

MasterTS Jan 29 2017 9:03pm FLAG
Oh sorry. That does sound a little mean now that you say it. Oops. *laughs*

Sapphire Jan 29 2017 9:06pm FLAG
Just a tad haha

MasterTS Jan 29 2017 9:46pm FLAG
Well I didn't mean it like that.

Sapphire Jan 29 2017 10:02pm FLAG
I know Saph it's fine *smiles*

MasterTS Jan 30 2017 7:58am FLAG
I am so sick of the United States of Bull I swear. *facepalms*

Sapphire Jan 30 2017 7:10pm FLAG

MasterTS Jan 30 2017 8:09pm FLAG
This country is literally going to shít right before my eyes. It's just frustrating.

Sapphire Jan 30 2017 8:32pm FLAG
True and it doesn't really matter what side you're on haha

MasterTS Jan 30 2017 9:28pm FLAG
*shrugs* Oh well. Nothing I can do except hope for the best.

Sapphire Jan 31 2017 8:41pm FLAG
That's a good way to look at it. Honestly tho, while I never would have picked him, I do support Trump way more than Hilary so seeing people riot because they lost is kinda satisfying haha

MasterTS Jan 31 2017 9:07pm FLAG
I would've rather had Hillary. I don't support him at all. If you want to know the truth, I don't have a president.

Sapphire Feb 01 2017 2:56pm FLAG
I basically said so long as Hillary doesn't win I don't care who the president is. Not cause she's a female or anything but because she failed on every level I care about.

MasterTS Feb 01 2017 3:19pm FLAG
Ha it was the exact opposite for me. I would have been fine if Trump didn't win because I didn't want a sexist and a racist as a president.

Sapphire Feb 01 2017 3:27pm FLAG
Eh I don't agree that Trump is racist or sexist, he just hasn't done anything to be called either and when asked nobody can ever point to anything he said or did that was racist or sexist, people just seem to say he is because other people say so without ever looking for themselves

MasterTS Feb 01 2017 5:40pm FLAG
I'm just going to stop talking about this before I get heated *rolls my eyes*

Sapphire Feb 05 2017 8:03am FLAG
Fair enough. Just think about this. Trump has been a household name for almost 40 years, like the moon landing there is almost no american that didn't know who he was. In those 40 years not a single person called him a racisist or sexist yet the second he runs against Hillary it's all anybody ever seems to say about him and when asked most people respond like you just did. I promise that's the last I'll say about it unless you want talk more.

MasterTS Feb 05 2017 10:22am FLAG
It's all in some of the things he says and the actions of some of the people that support him, but like I said I'm done with it. If that's the type of person you want as president, you got him. Good job.

Sapphire Feb 06 2017 8:48pm FLAG
I'm a person who believes actions over words. Trump said he would do things, and within 1 week made good on more of his promises than most presidents ever do in 8 years. If you can point me to a specific thing he said or did I'd be happy to look it over and see if he actually said anything truly offensive. If he does I'd be happy to admit I'm wrong, if not then...well you know ^^ Until then your vague answers of "Oh you know he DID stuff that time" or "He was like that this that other time" don't cut it for me as proof that he is the bad person you claim he is. If you truly think he is evil then show me some kind of proof he is.

MasterTS Feb 06 2017 9:08pm FLAG
he has done racist things in the past the only reason no one cared because trump wasn't a big deal he is now running a country of course people are going to pull up dirt on him

Anonymous Feb 08 2017 12:14pm FLAG
By all means then please tell me when he did one of those racist things, or are you simply going to say 'oh TRUST me he HAS done racist things before I'm not gonna actually point out anything specifically you just have to trust me' like every other person calling him a racist.

MasterTS Feb 08 2017 6:25pm FLAG
I'm done with the fücking conversation, TS. You're the only one keeping it going.

Sapphire Feb 08 2017 8:49pm FLAG
Well, anon here wanted to say something, so me and him. Also I told you I would stop talking about it so long as you didn't bring it up again, what did you do? Brought it up first thing in your next reply. Here's the kicker, if you had an argument against me that was solid then you would have used that and sat back all pretty while I struggled to answer it. However that didn't happen did it? If you could answer my questions and put me in my place like a bitch you would have happily...but you can't, can you?

MasterTS Feb 08 2017 9:02pm FLAG
Trump used to not rent to African-American people and I don't know if you've noticed but he's banning Muslims not to stop attacks but because he simply doesnt "feel comfortable" with them around and he's trying to build a wall to keep away mexicans. can you please tell me how that's not racist?

Anonymous Feb 09 2017 11:16am FLAG
And if you could be so kind as to maybe track down a link to the article that talks about Trump not renting to blacks I would be happy to read it over. Trump enacted a 90 day ban on 6 muslim countries connected to terrorism, the countries were based on a list created by the Obama administration which incidentally banned muslims from the same countries for 6 months. And the top 5 most muslim countries on earth are not included in the ban. Also the ban has all kinds of exceptions for people like diplomats scientists and others. He want's to build a wall to keep out ILLEGAL mexicans. Mexicans will still be able to come here but far more of them will have to use the legal method of earning a US citizenship so that they will have to pay taxes and follow our rules just like any other American.

MasterTS Feb 09 2017 11:58am FLAG
I decided not to engage not because I don't have a solid but because I know how heated I can get during arguments like this. I've stopped every friend that I talked to about politics as soon as I noticed that we had different views and the conversation wouldn't end well. That's exactly what I did earlier so lose the attitude like you've won something.

Sapphire Feb 11 2017 9:23pm FLAG
*shrugs* Call it whatever you want. My point was only that people who don't have a good argument get heated in talks like this. Besides what's the worst that can happen, I disagree with you? And for that you would get mad? Maybe I misjudged you.

MasterTS Feb 11 2017 10:05pm FLAG
Stop. Talking. About. It. We disagree. That's all there is to it. Now leave it alone. *glares*

Sapphire Feb 12 2017 7:36am FLAG
Very well then I'll stop talking to you about it. So hows the weather?

MasterTS Feb 12 2017 10:29am FLAG
Absolute shít. Thanks for asking. *crosses my arms*

Sapphire Feb 12 2017 8:23pm FLAG
That's just a shame. Well I can see this conversation wont be worthwhile to either of us anymore. Hope things get better for you Saph. Maybe we can have a nice chat in a few months as seems to be our usual.

MasterTS Feb 13 2017 5:45pm FLAG
Wait.. I'm sorry okay. I just haven't been myself lately...if you couldn't already tell.

Sapphire Feb 13 2017 6:01pm FLAG
I see...then I apologize as well for pushing a sensitive subject for you. And honestly no I couldn't as your reaction is exactly the same I get anytime I talk that subject, I thought it was just a thing people did hence why I was willing to step back and let you cool off. I'd really hate to see something that silly come between us.

MasterTS Feb 13 2017 6:21pm FLAG
I mean some of my response had to do with politics and I agree with you. It would suck to lose you over politics, but like I said I'm just not myself lately.

Sapphire Feb 13 2017 6:28pm FLAG
Anything you want to talk about?

MasterTS Feb 13 2017 7:16pm FLAG
Just people not caring about me and I care very deeply about them. Particularly a guy. It's just really frustrating.

Sapphire Feb 13 2017 7:37pm FLAG
Ah...something I know a bit about. I admit that's a rough one I wish you the best of luck with it.

MasterTS Feb 13 2017 7:46pm FLAG
Yeah thanks..

Sapphire Feb 13 2017 8:23pm FLAG
I've been there. If you want advice all you need do is ask. Until then know I wish the best for you, and from what I've seen there isn't too much to worry about *smirks*

MasterTS Feb 13 2017 8:34pm FLAG
I mean for now I just decided it's best to just stop talking to him if he doesn't care about it, but it doesn't change the fact that I care about him a lot.

Sapphire Feb 14 2017 6:49pm FLAG
Seems like you got it handled for the moment then, as I said not much to worry about.

MasterTS Feb 14 2017 7:29pm FLAG
If you say so. Thanks for caring though. *smiles*

Sapphire Feb 15 2017 3:35pm FLAG
Of course, you're my friend/sometimes enemy/ sometimes lover, I always have your back Saph *smiles*

MasterTS Feb 15 2017 5:11pm FLAG
That's sweet. Don't tempt me though. Being your enemy is always a little fun. *laughs*

Sapphire Feb 15 2017 7:04pm FLAG
*looking at your "back"* Hm? What's that? Sorry something beautiful caught my eye for a sec *smiles*

MasterTS Feb 15 2017 7:50pm FLAG
Oh wow. You're shameless.

Sapphire Feb 19 2017 2:24pm FLAG
No I'm honest *smirks*

MasterTS Feb 19 2017 3:57pm FLAG
Fine. Honest but shameless. Let's see how long you can go without looking at my "back".

Sapphire Feb 19 2017 10:18pm FLAG
I can go as long as I want I just prefer when I do haha you're almost acting like it's an addiction. Your back is good but not quite that good *smirks*

MasterTS Feb 19 2017 10:49pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes and kisses my teeth* I think we can both agree that that's a lie. My ass is most definitely addictive.

Sapphire Feb 20 2017 8:22am FLAG
Well I admit it has been a while since I had a proper taste so it's hard to say just how much *grins* I'd be wary to try however, I wouldn't want to tempt myself, after all you make things hard enough as is already lol

MasterTS Feb 20 2017 10:26am FLAG
Oh, hush! *eye roll*

Sapphire Feb 20 2017 10:54am FLAG
Oh just admit you love it *smiles*

MasterTS Feb 20 2017 11:35am FLAG
That wasn't even me but at least they were convincing. That's probably what I would have said *laughs*

Sapphire Feb 20 2017 6:46pm FLAG
I didn't even see the difference, apparently someone spent considerable time studying you Saph lol

MasterTS Feb 21 2017 12:13am FLAG
Lol I guess I should be a little flattered.

Sapphire Feb 21 2017 8:20pm FLAG
just a little ^^

MasterTS Feb 21 2017 11:16pm FLAG

Deen Apr 29 2017 9:22am FLAG
sometimes i feel like deen is an old man who doesnt know how to turn off "cap-locks" on his key board

K Apr 30 2017 12:45am FLAG
girl sixxtenn. add me on Skype: girlgirly1x6x (without 2 x). only slaveboys with face

jgirl Jul 16 2017 6:39am FLAG
Give advice: