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Slaves come here

The Problem: Hello my pets

Asked by: MasterTS at 08:12:51 PM, Wednesday, May 03, 2017 PDT FLAG


Lol I didn't know u made pets into slaves

Theheartofdragonwing May 04 2017 12:52am FLAG


Sapphire May 04 2017 8:57pm FLAG
Haha so got something to say Saph? *grins*

MasterTS May 04 2017 9:15pm FLAG
*huffs and mumbles* I guess I was wrong.

Sapphire May 04 2017 9:29pm FLAG
*smiles* Though I do have to say, I liked how adamantly you defended me against what you thought was a fake

MasterTS May 04 2017 9:35pm FLAG
Yeah. I got defensive really quick. I could've sworn you were fake though. You literally never get on Love.

Sapphire May 05 2017 3:22pm FLAG
Well this time you were over there so I had a good reason to *grins*

MasterTS May 05 2017 3:33pm FLAG
True. Seems like I'm pretty good at getting people together.

Sapphire May 05 2017 7:57pm FLAG
And you wonder why I have an interest in you, so many talents and you haven't been taken in by the dark side of this site, well done *smirks*

MasterTS May 05 2017 8:48pm FLAG
*laughs* I can't lie and say that I've never been tempted. The dark side seems to have a lot of "fun"

Sapphire May 05 2017 9:23pm FLAG
Well some have called me the dark side of this site so maybe it makes some kind of sense *grins*

MasterTS May 05 2017 10:08pm FLAG
You kinda are, but it's okay. Everybody need a little bit of the dark side.

Sapphire May 05 2017 10:35pm FLAG
Hey dark side is best side *smirks* we have cookies

MasterTS May 05 2017 11:19pm FLAG
Oh do you now?

Sapphire May 06 2017 10:31am FLAG
Oh absolutely you should have a taste *grins*

MasterTS May 06 2017 11:51am FLAG
No thanks. I'm sure mine are better. *smiles*

Sapphire May 06 2017 9:38pm FLAG
Maybe, nothing wrong with tasting something different tho *smiles*

MasterTS May 06 2017 10:16pm FLAG
Hmm. You're not wrong.

Sapphire May 06 2017 10:24pm FLAG
I'm usually not *grins*

MasterTS May 07 2017 11:36am FLAG
*rolls my eyes* Try again. Sometimes you are.

Sapphire May 07 2017 11:43am FLAG
Hence the 'usually' part

MasterTS May 07 2017 12:05pm FLAG
Okay smartass.

Sapphire May 07 2017 1:49pm FLAG
Better than a dumbass *smirks*

MasterTS May 07 2017 2:55pm FLAG
*points at the door* Please exit immediately.

Sapphire May 07 2017 3:17pm FLAG
Ouch tough crowd haha

MasterTS May 08 2017 1:15pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes playfully* Stand up comedy definitely isn't your calling. Don't quit your day job, buddy.

Anonymous May 08 2017 7:28pm FLAG
^that was me

Anonymous May 08 2017 7:28pm FLAG
Omg ^^ that was me

Sapphire May 08 2017 7:28pm FLAG
Darn, one day yet my dream of doing stand up will come true

MasterTS May 08 2017 7:30pm FLAG
*pats your head* Mmhmm of course it will

Sapphire May 08 2017 8:11pm FLAG
Hey if you pat my head I'll take liberties to pat something myself *glances down and smiles*

MasterTS May 08 2017 8:13pm FLAG
Aww does the wittle baby not like it when I pat his head *pats your head again and tries to hold in my laughter*

Sapphire May 08 2017 8:54pm FLAG
*reaches down and grabs your ass, softly squeezing and rubbing* Hey I never said I was complaining about it now did I? All I said was that I'd do the same. Got to say while my hair might be amazing I think I get the better deal *grins*

MasterTS May 08 2017 9:14pm FLAG
*grabs your arm digging my nails into your skin* We talked about this, TS.

Sapphire May 08 2017 9:31pm FLAG
Yes and I told you what would happen quite clear did I not? *smiles*

MasterTS May 08 2017 9:36pm FLAG
*shakes my head and lets you go* You're infuriating. You know that right

Sapphire May 08 2017 9:38pm FLAG
Well I wouldn't be half as interesting if I weren't haha but to be fair I'm only as infuriating as you let me be *smiles*

MasterTS May 08 2017 9:42pm FLAG
*crosses my arms* Mmhmm whatever.

Sapphire May 08 2017 9:46pm FLAG
All I want from people is long as you aren't then I take my rights to toy with you as much as you toy with me Saph...*smiles*

MasterTS May 08 2017 9:59pm FLAG
And when am I not honest with you?

Sapphire May 08 2017 10:01pm FLAG
As I said I exercise my right to mess (toy) with you *smiles*

MasterTS May 08 2017 10:04pm FLAG
But you said as long as I'm not honest you exercise your right to toy with me, so when am I not honest with you?

Sapphire May 08 2017 10:08pm FLAG
When you shied away from me grabbing your ass when you knew what I'd do ^^

MasterTS May 08 2017 10:15pm FLAG
Well maybe I didn't know.

Sapphire May 08 2017 10:19pm FLAG
...really? How could you not? I mean I wasn't exactly subtle about it -_-

MasterTS May 08 2017 10:24pm FLAG
I don't know. Sometimes, I'm not good at taking hints. *smirks*

Sapphire May 08 2017 10:25pm FLAG
Hence the ass grab I figured that at least would wake you up *smiles*

MasterTS May 08 2017 10:33pm FLAG
*flips you off* Did that wake you up?

Sapphire May 08 2017 10:42pm FLAG
I was already awake you were the one in a daze *smirks*

MasterTS May 08 2017 10:48pm FLAG
*groans* I was not. I was perfectly fine actually.

Sapphire May 08 2017 10:53pm FLAG
Suuuure you were, just tell me if you need another wake me up grab *smiles*

MasterTS May 08 2017 10:57pm FLAG
*hits your arm* I actually can't stand you.

Sapphire May 08 2017 11:03pm FLAG
That's to bad because I really did want to cuddle with you Saph

MasterTS May 08 2017 11:05pm FLAG
Ha in your dreams, TA

Sapphire May 08 2017 11:09pm FLAG
Ha in your dreams, TS

Sapphire May 08 2017 11:09pm FLAG
Well yes, I was hoping to make that reality if only you'd admit that you really want to

MasterTS May 08 2017 11:12pm FLAG
You're quite confident that that's something I want to do.

Sapphire May 08 2017 11:14pm FLAG
*smirks* you haven't tried to stab punch or kick me there's that

MasterTS May 08 2017 11:20pm FLAG
I can't say I didn't think about two of those though.

Sapphire May 08 2017 11:26pm FLAG
Thought about maybe but didn't, that says alot

MasterTS May 08 2017 11:32pm FLAG
So are you asking to get punched now?

Sapphire May 08 2017 11:36pm FLAG
Not at all, if you think I deserve it then go ahead but I'd rather rather cuddle up ^^

MasterTS May 08 2017 11:47pm FLAG
Pick your poison, sweetheart. You're either getting punched or kicked. Cuddling is not an option.

Sapphire May 08 2017 11:50pm FLAG
*smiles* funny thing is you haven't denied anything I said so far

MasterTS May 09 2017 12:12am FLAG
Lie again. I literally just denied wanting to cuddle.

Sapphire May 09 2017 5:15am FLAG
You said it wasn't an option, not I don't want to

MasterTS May 09 2017 8:28am FLAG
That's the same thing.

Sapphire May 09 2017 10:00am FLAG
Not really there could be some kind of barrier preventing you from doing it but you still want it, thus 'not an option' for example a child that is grounded wants to play but that's not an option

MasterTS May 09 2017 11:20am FLAG
Fine. Then I don't want to cuddle.

Sapphire May 09 2017 1:18pm FLAG
Now that's a proper answer *smiles* disheartening but honest haha

MasterTS May 09 2017 1:20pm FLAG
*smirks* Well I'll make sure to be brutally honest from now on.

Sapphire May 09 2017 1:33pm FLAG
It doesn't need to be brutal, just honest. Clear and concise are nice as well *grins*

MasterTS May 09 2017 2:44pm FLAG
But my kind of honest is brutally honest. Take it or leave it sweetheart.

Sapphire May 09 2017 2:49pm FLAG
One of the reasons you interest me Saph haha I'll take brutal honesty over any kind of dishonesty any day

MasterTS May 09 2017 4:26pm FLAG
Good. I'm glad you agree with me.

Sapphire May 09 2017 4:49pm FLAG
You of all people know how seriously I take loyalty and trust so is it really a surprise? haha

MasterTS May 09 2017 5:39pm FLAG
I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I have a question though, TS. *sits down and plays with my hair*

Sapphire May 09 2017 8:41pm FLAG
Oh? Should I get a drink first? *smirks, leaning against the armrest of a nearby chair*

MasterTS May 09 2017 8:50pm FLAG
*deadpans* Anyway... have you taken any other girls like me back? Someone that betrayed you *looks up at you curiously*

Sapphire May 09 2017 8:54pm FLAG
...Everyone that is truly earnest deserves a second chance...probably a third chance, fourth and beyond is really pushing it...something like that I guess

MasterTS May 09 2017 8:57pm FLAG
Wow thanks that was definitely a clear answer to my question.

Sapphire May 09 2017 9:07pm FLAG
It was, those who are earnest and show it will be given a second chance, those who aren't wont.

MasterTS May 09 2017 9:16pm FLAG
Alright. That was my only question so you won't even be needing that drink.

Sapphire May 09 2017 9:23pm FLAG
If you really need to hear it, yes I have taken back girls that betrayed me, ones who have done worse than you.

MasterTS May 09 2017 9:28pm FLAG
Awww and here I was feeling special *smirks*

Sapphire May 09 2017 9:32pm FLAG
...That you aren't the worst one I'm willing to forgive or that you weren't worse to me?

MasterTS May 09 2017 9:38pm FLAG
Both I suppose

Sapphire May 09 2017 9:42pm FLAG
That's...kinda dark even for you Saph haha yet somehow that doesn't bother me *grins*

MasterTS May 09 2017 9:45pm FLAG
*shrugs* You have to admit that dark is more fun. Besides, being around you has probably contributed to that side of me.

Sapphire May 09 2017 9:51pm FLAG
I won't deny that, then again I also don't consider 'dark' to be inherently evil or wrong so what do I know *smirks*

MasterTS May 09 2017 9:55pm FLAG
I could be evil but I think you like me too much to see me that way.

Sapphire May 09 2017 9:57pm FLAG
That I like you too much to see you as evil? Are you implying that I wont recognize evil so long as it's someone I care about?

MasterTS May 09 2017 10:04pm FLAG
Hmmm yes I think I am.

Sapphire May 09 2017 10:12pm FLAG
...if that's truly what you believe then so be it, if so then it would seem I have given you far too much credit

MasterTS May 09 2017 10:17pm FLAG
Ugh. Something I've noticed about you is that I've never seen you truly mad. No, I don't truly believe that you look past someone's wrongdoing solely because you care for them. I just wanted to see how you would react to the accusation.

Sapphire May 10 2017 5:17am FLAG
There is rarely a time where getting mad helps a situation

MasterTS May 10 2017 8:22am FLAG
Maybe not but still

Sapphire May 10 2017 2:26pm FLAG
If you want to see me truly angry wait until someone threatens one of my loved ones and blood will rain from the skies, until then most people just aren't worth the energy to be mad and I'd just rather save that energy on something worthwhile, like you

MasterTS May 10 2017 3:36pm FLAG
Aww thanks. Always nice to know I'm worth your time. *pinches your cheeks playfully*

Sapphire May 10 2017 5:12pm FLAG
Just remember what happens when you get handsy with me *grins*

MasterTS May 10 2017 5:34pm FLAG
*crosses my arms* Fine. I'll just stay over here in my space away from you.

Sapphire May 10 2017 8:45pm FLAG
I never said I was against it. You are the one who freaks out every time I so much as touch you, yet you feel you have the right to touch me whenever and however you want. Bit of a double standard wouldn't you say?

MasterTS May 10 2017 8:57pm FLAG
*glares* Right because every time I touch you I definitely go for your ass.

Sapphire May 10 2017 9:37pm FLAG
I let you get close enough to touch my face and you worry about me grabbing your ass?

MasterTS May 10 2017 9:47pm FLAG
My point was my touches aren't sexual.

Sapphire May 10 2017 9:50pm FLAG
And who said mine were, you want to touch me fine, my price is that I will grab you in return, are you willing to pay my price for the right to touch me as you please? If not then stop touching me like you have the right to do so.

MasterTS May 10 2017 9:56pm FLAG
Okay let me break this down for you because obviously you're not getting it very well. You touching my ass= sexual. Me touching your face or your hair=not sexual

Sapphire May 11 2017 8:31am FLAG
First of all, that's wrong. Touching someones face or hair can be very sexual, the face is far more delicate and intimate than a butt. Touching someones ass doesn't have to be sexual. Just look at pro sports players they pat each other on the ass several times a game. Now here's the important part that you don't understand Saph, I consider you a friend yes but only my slaves have the right to touch me as they want because they are the only ones I have given that right to. If you want to touch me I gave you the cost, if you're not willing to pay it then kindly keep your hands to yourself unless you receive permission.

MasterTS May 11 2017 8:58am FLAG
You're right. I didn't pay the price and I don't plan on it. You don't have to worry about me touching you anymore.

Sapphire May 11 2017 9:34am FLAG
If you really want to for whatever reason ask and I might let you. Otherwise we can talk and be friends without you trying poke and prod me in a frankly condescending manner. I don't know if you were just trying to make me mad or if this is like kids tormenting each other because they don't know how to say I like you yet but you've never acted this...touchy feely with me before. Something on your mind?

MasterTS May 11 2017 10:10am FLAG
I don't recall you asking me to touch you but that's fine. I guess I was just trying to make you mad because I don't have anything on my mind.

Sapphire May 11 2017 10:47am FLAG
Well that's kinda like making a mountain mad, just doesn't really happen. I'm more likely to consider it disrespectful and question our current relationship than get mad.

MasterTS May 11 2017 10:59am FLAG

Sapphire May 11 2017 11:01am FLAG
Maybe it's because you were trying to make me mad that I saw it that way, if I thought you were being coy I might have thought it was adorable but you've made your stance on that pretty clear. Anyways don't let it get you down it wasn't that huge of a problem and it's more or less dealt with now yeah?

MasterTS May 11 2017 11:16am FLAG
I wasn't letting it get me down to begin with.

Sapphire May 11 2017 11:35am FLAG

MasterTS May 11 2017 1:24pm FLAG
When did I make my stance on being coy clear?

Sapphire May 11 2017 1:36pm FLAG
Well not so much that as just you not being interested in general, unless something has changed since last time we talked?

MasterTS May 11 2017 3:13pm FLAG
If you're asking if my decision to become your slave, then no nothing has changed.

Sapphire May 11 2017 3:51pm FLAG
Nope wasn't asking that at all, was just wondering if maybe you started liking me since then, in that case it somewhat changes the meaning of what you were doing earlier

MasterTS May 11 2017 4:03pm FLAG
I don't know honestly.

Sapphire May 11 2017 4:26pm FLAG
Well I wouldn't blame you if ya did *grins*

MasterTS May 11 2017 4:38pm FLAG
When you're not so damn c*cky, maybe I'll think about it *smirks*

Sapphire May 11 2017 5:10pm FLAG
I'll stop being c*cky the day I stop being right all the time *smiles*

MasterTS May 11 2017 5:36pm FLAG
Well that ship has definitely already sailed so you might want to pick something else

Sapphire May 11 2017 5:49pm FLAG
Sorry but I don't consider you not becoming my slave a failure *smirks*

MasterTS May 11 2017 5:57pm FLAG
Good. I don't either.

Sapphire May 11 2017 6:08pm FLAG
Just not your time yet *smiles*

MasterTS May 11 2017 6:18pm FLAG
Uh huh. If I even have a time.

Sapphire May 11 2017 6:20pm FLAG
True, just call it a hunch haha

MasterTS May 11 2017 6:34pm FLAG
I think your hunch is very wrong. We've already discussed this.

Sapphire May 11 2017 6:40pm FLAG
Only a hunch that you could be my slave one day,not that you would

MasterTS May 11 2017 8:43pm FLAG
Okay. Just making sure you have it straight

Sapphire May 11 2017 8:45pm FLAG
Don't get me wrong I still have my hopes *grins*

MasterTS May 11 2017 8:47pm FLAG
Keep hoping, sweetheart. Still not going to happen.

Sapphire May 11 2017 9:31pm FLAG
Never say never *grins*

MasterTS May 11 2017 10:15pm FLAG
Sorry, Justin Bieber. I'm saying never. I'm too much of a jealous girl *laughs and shakes my head*

Sapphire May 11 2017 10:20pm FLAG
Ewe that's a mood killer haha

MasterTS May 11 2017 10:48pm FLAG
*busts out laughing* Aw come on. He's not too bad.

Sapphire May 12 2017 3:51am FLAG
No I'm serious Bieber is worse than a mood killer, ever since you said that the little big guy refuses to wake, give him another week to get over the trauma

MasterTS May 12 2017 11:01am FLAG
Maybe you should give him another month

Sapphire May 12 2017 1:00pm FLAG
Hell he might just need it, Bieber is like anti-viagra

MasterTS May 12 2017 4:08pm FLAG
Ha not for girls

Sapphire May 12 2017 4:42pm FLAG
Well Viagra isn't for girls either haha, besides does anyone still like that little twat? Last I heard once he was able to grow a beard everyone lost interest in him

MasterTS May 12 2017 5:27pm FLAG
Yes actually. I don't really like him personally but his music isn't half bad

Sapphire May 12 2017 6:13pm FLAG
I just thought it was weird that he wrote...sung a song someone else wrote for him about finding true love forever when he was what...? ?

MasterTS May 12 2017 6:37pm FLAG

MasterTS May 12 2017 6:37pm FLAG
Awww don't be like jealous that he can sing about his baby and you can't.

Sapphire May 12 2017 8:09pm FLAG
Yes I'm so jelly that he can sing songs written by other people while looking like a pre****, you got me. Whatever shall I do -_-

MasterTS May 12 2017 10:55pm FLAG
Wow is **** censored here or just pre****

MasterTS May 12 2017 10:55pm FLAG
Don't give me that look. I was just kidding

Sapphire May 12 2017 11:48pm FLAG
I'll give you whatever look needed to make my point so deal with it brat haha

MasterTS May 13 2017 12:03am FLAG
*gasps jokingly* I am not a brat!

Sapphire May 13 2017 7:16am FLAG
Psh, you are like the epitome of a brat! There can't be a bigger brat than you.

MasterTS May 13 2017 9:32am FLAG
I am not! I am truly hurt.

Sapphire May 13 2017 10:13am FLAG
You are truly a brat, a cute brat but still a brat

MasterTS May 13 2017 10:20am FLAG
Omg how

Sapphire May 13 2017 10:36am FLAG
How are you cute? Well a combination of things really

MasterTS May 13 2017 10:53am FLAG
No I know I'm cute. How am I a brat?

Sapphire May 13 2017 11:06am FLAG
Oh so modest of you Saph -_- well there's reason 1 why you're a brat haha

MasterTS May 13 2017 11:27am FLAG
Because I know I'm cute? That's not being a brat. That's called being confident. I can't help that. *flips my hair*

Sapphire May 13 2017 11:37am FLAG
No it's because you're oh so modest about it haha

MasterTS May 13 2017 12:07pm FLAG
Uh huh. What else makes me a brat?

Sapphire May 13 2017 12:14pm FLAG
Your snarky attitude

MasterTS May 13 2017 12:37pm FLAG
Oops definitely not changing that one

Sapphire May 13 2017 12:38pm FLAG
Absolutely not that's one of your better traits *grins* Bratty yes but still rather fun

MasterTS May 13 2017 12:56pm FLAG
Glad you like it even though I still don't think I'm a brat

Sapphire May 13 2017 1:16pm FLAG
Brats rarely do *smirks*

MasterTS May 13 2017 1:28pm FLAG
*flips you off* How's that for being bratty

Sapphire May 13 2017 1:48pm FLAG that a threat or an invitation? *grins*

MasterTS May 13 2017 1:54pm FLAG
You're not slick. That was a threat.

Sapphire May 13 2017 2:14pm FLAG
I'm slick enough that you stick around *smiles* sounds like it could be fun I'll hold you to that threat

MasterTS May 13 2017 2:46pm FLAG
I actually cannot stand you and trust me it won't be fun for you

Sapphire May 13 2017 3:29pm FLAG
Ok either you aren't the real Saph or you suddenly forgot what a joke was haha

MasterTS May 13 2017 3:41pm FLAG
I was being sarcastic TS. Apparently it was a little lost on you

Sapphire May 13 2017 3:45pm FLAG
A blind man a mile away could see that Saph haha, so that's 2 jokes to go right over your head *grins*

MasterTS May 13 2017 3:55pm FLAG
Uh huh *pinches your cheek and smirks* Oops I forgot I can't touch you

Sapphire May 13 2017 4:16pm FLAG
Well that depends, are you being cheeky or mocking? If it's for the right reason exceptions can be made *smirks*

MasterTS May 13 2017 4:18pm FLAG
Both *smirks*

Sapphire May 13 2017 4:29pm FLAG
...I'll allow it for now but I'll be keeping an eye on you miss *grins*

MasterTS May 13 2017 5:42pm FLAG
Mmhmm you do that

Sapphire May 13 2017 6:19pm FLAG
Don't have to tell me twice *grins*

MasterTS May 14 2017 12:10pm FLAG
I know. You keep an eye on me all the time. So that's not too differenr

Sapphire May 14 2017 2:33pm FLAG
Just be careful now, if you get too cheeky I might start asking for payment again

MasterTS May 15 2017 9:39am FLAG
Well that's not fair. I haven't even touched you yet so you can't cash in on that payment.

Sapphire May 15 2017 5:11pm FLAG
If you get too cheeky with the poking and prodding. A little is cheeky, too much is either mocking or means more than just being coy so make up your mind haha

MasterTS May 15 2017 5:17pm FLAG
I have made up my mind you're the one trying to see things for more than they really are.

Sapphire May 15 2017 8:18pm FLAG
Say what you want but your actions speak louder than your words, If you act more interested than you claim then I don't think I'm wrong for questioning it.

MasterTS May 15 2017 8:48pm FLAG
I'm not acting any more interested than I claim. We're just friends.

Sapphire May 15 2017 10:05pm FLAG
Then you have nothing to worry about Saph *smirks*

MasterTS May 15 2017 10:15pm FLAG
Alright then. Gosh you play a lot of mind games

Sapphire May 16 2017 5:43am FLAG
I suppose you could say that but I tend to think of mind games as being intentional, what I do is more saying what I see and holding people to definitions of words and such. If people give me no reason to correct them then I wont say anything *smiles*

MasterTS May 16 2017 4:26pm FLAG
Incorrect. I don't give a reason to correct me but you still do.

Sapphire May 16 2017 5:14pm FLAG
Except that you say things that concern me that are incorrect then you are asking even if not with words *smiles*

MasterTS May 16 2017 5:36pm FLAG
If I could roll my eyes for five minutes with no pain, I would.

Sapphire May 16 2017 7:02pm FLAG
That would be impressive, hell I wouldn't even be mad *smirks*

MasterTS May 16 2017 7:35pm FLAG
You sure about that? You used to not like me giving you too much attitude.

Sapphire May 16 2017 8:04pm FLAG
Oh I have no issues with attitude, they make a person interesting and unique after all. No what I care about is the motivation

MasterTS May 16 2017 8:18pm FLAG
Oh you're right. My bad. You got mad at me because I was too jealous.

Sapphire May 16 2017 9:05pm FLAG
Not really. Basically if someone means me harm then nothing they do will be ok, however if someone does things from a genuinely good place then many things can be forgiven.

MasterTS May 16 2017 9:17pm FLAG
You forgave me for it obviously but you were mad.

Sapphire May 16 2017 9:18pm FLAG
Your intentions were unclear at the time, and anger is often a shortcut way of telling people 'I am serious' it tends to cut through bs like you wouldn't believe lol

MasterTS May 16 2017 9:33pm FLAG
You're not wrong. Anger can shut people down pretty quick.

Sapphire May 17 2017 3:50am FLAG
Which is why it's so good at making sure people focus on the right information

MasterTS May 17 2017 11:06am FLAG
Alright. I think I get what you're saying.

Sapphire May 18 2017 4:43pm FLAG
I wasn't really saying anything in particular

MasterTS May 18 2017 5:11pm FLAG
But there was a point to what you were saying and I got it

Sapphire May 19 2017 11:51am FLAG
Yes there was, I just don't want you to think that I was trying to say that you did anything wrong, you're my friend and I'd like to think I'm able to say such things straight to your face *smirks*

MasterTS May 19 2017 12:28pm FLAG
No you can. I'm not mad at you if that's what you mean. It's better to tell me things straight rather than to sugarcoat it.

Sapphire May 20 2017 10:37am FLAG
Good *smiles* then there is at least 1 and a half good people on this site *grins*

MasterTS May 20 2017 11:22am FLAG
I have a really random question. It just kinda came to mind.

Sapphire May 20 2017 6:55pm FLAG
Sure go ahead and ask

MasterTS May 20 2017 7:43pm FLAG
Why do you and fç have a problem with each other?

Sapphireb May 20 2017 8:03pm FLAG
Because he's an a$$hole without any redeeming qualities. His answer would either be 'I hate everyone' or 'why wouldn't I hate TS?'

MasterTS May 20 2017 8:28pm FLAG
Hey guys, I'd like to intorduce myself. You can call me new to this site or reaaaally old to this site. I'm The Veteran, it's an apropriate name I feel being on this site so many years ago. I like both of you. Wanna chat?

The Veteran May 20 2017 9:02pm FLAG
Well he doesn't hate everyone and he's not that bad when you get to know him. You both are a lot more similar than you think. Also hi veteran whoever you are.

Sapphire May 21 2017 7:48pm FLAG
Yeah it's that whole getting to know him part. Every time I see him he's always the same, if I ever see him act different I'll reconsider based on what I see but previous experience says not to hold my breath.

MasterTS May 21 2017 8:27pm FLAG
Maybe you could try to be nice. That could get you a different outcome.

Sapphire May 21 2017 8:46pm FLAG
You misunderstand, I'm talking about what I see when I'm ghosting or before he knows I'm around. I don't much like him regardless who he hangs out with. Every somewhat decent thing he does is always overshadowed by many other things that I can't agree with

MasterTS May 21 2017 9:40pm FLAG
Okay well what are some things you don't agree with?

Sapphire May 22 2017 7:31am FLAG
He has double standards in the worst ways possible, he goes out of his way to put people down for his own amusement, he has never given anything not even kind words unless he gets something out of it, he tries to act like none of the previous stuff happens when he sees someone he wants. Basically unless he wants to date you, you, or you're a part of his tiny circle of friends your only purpose in life is to entertain him at your expense. Or as I like to call them, people not worth knowing.

MasterTS May 22 2017 8:04am FLAG
unless he wants to date you, f%^# you, or you're*

MasterTS May 22 2017 8:07am FLAG
its funny your talking about someone who isnt around and getting faked by someone

Anonymous May 22 2017 10:19am FLAG
It's even more funny that an anon says anything to me and expects me to take it serious.

MasterTS May 22 2017 6:26pm FLAG
Anon, please don't start with him. I brought fç up because I was curious about his opinions even if I don't agree with them.

Sapphire May 22 2017 8:59pm FLAG
Look Saph if FC were to come here and say 'hey lets forget about the past and start again' I'd say ok, no skin off my back to try. If I see he actually means it I might even start to really believe it. Until that happens however I have no intentions of doing anything regarding him unless he gives me reason to. I don't hate FC saph, I just don't think he's currently worth the energy to consider is all.

MasterTS May 23 2017 9:39am FLAG
Fine but the next time he does come promise me you aren't going to fight like two 3 year olds.

Sapphire May 23 2017 12:55pm FLAG
I do find it a bit strange for you to be so concerned about this, it's not like we were friends and then had a falling out and if you're dating it's not like I need to be friends with him to be your friend.

MasterTS May 23 2017 2:39pm FLAG
God no we're not dating but you both are very important. I can't even remember who I met first, him or you. It's just really frustrating the few times that he does come and it ends up with you two fighting.

Sapphire May 23 2017 4:51pm FLAG
How about this. I'll completely leave FC alone, not like I had any plans to bug him anyways. So long as he acts like a decent human being when engaging with me then so will I. Hows that sound?

MasterTS May 23 2017 6:49pm FLAG
I guess that works. Thanks, TS.

Sapphire May 23 2017 7:06pm FLAG
Sure, if that's all it takes to make you happy on this, not like I loose anything since that's basically how I treat everyone

MasterTS May 23 2017 9:51pm FLAG
Yeah it doesn't take much to keep me content. Honesty just let me get my way and everything goes perfectly. *smirks*

Sapphire May 23 2017 10:04pm FLAG
Now you're starting to sound like every other woman *smirks*

MasterTS May 23 2017 10:15pm FLAG
You know better than that, TS. I'm not every other woman.

Sapphire May 23 2017 10:31pm FLAG
So then I should make sure to never give you what you want *grins*

MasterTS May 23 2017 10:49pm FLAG
No, you're still supposed to give me what I want but I'm still not every other woman.

Sapphire May 23 2017 10:50pm FLAG
But then that makes you just like every other woman

MasterTS May 24 2017 8:32am FLAG
Ugh fine I guess I'm like every other woman just a little

Sapphire May 24 2017 8:54am FLAG
And if I were like every other man then it would be my job to give you that, unfortunately I only give what is earned either through works or from just being a good person *grins*

MasterTS May 24 2017 4:07pm FLAG
So you don't think I'm a good person?

Sapphire May 24 2017 4:16pm FLAG
Ah you misunderstand, you can't just be a good person and get everything. If you want me to give you respect and attention or something similar then being good is enough, if you want a BMW then being a good person just isn't quite enough haha. The law of equivalent exchange, if you want something you must give something of equal or greater value. Well unless you're my gf wife or slave, then you get a much better deal, still an equal exchange but I'm more willing to bend the rules on 'equal' in that case haha

MasterTS May 24 2017 7:40pm FLAG
Uh huh. If I remember correctly, I wanted to be one of those a long time ago but that just didn't work for you.

Sapphire May 24 2017 8:42pm FLAG
Yeah still doesn't haha, even tho I would make an exception for my gf or wife if I had one doesn't mean I'm ready for one yet

MasterTS May 24 2017 8:59pm FLAG
Yes I've noticed.

Sapphire May 24 2017 9:07pm FLAG
Sorry to ruin your dream *smirks*

MasterTS May 24 2017 9:19pm FLAG
Oh you really thought. I'm just fine. Can you say the same thing though?

Sapphire May 24 2017 9:21pm FLAG
Oh don't get me wrong you run through my dreams all the time Saph, usually in the outfit you wore when we met and at least half the time end up in a fist fight *grins* But see I like having you as a friend and if that's all you're gonna be then I got one hell of a friend *smiles* however that wont stop me dreaming of you in daisy dukes and a tank top every now and then *smirks*

MasterTS May 24 2017 11:16pm FLAG
Awww I'm flattered. I do look good in a tank top and daisy dukes, but seriously I got one hell of a friend out of this too. You'll always be my partner in crime even when I want to beat the shít out of you. *smiles*

Sapphire May 25 2017 8:34am FLAG
And how does it end in the other half of your dreams when we don't end up in a fist fight?

Sapphire May 25 2017 8:35am FLAG
...wrestling, kinda...I mean you could call it a kind of wrestling *smiles*

MasterTS May 25 2017 9:16am FLAG
*face palms* That's not.... wrestling does not equal that, TS.

Sapphire May 25 2017 9:45am FLAG
It does when we do it in my way *grins*

MasterTS May 25 2017 12:14pm FLAG
*puts my hand over your mouth* Noo. Stop talking *laughs*

Sapphire May 25 2017 1:04pm FLAG
Ooohh did I pique your interest? *grins*

MasterTS May 25 2017 1:05pm FLAG
Nope. Not at all.

Sapphire May 25 2017 1:28pm FLAG
Your denial is cute haha

MasterTS May 25 2017 2:15pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes* I'm not in denial.

Sapphire May 25 2017 2:47pm FLAG
We could always just go a few rounds see how it goes *smiles*

MasterTS May 25 2017 3:00pm FLAG
Sure. We can go a few rounds, but not with the kind of wrestling you want.

Sapphire May 25 2017 3:03pm FLAG
Either way could be fun...

MasterTS May 25 2017 3:14pm FLAG
The one I'm talking about wouldn't be fun for you. Trust me.

Sapphire May 25 2017 3:30pm FLAG
*grins* tempting but I'll decline for now

MasterTS May 25 2017 3:35pm FLAG
Good choice. Wouldn't want you to get hurt.

Sapphire May 25 2017 3:57pm FLAG
Any other day I'd have some snarky response but I'm sick as hell today so yeah I'd probably loose bad haha

MasterTS May 26 2017 12:38pm FLAG
Aww poor baby. *pouts jokingly*

Sapphire May 26 2017 2:39pm FLAG
Hey so long as the bottles got Nyquil I really wouldn't care right now, the green stuff too none of those pansy flavored ones

MasterTS May 26 2017 3:05pm FLAG
"Pansy flavored". Oh wow. I wasn't aware that medicine could be pansy flavored

Sapphire May 26 2017 3:36pm FLAG
With Nyquil you get 2 choices, the original green death, and pansy flavored haha

MasterTS May 26 2017 3:43pm FLAG
True. Just go ahead and chug so you won't taste anything. *smiles innocently*

Sapphire May 26 2017 4:36pm FLAG
The taste is part of why it works so much better, since they don't have to worry about taste they can fill it with all the good stuff, plus the kick just makes you want to sleep that much sooner

MasterTS May 26 2017 4:45pm FLAG
I was really sick recently and I couldn't go to sleep. The NyQuil was already in my room, but I didn't feel like going to the kitchen to get a measuring spoon so I just drank a little bit. It knocked me right out.

Sapphire May 26 2017 8:38pm FLAG
Exactly, couple of shots of the green death and you're out like a light haha

MasterTS May 26 2017 9:14pm FLAG
True but how did we get on the topic of medicine

Sapphire May 26 2017 10:29pm FLAG
Because I'm delirious with sickness haha

MasterTS May 27 2017 5:54am FLAG
Well that's not really good. You need to get better so we don't have to talk about medicine.

Sapphire May 27 2017 9:30pm FLAG
By all means talk about whatever you want

MasterTS May 28 2017 1:02am FLAG
Cuties c;

May 28 2017 4:40pm FLAG
Noo I don't know what I want to talk about. You can pick. It just can't be medicine

Sapphire May 29 2017 11:58am FLAG
Fine *closes the book 'conversations about medicine' with a snap* just ruin my fun wont you *mock sighs* we could talk about how we are the cutest non couple on this site *smiles*

MasterTS May 29 2017 12:26pm FLAG
Oh I'm sorry TS. Was pepto on the next page? Maybe I'll let you have your fun another time. *smirks* There's no such thing as a cute "non-couple" *opens book 'that's called being friends'*

Sapphire May 29 2017 3:48pm FLAG
No burn creams, lucky me *smirks* and I call us a non couple because if we were to officially date right here and now we would easily make top 5 couples to form on this site. Top 3 if there were a bit more hand holding and walks through parks *grins* try all you want but you can't say the same thing about just 'friends'

MasterTS May 29 2017 5:17pm FLAG
*sucks my teeth* Okay fine. You can't say that about friends. I think you're the only one that thinks we would make Top 5 though. No point in talking about something that's never going to happen anyway.

Sapphire May 29 2017 6:18pm FLAG
Yo saph, tell your sis knight says hi.

Knight May 29 2017 6:38pm FLAG
What? I don't have a sister

Sapphire May 29 2017 6:59pm FLAG
Oh just admit it, we're both pretty awesome *grins*

MasterTS May 29 2017 7:05pm FLAG

Knight May 29 2017 7:28pm FLAG
No *points at myself* I'm pretty awesome. If we did date, I'd be the one making it awesome. Knight, I know Momo but it's you're thinking about Sapphire Paradise or something like that. I'm not her. I'm the original Sapphire. The very first one.

Sapphire May 29 2017 7:33pm FLAG
Sure credit where credit is due but it takes 2 to tango and if one fails both will fall *smirks* humans work best when they are balanced after all

MasterTS May 29 2017 7:39pm FLAG
Ah i see, Sorry for disturbing your chat

Knight May 29 2017 7:43pm FLAG
*smiles* You're good Knight. As for you, I don't believe fire and ice are very balanced. Do you?

Sapphire May 29 2017 7:55pm FLAG
This site is boring without your shit. Welcome back

Anonymous May 29 2017 7:58pm FLAG
You're both obnoxious cunts.

Anonymous May 29 2017 7:58pm FLAG
Sorry to hear that's what you think, anon. TS, don't even think about it. Leave it alone.

Sapphire May 29 2017 8:01pm FLAG
Absolutely correct, fire and ice are not balanced. But when used together they can created something that is, both in temperature and personalities *smiles* it makes us the pair we are Saph no matter what form that ultimately takes. Also relax, if I didn't poke at the tension between us every now and then I can't see you fight against your better judgment, it's adorable really *grins*

MasterTS May 29 2017 8:14pm FLAG
Ahhh, Ts. Still fooling around with multiple girls. I just dont know how you do it.

Anonymous May 29 2017 8:17pm FLAG
Oh come on. We've made it this far without an anon that for some reason doesn't like you. Why must they come now?? *shakes my head* Also just to put it out there. We're not together and we're not hooking it up.

Sapphire May 29 2017 8:38pm FLAG
I dont dislike Ts. Not at all. A wonderful guy he is indeed, but maybe not the best

Anonymous May 29 2017 8:50pm FLAG
But sapphire, sweetie. You try to make it clear that you two arent together or hooking, yet you flirt with him, and continue to play his games. Nonono

Anonymous May 29 2017 8:52pm FLAG
Well at least it was this long before anything happened, my question is how much of this thread did they read before saying anything? Depending on the answer it makes them either a hothead or troll, a nosy Nancy, or a stalker...not sure which is the worst one

MasterTS May 29 2017 8:59pm FLAG
I'm not your damn "sweetie." First off, I don't play games. Don't make me sound like some trick that can't hold her own when a man is involved. Ask TS. He'll tell you that I'm definitely not that girl. I tried being nice, so don't insult me.

Sapphire May 29 2017 9:15pm FLAG
Oh I hope this goes on at least a little while longer *grabs popcorn*

MasterTS May 29 2017 9:30pm FLAG
Oh sweetie, I call everyone sweetie. And who said i was ever insulting you? Im basing my opinion on what i see. But Saph, you are playing his games. Trust me. I was just like you.

Anonymous May 29 2017 10:07pm FLAG
Dont put words in my mouth

Anonymous May 29 2017 10:09pm FLAG
TS, handle your girl please.

Sapphire May 29 2017 10:27pm FLAG
Not one of mine, they would be too ashamed to go by anon *munches on popcorn*

MasterTS May 29 2017 10:34pm FLAG
His girl? Oh no. Some time ago i was his girl. Not anymore.

Anonymous May 29 2017 10:34pm FLAG
Oh, but i use to.

Anonymous May 29 2017 10:35pm FLAG
Then please enlighten me, ex-girl. What made you take the time to confront us? Obviously there's something you want to get off your chest since you also took the time to read what we were saying. TS, she came here for you so you talk to her. I'm not the messenger bunny here.

Sapphire May 29 2017 10:40pm FLAG
While nothing good was said about me they didn't say anything directly to me until I commented, no they are here for you Saph. Normally I don't recognize the existence of anons with direct communication but if you insist I'll see what I can do about this, but you owe me a favor *grins* nothing bad I promise

MasterTS May 29 2017 10:45pm FLAG
Quite the dramatic/extra one you are. Its no big deal. I was strolling threw and came across you two. Thought i should state my opinion, and i did. And no, nothing needs to get off my chest.

Anonymous May 29 2017 10:46pm FLAG
Well, I'm no anon to you Ts.

Anonymous May 29 2017 10:48pm FLAG
Ah wait...sorry I was paying so little attention to the anon I didn't even see that they most likely did say something directly to me, my bad but hey it was an anon can you really blame me

MasterTS May 29 2017 10:49pm FLAG
True ^

Anonymous May 29 2017 10:52pm FLAG
Glad you noticed your mistake before I could tell you off, but I love how when someone comes at me you have nothing to say like it's none of your business. Then when someone comes at you, I actually try to defend you. They can say whatever the hell they want now because I'm done.

Sapphire May 29 2017 10:53pm FLAG
Only a civilized conversation we were all having, correct? No need to "be done". And why would it be his job to defend you? Also who said i was coming at you?

Anonymous May 29 2017 10:58pm FLAG
Tsk, see now if I don't do at least the bare minimum about this it looks bad for me so fine, anon lets assume you are correct and I knew you once upon a time *throws a cookie in roughly anons general direction* congratulations and enjoy. If you have some salt to mine then tell me who you are and what exactly bothers you. If not then know I'm not even the slightest bit interested

MasterTS May 29 2017 10:59pm FLAG
*picks up the cookie and eats it* Nothing bothers me, I came here to just talk. No need to make this a serious matter. But you do know me. I would say, pretty well actually

Anonymous May 29 2017 11:01pm FLAG
It's not that I had nothing to say but honestly you didn't need any backup and I felt that stepping in meant stepping on your toes more than anything

MasterTS May 29 2017 11:03pm FLAG
To be fair anon you said 'you're playing his little games like I used to' that basically implies that I played you back in the day and that I'm doing the same to her now and she's too dull to see it, so yeah shots fired right there I'd definitely call that going after her, I may not care about your words but she obviously does, a mistake on my part for not seeing that sooner but all the more reason to stop this now. If you have something to say then by all means say it. If you want to keep making passive aggressive stabs just to get reactions then know it won't be a pretty one when it finally happens. If your claim is true anon and you know me, then you know what happens when the people I care about get pushed

MasterTS May 29 2017 11:16pm FLAG
Anon, that comment wasn't even directed at you. I didn't say it was his job to defend me and the way I saw it you were coming after me.

Sapphire May 29 2017 11:21pm FLAG
I said what i had to say, didn't I? Were they passive agressive? Maybe, thats up to you. But were they true? Yup. And, I said "you continue to play his games." then later to say, "I was like you"

Anonymous May 29 2017 11:23pm FLAG
I wasnt, I was just saying what i needed to say *shrugs*

Anonymous May 29 2017 11:24pm FLAG
If you have said everything you wanted to say then you have failed to get my interest if that was ever your goal. If not I fail to see a single reason for you to stick around. If you have something relevant to say, your name, how you know me, what games exactly, why you 'just wanted to talk' by passively insulting a very good friend of mine, those I wouldn't mind hearing.

MasterTS May 29 2017 11:31pm FLAG
Insult? You have it twisted.

Anonymous May 29 2017 11:35pm FLAG
I will leave it at this, I am also a friend of yours, we met right here. Your games? Your sly, flirtatious, mysterious ways.

Anonymous May 29 2017 11:37pm FLAG
A poet and i didnt know it, aye? :)

Anonymous May 29 2017 11:38pm FLAG
Perception vs intent, if I call you a skamp and you think it means something close to skank then your perception of my good intent is bad. In other words what you mean to say doesn't matter, what other people hear you say does. It doesn't help that you A hide as an anon B make vague and somewhat cryptic remarks and most of all C when either of us comes at you with anything you evade a direct answer in favor of being mysterious. If you want us to stop seeing you as a possible threat then start with those.

MasterTS May 29 2017 11:43pm FLAG
Personality doesn't equal playing games. That's how he is and I've just come to accept it. That doesn't mean I'm "playing his games" or anything like that.

Sapphire May 29 2017 11:47pm FLAG
Say what you want. And i will say what i believe as well as do what i want. Good day

Anonymous May 29 2017 11:55pm FLAG
Just to let you know Saph this is my 'one anon a month' if I interact with them anymore than once a month i feel gross, unless you want to ask me to step in for whatever reason that I don't mind. Basically don't go expecting me to butt in every time you decide to get tangled up with an anon haha *grins*

MasterTS May 29 2017 11:56pm FLAG
*holds up my hand* Not in the mood, TS. Maybe if you didn't decide to supposedly play girls before me, I wouldn't have to worry about being tangled up with them at all.

Sapphire May 29 2017 11:58pm FLAG
Being an anon is such a bad thing to you people, as if they're all the same. I'm just an anon to butt in, be rude here and there but mostly to just talk. Im no "anon", I just choose to be anonymous because im afriad

Anonymous May 30 2017 12:00am FLAG
Its what he does Sapphire.

Anonymous May 30 2017 12:01am FLAG
You know if there was even a shred of evidence that I did actually play them then sure I'll assume full responsibility. But until there is reason to believe any of that I won't be responsible for every pathetic anon who opens their mouth to complain about 'something bad I did that one time like 2 or 3 years ago'

MasterTS May 30 2017 12:15am FLAG
You can only hear so much shít before you start questioning who the real liar is.

Sapphire May 30 2017 12:22am FLAG
And you, anon. 'That's what he does' what's that exactly? I play girls? By being sly flirty and mysterious? Yeah you'd be exactly right except for one ****y tiny little flaw. I'm not asking for anything from Saph. If I was those things and trying to get something from her then yeah you might be able to make that argument, but I'm not. I do it because I like to see Saph smile, I do it because I like to see her happy. Sure I'm not perfect at it but you point me to someone who is and I'll show you an impossible dream. If you didn't like what I did to you fine bring your beef to me. Don't bother Saph with your nonsense until you can at least provide some reason to believe a single word out of your mouth.

MasterTS May 30 2017 12:25am FLAG
Seems to me if your story is good enough only one person needs to say it. If it's so bad you need 20 people to back you up well...might be kinda thin is all I'm sayin. Also using the anon tag means it's much harder to tell how many people are actually talking, was it really 20 people who all said the same thing or was it 1 or 2 people pretending to be 20? Using anon means no need to keep everyones story straight, easier to keep the lie when you don't have to remember who said what.

MasterTS May 30 2017 12:34am FLAG
*looks down* I don't want to believe that you're playing me or trying anything with me, but people sure as hell talk and that's when it gets hard. That's when I get frustrated and tired of hearing that I'm just another girl wrapped around your finger.

Sapphire May 30 2017 12:40am FLAG
That's...valid. I don't know how much this means from me but I don't wrap girls around my fingers, too much trouble trying to remember what girl you wrapped with what finger so to speak. That's why I care about loyalty and honesty so much. When a true bond forms there is nothing to manage no lies to keep straight. I like what we have but if being more like traditional friends is what it takes to convince you then I'd rather keep you as a friend then loose everything. You want less flirting? No flirting? Fine say the word and I'll make it happen.

MasterTS May 30 2017 12:59am FLAG
No. I like the way we are. I don't want you to feel like you have to analyze everything you say. That would just make our friendship seem awkward and unnatural. I just needed a little reassurance so thanks.

Sapphire May 30 2017 1:05am FLAG
If you ever feel like I'm playing you, tell me. I'd rather you bug me about every little thing bothering you then to keep it all in until it's too late

MasterTS May 30 2017 1:32am FLAG
You got it. I'll be sure to bug you about every single thing when I'm mad. *smirks*

Sapphire May 30 2017 1:37am FLAG
Good, then that's a big weight off my shoulders *smiles*

MasterTS May 30 2017 1:41am FLAG
Now that I'm not completely pissed at you *laughs* Do you have any idea who that was?

Sapphire May 30 2017 7:10am FLAG
Completely pissed? Kinda harsh for something I didn't do but oh well. No idea who that was. Nothing they said reminded me of anything but then again for all their talking they said very little. If they are related to me they were probably one of the few that didn't make it more than a few days with me before they were dismissed

MasterTS May 30 2017 4:13pm FLAG
Whether you did it or not, I was still a little pissed at you but that's not the point. *shrugs* If that's true though and she was only with you for a few days, I wonder what the hell made her come back just to say that.

Sapphire May 30 2017 4:47pm FLAG
Honestly without even a name I couldn't begin to identify them. At this point I'm not convinced they were one of mine. I think it's more likely someone like Deen, another faker pretending to be mine because they want to drive us apart. Either because they want to hurt me or they want me out of the way before they move in on you. That's all speculation at this point though. Not really worth the energy trying to figure it out.

MasterTS May 30 2017 5:17pm FLAG
Ugh so many theories but so few fücks to give. Stuff like that is just irritating at this point. As long as you have nothing to hide from me, nothing is going to happen as far as driving us apart is concerned.

Sapphire May 30 2017 5:24pm FLAG
Which is why I don't bother with any theories unless they meet a minimum requirement of plausibility, everything else is more trouble than it's worth.

MasterTS May 30 2017 5:55pm FLAG
I have to say when I first met you I don't recall you being this laid back. Maybe that's why we haven't had a good fight in a while.

Sapphire May 30 2017 6:46pm FLAG
Correction Ts, I was with you for 3 months, no faker here.

Anonymous May 30 2017 7:01pm FLAG
*grabs the popcorn you had earlier* Continue

Sapphire May 30 2017 7:06pm FLAG
Yes I was a bit more...emotional back in the day, I just learned to better pick my battles is all *grins*

MasterTS May 30 2017 7:07pm FLAG
3 months...I can only remember one girl that was with me for 3 months, and you are not her anon. If you really insist that you knew me then what name did I know you by? If you wont answer then I'll just go back to ignoring you

MasterTS May 30 2017 7:10pm FLAG
There's a reason i went by Anon ts. Of course i wont tell you. I want to speak my mind with out the pressure of an identity, so to say.

Anonymous May 30 2017 7:17pm FLAG
hey, and that one girl you were with for 3 months.. Whats her name?

Anonymous May 30 2017 7:18pm FLAG
...pathetic. Fine you don't have to give me yours. There is however 1 name that all of my slaves know. One who left my side yet I STILL consider her to be best I've ever had. So much so that I made a point to tell everyone about her, so they could learn from her. What was her name.

MasterTS May 30 2017 7:32pm FLAG

Anonymous May 30 2017 7:39pm FLAG
...Correct. Very well then miss anon. While it's true anyone around me a few years ago would know that name, it's enough for me hear what you have to say seriously. Speak your mind, and I will listen.

MasterTS May 30 2017 7:42pm FLAG
Now you're all open ears huh?

Anonymous May 30 2017 7:46pm FLAG
You have finally given me a reason to. I asked you a question, and you gave the one perfect answer.

MasterTS May 30 2017 7:49pm FLAG
You didnt believe me, how funny.

Anonymous May 30 2017 7:55pm FLAG
I want you to guess who I am.

Anonymous May 30 2017 7:55pm FLAG
Of course I didn't believe you, Deen could have told you that...and I refuse. I don't care who you are. You claim to be someone I knew and you have things you want to say to me as an anon, I have agreed to listen sincerely.

MasterTS May 30 2017 8:05pm FLAG
Well then, you see. I can rant on for how much of an amazing person you are, yet i can write a book of much of a c*cky, ignorant, bîtch you are too. Its just insane to me what you do. Having plenty of slaves and girls at your feet. It's just shocking to me because i know you could do better.

Anonymous May 30 2017 8:11pm FLAG
Is that so?

MasterTS May 30 2017 8:14pm FLAG
Then how, in your opinion, can I do better?

MasterTS May 30 2017 8:30pm FLAG
Yeah I'm a little curious to hear the answer to that too.

Sapphire May 30 2017 8:42pm FLAG
You never told me about Lacey. I've met her, but you've never talked about her.

Sapphire May 30 2017 8:43pm FLAG
I mean she did say I have plenty of slaves AND girls at my feet, as a man I really don't see how I could improve on that without adding billionaire and if she has any ideas on that I'm open ears.

MasterTS May 30 2017 8:45pm FLAG
*shrug* never came up, want me to tell you about her? I thought you didn't like me talking about that stuff or was I mistaken?

MasterTS May 30 2017 8:47pm FLAG
Yes. You can stop as a whole. All these women get to your head, dont ya think? Wouldnt you rather focus on one, then one hundred?

Anonymous May 30 2017 8:47pm FLAG
Im not saying get better as a master.

Anonymous May 30 2017 8:48pm FLAG
Ok, I didn't ask that. I asked you how, in your opinion, I could do better

MasterTS May 30 2017 8:49pm FLAG
Well yeah I'd like to hear about the best of the best.

Sapphire May 30 2017 8:52pm FLAG
And i think i answered that. I dont like what you're doing at all. what you're asking is how you can get worse.

Anonymous May 30 2017 8:55pm FLAG
And no I don't think they do get to me. I would rather make 100 girls happy serving me loyally and honestly than making 1 girl happy because it's what's expected of me

MasterTS May 30 2017 8:57pm FLAG
So did you have any other point to make besides 'I have an opinion about you'? If not I'd kinda like to get back to Saph, she probably ate most of the popcorn by now

MasterTS May 30 2017 9:08pm FLAG
Im just a very girl

Sapphire May 30 2017 9:08pm FLAG

Anonymous May 30 2017 9:09pm FLAG
Well then? I suppose you would like to see if you can handle my c0ck

MasterTS May 30 2017 9:09pm FLAG
I really hope you don't actually expect anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together to fall for that, do you?

MasterTS May 30 2017 9:13pm FLAG
Oh wow anons and now fakers. Definitely starting to feel like the old times and that popcorn has been gone buddy.

Sapphire May 30 2017 9:17pm FLAG
Damnit, did you at least find the salt and butter like topping?

MasterTS May 30 2017 9:20pm FLAG
Yeah. I took those actually. *smiles innocently*

Sapphire May 30 2017 9:31pm FLAG
Not even mad, would have been a waste if you didn't lol

MasterTS May 30 2017 9:35pm FLAG
True. Do you think she actually left for good this time? *rolls my eyes*

Sapphire May 30 2017 9:38pm FLAG
We can only hope...I mean after she dropped Lacey's name I seriously thought she might have something worthwhile to say, see anons never have anything worth hearing

MasterTS May 30 2017 9:54pm FLAG
Speaking of Lacey, tell me about her.

Sapphire May 30 2017 10:03pm FLAG
And what did you expect me to say ts? Never worth hearing huh? If only you realized you talk to me quiet often

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:11pm FLAG
What to say? To put it simply, if a someone ever asked me 'what do you look for in a slave?' I'd point them at her. I knew her almost a year before she accepted my collar.

MasterTS May 30 2017 10:12pm FLAG
Am i really bringing you two that much trouble -.- its called a conversation, no need to roll your eyes. Calm down.

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:12pm FLAG
Thought it was 2 years 🤔

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:14pm FLAG
I don't expect anything from you miss anon. You wanted to express yourself to me, I gave you that chance. I listened. All I heard you say was that you disapproved of my actions. So what? I don't do things based on your approval miss anon.

MasterTS May 30 2017 10:17pm FLAG
Anddddd she's back

Sapphire May 30 2017 10:21pm FLAG
Wrong, a conversation means talking on equal terms, if you aren't even willing to tell me your name we are not equals

MasterTS May 30 2017 10:22pm FLAG
You tell me your name and ill tell you mine. Fair enough?

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:31pm FLAG
I expressed myself ? Thats what i wanted and thats what you put yourself out to hear. Never said you had to like or agree with me, did I?

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:33pm FLAG
I've never been so confused in my life on what the hell someone is trying to accomplish.

Sapphire May 30 2017 10:35pm FLAG
I am MasterTS, who are you

MasterTS May 30 2017 10:35pm FLAG
So I'm not the only one Saph?

MasterTS May 30 2017 10:37pm FLAG
Because you sapphire, dont need to know.

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:40pm FLAG
I said my opinion and you heard, correct?

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:41pm FLAG
You came here fully aware that I was here and even acknowledged me. Don't try to throw all this crap around and then decide to act like it has nothing to do with me. You made the choice to take this up with TS while I was here and that's your own fault.

Sapphire May 30 2017 10:42pm FLAG
Because it has nothing to do with you 😂😂 You're silly. You dont know what happened between me and ts, i have my reasons and you have yours.

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:44pm FLAG
You're quite dramatic, if i bother you ignore me

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:45pm FLAG
Yes, that I should be a one girl kinda guy. Thing is I suspect you only say that because you want to be that one and only girl. Not going to happen.

MasterTS May 30 2017 10:45pm FLAG
Yes, you've said so before. I'm dramatic and extra. You're a little late on that revelation sweetheart.

Sapphire May 30 2017 10:49pm FLAG
Now, dont assume things.

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:49pm FLAG
You dont like people calling you sweetie but you call others sweetheart? hm.

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:50pm FLAG
Anywho, wonderful talking to you both. Its quite late. Goodnight

Anonymous May 30 2017 10:51pm FLAG
The next time she comes, completely ignore her.

Sapphire May 30 2017 10:53pm FLAG
Think it'll be for real this time Saph?

MasterTS May 30 2017 10:53pm FLAG
I don't fücking know and I don't care. You can do whatever the hell you want, but if she comes again I'm going to act like she doesn't exist.

Sapphire May 30 2017 10:57pm FLAG
See didn't I say that from the start?

MasterTS May 30 2017 11:02pm FLAG
Yeah you did and then you started talking to her.

Sapphire May 30 2017 11:03pm FLAG
You gave me crap until I dealt with her, She's dealt with now *grins*

MasterTS May 30 2017 11:06pm FLAG
Let's just forget about her. I have enough to think about without her.

Sapphire May 30 2017 11:08pm FLAG
Agreed, what were we talking about before the rude interruption?

MasterTS May 30 2017 11:11pm FLAG
Hell I don't even remember.

Sapphire May 30 2017 11:14pm FLAG
Talk about a mood killer

MasterTS May 30 2017 11:19pm FLAG
Honestly. I've never seen a bigger one other than the time I brought up Justin Bieber around you.

Sapphire May 30 2017 11:22pm FLAG
I think they're roughly similar

MasterTS May 30 2017 11:24pm FLAG
Oh wow I'm hurting for her. Almost. I would never want to be compared to your hate for Justin Bieber.

Sapphire May 30 2017 11:26pm FLAG
*sigh* and hear I thought for a second she might be worth the time, if I ever expected anything from her I'd be disappointed right now

MasterTS May 30 2017 11:38pm FLAG
me this convo is still going

Theheartofdragonwing May 31 2017 1:23am FLAG

Theheartofdragonwing May 31 2017 1:24am FLAG
I never thought so many people could be amazed by our conversation skills.

Sapphire May 31 2017 3:38pm FLAG
Well I think we've said more here to each other than the top 10 other threads from love money family etc

MasterTS May 31 2017 5:34pm FLAG
True. The last time I was here, I got a thread to 556. Who knows? Maybe we can break that record.

Sapphire May 31 2017 5:49pm FLAG
So long as you don't disappear again I don't see why not haha

MasterTS May 31 2017 6:38pm FLAG
Aw I'm sorry. I'll try not to

Sapphire May 31 2017 8:59pm FLAG
I think I broke my voice *sigh*

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 12:51pm FLAG
How the hell? I think you mean you lost your voice.

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 1:07pm FLAG
For 4 days?

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 1:45pm FLAG
It's possible. How'd you lose your voice though?

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 1:53pm FLAG
Coughing too much while I was sick, lack of sleep probably didn't help either haha

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 2:16pm FLAG
Maybe you should start actually going to bed at night

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 2:33pm FLAG
Wasn't my choice really the coughing kept me up

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 2:49pm FLAG
Damn that's not fun

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 4:41pm FLAG
Yup haha, been a bit rough, that's why I was hell bent on the nyquill a few days ago haha

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 5:26pm FLAG
Well you didn't tell me that you couldn't sleep, so maybe you do need it *laughs*

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 5:43pm FLAG
Did, now just recovering which is why it's strange my voice is still cracked

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 6:20pm FLAG
Just give it a few more days.

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 6:31pm FLAG
Yeah I suppose you're right, not like I'm a singer or anything haha

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 6:36pm FLAG
I would tell you to just stay silent, but I'm sure that would be extremely hard for someone like you.

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 6:46pm FLAG
If I did that I wouldn't be able to tease you *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 6:48pm FLAG
And we all know that's your favorite pastime

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 6:52pm FLAG
Right up there at the top of the list *grins*

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 7:04pm FLAG
If I had a dollar for eveytime I felt the need to roll my eyes at you, I truly believe that I'd be a billionaire right now. *smirks*

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 7:07pm FLAG
So long as I get my cut I wouldn't mind *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 7:22pm FLAG
I guess you're going to mind then.

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 7:25pm FLAG
Then no making money off me

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 7:49pm FLAG
Awww come on pleaseeeeee

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 8:33pm FLAG
Only if I get a cut or would you like to offer an alternative?

MasterTS Jun 01 2017 10:41pm FLAG
I'm pretty sure that would fall under prostitution, so you'll be getting your cut. *laughs*

Sapphire Jun 01 2017 11:53pm FLAG
Good glad it's settled haha

MasterTS Jun 02 2017 12:01am FLAG
You can't get what you don't know about though. *walks away slowly* Just saying

Sapphire Jun 02 2017 12:09am FLAG
Oh like you can hide anything from me *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 02 2017 12:19am FLAG
What's that supposed to mean? I'm amazing at keeping my secrets. Thank you very much.

Sapphire Jun 02 2017 8:44am FLAG
You can hide a lot, specially from most of the peons here. All it takes is a good pair of ears to hear the unsaid and eyes to see the unseen. Remember just because we can't see a black hole directly doesn't mean we don't know it's there *grins*

MasterTS Jun 02 2017 9:42am FLAG
They know the black hole is there because of concrete evidence. So you still can't discover something that's not there aka whatever you think I'm not good at hiding.

Sapphire Jun 02 2017 11:04am FLAG
Hey the longer you think that the better for me Saph *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 02 2017 2:47pm FLAG
Ohh is there a plan somewhere in there?

Sapphire Jun 02 2017 6:15pm FLAG
*taps head* Maybe somewhere in the corner

MasterTS Jun 02 2017 6:44pm FLAG
Better keep it in the very far corner.

Sapphire Jun 02 2017 6:48pm FLAG
For now, unless something tugs on it *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 02 2017 7:52pm FLAG
I assure you nothing is going to be tugging on it, so I hope that plan likes exactly where it is.

Sapphire Jun 02 2017 8:12pm FLAG
What if my plan involved me dropping to a knee and asking you to be my one and only girl?

MasterTS Jun 03 2017 9:38am FLAG
I still want it to stay where it is.

Sapphire Jun 03 2017 3:03pm FLAG
Yeah I'd be nervous if I asked me out too

MasterTS Jun 03 2017 3:25pm FLAG
Why would I be nervous?

Sapphire Jun 03 2017 3:59pm FLAG
I just have that effect on people lol

MasterTS Jun 04 2017 12:47pm FLAG
Riiiight of course you do

Sapphire Jun 04 2017 1:16pm FLAG
Why do you think so many people attack me as anons?

MasterTS Jun 05 2017 9:06pm FLAG
Okay you might make other people nervous, but I'm definitely not them. You don't make me nervous.

Sapphire Jun 05 2017 9:57pm FLAG
*smirks* too right, you are a cut above most other people here. All the more reason to join me, just think of how many betas would wet themselves haha

MasterTS Jun 05 2017 11:11pm FLAG
I can't do it, TS.

Sapphire Jun 06 2017 4:13am FLAG
Yeah I know but it's fun to think about *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 06 2017 3:40pm FLAG
Not for me.

Sapphire Jun 06 2017 6:43pm FLAG
I was thinking more about the reactions of the people, I do love a good shock after all haha

MasterTS Jun 07 2017 5:53pm FLAG
It would definitely be a shock to a few, but some people have been expecting it for almost forever.

Sapphire Jun 07 2017 7:03pm FLAG
Yeah but even the people expecting it would say wtf

MasterTS Jun 07 2017 7:14pm FLAG
I guess that's true

Sapphire Jun 07 2017 7:42pm FLAG
So you seem a little more serious than usual, something going on? Or am I just pushing too many buttons?

MasterTS Jun 07 2017 7:56pm FLAG
It's not really you. I'm just thinking about stuff I guess.

Sapphire Jun 07 2017 8:22pm FLAG
So button pushing is still at an acceptable level yes?

MasterTS Jun 07 2017 8:53pm FLAG
Yes, it's tolerable. I'll tell you when it's not though.

Sapphire Jun 08 2017 4:33am FLAG
Ok which buttons to push...*grins*

MasterTS Jun 09 2017 2:50pm FLAG
Don't get too crazy with it because I won't hesitate to push yours.

Sapphire Jun 09 2017 6:32pm FLAG
Oh feel free to do so, that's part of what makes it so fun with you Saph *smirks* you actually know how to

MasterTS Jun 09 2017 8:57pm FLAG
Damn right so like I said don't go too crazy

Sapphire Jun 09 2017 11:44pm FLAG
Not all of them mind you , but some. Better than most people *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 10 2017 9:35am FLAG
There you go undermining my accomplishments. *smirks* I do a lot of things better than most people.

Sapphire Jun 10 2017 12:03pm FLAG
Undermining my ass that's about as good as a compliment as I give haha

MasterTS Jun 10 2017 3:31pm FLAG
Then you need to get better at giving compliments

Sapphire Jun 10 2017 5:30pm FLAG
Maybe, but it's not like you come here for compliments haha

MasterTS Jun 10 2017 7:38pm FLAG
True but that doesn't mean I don't like getting good ones.

Sapphire Jun 10 2017 9:41pm FLAG
Sheesh rough crowd haha To be fair if I went around saying how you are one of the very few people to keep me on my toes all the time I'd just be kissing your, what I assume to be a rather shapely ass. While tempting under other circumstances there are quite a few others places I'd rather put my lips *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 12 2017 7:25pm FLAG
*groans* I. Hate. You. Although, I did here a pretty good compliment in there so thanks for that.

Sapphire Jun 12 2017 7:54pm FLAG
hear* and you're welcome *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 12 2017 8:18pm FLAG
I'm tired. You knew what I meant.

Sapphire Jun 12 2017 8:20pm FLAG
I did and you are still welcome Saph, you of all people deserve a real compliment every now and then *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 12 2017 8:24pm FLAG
Thanks TS. Now I have to think of one for you.

Sapphire Jun 12 2017 8:52pm FLAG
Don't strain yourself too hard, I know it can be a challenge for someone like me *smirks* but thank you for the thought regardless Saph

MasterTS Jun 12 2017 8:56pm FLAG
*smiles* Mmhmm. You're so welcome. *mumbles* c*cky ass

Sapphire Jun 12 2017 9:32pm FLAG
Well anytime you want to compliment me I wont complain Saph but, I know your heart is in the right place *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 12 2017 9:39pm FLAG
My heart is always in the right place and that's out of a guy's hands.

Sapphire Jun 12 2017 9:41pm FLAG
But open to women, got it *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 12 2017 10:04pm FLAG
*playfully pops your arm* You know that's not what I meant.

Sapphire Jun 12 2017 10:29pm FLAG
Well, you could mean it *smirks* I do know what you mean tho and I actually agree, I think that in some ways is a good attitude to have

MasterTS Jun 12 2017 10:37pm FLAG
Just some ways?

Sapphire Jun 12 2017 10:48pm FLAG
Yes in some

MasterTS Jun 12 2017 11:08pm FLAG
Hmmm interesting.

Sapphire Jun 12 2017 11:12pm FLAG
I usually am *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 12 2017 11:44pm FLAG
Oh please get over yourself

Sapphire Jun 12 2017 11:57pm FLAG
Hey you said it this time not me

MasterTS Jun 13 2017 12:09am FLAG
Accept your compliment

Sapphire Jun 13 2017 4:25am FLAG
Pretty sure I did already didn't I?

MasterTS Jun 13 2017 5:05pm FLAG
No you didn't. Try again

Sapphire Jun 13 2017 5:44pm FLAG
I said thank you for the thought, that not enough?

MasterTS Jun 13 2017 6:16pm FLAG
I meant the "interesting" one but nevermind.

Sapphire Jun 13 2017 6:35pm FLAG
You mean when you said 'Hmmm interesting'?

MasterTS Jun 14 2017 6:11pm FLAG
Have sex already.

Anonymous Jun 14 2017 10:08pm FLAG
Yes but it's too late now. The compliment has already passed. It's gone. Never to come back.

Sapphire Jun 15 2017 6:25pm FLAG
And you said my compliments suck, that was horrible!

MasterTS Jun 15 2017 11:59pm FLAG
I didn't mean it as a compliment at first, but that's how you took it. I just went along with it.

Sapphire Jun 16 2017 7:16am FLAG
So you admit I did accept it then *grins*

MasterTS Jun 16 2017 3:59pm FLAG
No you didn't. You said "I usually am." That's not accepting the compliment. Didn't you call me a brat for doing that? *smirks*

Sapphire Jun 16 2017 5:22pm FLAG
Hey I agreed with it...that's kinda like accepting it. Close enough *grins*

MasterTS Jun 16 2017 7:07pm FLAG
Whatever floats your boat

Sapphire Jun 16 2017 9:34pm FLAG
Buoyancy usually

MasterTS Jun 18 2017 10:24am FLAG
Dammit. Fine I have to admit that was good.

Sapphire Jun 18 2017 2:28pm FLAG
I remember you....

Anonymous Jun 18 2017 11:10pm FLAG
A lot of people do. Who are you?

Sapphire Jun 19 2017 4:27am FLAG
That didn't last long, no time for popcorn even

MasterTS Jun 20 2017 7:35pm FLAG
Nope. I'm sure you were looking forward to that.

Sapphire Jun 20 2017 9:25pm FLAG
I was kinda, it's always nice to see you stretch your legs as it were lol

MasterTS Jun 20 2017 10:04pm FLAG
Ciao, come stai Master TS

Enemy Jun 21 2017 3:31am FLAG
What's the point of being anonymous if you used to be on here though? Just say what you need to say WITH A NAME and move along.

Sapphire Jun 21 2017 1:23pm FLAG
Hmm? I'm confused of what's going on here.

Enemy Jun 21 2017 5:18pm FLAG
Oh, you thought I was anonymous? Nope, nope.

Enemy Jun 21 2017 5:19pm FLAG
No, I wasn't talking about you Enemy.

Sapphire Jun 21 2017 5:52pm FLAG
And what are you confused about?

Sapphire Jun 21 2017 5:53pm FLAG
Ah nothing, been awhile, what's been new? Surely there has to be something fun going on.

Nate Jun 21 2017 6:37pm FLAG
Nothing really. Are you okay?

Sapphire Jun 21 2017 6:52pm FLAG
I am okay, for most part, lots been going on. It sure been awhile, but I don't plan on staying long here, I'll cut to the chase, I have been doing lots about my career, whatever. Always busy these days.

Nate Jun 21 2017 7:10pm FLAG
Oh that sounds nice. Usually no one really pans on staying here long

Sapphire Jun 21 2017 7:14pm FLAG
Only us slightly insane ones *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 21 2017 7:38pm FLAG
You're the slightly insane one. I'm just fine

Sapphire Jun 21 2017 7:41pm FLAG
Wow, people are still here..? Nate, nice to see you again. And Ts, surprised to find you here

Knightress Jun 21 2017 7:55pm FLAG
*laughs* Another person surprised that we're still here. Maybe we should start selling tickets or something, TS.

Sapphire Jun 21 2017 8:44pm FLAG
Its interesting, this place has been dead for years. And to find a post with 500 plus it kinda shocking *chuckles* Usually people start talking outside of LL 😄 You know ?

Knightress Jun 21 2017 10:26pm FLAG
Hmm, nice ? We could have DM through Instagram lol. We still follow each other, or well I do on your new account. @Kay

Nate Jun 22 2017 1:48am FLAG
Same to you Knightress been a while since I've seen you

MasterTS Jun 22 2017 11:10am FLAG
Indeed Saph, I think we did break some kind of record

MasterTS Jun 22 2017 11:10am FLAG
We use to text each other on kik, its been a while though nate.

Knightress Jun 22 2017 11:24am FLAG
Ts we spoke literally last week -.-

Knightress Jun 22 2017 11:25am FLAG
I was the anonymous person, I was speaking to Master TS, I was one of your so called slaves....

oii Jun 22 2017 5:59pm FLAG
Did we Knightress? Maybe under another name but Saph is one of the few people I talked to the past few weaks

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 4:07pm FLAG
Well at least you are willing to give a name instead of remaining anonymous oii. If you have something to get off your chest go ahead and get it over with.

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 4:17pm FLAG
Not here, on kik. You really dont know who i am ??? -.-

Knightress Jun 23 2017 5:49pm FLAG
Well then you can only be one other person and I never knew this was your LL handle.

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 6:03pm FLAG
I'm just going to stay over here

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 6:25pm FLAG
If oii turns out to be like the last one I'll be joining you over there with a glass of something amber and strong

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 6:33pm FLAG
Then who am I ? -.- I spoke to you for a while with this name. Then i got your kik

Knightress Jun 23 2017 6:34pm FLAG
Ha always something amber

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 6:42pm FLAG
Well you're not Lacey so you have to be the only other person I talked to on kik the past month

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 7:00pm FLAG
Of course it's always amber on the rocks *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 7:01pm FLAG
And who is that? -.-

Knightress Jun 23 2017 7:39pm FLAG
Layla, good enough or should I use your other name?

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 7:49pm FLAG
Wow, good job. I just wanted to hear you say that.

Knightress Jun 23 2017 7:55pm FLAG
I have another name? Is it something along the lines of, bítch, cheater, brat? hm?

Knightress Jun 23 2017 7:56pm FLAG
Brat is reserved for me actually

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 8:04pm FLAG
He must have it reserved for plenty of others too

Knightress Jun 23 2017 8:51pm FLAG
Brat is reserved for anyone acting like a brat, both of you right now actually. And yes Knightress your other kik name, dragon something or other?

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 9:08pm FLAG
Also I have a feeling that isn't the real Saph, she wouldn't be so quick to own the name brat from me like that. Also Saph tends to make much better responses than that.

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 9:10pm FLAG
I didn't do anything. How am I acting like a brat?

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 9:11pm FLAG
No it's me. I just claim it when I want to, not when you call me one.

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 9:12pm FLAG
Oh? Then amuse me for a second, what did we do the first night we met Saph?

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 9:15pm FLAG
Omg it's me. Since you don't believe me though, I think we fought.

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 9:20pm FLAG
...Yeah still don't believe you. You don't talk like Saph and more importantly you don't feel like Saph. Saph would have immediately known that first night ended between the sheets

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 9:25pm FLAG
Well, we fought first and then I accepted your collar after all that. Want to settle this like last time? I can make a post to prove you wrong since you're so persistent about this.

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 9:40pm FLAG
Why would i want you to call me TheDragonSlayla -.-

Knightress Jun 23 2017 9:41pm FLAG
Have you to met in real life ?

Knightress Jun 23 2017 9:43pm FLAG
...One last question Saph...which part of your body do I like the most *grins*

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 9:51pm FLAG
Just proving my point Knightress

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 9:52pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes* My ass. Now do you believe me.

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 9:59pm FLAG
Yes now I do, sorry had to be sure specially when you're acting a lil more possessive than usual *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 10:16pm FLAG
I wasn't acting possessive. I said one thing.

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 10:17pm FLAG
you guys talk to each other like a married couple, lowkey cute

Knightress Jun 23 2017 10:19pm FLAG
You have never claimed me calling you brat in any context before, I mean really what am I supposed to think after something like that!...brat *grins*

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 10:23pm FLAG
...Can't tell if that's supposed to be an insult or a compliment, don't want to make any assumptions

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 10:26pm FLAG
Ha we get that a lot Knightress. I don't see it though. This is how we've always talked.

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 10:27pm FLAG
Ugh I was just saying that the name brat is usually something reserved for me because you call me that. I think of it as a nickname.

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 10:31pm FLAG
Well you are my cute little brat after all so I suppose it's rather fitting *grins*

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 10:43pm FLAG
I guess its both? I see it c;

Knightress Jun 23 2017 10:44pm FLAG
I'll accept the nickname but I still don't see how I was acting like a brat.

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 10:48pm FLAG
Because it looked like you were competing over the title of brat, that's why I called you brats haha

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 10:50pm FLAG
Can't compete over what's already yours

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 10:56pm FLAG
Oh? So you admit you belong to me then, brat?

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 10:59pm FLAG
Ha nope. Never that.

Sapphire Jun 23 2017 11:02pm FLAG
Just that the name 'brat' belongs to you then *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 23 2017 11:07pm FLAG
Yepp. That's mine

Sapphire Jun 24 2017 8:12am FLAG
Haha well it's hard to think of a more fitting nickname for you Saph, well if you want it that bad then I don't mind you owning it like that

MasterTS Jun 24 2017 11:50am FLAG
If you can't think of a better one, that just means that it's meant to be mine. Did Knightress used to be yours? The name Layla sounds familiar.

Sapphire Jun 24 2017 5:35pm FLAG
Yes but not on here on never under the name Layla. This is all pretty recent though, in fact I think this all happened between now and the last time we sat down and talked like this Saph

MasterTS Jun 25 2017 10:25am FLAG
Oh I never knew that.

Sapphire Jun 25 2017 10:41am FLAG
Never really came up in conversation till now

MasterTS Jun 25 2017 12:55pm FLAG
That's true. I guess a lot of things are just starting to come up.

Sapphire Jun 25 2017 1:06pm FLAG
With you a lot of things tend to do that *grins*

MasterTS Jun 25 2017 1:21pm FLAG
When I come, everyone else decides to too. *laughs*

Sapphire Jun 25 2017 1:28pm FLAG
...nah too easy to make a joke out of that one, it would be beneath me *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 26 2017 4:29pm FLAG
Such a dirty mind. *shakes my head*

Sapphire Jun 26 2017 6:14pm FLAG
Hey you set it up, but you do seem to have a it's actual friends or just a fan club is yet to be seen

MasterTS Jun 26 2017 7:34pm FLAG
*whether. I think you're a part of my fan club. What do you think? *hands you an autograph*

Sapphire Jun 26 2017 7:39pm FLAG
Yeah thought I spelled that wrong, and no not a fan, a friend you brat *smiles* I don't need your autograph, just you as you are is fine with me

MasterTS Jun 26 2017 9:15pm FLAG
I was kidding. Still not a brat though

Sapphire Jun 26 2017 9:29pm FLAG
You claimed it, yes you will always be a brat now lol

MasterTS Jun 26 2017 9:47pm FLAG
Ugh I forgot about that. Don't make me regret it, TS

Sapphire Jun 27 2017 1:40am FLAG
Me? Make you regret something? Never...*smiles*

MasterTS Jun 27 2017 11:15am FLAG
Don't get too confident. It's still possible.

Sapphire Jun 27 2017 2:02pm FLAG
Ah but the confidence is the secret to my success I just wouldn't be me if I wasn't a c*cky jackass haha

MasterTS Jun 27 2017 6:05pm FLAG
I see no lie in that statement

Sapphire Jun 27 2017 6:12pm FLAG
See? And I'm truthful, that's like the key to being a perfect man *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 9:38am FLAG
I think I missed the memo where being truthful makes up for being a cócky jackass *smirks*

Sapphire Jun 28 2017 1:55pm FLAG
I would rather take a truthful jerk than a lying nice person any day of the week. That's just me though

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 6:29pm FLAG
So basically you would take me any day of the week

Sapphire Jun 28 2017 6:49pm FLAG
In more ways than either of us are really comfortable with yes

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 8:54pm FLAG
I walked into that one, didn't I?

Sapphire Jun 28 2017 9:06pm FLAG
Yes but don't let that stop you, I like it when you get close *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 9:17pm FLAG
Of course you do. That doesn't mean I'm going to do it rgough

Anonymous Jun 28 2017 9:22pm FLAG

Sapphire Jun 28 2017 9:23pm FLAG
...*smirks* if you say so Saph

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 9:35pm FLAG
I do say so smartass

Sapphire Jun 28 2017 9:47pm FLAG
Actions speak louder than words Saph *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 9:56pm FLAG
You've told me many times before, TS.

Sapphire Jun 28 2017 10:06pm FLAG
And for a good reason wouldn't you say?

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 10:09pm FLAG
Nope *laughs*

Sapphire Jun 28 2017 10:13pm FLAG
*smiles* so you say

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 10:16pm FLAG
I'm not about to have this actions talk with you again. What do you have to drink? Preferably something strong

Sapphire Jun 28 2017 10:28pm FLAG
I'm just talking about what I see Saph, no need to get so aggressive

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 10:48pm FLAG
Well you might want to get your eyes checked and I'm not being aggressive

Sapphire Jun 28 2017 10:59pm FLAG
*sigh* if you say so

MasterTS Jun 28 2017 11:33pm FLAG
*glares* Say it again

Sapphire Jun 29 2017 4:49am FLAG
Say what, my opinion? Fine I will give my opinion as many times as I want. If that makes you uncomfortable then you would appear to have issues with me expressing my opinions.

MasterTS Jun 29 2017 9:49am FLAG
Don't try to pin all this on me like I can't handle your opinion. I'm fine with you giving your opinion but I don't like hearing the same thing 20 million times.

Sapphire Jun 29 2017 5:12pm FLAG
That sounds like your problem not mine. If it's bothering you that much then I'll try to not bring it up again but if I see you acting in a way that it would be appropriate for me to say it then I will.

MasterTS Jun 30 2017 2:50pm FLAG
Being an ass sounds like your problem then.

Sapphire Jun 30 2017 2:58pm FLAG
Indeed it is, if by ass you mean I refuse to only say things others approve of then I'm proud of it.

MasterTS Jun 30 2017 3:35pm FLAG
Oh for 's sake, I'm not saying you can only say thinks that I approve of.

Sapphire Jun 30 2017 5:48pm FLAG
No but logically speaking if I know you are going to react badly to something I might say and I'd rather not upset you then I only have the option of not saying that thing, if I don't I risk damaging our friendship simply because I cared more about saying that something than keeping the peace

MasterTS Jun 30 2017 8:11pm FLAG
Then keep the peace. If you already know I don't belong to you, stop trying to use the "actions speak louder than words" card on me.

Sapphire Jun 30 2017 8:17pm FLAG
It's not a card it applies to all humans

MasterTS Jun 30 2017 8:37pm FLAG
Do you ever think "hey maybe I won't be a smartass this time" or are you just not capable of that?

Sapphire Jun 30 2017 9:29pm FLAG
Not usually no. If I stopped to consider if every word I ever said to everyone would make me a smartass I'd never have time for anything else.

MasterTS Jun 30 2017 9:52pm FLAG

Sapphire Jun 30 2017 9:58pm FLAG
The fact that I usually do stop to consider what you think before I talk then actually has some weight when I say it. Considering your temperament I'd consider that quite a win *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 30 2017 11:33pm FLAG
*crosses my arms* Good for you.

Sapphire Jul 01 2017 5:54am FLAG
You know you're acting way more like a gf than usual

MasterTS Jul 01 2017 11:31am FLAG
How does one act like a girlfriend?

Sapphire Jul 01 2017 11:56am FLAG
To a person that they're not dating at least?

Sapphire Jul 01 2017 12:11pm FLAG
Figures, you don't know how to be a girlfriend. Just a slave.

Anonymous Jul 01 2017 2:01pm FLAG
Ha flip that statement around and then it'll be accurate.

Sapphire Jul 01 2017 2:18pm FLAG
Getting mad at things you wouldn't normally get mad at specially if anyone but me said it

MasterTS Jul 01 2017 2:57pm FLAG
Maybe I just don't like it when other people say certain things.

Sapphire Jul 01 2017 3:23pm FLAG
Well that's basically everyone. Maybe it was just my imagination

MasterTS Jul 01 2017 3:29pm FLAG
Maybe it was. I still don't get how that makes me look like I'm acting like a girlfriend.

Sapphire Jul 01 2017 3:37pm FLAG
You just seem more involved somehow, hard to explain

MasterTS Jul 01 2017 6:49pm FLAG
Mhmmm well I definitely don't know if even you, man who knows all, can't explain it.

Sapphire Jul 01 2017 6:58pm FLAG
Knowing something and explaining that something to someone else are 2 completely different things

MasterTS Jul 01 2017 7:11pm FLAG
I was being sarcastic.

Sapphire Jul 01 2017 7:18pm FLAG
Just tell me if what you're trying to say is good or bad.

Sapphire Jul 01 2017 7:19pm FLAG
It's not bad

MasterTS Jul 01 2017 10:35pm FLAG
You didn't say it was good either though.

Sapphire Jul 02 2017 1:26am FLAG
Too early to say if it's good

MasterTS Jul 02 2017 12:00pm FLAG
What could make it bad?

Sapphire Jul 02 2017 1:01pm FLAG
What could make it bad? Lots of things, but nothing I think you will do.

MasterTS Jul 03 2017 10:15pm FLAG
So it's just sitting there in the middle for now?

Sapphire Jul 03 2017 10:53pm FLAG
For now, yes

MasterTS Jul 03 2017 10:55pm FLAG
Though that kind of describes us doesn't it?

MasterTS Jul 03 2017 10:57pm FLAG
Yeah it kinda does

Sapphire Jul 03 2017 11:00pm FLAG
Still waiting for you to take the leap Saph *grins*

MasterTS Jul 03 2017 11:12pm FLAG
Don't hold your breath if you're waiting on me

Sapphire Jul 03 2017 11:15pm FLAG
...*holds my breath*

MasterTS Jul 03 2017 11:26pm FLAG
Have fun with that. Hope you don't turn blue.

Sapphire Jul 03 2017 11:42pm FLAG
......*turns blue*

MasterTS Jul 03 2017 11:52pm FLAG
*looks at you and then my nails* You know I think that would look really good on me.

Sapphire Jul 04 2017 8:15am FLAG
maybe, couldn't say never seen you but blue tends to look good on alot of people

MasterTS Jul 04 2017 10:03am FLAG
I have a small feeling that you're a fake

Sapphire Jul 04 2017 7:34pm FLAG
You're just realizing that now? *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 05 2017 8:18am FLAG
Nope, this guy right above me saying I'm a fake is a fake, everything else was me

MasterTS Jul 05 2017 8:34am FLAG
Bottom is the fake. I know how TS talks.

Sapphire Jul 05 2017 1:50pm FLAG
*sigh* Gonna have to prove you wrong again Saph, bottom one was me

MasterTS Jul 05 2017 4:46pm FLAG
Oh jeez. It's like we both can't tell anymore.

Sapphire Jul 05 2017 6:27pm FLAG
Well I know where it's coming from on my end. I'm just being lazy and less rigid with how I present myself to you, a lot of which is done on purpose for various reasons but among them is to make it easier to tell when there's a fake.

MasterTS Jul 05 2017 7:12pm FLAG
Damn guess I'm not worth the effort anymore. *smirks*

Sapphire Jul 05 2017 7:41pm FLAG
*smiles* Just a different kind of effort

MasterTS Jul 05 2017 9:13pm FLAG
And what kind would that be?

Sapphire Jul 05 2017 10:31pm FLAG
I see you as a friend not a potential slave

MasterTS Jul 06 2017 9:22am FLAG
Wow so he finally gets it through his head

Sapphire Jul 06 2017 2:10pm FLAG
I have for a very long while. I tease you only because I know deep down you crave the collar and I like to tease you about it *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 06 2017 2:17pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes* Oh aren't you a mature one

Sapphire Jul 06 2017 4:51pm FLAG
*grins* Only sometimes

MasterTS Jul 06 2017 5:50pm FLAG

Sapphire Jul 06 2017 6:34pm FLAG
Then again I can say the same about you

MasterTS Jul 07 2017 9:36am FLAG
What's that supposed to be mean?

Sapphire Jul 07 2017 2:28pm FLAG
That you can be just as immature at times *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 07 2017 3:23pm FLAG
I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a very mature person

Sapphire Jul 07 2017 9:54pm FLAG
at times yes...other times...*smirks*

MasterTS Jul 07 2017 10:19pm FLAG
Then you definitely shouldn't be one to talk

Sapphire Jul 08 2017 9:55am FLAG
Oh but you love it when I do *grins*

MasterTS Jul 08 2017 11:18am FLAG
But you can't prove that

Sapphire Jul 08 2017 1:23pm FLAG
You're still here aren't you? *smiles*

MasterTS Jul 08 2017 1:38pm FLAG
That could just show that I tolerate it, not that I love it. I'm still winning this one, TS. *smirks*

Sapphire Jul 08 2017 6:12pm FLAG
All you've manage to prove is that you haven't lost yet *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 08 2017 10:27pm FLAG
If I haven't lost, I say that's a win. Don't you think?

Sapphire Jul 08 2017 11:27pm FLAG
No in the same way a race that hasn't finished doesn't have a winner or looser yet

MasterTS Jul 10 2017 10:41am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 16 2017 12:58am FLAG
girl sixxtenn. add me on Skype: girlgirly1x6x (without 2 x). only slaveboys with face

jgirl Jul 16 2017 6:38am FLAG
I knew it would have stopped sooner or later. Also, I know you read these over, so what's up?

Enemy Aug 03 2017 1:54pm FLAG
I take pride knowing we made one of the biggest threads on LL history between 2 people just being friends *grins*

MasterTS Aug 04 2017 9:58pm FLAG
I seen one that was like over 1 0 0 0

Enemy Aug 04 2017 10:10pm FLAG
How damn points have you racked up TS?

Enemy Aug 20 2017 6:14am FLAG
Over 32,000 so far

MasterTS Aug 25 2017 2:53pm FLAG
Oh geez

Enemy Aug 25 2017 4:42pm FLAG
I've decided to convert to a transgender fluid alien Islamic libtard. They at the very least understand the fundamental necessities for pedophilia.

MasterTS Aug 31 2017 10:14am FLAG
Stop Joking, you aren't even TS.

E͙n͙e͙m͙y͙ Aug 31 2017 1:48pm FLAG
Hahaha...thank you Enemy that was priceless though

MasterTS Sep 06 2017 9:41pm FLAG
Eh knowing you I'm not surprised that much.. doesn't take like a few hours to understand your motives on chicks, do you like ur girls how you like ur coffee? Or ur girls soft and white like a marshmellow? IS THAT why they called Marshmellows? 0_e

Enemy Sep 07 2017 1:40pm FLAG
Hello ~looks down Shyly~

Daddys princess Sep 20 2017 9:44am FLAG
Why the are you grinning and smiling so much? *grins* This is so cringy. *grins* I wanna KMS just writing this *grins* My Kink is kink shaming *grins* you and your eyebrows

Kink Shamer Jan 01 2018 9:10pm FLAG
Why the are you grinning and smiling so much? *grins* This is so cringy. *grins* I wanna KMS just writing this *grins* My Kink is kink shaming *grins* you and your eyebrows

Kink Shmamer Mar 22 2018 7:46pm FLAG
You came back months later to say the same thing?? Lol

Sapphire Mar 30 2018 8:10am FLAG
Well idiots will always be idiots, can't really blame them eh Saph? lol

MasterTS Apr 27 2018 12:21pm FLAG

Sapphire Apr 28 2018 8:30pm FLAG

Sapphire Apr 28 2018 8:31pm FLAG
Hey now as I recall you were the one that up and disappeared *smirks* But I missed you too Saph, I always do *smiles*

MasterTS May 13 2018 3:32pm FLAG
What can I say? It’s kinda fun to keep you on your toes never knowing when I’ll disappear again. Although I have to admit, I don’t do it on purpose.

Sapphire May 30 2018 10:21pm FLAG
I don't think any of us actually get to choose things like that for the most part, the world is a b*tch and we just get to deal with it haha

MasterTS Jun 01 2018 2:43pm FLAG
Ain’t that the truth. Would you mind making a new thread? This one is acting up on me most likely because of our huge conversation.

Sapphire Jun 02 2018 12:32pm FLAG
Give advice: