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how to get my sister to me a yearold boy

The Problem: i want to my sister when all she does is text and she is on the computer

Asked by: gunnerhill at 07:29:37 AM, Tuesday, April 24, 2012 PDT FLAG


just show her urd*ck dude!

wonder boy Apr 24 2012 4:33pm FLAG

get in the shower with her and start fingering her and then replace your fingers with your d*ck totally worked for me

Anonymous Apr 25 2012 6:55am FLAG
none of that will work masturbate in her panties and put them back in her drawer.

yungun Apr 25 2012 9:58am FLAG

blackjacker May 09 2012 11:02am FLAG
None of that will work. Look at other posts on this website. After you fined something you think will work for you, do that. Good luck.

2sides Jun 04 2012 12:53pm FLAG
Slowly at night go into her bedroom when parents or boyfriend is not there and ask her if she needs company. If she agrees get in the bed hug her and other stuf after that wait till she is turned on a bit then play with her boobs then after that insert you fingers in her vagina and let her get the feel. Next you remove your finger and go deep down and lick her G-spot new you take your d*ck out shove it in her her as hard as you can..

stan.000 Jun 26 2012 9:36pm FLAG
Get fixed, that ain't right dude.

Anonymous Jul 12 2012 4:39am FLAG
Kay most of these guys are idiots. You cant lick a G-spot, dumbass. And try getting close to her for a while, become closer, ask her about her day, learn to know how she's feeling even if she doesn't say it by watching her facial features, then spend a lot of time with her, go into her room when you know she's there but no one else is, say you had a nightmare and felt scared but didn't want to get your parents worried or make them think your childish, then when she's asleep again hold her close and put one of your hands slowly on one of her breasts and put the other around her waist, then do it again the next day say it was the best sleep you can remember having and ask if you can sleep near her again, if she refuses get closer to her , if she doesnt then grope her again(slowly is the key) and after about a week of this slide your other hand down to her pelvis and put it above her panty line, if this works do it for another week, after if that works think dirty thoughts about her before going to sleep, so in the morning your hard, and make sure that it's pressed against her in the morning,do this for three days, slide your hand lower, and lower after that, then wake up before her and wake her up by grinding into her, then moan and say her name, do this for a few days then on the last day wake up and pretend your dreaming, kiss her if she moves after your grinding into her back, squeeze her breast and press your fingers against her but not inside, and say good morning, if she is startled and moves away or is pissed, act scared and say you thought you were deepening and run to the bathroom, later that day at night before she goes to bed tell her you thought it was a dream and confess your feelings to her if you do it right she'll be wraped around your finger

Anonomas Dec 03 2012 6:07pm FLAG
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