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Slaves come here

The Problem: Hello my pets

Asked by: MasterTS at 09:24:35 PM, Wednesday, June 06, 2018 PDT FLAG


I may or may not be grinning like an idiot right now

Sapphire Jun 06 2018 11:05pm FLAG

Still not a slave though

Sapphire Jun 06 2018 11:06pm FLAG
Yeah yeah haha, to be fair I almost used a different post but I figured the classic style would be a good return to form *grins*

MasterTS Jun 07 2018 9:08am FLAG
I didn’t really expect you to break tradition anyway

Sapphire Jun 07 2018 2:30pm FLAG
I thought at first it would be annoying if some of the old crowd came crawling out of the woods because of it, but then I thought it would be way more entertaining if that were the case haha

MasterTS Jun 08 2018 6:27pm FLAG
You know I’d never met a boy always itching for an argument until I met you TS

Sapphire Jun 08 2018 6:47pm FLAG
Oh I don't go looking for it, people bring me plenty. I do sometimes make it easier than it should be though *grins*

MasterTS Jun 08 2018 8:11pm FLAG
As I said, always itching for a fight. *shakes my head*

Sapphire Jun 08 2018 10:51pm FLAG
Hey if someone makes it easier to steal you are still in the wrong for stealing, not the guy who made it easy *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 08 2018 11:32pm FLAG
Hmm so you admit that you set traps for them?

Sapphire Jun 09 2018 6:53am FLAG
I prefer to think I simply give them enough rope to hang themselves with *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 09 2018 11:03am FLAG
That’s not very nice TS *laughs* Although, that’s not a quality that either of us have a lot of

Sapphire Jun 09 2018 12:17pm FLAG
Please I'm one of the nicest people you know, I just come down rather harshly on those that deserve it so I only seem like a bad guy *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 09 2018 3:33pm FLAG
I don’t know about you being the nicest person I know but you’re capable of being nice and sweet sometimes. Like sometimes you say cute things and I’m like aww precious and other times you say not so cute things that make me want to scream.

Sapphire Jun 09 2018 3:56pm FLAG
Yeah but you're just so cute when you get all angry *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 09 2018 9:55pm FLAG
Sooo your idea of cute is a girl that’s about to kick your ass??

Sapphire Jun 10 2018 3:13am FLAG
Well I'm not so sure about going to kick my ass, going to attempt to kick my ass is just too adorable though *grins*

MasterTS Jun 10 2018 11:18am FLAG
My attempts are pretty good though. Oh well, you know what they say. If you can’t beat them, join them. *winks*

Sapphire Jun 10 2018 12:26pm FLAG
Oh if they weren't any good it wouldn't have been fun, and you know you can join me anytime Saph *grins*

MasterTS Jun 10 2018 11:51pm FLAG
*sighs and paces the room a little* I know that my spot beside you is always open, but I just...can’t. Besides what type of girl would I be if I didn’t make you work for it? *smirks*

Sapphire Jun 11 2018 4:58am FLAG
That always was and always will be your call Saph. But as far as making me work for it I think you've done that plenty haha

MasterTS Jun 11 2018 3:41pm FLAG
Yes I know and you’ve been extremely close to making me change my mind sometimes. I’m one of those weird “has to be the perfect time” kinda girl so hey who knows maybe someday

Sapphire Jun 11 2018 6:01pm FLAG
I'm sure part of the blame in that lies with me. If I dropped the whole master thing then this would easily get like...5% easier, maybe even 6%

MasterTS Jun 11 2018 6:26pm FLAG
Brother-TS, how you been lately my man? Wanna give me advice like old times? I have a small current misunderstanding I need help with.

Enemy (Nate) Jun 12 2018 1:28am FLAG
And here I thought you’d never realize that.

Sapphire Jun 12 2018 1:32pm FLAG
Hey Enemy long time no see, glad to see you're still around. What kinda issue you got this time?

MasterTS Jun 12 2018 1:50pm FLAG
Oh I realized that from day 1 before I ever officially became a master, unfortunately I'm going to be me till the end even if it makes certain things harder. Besides I like the challenge *grins*

MasterTS Jun 12 2018 1:51pm FLAG
You and your challenges *rolls my eyes* How did you get into this anyway? When did you become a master?

Sapphire Jun 12 2018 1:58pm FLAG
You ever play a game on easy mode? It's boring, worse than doing nothing. Can't really say exactly when but one day I decided I didn't like the concept of A wife or GF and when thinking on what that left me I landed on master and it kinda just stuck

MasterTS Jun 12 2018 6:18pm FLAG
Some people are actually left with lots of happiness and joy after winning in easy mode and I can’t really blame them. What parts about having one partner did you not like?

Sapphire Jun 12 2018 7:16pm FLAG
Well all kinds of players I suppose. It wasn't the one partner thing that bothered me and there really is no one answer. It was things like always sacrificing my free time, suddenly she takes an interest in hiking when we both have free time, every single time, for all of them. It was things like her always expecting, like we're a couple now that means you need to do this this and this otherwise I have the right to get mad, like there was a rule book for dating and if you didn't follow that rule book then you deserve everything that comes after. If I find someone that I want to do things for I want it to be on my own terms because it's what I want to do not because I basically now have a second job. Being a husband is worse because now I'm legally obligated to follow the guidelines otherwise I could wind up in court because I didn't husband the right way. I just want to love who I want how I want without anyone else feeling they have the right to tell me I'm wrong (unless I'm breaking the law or hurting them then by all means stop me)

MasterTS Jun 12 2018 8:15pm FLAG
Did you love me?

Sapphire Jun 12 2018 9:52pm FLAG
Well, there’s this girl that gave me some big mixed signals like, we kissed and apparently it wasn’t anymore than “Friends” I guess. By her, I mean. I feel like I was made a fool of, even though she kinda went in pretty hard like all touchy and, just mixed signals ya know? I don’t know about myself whether if I should just stay distant now, like at work (going to be troublesome) or I want to understand to keep it as a friend level and limit to only being friends, without feeling any further. If that make sense. I just want to like, be okay with it and move on, but I just feel deceived a bit. I know it takes time but, do you have any advice that might help out my mixed signal situation?

Nate (Enemy) Jun 13 2018 12:34am FLAG
Did? Oh Saph, I do absolutely love you, just in my own special way *grins*

MasterTS Jun 13 2018 1:16am FLAG
Kissed but are still friends...sounds to me like a girl who just wants the good stuff when it's good. Personally I wouldn't give a girl like that the time of day. Mixed signals usually mean an innocent girl that can't make up her mind, or a clever girl that knows exactly what she is doing. Either way it's a headache to deal with.

MasterTS Jun 13 2018 1:24am FLAG
Awwww *wipes away invisible tear jokingly* I love you too and I agree with TS about your girl enemy. Probably better to just keep your distance for now. I definitely have experience with the whole innocent girl who can’t make up her mind thing.

Sapphire Jun 13 2018 5:28am FLAG
If I didn't love you Saph I wouldn't be such a big ol softy when it comes to you haha

MasterTS Jun 13 2018 1:41pm FLAG
I figured you did because you’ve shown it countless times but I had never heard you actually say it and I never thought to ask until now.

Sapphire Jun 13 2018 2:01pm FLAG
Anyone can say I love you, but to show a person through action has much more impact.

MasterTS Jun 13 2018 5:49pm FLAG
But still it’s nice to hear it sometimes too

Sapphire Jun 13 2018 7:54pm FLAG
I suppose, I don't agree but then again I'm the one who doesn't really trust words haha

MasterTS Jun 13 2018 9:04pm FLAG
I prefer y’all call me by my name for now on, instead of Enemy. I feel like that name still makes me who I wasn’t now, back then. Thanks TS. Girls > like that < are too much to handle at the moment.

Nate Jun 14 2018 2:27am FLAG
*Sits inside a trash can* This is where I start to get a whole different grip about this, start over and just continue on with a new plan.

Nate Jun 14 2018 2:33am FLAG
You can agree to disagree *shrugs* but I like to take into account words and actions. Nate, I haven’t called you enemy in a hot minute so fine with me.

Sapphire Jun 14 2018 4:40am FLAG
Thanks Sapphie.

Nate Jun 14 2018 6:05pm FLAG
Alright I'll call you Nate from now on didn't know it bothered you, sounds like you at least have a plan to start from

MasterTS Jun 15 2018 3:38pm FLAG
I think agree to disagree should be my on my coat of arms as my slogan haha

MasterTS Jun 15 2018 3:39pm FLAG
Mine has a dove, a bear, a crown, and a flame. Haven’t come up with a slogan yet though.

Sapphire Jun 15 2018 5:41pm FLAG
Then I have a slogan and that's it, should get that translated into latin, I'm thinking of crossed swords with a black wolf on a gray field

MasterTS Jun 15 2018 7:22pm FLAG
Incidentally: conveniunt autem dissentio. Actually sounds kinda badass

MasterTS Jun 15 2018 7:31pm FLAG
Latin makes everything mysterious and badass. You should come up with a slogan for me

Sapphire Jun 15 2018 8:08pm FLAG
omnes qui ingrediuntur desperantibus

MasterTS Jun 15 2018 9:00pm FLAG
Tell me what it means *leans against the wall*

Sapphire Jun 15 2018 9:09pm FLAG
Abandon hope all ye who enter *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 15 2018 9:24pm FLAG
Jesus that’s a little intense. Why’d you pick that one for me?

Sapphire Jun 16 2018 6:12am FLAG
Because hope will do you no good if you wish to challenge Sapphire, only skill and determination *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 16 2018 10:22am FLAG
Ah you know me too well. You must think you have enough skill and determination since you’re trying to challenge me all the time *laughs*

Sapphire Jun 16 2018 11:09am FLAG
Well even I don't know what enough would be, but what I do know is that I have skill and determination unlike the other plebeians I've seen try *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 16 2018 11:30am FLAG
Don’t blame them. It’s hard for anyone to keep up with a brat

Sapphire Jun 16 2018 1:05pm FLAG
Not blaming anyone, just a simple observation *grins*

MasterTS Jun 16 2018 4:19pm FLAG
*shrugs* If you say so. Remember when we were talking last time and you said that I was acting like a girlfriend but it was too early to tell whether it was good or bad?

Sapphire Jun 16 2018 5:15pm FLAG
Yes I do like it when you act like that haha, not that I'm suddenly going to change but it's not bad

MasterTS Jun 16 2018 7:18pm FLAG
Just wanted to make sure that you didn’t think it was a bad thing the few times I do it. But let me get this straight. You like it but you won’t do what it takes to make it permanent? *shakes my head and looks up at you curiously* You’re a strange one

Sapphire Jun 16 2018 8:12pm FLAG
Well if I really thought it was a bad thing I would have flat out said so, and I won't take it further because that's just not a price I'm willing to pay

MasterTS Jun 17 2018 2:09am FLAG
Yo! Let me in on this conversation, I don’t really have friends here anymore.

Nate Jun 17 2018 3:41am FLAG
It’s kinda funny when you think about it. We’re both sitting on the edge because we’re both too stubborn to pay the price and we’re just waiting on the other person to crack. Poor Nate *laughs and ruffles your hair* no one is stopping you from joining the conversation

Sapphire Jun 17 2018 8:22am FLAG
Yeh, thanks, haha! What’s been with you guys lately in life? @S & @TS

Nate Jun 18 2018 4:24am FLAG
Nothing much honestly. What about you?

Sapphire Jun 18 2018 1:45pm FLAG
Holy. Sh*t... I used to come here literally 5 years ago just to screw around and pass time and troll, but haven't found this site again until now and I cant believe you guys are still here. I remember all three of you lol. No f**king way!! I cant believe it. What still brings you here?

Dont remember my old screen name Jun 18 2018 6:23pm FLAG
That is true, maybe because we are both so similar like that we tend to be close, even if it's only to challenge each other haha

MasterTS Jun 18 2018 6:49pm FLAG
Not much Nate, this site kinda got dead so I left for around half a year then one day I saw Saph replied and figured I'd come say hi

MasterTS Jun 18 2018 6:50pm FLAG
5 years?...Yeah it has been about that long hasn't it...I really need to work on my concept of time it doesn't feel that long. To be honest I only really came back because of Saph

MasterTS Jun 18 2018 6:51pm FLAG
When I come, he follows *laughs* But honestly I only came back because I was bored and a few of my old friends came back and I had to make sure TS wasn’t dead

Sapphire Jun 18 2018 8:19pm FLAG
It's more like "when I cum you're there" but sure dress it up alllll you want Saph ^^

MasterTS Jun 18 2018 10:39pm FLAG
Hahha, I actually work at a Sports Bar/ Restaurant. I met a girl, gave me mixed signals, I get buzzed a little bit when I have a ruff day. Nothing too ruff enough to ruffle up my hair HA

Nate Jun 19 2018 3:27am FLAG
Yo @TS, what is your favorite drink? Just a side conversation. I enjoy a spiked milkshake.

Nate Jun 19 2018 3:29am FLAG
*huffs* That’s not how it is at all. But hey dream alllllllll you want TS

Sapphire Jun 19 2018 5:26am FLAG
@Nate Coffee, followed by pretty much any kind of soda haha

MasterTS Jun 19 2018 1:49pm FLAG
Not very convincing there Saph, and to be honest my dreams usually downplay what happens in real life *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 19 2018 1:51pm FLAG
So you’re basically telling me that all your dreams are boring and I’m surprised you didn’t say anything amber-colored.

Sapphire Jun 19 2018 2:30pm FLAG
Actually I rarely dream and when I do they don't exactly make any sense, not like an out of order movie, more like several movies that have nothing to do with each other all spliced together after coming out of the blender. Ahhhh whiskey that's right, I suppose I was thinking of current favorites not all time favorite.

MasterTS Jun 19 2018 6:19pm FLAG
My dreams do that too sometimes, but mine are becoming more realistic than they used to be like lucid dreaming. I also have this weird thing where my dream will be a continuation of a nightmare or dream from years ago so that’s always fun.

Sapphire Jun 19 2018 6:31pm FLAG
I always feel like I keep having the same dream, like if I wrote a dream journal then every entry would be interchangeable with every other entry. Only dream that was ever different was the nightmare I had after watching Alien the first time...that should pretty much explain itself >>

MasterTS Jun 19 2018 7:16pm FLAG
Hah! Whiskey it is man.

Nate Jun 20 2018 1:32am FLAG
I used to have nightmares all the time about The Ring. It doesn’t bother me anymore because I love horror movies but I used to creep me the hell out

Sapphire Jun 20 2018 4:39am FLAG
@Nate I do enjoy a good single malt on the rocks every now and then haha, I'm particularly fond of a whiskey called Paddeys though it seems to be rather rare

MasterTS Jun 20 2018 8:41pm FLAG
The Japanese do have a different take on horror, and I say that cause The Ring was a remake of a Japanese horror film called, shockingly, Ring. I remember another movie that scared me so bad I couldn't even sleep to get to the nightmares, movie called Screamers, was terrifying back then

MasterTS Jun 20 2018 8:47pm FLAG
Hmmm never heard of it. Might have to check it out. Dead Silence is another one that kinda stuck with me

Sapphire Jun 20 2018 9:34pm FLAG
Never saw it, now The Hills Have Eyes, that was a classic

MasterTS Jun 20 2018 9:52pm FLAG
Gosh I haven’t seen that one in forever. We just need to have a whole movie night where we show each other our favorite horror movies

Sapphire Jun 20 2018 10:04pm FLAG
We can cuddle up on the couch with something warm while we marathon *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 20 2018 10:21pm FLAG
What is up with you and cuddling? *laughs* Seems like one of your favorite things to do, with me at least.

Sapphire Jun 20 2018 10:31pm FLAG
Whats not to love about cuddling?

MasterTS Jun 20 2018 10:47pm FLAG
Who doesn’t like cuddling? It’s one of the few basics to like anyway.

Nate Jun 21 2018 2:24am FLAG
Honestly, its like human nature. In a way, the majority of this Ia will forget what I just said, because I am somewhat buzzed. Just sayin yo. Anyway, how is the both your week going?

Nate Jun 21 2018 2:37am FLAG
Well excuse me. I was under the impression that some guys didn’t like it.

Sapphire Jun 21 2018 3:54am FLAG
@Nate Busy like always haha

MasterTS Jun 21 2018 10:16am FLAG
Yes some guys don't...fricken weirdos

MasterTS Jun 21 2018 10:17am FLAG
What kind of guy don’t even like cuddles? Why is that even a thing.

Nate Jun 21 2018 12:56pm FLAG
In some ways, you’re a weirdo too. But I was talking about the guys with fragile masculinity that think showing the least bit of affection will make them look weak

Sapphire Jun 21 2018 2:04pm FLAG
Anhhh, making them weak is not showing who they are.

Nate Jun 21 2018 10:03pm FLAG
I believe it takes a real man or women to not be afraid, etc. about how they act or even are. Thats just me tho hahah.

Nate Jun 22 2018 10:08am FLAG
If showing affection makes you weak then I wouldn't want to be strong. I mean I think men should be men when a man is needed, but if you can't also relax with someone you care about and be affectionate then being a man in the first place is pointless.

MasterTS Jun 22 2018 2:54pm FLAG
Well said boys

Sapphire Jun 22 2018 6:46pm FLAG
Indeed it was girl

MasterTS Jun 22 2018 8:34pm FLAG
*plays with my hair* Would you feel better if I said my boy and Nate?

Sapphire Jun 22 2018 9:55pm FLAG
I imagine it would be similar to calling you my little girl

MasterTS Jun 23 2018 10:14am FLAG
Hmmm touché. I would call you my man but you’re not my man

Sapphire Jun 23 2018 11:04am FLAG
Lol you call me “Just Nate” then. *Cough* Yeeeea.

Nate Jun 24 2018 3:16am FLAG
Sorry probably not the best choice. My boy and my friend. There, that’s the last change I’m making

Sapphire Jun 24 2018 6:53am FLAG
I mean at this point calling me that guy would be preferable honestly

MasterTS Jun 25 2018 10:04pm FLAG
Still the day you have more than 'boys' and 'friends' will be a sight to see ^^ I look forward to it Saph

MasterTS Jun 25 2018 10:08pm FLAG
Yeah you’re not the only one. Why would I just call you that guy though?

Sapphire Jun 26 2018 5:29am FLAG
Because it's better than boy?

MasterTS Jun 26 2018 1:46pm FLAG
Ohhhh that’s what the problem was. I thought you had a problem because I said “my” boy.

Sapphire Jun 26 2018 2:29pm FLAG
My guy my man my master my dude my bro my homie, all of these would be fine. Calling anyone thirt**n or older boy is just an insult (unless their mental age really is a boy then by all means)

MasterTS Jun 26 2018 2:32pm FLAG
One of those is not like the others

Sapphire Jun 26 2018 3:00pm FLAG
Not true because those are all things it's ok to call me *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 26 2018 3:07pm FLAG
Mmkay boy *smiles*

Sapphire Jun 26 2018 3:29pm FLAG
*sigh* I really don't want to do this Saph but if you insist on calling me boy then I'll just leave and try again in a few months, see if you feel like showing the minimum amount of decency then since you clearly don't feel like it now.

MasterTS Jun 26 2018 4:40pm FLAG
Oh stop being so dramatic. I was joking, but I’ll stop since it’s such a big deal for you.

Sapphire Jun 26 2018 6:20pm FLAG

Nate Jun 27 2018 6:47am FLAG
If I have to make a threat to get you to stop insulting me then you know the 'joke' went too far. Had it been anyone else I wouldn't have cared but since I consider you a friend that changes things just a bit

MasterTS Jun 27 2018 3:40pm FLAG
Didn’t realize what I said was so insulting.

Sapphire Jun 27 2018 3:47pm FLAG
Even I have things that bother me Saph, the difference is that unlike everyone else I wont sit here asking you over and over and over again to stop all while you laugh your ass off at my ever growing headache. I will just leave because I'm not your punching bag

MasterTS Jun 27 2018 5:55pm FLAG
I didn’t ask you to be my punching bag and it kinda hurts that you think I would purposefully treat you like that. I thought I was just making a harmless joke and I’m sorry that it bothered you. Now can we just move on?

Sapphire Jun 27 2018 6:16pm FLAG
I have at least 3 arguments against that but honestly, not worth it right how was your day

MasterTS Jun 27 2018 7:29pm FLAG
Nah I want to hear them. Go ahead.

Sapphire Jun 27 2018 7:30pm FLAG
*sigh*...1: I showed a clear negative reaction on first hearing it so at best you didn't notice and at worst you purposefully ignored it. 2: I then asked you clear as day to stop, you ignored it showing you had clear intentions to simply ignore any and all protests I made. 3: You continued until I basically gave you an ultimatum, something so extreme in reaction to the thing you did that it basically forced you to step back and say 'oh sh*t he might actually be serious'. You showed that, not only did you know that what you were doing was bothering me, but you considered my opinion on the subject to be worth so little that it wasn't even worth acknowledging. You showed so little consideration for me and my feelings in fact that I HAD to give you an ultimatum because anything less than that would have been ignored like you did to the everything else I had already said.

MasterTS Jun 27 2018 7:53pm FLAG
I clearly stated that I thought the problem was because I called you MY boy. Then I kept going one time AS A JOKE and you went off, but whatever. My day was great.

Sapphire Jun 27 2018 8:13pm FLAG
Amazing how a single event can look so different depending on where you hear it from. Also you really didn't make that clear. I don't care if you claim me as yours Saph cuz, lets face it I am, as much as you are mine. I cared about the boy part and I thought I made that pretty clear. My day was kinda boring until you showed up brat

MasterTS Jun 27 2018 9:26pm FLAG
Glad you’re finally able to admit that and I thought you were aware that I’ve always been a mildly entertaining brat

Sapphire Jun 27 2018 10:11pm FLAG
Able to admit you actually meet my standards?...well usually at least *smirks* mildly?...I suppose that's one way to put it haha always a brat though

MasterTS Jun 27 2018 10:26pm FLAG
I think I always meet your standards *smirks* even when I’m being a brat

Sapphire Jun 28 2018 5:26am FLAG
Well you've never failed in any meaningful way so yeah, you do meet the minimum requirement *grins*

MasterTS Jun 29 2018 7:48pm FLAG
I couldn’t possibly be considered your equal if I did fail

Sapphire Jun 29 2018 8:10pm FLAG
If you keep moving forward then I have no doubts you will be far better than day, perhaps *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 29 2018 9:03pm FLAG
I mean I don’t want to be better than you. I’m arrogant enough already. I just never want to be inferior to you, you know?

Sapphire Jun 29 2018 9:33pm FLAG
Well that's just something you'll have to deal with...until you are truly my equal then you will always be my inferior yes? *smirks*

MasterTS Jun 29 2018 9:48pm FLAG
Incorrect because I’m already your equal

Sapphire Jun 29 2018 10:08pm FLAG
You? My equal?...close but not yet pup *smiles*

MasterTS Jun 29 2018 10:16pm FLAG
*sucks on my teeth* So now you’re treating me like a little girl. How ironic

Sapphire Jun 30 2018 9:14am FLAG
I like to act I am stupid, when you are intelligent, you’ll eventually start pondering. I ponder about how to dumb myself down, not as an insult. That is more of a way to have an alternative personality, that of which to blend with everyone’s social motives. Otherwise, I would be considered a huge “Asshole.”

Nate Jul 01 2018 8:56pm FLAG
What a throwback. I'm glad to see you're still a familiar face here~

Anonymous Jul 01 2018 10:55pm FLAG
Yeah, Sapphire has always been here. I am only starting to be on here, for whatever reason why I can’t remember.

Nate Jul 02 2018 5:29am FLAG
Lmao hey anon. I just come to talk to the ass that made the post

Sapphire Jul 02 2018 7:21pm FLAG
*pets Saph* more like my pet but if you want to be my little girl I wont stop you *smirks* You seem to like it after all ^^

MasterTS Jul 02 2018 10:40pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes* Don’t make me smack that hand away

Sapphire Jul 03 2018 4:11am FLAG
The fact that you haven't already means a lot *smiles* So what is it Saph, you wanna be my pet or my little girl...or should I just do as I like? *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 03 2018 9:24pm FLAG
*shakes my head and smirks* You’re impossible. Neither TS.

Sapphire Jul 03 2018 9:34pm FLAG
*sigh* guess you win and I'll take my consolation prize *pulls you into my lap and wraps my arms around you* such a bummer *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 03 2018 9:47pm FLAG
*crosses my arms* You don’t seem a little too happy about this “consolation prize.”

Sapphire Jul 03 2018 10:13pm FLAG
You don't seem to dislike it much either *smirks and kisses your neck softly*

MasterTS Jul 03 2018 10:19pm FLAG
*laughs and pushes you away* Nope, access denied. We’re not doing this

Sapphire Jul 03 2018 10:29pm FLAG
Fine then I'll just be content with you in my lap *smiles*

MasterTS Jul 03 2018 10:34pm FLAG
Mmhmm baby steps. Be glad I’m too lazy to move.

Sapphire Jul 03 2018 10:41pm FLAG
Oh just admit you like it already *smirks and cuddles*

MasterTS Jul 03 2018 10:45pm FLAG
*huffs* Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t.

Sapphire Jul 03 2018 10:53pm FLAG
Then I suppose I'll leave the choice to you *lets go of you* if you hate it so much you can stand up and leave whenever you want *smiles*

MasterTS Jul 03 2018 10:58pm FLAG
No don’t do that *grabs your arms and places them back around my waist* I never said I hated it

Sapphire Jul 04 2018 4:22am FLAG
Good cause I was rather enjoying it myself *pulls you in close and cuddles*

MasterTS Jul 04 2018 6:27am FLAG
*puts my head on your shoulder and closes my eyes* This doesn’t mean I’m back with you by the way before you get any ideas

Sapphire Jul 04 2018 8:17am FLAG
I'm just enjoying the moment Saph *smiles*

MasterTS Jul 04 2018 9:34am FLAG
I guess there’s nothing wrong with that

Sapphire Jul 04 2018 11:04am FLAG
Even I enjoy being close with someone I like with all of our clothes on brat haha *leans my head against yours*

MasterTS Jul 04 2018 12:08pm FLAG
Seems like I just learn new things about you everyday *smiles*

Sapphire Jul 04 2018 12:52pm FLAG
Well I am full of surprises *grins*

MasterTS Jul 04 2018 4:45pm FLAG
Obviously. So how long do you think we have before an anon that doesn’t like you comes along?

Sapphire Jul 04 2018 5:22pm FLAG
Also see jealousy *smirks* honestly I expected it to already happen if it were going to. I mean if we keep going it will eventually happen but this site is so dead these days that it could be a while.

MasterTS Jul 04 2018 6:48pm FLAG
I have absolutely no reason to be jealous. I just hope they decide not to show up.

Sapphire Jul 04 2018 8:22pm FLAG
Haha no I meant people who don't like me cause they are jealous

MasterTS Jul 04 2018 11:46pm FLAG
Ohhhhh never mind then. I thought you were saying I was jealous of them.

Sapphire Jul 05 2018 4:12am FLAG
Saph you're the one in my lap, what do you have to be jealous of? haha

MasterTS Jul 05 2018 9:19am FLAG
Exactly! That’s why I said I have nothing to be jealous of. I have what I want for the moment

Sapphire Jul 05 2018 2:16pm FLAG
*smirks* Remember that'll exists here forever *rubs your head* Ok laying down now and you're coming with *lays down sideways pulling you with me keeping my arms firmly around your waist* cuddling is so much better laying down

MasterTS Jul 05 2018 11:03pm FLAG
*smiles* I have a problem with being incredibly lazy and you’re making the predicament so much worse

Sapphire Jul 06 2018 4:21am FLAG
Oh just enjoy it, I know I am *grins*

MasterTS Jul 06 2018 9:06am FLAG
I never said I wasn’t

Sapphire Jul 06 2018 10:43am FLAG
You complain a lot for someone enjoying themselves haha *softly plays with your hair*

MasterTS Jul 06 2018 5:24pm FLAG
*smirks* Well if I complain so much, I guess I should just leave now *slowly starts to get up*

Sapphire Jul 06 2018 6:47pm FLAG
Yeah yeah 'I never said it was a problem' just get yer ass back here *smiles and pulls you to my chest holding you tightly*

MasterTS Jul 06 2018 7:07pm FLAG
*giggles* You’ve been a lot more affectionate recently. Is there any specific reason or did you just really miss me those few months I was gone?

Sapphire Jul 06 2018 8:05pm FLAG
Well...right now is the right time to be affectionate. There are no distractions, no idiots, no fights...this is how I prefer things to be honestly. I mean I wouldn't mind adding some spice if that's how things go but enjoying quiet peaceful times with people you like is what you should aim for in life.

MasterTS Jul 06 2018 8:23pm FLAG
*looks at you and smiles* Damn you and your cute responses

Sapphire Jul 06 2018 8:54pm FLAG
That's why you love me *kisses your cheek and grins*

MasterTS Jul 06 2018 9:11pm FLAG
That’s why I keep you around. It’s kinda crazy that we’ve been here for 5 years. Where the hell has the time gone?

Sapphire Jul 06 2018 9:43pm FLAG
Hell we've done better then most relationships if you think about it.

MasterTS Jul 06 2018 9:47pm FLAG
The fact that we’re not dating makes it even better

Sapphire Jul 06 2018 10:03pm FLAG
Not dating but I still lay my claim on you *grins*

MasterTS Jul 06 2018 10:07pm FLAG
That’s not how that works. You can’t claim what you don’t have

Sapphire Jul 06 2018 10:20pm FLAG
Then what do I need to officially claim you *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 06 2018 11:46pm FLAG
I already told you my price. Whether you want to pay it or not is completely up to you

Sapphire Jul 07 2018 5:35am FLAG
Then I'll stick to unofficially claiming you for now *smiles*

MasterTS Jul 07 2018 7:00am FLAG
Yeah I figured

Sapphire Jul 07 2018 8:04am FLAG
It's not so bad, most of the benefits none of the drawbacks. Pretty good deal really

MasterTS Jul 07 2018 9:33am FLAG
And what would the drawbacks be if you officially claimed me?

Sapphire Jul 07 2018 4:50pm FLAG
Pretty much every reason you have for saying no still

MasterTS Jul 07 2018 7:37pm FLAG
You don’t even know all the reasons

Sapphire Jul 07 2018 8:23pm FLAG
Wassup guys! *Vapes out of Theo’s Ocarina* turned his little flute into a vape finally.

Nate Jul 07 2018 9:17pm FLAG
Probably not but then again I don't know everything haha

MasterTS Jul 07 2018 9:29pm FLAG
I see your night is going well Nate

MasterTS Jul 07 2018 9:33pm FLAG
My night is, fairly well, nothing too bad. Nor great that is either. Girl problems, I best avoid that for now until I am 100% sure. Then again, you never really know until when it happens. Just a mess, but not too big. My night is going well actually, now that I think about it. Haha.

Nate Jul 07 2018 11:57pm FLAG
*gets off of TS and walks over to Nate* He who shall not be named is going to kill you

Sapphire Jul 08 2018 8:11am FLAG
*Throws a random baby over my shoulder* He he shall not be named, will never found out.

Nate Jul 08 2018 3:27pm FLAG
*runs and catches the baby and smacks Nate in the back of the head* God don’t do that and he who shall not be named always finds out

Sapphire Jul 08 2018 4:08pm FLAG
Theo ain’t gonna know shit gurrrrrrrl. It’s all in your head, trust fambam.

Nate Jul 08 2018 6:17pm FLAG
You right

Sapphire Jul 08 2018 6:53pm FLAG
Even so, I can always go back being off the radar for another six to eight months at a time.

Nate Jul 09 2018 1:14am FLAG
So you scared of Voldermort or something Saph *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 09 2018 3:31pm FLAG
*Call of duty dives into a Trash Can* Did you spoke just now, of forbidden word of the dark lord??! @TS

Nate Jul 09 2018 4:19pm FLAG
*flips my hair dramatically* I’m not afraid of anyone

Sapphire Jul 09 2018 4:45pm FLAG
*Eats a Taco* *Stays quiet*

Nate Jul 09 2018 5:37pm FLAG
Forbidden for...smiden? Schmiden?...whatever you get the point >>

MasterTS Jul 09 2018 6:34pm FLAG
Except yourself in the morning with bedhead that just won't go away *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 09 2018 6:35pm FLAG
Let me explain to you the plots of both Dark Souls & Bloodborne, just for fun. @TS

Nate Jul 09 2018 6:50pm FLAG
Oh I know both fairly well, I know the lore even better. What I don't know are any memes other than Praise the Sun

MasterTS Jul 09 2018 7:07pm FLAG
Let me tell you this, Raise the Moon!! Hahhaha. Poor Gehrman. So, in Dark Souls the character is a Random Schmuck, in Bloodborne, the character is the chosen Schmuck. xD hah

Nate Jul 09 2018 7:21pm FLAG
In all honesty, I am the type of person who to live out the Bloodborne universe as a Blood Drunk and get stuck into the Hunter’s Nightmare, where I slay the beasts who are scared of the Hunters. That is the best.

Nate Jul 09 2018 7:23pm FLAG
1. Don’t play like I can’t manage to make even the worst bedhead look adorable because hello I’m me 2. What in the hell are y’all talking about??

Sapphire Jul 09 2018 7:36pm FLAG
Oddly enough while I know a lot about the Souls series I've never actually played.

MasterTS Jul 09 2018 7:41pm FLAG
To be fair Saph I never said you weren't cute even with bedhead *smiles* and we are talking about a certain video game series

MasterTS Jul 09 2018 7:42pm FLAG
I have short hair, I like nachos, allergic to Bee’s.

Nate Jul 09 2018 7:56pm FLAG
I have short hair as of today, who doesn't like nachos? And I was once attacked by by a hive of ground hornets and walked away with 26 confirmed stings >>

MasterTS Jul 09 2018 8:00pm FLAG
I would’ve died

Sapphire Jul 09 2018 8:04pm FLAG
I would have literally died if I went through that.

Nate Jul 09 2018 8:27pm FLAG
What can I say I'm too stubborn to die from something like that

MasterTS Jul 09 2018 9:22pm FLAG
Yeah makes sense

Sapphire Jul 09 2018 9:27pm FLAG
Then again, I am Nate afterall. I would honestly pull something like that, just run into an actual swarm of Bee’s. Not even hoping for the best.

Nate Jul 09 2018 9:56pm FLAG
Have to admit though I've never run so fast in my life haha

MasterTS Jul 10 2018 11:04am FLAG
Sometimes you can’t run forever TS!

Nate Jul 10 2018 2:40pm FLAG
Then again, I am psychosocial. That explains everything for my actions.

Nate Jul 10 2018 2:40pm FLAG
I don’t run unless I’m in a life or death situation

Sapphire Jul 10 2018 7:10pm FLAG
Depends on the situation, a bully or thug can be punched in the face, a swam of hornets...not so much haha

MasterTS Jul 10 2018 9:09pm FLAG
I love a good swam of hornets

Sapphire Jul 10 2018 9:48pm FLAG
You would brat >>

MasterTS Jul 10 2018 10:20pm FLAG
*Eats popcorn*

Nate Jul 10 2018 11:59pm FLAG
*shrugs* That’s why you still love me

Sapphire Jul 11 2018 5:55am FLAG
*Sneezes hard enough to pass out* ....

Nate Jul 11 2018 1:55pm FLAG
No I still love you because you're cute adorable and fun plus if I had to work as hard as I did to get this far with you then there is almost no chance for anyone to steal you away *smirks* not easily at least

MasterTS Jul 11 2018 4:06pm FLAG
*Gets up and eats Popcorn* TS, wanna know what’s my problem? Huh!? That over the years, the gas prices are damn too high and I can’t even drive without worrying what area I am gonna be without paying atleast $ 4 0 and bein’ broke,

Nate Jul 11 2018 5:53pm FLAG
Don’t get too c*cky. You never know when someone else might swoop in and try to get me.

Sapphire Jul 11 2018 6:27pm FLAG
A very common problem these days Nate haha

MasterTS Jul 11 2018 7:21pm FLAG
Keyword try *smirks* and many will. It's the succeeding part that matters though.

MasterTS Jul 11 2018 7:22pm FLAG
Ptff, as if someone is bold enough to part in a valid reason, to why they would “take” away from TS. TS has enough apathy on a level to those no one would perhaps imagine, or they might stand some percentage of a chance, if they had a similar trait as TS.

Nate Jul 11 2018 7:47pm FLAG
My point is you don’t need to get too comfortable. You haven’t won yet sweetheart.

Sapphire Jul 11 2018 9:14pm FLAG
I've yet to meet anyone quite like me haha

MasterTS Jul 11 2018 10:28pm FLAG
Not yet but I feel pretty comfortable with my lead *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 11 2018 10:29pm FLAG
TS, let me ask you something.

Nate Jul 11 2018 10:38pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes playfully* I don’t know what made me think I could make you the least bit scared

Sapphire Jul 12 2018 4:23am FLAG
Sapphire!! :0

Nate Jul 12 2018 5:49am FLAG
Sure Nate what's up?

MasterTS Jul 12 2018 10:14am FLAG
Well when you are so far ahead you can't even see who second place is you can't really help it *grins*

MasterTS Jul 12 2018 10:15am FLAG
And what place am I in your race?

Sapphire Jul 12 2018 2:23pm FLAG
So, I bought a wrong USB which is 6 4 GB. I needed a 3 2 or below for a file drive called FAT 3 2. I am trying to Modd GTA 5 lol and I changed the property of the file from exFAT to FAT 3 2. I am just wondering why Microsoft is being a cuck, there was no need to change the file drives before screwing me over.

Nate Jul 12 2018 3:53pm FLAG
Now now Saph a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 13 2018 10:42am FLAG
Yeah you're not supposed to change the file structure like that, if you want to change between exFAT and FAT 3 2 you need to save the data on the drive, format the drive, and during the format you get to choose which one you want the drive to be. NTFS is standard for windows, FAT 3 2 is old and can't really handle anything over 4GB or so and exFAT is what replaced FAT 3 2 and can be used by both Mac and PC

MasterTS Jul 13 2018 10:51am FLAG
I just had a stroke trying to understand that and I’m glad you’re trying to be a gentleman now. *smirks*

Sapphire Jul 13 2018 1:18pm FLAG
Well I happen to know quite a bit about computers and that's honestly the simplest explanation for all that. You wound me Saph I'm always a gentleman, I'm just not always a gentle gentleman *grinsw*

MasterTS Jul 13 2018 3:15pm FLAG
Yeah no honey. Being gentle really isn’t your strong suit...unless you’re cuddling

Sapphire Jul 13 2018 7:06pm FLAG
Yeah but you like it so it's ok

MasterTS Jul 13 2018 7:19pm FLAG
I never said I didn’t. I was just stating my opinion and I could be wrong. It’s been a while since we’ve been that close and your....tactics could’ve changed since then.

Sapphire Jul 13 2018 7:28pm FLAG
Yea, it’s possible to have FAT32 except the fact I don’t understand why they really needed to change FAT32 to exFAT. I just happen that I can’t use exFAT or NTFS for my mods. So, I will have to get a 3-4GB drive then to format it. Thanks TS.

Nate Jul 13 2018 7:43pm FLAG
Could have, but that for you to find out *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 13 2018 8:15pm FLAG
Honestly though Nate I've modded GTAV a bunch and I've never had to deal with flash drives or file formats like that, either you are going for some massive mod or I think you might be in the wrong place

MasterTS Jul 13 2018 8:16pm FLAG
Or you could just tell me

Sapphire Jul 13 2018 8:32pm FLAG
I am in just the wrong spot, I need a USB that can use FAT32

Nate Jul 13 2018 8:54pm FLAG
I have a USB that has the FAT32 format. But, I am just having trouble with the mod menu through my PS4. Can you give me some quick steps ? I tried looking it up, and followed it, but no luck yet.

Nate Jul 14 2018 8:39pm FLAG
Then I would just say that nothing has changed Saph you just haven't ever seen all of me before *grins*

MasterTS Jul 15 2018 4:40pm FLAG
Not on a PS4 unfortunately, as far as I know you can only really mod on PS4 through the mods they give you.

MasterTS Jul 15 2018 4:41pm FLAG
So we have a not-so-gentle gentleman and a lady. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke

Sapphire Jul 15 2018 6:00pm FLAG
*a not-so-gentle gentleman, an engineer, and a lady

Sapphire Jul 15 2018 6:27pm FLAG
No a bad joke is 'so a blind man walked into a bar and said "ow!"

MasterTS Jul 15 2018 7:42pm FLAG
Excuse you, that’s comedy gold right there *laughs*

Sapphire Jul 15 2018 7:46pm FLAG
Well that one has been around since my grandads day so I suppose there's some truth to that haha

MasterTS Jul 15 2018 8:35pm FLAG
See it’s a classic

Sapphire Jul 15 2018 9:25pm FLAG
Someone say “Classic”?

ClassicBro Jul 15 2018 10:14pm FLAG
I know another classic, how do you kill a blond? Put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool

MasterTS Jul 16 2018 8:08pm FLAG
I mean it’s good but not as good as the blind man one.

Sapphire Jul 16 2018 9:15pm FLAG
true, blondes are sort of low hanging fruit

MasterTS Jul 16 2018 9:37pm FLAG
are you blonde haired TS?

Nate Jul 16 2018 10:15pm FLAG
I used to be, then it turned brown

MasterTS Jul 16 2018 10:17pm FLAG
Lol can’t relafe

Sapphire Jul 17 2018 4:15am FLAG
I'm convinced blond isn't actually a hair color and is more just a temporary thing until your real color settles in

MasterTS Jul 20 2018 10:13am FLAG
I’m seen loads of little blonde-haired toddlers that have a completely different hair color after a few years

Sapphire Jul 20 2018 1:41pm FLAG
Exactly toddlers. I do remember my hair would turn greenish during the summer because I spent so much time in the pool

MasterTS Jul 20 2018 8:28pm FLAG
Ha I used to be a water baby, but I just haven’t had any time recently

Sapphire Jul 21 2018 9:02am FLAG
Same but then again I lived in a place that regularly got to 5-0 during the summer so pools were a part of life

MasterTS Jul 21 2018 8:15pm FLAG
Where tf do you live? 5-0 is nothing

Sapphire Jul 21 2018 9:38pm FLAG
Sorry, it got to bet 1 1 5 to 1 2 0 in the summer

MasterTS Jul 22 2018 4:15am FLAG
Ohhhhh nvm then. That’s definitely something

Sapphire Jul 22 2018 6:44am FLAG
It was so hot that cans of soda and shaving cream regularly exploded if left in a car...or if you made enemies and left your sun roof open

MasterTS Jul 22 2018 5:45pm FLAG
God no, thats why I hate summer. Winter is where it’s at

Sapphire Jul 22 2018 10:12pm FLAG
Agreed but when winters averaged about 50 - 6 0 it basically felt like night-time compared to most anywhere else in the world haha

MasterTS Jul 23 2018 1:26am FLAG
So you basically don’t even get a winter

Sapphire Jul 23 2018 6:10am FLAG
Or fall or spring. We basically had 2 seasons, hot and unbearable

MasterTS Jul 23 2018 9:47am FLAG
That should be the name of my autobiography

Sapphire Jul 23 2018 3:47pm FLAG
If not then at least a chapter

MasterTS Jul 23 2018 4:39pm FLAG
Ha so you agree I’m hot and unbearable

Sapphire Jul 23 2018 7:32pm FLAG
Usually hot, sometimes unbearable *smirks*

MasterTS Jul 23 2018 10:20pm FLAG
Well I can’t help being either of those things *laughs*

Sapphire Jul 24 2018 6:57am FLAG
Hot no but you could choose to be a little more bearable...just a little though but not too much otherwise people might think you're easy...actually that might be fun to see them put in their places...hmmm

MasterTS Jul 24 2018 9:57pm FLAG
I mean I can see how I could be annoying at times but how am I unbearable?

Sapphire Jul 25 2018 7:07am FLAG
Well you do have a very strong personality and that can scare lesser people away

MasterTS Jul 26 2018 7:06am FLAG
So you think that other people could see me as unbearable but you don’t

Sapphire Jul 26 2018 2:51pm FLAG
Pretty much *grins* I think it's cute

MasterTS Jul 26 2018 10:45pm FLAG
But your opinion is extremely biased

Sapphire Jul 27 2018 9:19am FLAG
Every opinion is biased Saph haha

MasterTS Jul 27 2018 3:29pm FLAG
I knew that statement sounded weird for some reason whoops

Sapphire Jul 28 2018 6:48am FLAG
Just because I think you're cute doesn't make my opinion invalid brat haha

MasterTS Jul 31 2018 1:26pm FLAG
I didn’t say it was invalid but I think you’re just saying that I’m not unbearable because you liiiiiiiike me *smirks*

Sapphire Jul 31 2018 9:17pm FLAG
I learned from TS, I been on a different online chat and now I feel a bit empowered. I think I may be a lesser version than TS. Every comeback has been pure and non insulting, just a lowkey meaning of expression in words.

Nate Aug 01 2018 5:27am FLAG
I do like you Saph or did I not make that clear *smirks* but that's not why, I can just see behind the bitch to see the beauty *smiles*

MasterTS Aug 01 2018 11:18pm FLAG
Well you’re one of the few people that can

Sapphire Aug 02 2018 8:41am FLAG
Which is a shame considering most hot girls use the bitch shield, it's kinda sad more men don't know of it

MasterTS Aug 02 2018 12:42pm FLAG
I like that only a few men know about it. Then, I can pick out who’s worthy and who’s not.

Sapphire Aug 02 2018 12:51pm FLAG
Just because you know a wall exists doesn't mean you can cross it haha I suppose being one of the few that know about it just makes me stand out even more then eh?

MasterTS Aug 02 2018 1:42pm FLAG
It does. There’s only a few that know about it but frankly there’s only about 1 or 2 that know how to get to me when I’m defensive or angry.

Sapphire Aug 02 2018 2:31pm FLAG
Sounds about right, everyone is like that one way or another. Heck it's pretty much the reason why some people are special and others aren't haha

MasterTS Aug 02 2018 2:36pm FLAG
Am I one of the special ones?

Sapphire Aug 02 2018 3:02pm FLAG
*smiles* Do I even need to say it?

MasterTS Aug 02 2018 5:23pm FLAG
*looks up at you and smiles* No but I like hearing it

Sapphire Aug 02 2018 5:29pm FLAG
You know you're special to me Saph *hugs*

MasterTS Aug 02 2018 6:27pm FLAG
*hugs you back* Thanks love

Sapphire Aug 02 2018 6:33pm FLAG
Oh anything to get you this close *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 02 2018 7:02pm FLAG
*pushes you off playfully and laughs* Must you ruin the moment

Sapphire Aug 02 2018 7:04pm FLAG
To be fair once I get my hands on you it's damn hard to let go, do YOU want to take that chance? *grins*

MasterTS Aug 02 2018 9:27pm FLAG
I think I can handle you. The real question is can you take that chance?

Sapphire Aug 02 2018 9:34pm FLAG
Well with all the attempts I've made on you one would probably assume I intend to *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 02 2018 10:21pm FLAG
Persistence is truly one of your strong suits

Sapphire Aug 03 2018 8:19am FLAG
Only when my prey wants to be hunted *grins*

MasterTS Aug 03 2018 9:12pm FLAG
And what makes you sooo sure that I want to be hunted by you?

Sapphire Aug 03 2018 9:43pm FLAG
You keep coming back don't you? *smiles*

MasterTS Aug 03 2018 10:01pm FLAG
Damn you got me there *laughs*

Sapphire Aug 03 2018 10:10pm FLAG
...What's that like the 2nd? 3rd time?

MasterTS Aug 03 2018 10:20pm FLAG
Probably. I’m a creature of habit

Sapphire Aug 04 2018 10:05am FLAG
And I have been classified as a habit forming substance in 49 states

MasterTS Aug 04 2018 11:34am FLAG
So you’re my drug now?

Sapphire Aug 04 2018 1:19pm FLAG
Well if you choose to look at it that way I won't stop you, but not quite what I had in mind

MasterTS Aug 04 2018 2:25pm FLAG
Then what did you have in mind?

Sapphire Aug 04 2018 5:29pm FLAG
Not a drug, even I'm not that conceited haha

MasterTS Aug 04 2018 6:25pm FLAG
Wow the arrogance does stop somewhere. I never thought I’d see the day

Sapphire Aug 04 2018 6:36pm FLAG
*gasp* Are you calling me arrogant Saph?

MasterTS Aug 04 2018 8:57pm FLAG
Yeah I think I am. Are you trying to deny it?

Sapphire Aug 04 2018 9:40pm FLAG
Not really, everyone draws the line a little differently

MasterTS Aug 04 2018 11:10pm FLAG
The line of arrogance? If you say so.

Sapphire Aug 05 2018 9:28am FLAG
Not everyone uses the dictionary definition of the word like I do Saph, and to assume they do would be...arrogant *smiles*

MasterTS Aug 06 2018 8:11pm FLAG
Arrogant and witty. What a catch you are. *smirks* I have a bit of an odd question for you TS

Sapphire Aug 06 2018 8:27pm FLAG
Odd as I am that sounds appropriate *smirks* ask away my dear Saph

MasterTS Aug 06 2018 8:45pm FLAG
If we could take whatever we are past the internet and past likelike, would you want to?

Sapphire Aug 07 2018 11:31am FLAG
Well I wouldn't be against it. It would mostly depend on the current situation but barring any pressing reason to say no then yes I would. Besides my charm works so much better when I can actually touch too *grins*

MasterTS Aug 07 2018 4:16pm FLAG
Yeah that was going to be my answer too. Maybe we could one day. Not now obviously but not too far off in the future. Only thing is I have a feeling you’re even more insufferable in person *laughs*

Sapphire Aug 07 2018 5:53pm FLAG
Depends on how you define insufferable really *smiles* no dungeon on the first date though, I have standards after all *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 07 2018 6:18pm FLAG
Insufferable- having or showing unbearable arrogance or conceit. Honestly I think that the ideal date is going bowling or mini golfing or something like that and a casual dinner somewhere and anybody that thinks differently can fight me.

Sapphire Aug 07 2018 6:47pm FLAG
I don't think I show that much arrogance or conceit...usually. Best date I ever had was laying down in the bed of a truck watching the stars with a bottle of wine between us

MasterTS Aug 07 2018 7:17pm FLAG
Awww I like that. Makes you sound like a hopeless romantic

Sapphire Aug 07 2018 7:20pm FLAG
Hopeless for sure, not too clear on the romantic just yet *grins*

MasterTS Aug 07 2018 8:47pm FLAG
As many times as you’ve enjoyed cuddling me, I think the romantic part is incredibly clear

Sapphire Aug 07 2018 8:58pm FLAG
Well that is true I suppose, I don't know how romantic cuddling is but I'll go with you on this one

MasterTS Aug 08 2018 2:10pm FLAG
Unless you meant it in a more platonic way. I’ve cuddled with friends before

Sapphire Aug 08 2018 3:24pm FLAG
To be honest I push the cuddling as far as I can before I think you'll run away

MasterTS Aug 08 2018 6:14pm FLAG
Why don’t you ever get sick of me running?

Sapphire Aug 08 2018 7:13pm FLAG
Remember me?

Babynikkigirl Aug 08 2018 7:59pm FLAG
That's part of the hunt, they run you chase *grins*

MasterTS Aug 09 2018 1:09pm FLAG
Babynikkigirl huh?...something about the name feels familiar but sorry nothing specific.

MasterTS Aug 09 2018 1:10pm FLAG
So basically I’m just a big prize *smirks*. Nikki I don’t really remember you if we used to talk. I’m sorry

Sapphire Aug 09 2018 7:48pm FLAG
Oh you are the biggest prize Saph *grins*

MasterTS Aug 09 2018 9:19pm FLAG
Well I hope your little hunt turns out successful

Sapphire Aug 10 2018 3:35am FLAG
So you really do want me to catch you eh? I'm ok with that. so long as I can do with you what I want when you're mine *grins*

MasterTS Aug 11 2018 1:29am FLAG
You gotta check me first *giggles* So good luck with that

Sapphire Aug 11 2018 10:19am FLAG
Well that just gives me something good to work towards, the best prize I could ask for *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 12 2018 1:43pm FLAG
Flattery will get you nowhere *smirks*

Sapphire Aug 12 2018 3:00pm FLAG
No but it will at times get you into my lap so I consider that worth it *smiles*

MasterTS Aug 13 2018 4:48pm FLAG
I only get into your lap because you pull me there and I happen to be an extremely lazy girl that doesn’t feel like getting up once she’s already sitting or laying down some here

Sapphire Aug 13 2018 7:25pm FLAG
Still works out for me, plus the fact that you enjoy it is a bonus *grins*

MasterTS Aug 13 2018 10:27pm FLAG
And what if I started denying you the privilege of cuddling me? *smirks*

Sapphire Aug 14 2018 5:34am FLAG
I would be sad and you would miss out on the cuddles you seem to love so much...but then I suppose I can just go cuddle with my new kitten *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 14 2018 2:58pm FLAG
And I’ll beat her ass. Don’t play with me.

Sapphire Aug 14 2018 5:30pm FLAG
Seems to me you don't want me to stop playing with you *smirks* but no worries Saph my lap is still yours *pulls you into my lap*

MasterTS Aug 14 2018 5:36pm FLAG
Yeah it better be. I’m a jealous girl *laughs*

Sapphire Aug 14 2018 6:04pm FLAG
Well you don't have to worry about the kitten at least turns out I can't keep her...*wraps arms around your waist and buries my head in your shoulder*

MasterTS Aug 14 2018 8:53pm FLAG
Are we talking about an actual kitten because if we are I was way off and I’d like to make it clear that I would not actually fight a kitten *wraps my arms around yours and intertwines our fingers*

Sapphire Aug 14 2018 9:13pm FLAG
But if we’re talking about a person I meant what I said

Sapphire Aug 14 2018 9:20pm FLAG
Yes an actual of my roommates got arrested last night and I thought the kitten was his. Since he wont be getting out anytime soon I figured I would inherit the kitten but it was his friends so...well that's over and done with now anyways...*holds you tightly*

MasterTS Aug 14 2018 9:23pm FLAG
Yikes what did he do?

Sapphire Aug 15 2018 1:26pm FLAG
Drugs is what they picked him up for, apparently he has a rap sheet as long as my arm though so I don't think he's seeing freedom anytime soon. Plus he tried to run and cops don't like it when they have to chase you

MasterTS Aug 15 2018 4:57pm FLAG
Yeah he’s ed. Did you not know about it?

Sapphire Aug 15 2018 5:32pm FLAG
Nope I never really talked to him cause he was always watching weird pseudo science nonsense flat earth theories

MasterTS Aug 15 2018 5:54pm FLAG
Oh good roommate

Sapphire Aug 15 2018 6:07pm FLAG
Yeah I don't really want to get to know flat earthers and their like, or flatards as I like to call them *cuddles*

MasterTS Aug 15 2018 7:06pm FLAG
I honestly never understood the people that believe that the earth is flat. Like we’ve literally taken pictures of the ROUND earth. The fact that the earth is round isn’t something you can choose to believe in like God or something like that, it’s an actual fact.

Sapphire Aug 15 2018 7:14pm FLAG
They typically fall into 2 groups, those that think the government is covering up the flat earth for some reason none of them ever care to mention or they misuse science and math and get a faulty answer. If it were just that it would be fine but they are so convinced they are right that the mere possibility that they could be wrong is simply unthinkable. In that way they are kind of like the never Trumpers that are so convinced Trump could never be president, let alone a good one that they ignore any good he has done or try to act like their strawman of him negates that good...huh extreme lefties and flatards are basically the same, weird.

MasterTS Aug 15 2018 11:04pm FLAG
They’re not the same. Flat earthers are ignoring cold hard facts. Leftists or liberals are simply stating their opinion and I don’t think they’re that far off. Putting a child in a cage only because their parents weren’t born here or they’re not a citizen yet doesn’t exactly put him on my “good presidents” list..

Sapphire Aug 16 2018 4:54am FLAG
Child in a cage...oh you mean the one that turned out to be misreported? Yeah I remember that someone took a picture at a staged protest where some kids were protesting Trumps immigration policy but the kid was never locked up in a cage. And when I say the good Trump has done I mean things like our economy is doing orders of magnitude better than any former president in recent history, that unemployment is lower than it's been for decades especially in the black community. He may not be the best president ever but he's not a bad one like so many claim.

MasterTS Aug 16 2018 1:36pm FLAG
I didn’t mean a literal cage, but like I said we can both have our own opinions.

Sapphire Aug 16 2018 5:17pm FLAG
Oh I thought you were talking about that specific instance, sorry if I misunderstood. I just don't agree with people who say Trump is horrible 'just because' and everything specific they point out pretty much always ends up a misinterpretation and they just run with it with their fingers in their ear saying 'lalala Trump is evil lalalala' those people are just irredeemable idiots

MasterTS Aug 16 2018 5:29pm FLAG
I just don’t agree with some of his policies. I don’t like him, but it’s not much I can do right now. We’re stuck with him. But can we talk about something else please?

Sapphire Aug 16 2018 5:44pm FLAG
This is the second thing I wished would stop happening everytime the orange in chief is brought up *sigh* one day I will find someone that doesn't try to drop it like a sack of hot rocks the second it's brought up lol fine fine consider it dropped

MasterTS Aug 16 2018 8:03pm FLAG
*shrugs* I fully intend to just ignore him the next few years, but I can’t do that with you always bringing him up. There are plenty of people out there who would be perfectly content going on for hours and hours with you, but I’m not one of them.

Sapphire Aug 17 2018 4:45am FLAG
I've yet to find one, everyone basically does what you did lol I'm not sure how to take it yet but I find it funny to find such consistency...back to cuddling then *grins*

MasterTS\ Aug 17 2018 11:52am FLAG
Mmhmm have you picked up any new girls recently?

Sapphire Aug 17 2018 2:23pm FLAG
Nope, these days I'm not really in the mood to go looking since 99% of them don't work out. If I happen to see one that works I'll consider it but for now I like enjoying my own personal cuddle pillow *cuddles*

MasterTS Aug 17 2018 3:51pm FLAG
So basically I’m temporary until you find another one that works out

Sapphire Aug 17 2018 4:45pm FLAG
Actually for the moment I'm waiting to see if you work out before I decide on anything else *smiles*

MasterTS Aug 17 2018 6:31pm FLAG
And by work out, you mean?

Sapphire Aug 17 2018 7:19pm FLAG
Normally I would say 'Become my slave' but...well this time I'm not so sure...I suppose I'll see 'worked out' when I see it *smiles*

MasterTS Aug 17 2018 7:32pm FLAG
So are you saying that it’s possible that you would change for me?

Sapphire Aug 17 2018 8:06pm FLAG
Oh that was always a possibility with're just the only one so far that I think might actually make a good effort at it *grins*

MasterTS Aug 17 2018 8:17pm FLAG
Well I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon so I’ll guess you’ll have to deal with my efforts for a bit longer *kisses your cheek*

Sapphire Aug 17 2018 8:38pm FLAG
*smiles and kisses your cheek back* sounds like fun

MasterTS Aug 17 2018 8:52pm FLAG
I used to be so feisty and now I’m all sweet and mushy. *shakes my head* It’s all your fault you know

Sapphire Aug 17 2018 9:05pm FLAG
*kisses your neck softly* I accept all responsibility for that *smiles*

MasterTS Aug 17 2018 9:46pm FLAG
*laughs and squirms away* Stooop it tickles

Sapphire Aug 17 2018 10:38pm FLAG
*pulls you back into my lap* mine *grins*

MasterTS Aug 17 2018 11:21pm FLAG
*looks at you with a sly smile* Maybe

Sapphire Aug 18 2018 8:19am FLAG
Regardless you are currently my cuddle pillow so deal with it brat *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 18 2018 8:49am FLAG
I might be a brat but at least I’m your brat

Sapphire Aug 18 2018 10:00am FLAG
Wouldn't have it any other way you're comfy *grins*

MasterTS Aug 18 2018 11:55am FLAG
Ha I know

Sapphire Aug 18 2018 12:09pm FLAG
And at least you admit that you're mine I mean geeze how long did that take? *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 20 2018 2:22pm FLAG
*hits your arm playfully* Shut up it didn’t even take that long

Sapphire Aug 20 2018 4:20pm FLAG
I mean years that really nothing to you? hahaha

MasterTS Aug 20 2018 9:59pm FLAG
Obviously years mean something to me but this isn’t the first time I’ve admited that to you

Sapphire Aug 20 2018 10:02pm FLAG
Well that is true...but every time is like the first time *grins*

MasterTS Aug 21 2018 1:50pm FLAG
I would make a joke about that but it’s too easy

Sapphire Aug 21 2018 5:07pm FLAG
Which is why I can get away with saying it *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 21 2018 9:20pm FLAG
Don’t be too sure. I could always change my mind

Sapphire Aug 22 2018 10:15am FLAG
If and when you do then I'll just have to change and adapt like always so I'm not really concerned *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 22 2018 11:09am FLAG
Yeah right. Think you can make it feel just as good as the first time?

Sapphire Aug 22 2018 2:16pm FLAG
...are we talking about the same thing? Because I don't think we are anymore

MasterTS Aug 22 2018 5:38pm FLAG
Now we are. I just wanted to prove that I could still make the joke. So much for you changing and adapting.

Sapphire Aug 22 2018 6:11pm FLAG
There is a big difference between adapting to a change in the conversation and you suddenly running off in some random direction to intentionally derail the conversation. I'm not going to chase you like a rabbit just to adapt Saph. No I adapt by bringing you back to the proper conversation without doing much of anything *smirks*

MasterTS Aug 24 2018 1:50pm FLAG
*sucks my teeth* Dammit. I can never win with you

Sapphire Aug 24 2018 2:47pm FLAG
Maybe but that means I'm just slowly bringing you up to my standard as you get closer and closer to winning, and as a result you are soaring above your peers *smiles*

MasterTS Aug 24 2018 3:15pm FLAG
When did you start being my teacher again? I don’t recall signing up for these lessons *laughs and starts to play with your hair*

Sapphire Aug 24 2018 6:58pm FLAG
Masters have always been teachers Saph you could say it's in out blood *relaxes into your hands*

MasterTS Aug 25 2018 12:05pm FLAG
Hmm so a master and a teacher. Two for one deal. Shame I can’t take part in it

Sapphire Aug 25 2018 1:36pm FLAG
Found ya two. I am Shad, new here. I been gazing around these sections for awhile. No one is here sadly, but you two.

Shad Aug 25 2018 3:29pm FLAG
Hello Shad

Sapphire Aug 25 2018 4:01pm FLAG
Chiao! Any thing new going on.

Shad Aug 26 2018 3:26am FLAG
Haha no not really. What about you?

Sapphire Aug 26 2018 5:33am FLAG
Just grooving around. You know? Being all with the flow. Alright, alright, alright. B)

Shad Aug 27 2018 5:02am FLAG
Lmao yeah I get that

Sapphire Aug 30 2018 9:39pm FLAG
*yawns* Did I miss anything fun?

MasterTS Aug 31 2018 6:32pm FLAG
Only missed the guy right here. What’s up bub?

Shad Aug 31 2018 9:56pm FLAG
Sorry by fun I meant Saph, and waiting for her return pal ^^

MasterTS Aug 31 2018 10:57pm FLAG
The queen has returned.

Sapphire Sep 01 2018 10:46am FLAG
*hugs* See now this is what I was waiting for *grins*

MasterTS Sep 02 2018 12:53pm FLAG
*hugs back* Aww you miss me?

Sapphire Sep 02 2018 2:42pm FLAG
Every moment you aren't in my lap yes *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 03 2018 12:46pm FLAG
*giggles* I guess I should get back on my throne then. *clinbs into your lap*

Sapphire Sep 03 2018 2:22pm FLAG
*wraps arms around your waist* Good girl *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 03 2018 3:52pm FLAG
Mmhmm just this once

Sapphire Sep 03 2018 5:15pm FLAG
Well then I will graciously accept it *kisses your cheek and smiles*

MasterTS Sep 04 2018 4:59pm FLAG
Yeah you better. I didn’t turn this sweet for this to not work out

Sapphire Sep 04 2018 6:34pm FLAG
Saph you're sweet like sour patch kids haha tho I admit you are the only to one recently to sit on...sorry what did you call it? The Throne *smirks* so do you prefer Queen or Princess Saph?

MasterTS Sep 04 2018 7:18pm FLAG
Haha they’re sour then they’re sweet. Hmm I think I might be more of a princess. Can’t have a bratty queen. Maybe that’ll change one day though

Sapphire Sep 04 2018 8:54pm FLAG
To be honest I think you'd be bratty as either *smirks* but I'd be happy to call you my princess *smiles and leans in to kiss your lips*

MasterTS Sep 04 2018 9:02pm FLAG
*bites my lip nervously and leans in to kiss you* How long did you think it would take you to get that again? *smiles*

Sapphire Sep 04 2018 9:15pm FLAG
You make a valid point, allow me to rebut *smiles and leans in and kisses you deeply*

MasterTS Sep 04 2018 9:55pm FLAG
*kisses you back and wraps my arms around your neck pulling you closer* Alright alright. We’re done before you start any more rebuttals *laughs*

Sapphire Sep 05 2018 3:53am FLAG
Well I can only think of one butt right now, princess *grins and cuddles*

MasterTS Sep 05 2018 2:20pm FLAG
Mine’s looking better than ever just in case you wanted to know. *smirks*

Sapphire Sep 05 2018 4:10pm FLAG
Of course, you know I only pick the best of the best *grins* and actually yes I did want to know that

MasterTS Sep 05 2018 4:16pm FLAG
Ha I figured that would interest you and if that’s how you pick, I can understand how I’m here. And you never answered my question before you kissed me again.

Sapphire Sep 05 2018 4:32pm FLAG
Oh you are here for several reasons Saph that just happens to be one of my favorite *grins* and how long to get what again?

MasterTS Sep 05 2018 6:12pm FLAG
How long did you think it would take to get a kiss from me? You’re sneaky so I think that was your plan all along. *laughs and shakes my head at you*

Sapphire Sep 05 2018 6:20pm FLAG
Actually it wasn't. The mood just felt right so I went for it. As for how long it would take, never really thought about how long. If it was going to happen I would see the moment and go for it, or miss it and not.

MasterTS Sep 05 2018 6:40pm FLAG
Well I didn’t smack you so I guessed you’re pretty good at the picking the right moment. Damn makes it a little harder to pretend I don’t enjoy cuddling with you though

Sapphire Sep 05 2018 7:05pm FLAG
I must confess I did help to create that moment *smiles* and only a little harder, promise *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 05 2018 8:51pm FLAG
I knew it! Give credit where credit is due. I know you better than you think

Sapphire Sep 05 2018 9:18pm FLAG
I did help to create the moment but only because I saw the moment already forming. It would have happened either way but my way was much smoother, trust me it was much better *smiles* way more sweet and romantic

MasterTS Sep 05 2018 10:25pm FLAG
*pouts jokingly* How do you know I didn’t want to create my own moment?

Sapphire Sep 06 2018 3:48am FLAG
Wouldn't have changed anything. If you did then we created the moment together, if not then I look forward to your moment *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 06 2018 9:41am FLAG
Mine is going to be even better. *smirks* Just wait. This complicates things for me a little but I’m not going to run. I can’t pretend I only see you as a friend now

Sapphire Sep 06 2018 11:41am FLAG
Is that so *smiles and holds you tight against my chest* then I look forward to what your moment will be now that I'm more than a friend to you

MasterTS Sep 06 2018 12:39pm FLAG
It is so *looks down and smiles* My cheeks are hot thanks to you

Sapphire Sep 06 2018 1:07pm FLAG
*reaches up and gently rubs your cheek with my fingers* Saph is blushing? *smiles* beautiful

MasterTS Sep 06 2018 1:20pm FLAG
Stop you’re making it worse *holds your hand on my cheek* See? Now it’s burning up

Sapphire Sep 06 2018 3:00pm FLAG
*kisses your other cheek softly* you're right it is burning up, my lips might catch fire *smiles and cuddles*

MasterTS Sep 06 2018 3:08pm FLAG
It’d be a suitable punishment since my current predicament is all your fault anyway

Sapphire Sep 06 2018 6:12pm FLAG
Not true, if you weren't so damn cute none of this would have happened so you're like...65% to blame *grins*

MasterTS Sep 06 2018 7:05pm FLAG
Oh no sir, that’s just plain wrong. You can’t blame me for something I can’t control. This is about 99.9% all your fault

Sapphire Sep 06 2018 7:40pm FLAG
Oh but you believe I think you're cute because of your looks instead of your personality *grins* 70% your fault

MasterTS Sep 06 2018 8:54pm FLAG
......shít...... Alright you win. This time

Sapphire Sep 07 2018 3:52am FLAG
Know that I take no joy in this victory *grins and kisses your cheek*

MasterTS Sep 07 2018 8:35am FLAG
Know that I don’t believe that for one second. *smiles* I still have lips you know, firmly attached to my adorable face

Sapphire Sep 07 2018 11:13am FLAG
This is true, but if I don't hold myself back a bit then I might just loose control kissing such an adorable girl *smiles and leans in kissing your lips softly*

MasterTS Sep 07 2018 2:28pm FLAG
*smiles and kisses you back* You saying I can’t handle it?

Sapphire Sep 07 2018 11:10pm FLAG
Not at all, I just didn't want to scare you off is all *kisses your lips then down to your neck with soft kisses*

MasterTS Sep 07 2018 11:12pm FLAG
*bites my lip and reaches up to play with your hair* I’m fine for now. Just don’t try anything too fast

Sapphire Sep 08 2018 8:35am FLAG
*kisses from your neck up to your ear nibbling gently* That's why I'm holding myself back *smiles and softly kisses your lips*

MasterTS Sep 08 2018 11:39am FLAG
Thank you for respecting that. I really appreciate it. *snuggles my head against your chest*

Sapphire Sep 08 2018 3:08pm FLAG
A good master always knows where the boundaries are *grins and plays with your hair with my fingers*

MasterTS Sep 08 2018 3:23pm FLAG
Hmm you might be a good master TS but you’re not my master *closes my eyes*

Sapphire Sep 08 2018 6:58pm FLAG
This is true, doesn't mean you can't benefit from it *smiles and rubs your back with my free hand*

MasterTS Sep 08 2018 7:31pm FLAG
I’d have to be an idiot to protest that. All of the benefits but none of the drawbacks, isn’t that what you said before? *yawns* Ugh you’re making me sleepy and I ramble when I’m sleepy

Sapphire Sep 08 2018 8:01pm FLAG
Well you don't get all of the benefits, you get some of the best to be sure but not all of them *smiles* and feel free to fall asleep in my lap whenever you want

MasterTS Sep 08 2018 8:05pm FLAG
But I don’t wanna fall asleep yet.. So what benefits do I not get?

Sapphire Sep 08 2018 8:41pm FLAG
Like I said, when you want to *smirks* Well of the big ones I'd say the absolute devotion, I probably wont ever tell you any more personal info about me then you already know, I probably won't drop everything I'm currently doing if you said you need me for something. Mostly stuff like that

MasterTS Sep 08 2018 9:05pm FLAG
*sits up* Okay the first I can understand but the second one is giving me some problems so I’m going to be a nice person and let you explain it before I decide to get upset

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 6:33am FLAG
I don't think it's that shocking but let me expand a bit. By personal info I mean name age exact location, the stuff you wouldn't give to anyone online. Also you'll note I said probably meaning there are circumstances where I would tell you. If I did tell you it wouldn't be here and most of that info is irrelevant unless you planned to come visit me anyways.

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 8:43am FLAG
No not that one. That’s the one I said I understand. I meant the next one oops

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 8:56am FLAG
I said 3 things, 1st was absolute devotion, 2nd was personal info, 3rd was drop everything, which did you mean?

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 9:17am FLAG
I meant the 3rd one

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 9:31am FLAG
Really? And here I thought that one was the least likely to get this reaction. The 3rd one also started with probably so that means there are circumstances where I would. But for example if I was at work and saw you post here about needing me for something I wouldn't ask the boss for a break or to get off early so I could devote that time solely to your issue. I probably wouldn't leave a movie theater for the same reasons. Unless your issue was 'I'm gonna die if you don't' then just like I said I probably wont drop everything I'm currently doing. Honestly I can't even imagine what might cause you to want me to drop everything but I'm open to the idea it could happen.

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 9:55am FLAG
I never expect people to drop everything for me but there are times where I don’t feel the best or I don’t feel like myself and I want to talk to someone and sometimes it’s you. I get it though. You have a life and I have a life.

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 10:32am FLAG
Well talking to someone doesn't usually involve dropping everything, I'm always open to talk if I happen to be around to talk to and if you're feeling down you can always tell me and I'll make as much time as I can for you Saph, maybe we could even consider something a bit more convenient than this site to talk with *pulls you back down to my chest* We'll have to be a bit closer before I start hiding bodies for you though...not much closer mind you *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 10:48am FLAG
Thanks for clearing that up and I can hide my own bodies thank you very much. *smiles* I might like you but that doesn’t mean my independence is going to fly out the window anytime soon

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 11:09am FLAG
Sorry but guys are hardwired to help the people they care about, not the kind of thing you can shut off so you'll just have to deal with it, though I do admit I love sitting back watching you all but castrate idiots *grins*

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 11:16am FLAG
Fine I guess I can deal with it. Does that mean I can call you every time I can’t reach the top shelf? *laughs* My intolerance for idiots has only grown after watching you deal with them all the time. It’s funny how they all come flocking to you, but you know what they say. Takes one to know one *smirks*

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 11:23am FLAG
Idiots always want what they can't have and since I have everything they want it makes me a target, thankfully less so these days haha I'd much rather spend my time cuddling with you then fighting with them

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 11:55am FLAG
Who wouldn’t be jealous of the man that gets to cuddle with me all the time?

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 12:04pm FLAG
What did you think I meant by 'I have everything they want' *smiles and kisses you*

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 12:39pm FLAG
*pecks your lips quickly* If you don’t stop we’re going to be stuck like that forever

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 12:53pm FLAG
Can't really say I'd mind that haha

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 1:37pm FLAG
*shakes my head* I know you wouldn’t

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 1:44pm FLAG
Well at least until the cramps kick in, first hour isn't bad but that second hour...*shudders*

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 2:00pm FLAG
I’ll be sure to fall asleep right at the two hour mark then

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 2:17pm FLAG
You get used to it by the third hour usually...that or something broke so you can't feel it anymore *shrugs* either way it's a win *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 2:30pm FLAG
Only you would believe that’s some type of win. I’m just happy that I’m a girl and I don’t have to worry about you putting my arm to sleep haha

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 2:46pm FLAG
Little known fact guys actually practice putting body parts to sleep to get used to it so they can cuddle more...or maybe that's just me...hmmmm

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 3:12pm FLAG
Wowwwwww we love a dedicated cuddler

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 3:29pm FLAG
What can I say the only thing better than lying in a warm bed is lying in a warm bed with a beautiful girl *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 4:45pm FLAG
You never have the least bit of sympathy for my cheeks, TS. It’s not fair *laughs*

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 4:56pm FLAG
Yes but it's so cute I can't help it *kisses your burning cheeks*

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 5:57pm FLAG
*pouts* You just like to see me suffer

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 6:06pm FLAG
*kisses your other cheek* only the cute suffering *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 7:47pm FLAG
That includes all of my suffering then *gets off your lap and stretches* Geez I think I’ve been on my throne too long. Now I’m starting to cramp up

Sapphire Sep 09 2018 8:04pm FLAG
No I understand, any longer and you'll be the one who can't hold back *smirks and chuckles*

MasterTS Sep 09 2018 8:58pm FLAG
Nope that’ll be all you if it happens. I have impeccable self control.

Sapphire Sep 10 2018 5:56am FLAG
I look forward to testing that out, at least from here I get to admire your...*slides my eyes down your figure*...assets *grins*

MasterTS Sep 10 2018 4:59pm FLAG
Calm down, TS. I can hear your thoughts from here *smirks*

Sapphire Sep 10 2018 6:27pm FLAG
Oh you really can't, my thoughts would make you blush so bad it'd give you heat stroke right now *grins*

MasterTS Sep 10 2018 6:31pm FLAG
Do you ever have any clean thoughts or do I even want to know the answer?

Sapphire Sep 10 2018 6:52pm FLAG
Only when you aren't around Saph *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 10 2018 7:00pm FLAG
I don’t know why I’m the common factor. I’m perfectly innocent

Sapphire Sep 10 2018 7:24pm FLAG
Oh didn't you know? Masters like me love nothing more than corrupting innocent girls like you *grins*

MasterTS Sep 10 2018 7:30pm FLAG
Tough luck sweetheart. I can’t be corrupted *smirks*

Sapphire Sep 10 2018 7:54pm FLAG
*grins* I really do hope that's true

MasterTS Sep 10 2018 7:59pm FLAG
Honestly it all depends on you

Sapphire Sep 10 2018 8:24pm FLAG
Really? You did a 180 that quick? *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 10 2018 8:28pm FLAG
Gotta keep you on your toes somehow

Sapphire Sep 11 2018 5:50am FLAG
And that's why you're my favorite Saph haha

MasterTS Sep 11 2018 12:56pm FLAG
Can’t hope to be the only one these days. Just have to hope you’re the favorite

Sapphire Sep 11 2018 2:26pm FLAG
Well to be perfectly honest you are the only one right now Saph and I don't really see that changing anytime soon

MasterTS Sep 11 2018 6:52pm FLAG
Wait what? So you’re saying you have no other girls right now. I thought I didn’t get absolute devotion

Sapphire Sep 11 2018 7:57pm FLAG
Not quite what I meant when I said that, but yes no other girls right now

MasterTS Sep 11 2018 8:03pm FLAG
Then what exactly did you mean when you said that?

Sapphire Sep 11 2018 8:22pm FLAG
Devotion as in time energy effort, basically you don't get the gf treatment

MasterTS Sep 11 2018 8:33pm FLAG
Damn if this isn’t the gf treatment, I would love to see what is

Sapphire Sep 12 2018 5:17am FLAG
Well I did treat my slaves as good or better than any gf so as my favorite non slave it makes sense it would be pretty darn close *grins*

MasterTS Sep 12 2018 2:46pm FLAG
True but the day I see how you treat a gf or wife you’re happy with whether it’s me or not is a day I’d love to see

Sapphire Sep 12 2018 3:28pm FLAG
Then just imagine how I've been acting with you but more so with the occasional bedroom tango...or room...hell the closet if it's the closest thing really *grins*

MasterTS Sep 12 2018 3:49pm FLAG
Jesus TS the closet. That’s one I don’t think I’ve ever heard

Sapphire Sep 12 2018 8:55pm FLAG
I'll be honest never tried it before but now that I think about it a closet might have some merit to it

MasterTS Sep 12 2018 11:32pm FLAG
That would not be comfortable. Like at all

Sapphire Sep 13 2018 3:48pm FLAG
Depends on the closet I suppose, a full size walk in closet wouldn't be much different then a room really, and in a small closet you could brace against the walls and get some pretty interesting positions *grins*

MasterTS Sep 13 2018 4:50pm FLAG
This is not at all what I wanted to end my day thinking about

Sapphire Sep 13 2018 8:02pm FLAG
Sexy time with me or closets?

MasterTS Sep 14 2018 1:38am FLAG
Hmmm mostly the closets

Sapphire Sep 14 2018 10:08am FLAG
And please don’t ever let the words “sexy time” come out of your mouth ever again

Sapphire Sep 14 2018 10:09am FLAG
Haha, got a reaction didn't it? *grins and pulls you into my lap*

MasterTS Sep 14 2018 5:56pm FLAG
No, it just sounds terrible when you say it *laughs* Couldn’t go that long without me in my spot I see

Sapphire Sep 14 2018 6:07pm FLAG
Hey that was days at least I think I held out pretty good *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 14 2018 6:29pm FLAG
You were so strong. I applaud your bravery and courage for lasting so long without me in your lap

Sapphire Sep 14 2018 6:45pm FLAG
I should get a damn medal, besides you can't say you weren't missing your throne, princess *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 14 2018 7:01pm FLAG
I’ll be sure to make you one that says crybaby on it and I was BUT I still held out longer than you

Sapphire Sep 14 2018 7:35pm FLAG
Oh I'm sorry I didn't see the part where I cried -_- musta missed that part, and if that's how you want to play it you are more than welcome to stand up and we'll start the clock again, this time we'll throw in hugs and kisses. How bout it *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 14 2018 7:47pm FLAG
Nahhhh I’m too lazy. I’m already here now and I could hear you crying on the inside

Sapphire Sep 14 2018 7:56pm FLAG
Hey I'll have you know I only cry at the most manly of things, like lumberjacking, or wrestling, or puppies

MasterTS Sep 14 2018 8:27pm FLAG
Or me not being in your lap. It’s ok. Your secret is safe with me

Sapphire Sep 14 2018 8:39pm FLAG
You know repeating yourself doesn't make you right, it just makes me want to schedule you for an MRI, hows monday sound?

MasterTS Sep 14 2018 9:09pm FLAG
*flips you off* I think I have a date Monday but I know I’m free Tuesday *smirks*

Sapphire Sep 15 2018 5:57am FLAG
*looks hurt* this is more serious then I thought, you're already having hallucinations *hugs you tightly* It's ok Saph I swear to get you the help you need! *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 15 2018 11:05am FLAG
*pushes you off and crosses my arms* I’m going to win one of these days and you won’t know what hit you when I do

Sapphire Sep 15 2018 12:59pm FLAG
Well to be honest you would have had me with that last one except for one crucial detail, I know that you couldn't possible have a date that would ever meet your standards as much as me *grins and reaches up rubbing your shoulders*

MasterTS Sep 15 2018 4:00pm FLAG
Mmhmmmmm you keep telling yourself that sweetheart

Sapphire Sep 15 2018 7:57pm FLAG
In all seriousness you really were close, they say the best way to sharpen a blade is against another sharper blade. By the time I'm through with you, you'll be the sharpest blade around *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 15 2018 8:13pm FLAG
Be careful then. You wouldn’t want to get cut

Sapphire Sep 15 2018 8:44pm FLAG
*reaches up and cups your cheek in my hand* The day you're able to cut me would be one of the happiest days of my life...note I said able to not eager to *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 15 2018 9:25pm FLAG
*smiles* Well I never really want to do it. Just want to be able to prove that I can

Sapphire Sep 15 2018 9:59pm FLAG
*smiles* Knowing you can, knowing when you should, and when you shouldn't, that's true strength *kisses your lips softly*

MasterTS Sep 15 2018 10:10pm FLAG
*smiles against your lips* Are you trying to tell me that’s what I need to work on or that’s what I already have?

Sapphire Sep 16 2018 6:34am FLAG
Neither, just saying it. If you didn't know, now you do. If you did then you are far better than most of your peers *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 16 2018 7:14pm FLAG
The more you know *hums the tune*

Sapphire Sep 16 2018 8:06pm FLAG
Exactly *yawns* sorry I haven't really been around as much lately but I've been working on a project and it took a lot longer then I thought it would *buries my head in your shoulder* I've been staring at so much txt my eyes are getting fuzzy

MasterTS Sep 16 2018 8:58pm FLAG
Aww poor baby *kisses your forehead and moves around a little bit until your head is in my lap* I just finished one of mine a few minutes ago but take a little break if you need to *plays with your hair with one hand and gently runs my nails across your back with the other*

Sapphire Sep 16 2018 9:39pm FLAG
I've recently learned there is only so much broken english written in green txt a person can take in a single day before your eyes just want to shut down. Nearly 18 hours of translation over the course of 2 days might be pushing that limit *groans slightly as your nails*

MasterTS Sep 16 2018 9:47pm FLAG
Okay scratch what I said. Take a big break

Sapphire Sep 16 2018 9:55pm FLAG
Hence why my head is currently resting at the gates of heaven...0,000 characters, 25,000 words, all spaced over 3,000 lines of txt and code. Thought I'm only working on the txt I still have to sift through the code a bit. What's funny is that I could write 25,000 words of a novel in a fraction of that time AND have leftover aspirin in the bottle

MasterTS Sep 16 2018 10:01pm FLAG
How in the hell... You know what never mind. Better you than me

Sapphire Sep 17 2018 5:55am FLAG
It's amazing what a full pot of coffee and boredom will do to you on a day off with literally nothing else to do *nuzzles my head in your lap*

MasterTS Sep 17 2018 3:22pm FLAG
Wait so let me get this straight. You did all that work just because you were bored and not because you were required to?

Sapphire Sep 17 2018 6:08pm FLAG
Nobody asked me to, not being paid for it, and the only recognition I'll get is IF the original creator uses any of it. So yeah pretty much *grins tiredly*

MasterTS Sep 17 2018 7:15pm FLAG
*leans down and kisses your cheek* Stop doing dumb shít please *laughs* for me at least

Sapphire Sep 17 2018 8:45pm FLAG
Well that was only the first half or so of the work, I figure I can finish the next half by sunday *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 17 2018 9:31pm FLAG
Fine but I’m not going to listen to you complain about it if you do *shrugs*

Sapphire Sep 18 2018 6:26pm FLAG
...but I can still use your lap pillow right?

MasterTS Sep 18 2018 8:58pm FLAG
I mean I guess I can still provide my lap *smiles*

Sapphire Sep 18 2018 9:40pm FLAG
Then I regret nothing, not many people can lay such a claim at the gates of heaven after all *grins*

MasterTS Sep 19 2018 6:33pm FLAG
I swear you do this on purpose because you know it’s so hard for me not to make inappropriate jokes out of everything

Sapphire Sep 19 2018 7:23pm FLAG
Well I mean I am, figured you'd join in on the fun *grins*

MasterTS Sep 19 2018 7:43pm FLAG
Mmhmm gates of heaven? Better hope you don’t get locked out anytime soon

Sapphire Sep 19 2018 7:57pm FLAG
Ok enough with the Bruno Mars references *grins* still in this case the gate is pretty damn comfy *cuddles*

MasterTS Sep 19 2018 8:56pm FLAG
I honestly wasn’t even trying to reference Bruno Mars but it’s funny how it turned out that way and I’m always comfy. Like a very small teddy bear

Sapphire Sep 19 2018 9:06pm FLAG
Neither was I honestly it's only now I realized we both did it haha, and you are way to good at throwing mixed messages >>

MasterTS Sep 19 2018 9:38pm FLAG
Haha what mixed message did I send out this time?

Sapphire Sep 20 2018 11:32am FLAG
Like how you can say you love cuddling with me and manage to throw in a small insult all at the same time...maybe I've been training you too well *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 20 2018 1:38pm FLAG
Better watch out. Looks like I’m started to get better than the teacher

Sapphire Sep 20 2018 10:10pm FLAG
I know I'm getting excited *smiles* then again you are very good at exciting me a number of different ways

MasterTS Sep 21 2018 11:57am FLAG
*rolls my eyes* I never have to worry about you losing your ability to be incredibly dirty minded apparently

Sapphire Sep 21 2018 12:33pm FLAG
Hey someone in this relationship has to have a dirty mind, besides I never even hinted at something dirty you just assumed me being excited = dirty, I should be offended *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 21 2018 4:37pm FLAG
And how do you know I don’t have one? You shouldn’t be offended anyway. A blind man could see what you were referencing

Sapphire Sep 21 2018 11:26pm FLAG
Ok fine, an OPENLY dirty mind not low key dirty like yours. Also if I was really being dirty it would be easier to feel it then see it and I'm sure you would have want to talked about the first thing that came up *grins*

MasterTS Sep 24 2018 4:30pm FLAG
*sits back in your lap and lays my head on your chest* hi...

Sapphire Sep 24 2018 6:28pm FLAG
Wow my fingers were all backwards on that last one >> *wraps my arms around your waist and kisses your cheek* welcome back beautiful *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 24 2018 7:55pm FLAG
*laughs softly* I’ve had a terrible day but now I feel wayyy better

Sapphire Sep 24 2018 8:59pm FLAG
*kisses your neck softly* something you want to talk about or forget?

MasterTS Sep 24 2018 9:07pm FLAG
Both. Not much to talk about anyway. Just grieving over someone.

Sapphire Sep 24 2018 9:16pm FLAG
Just grieving usually counts as something to talk about Saph *cuddles*

MasterTS Sep 24 2018 9:34pm FLAG
Yeah but I didn’t even know him that well. It was a suicide so I guess that’s why I was so shaken up about it.

Sapphire Sep 24 2018 9:44pm FLAG
You didn't know him well, but you knew him *hugs*qm

MasterTS Sep 24 2018 10:18pm FLAG
*hugs you back* I know but I can’t help but feel like I don’t deserve to mourn over him or cry over him because I wasn’t as close to him as other people. It’s a lot going on in my mind I guess

Sapphire Sep 24 2018 10:40pm FLAG
If his loss makes you want to cry then do it, if it makes you feel sad then feel it, it doesn't matter how others saw him, what was he to you?

MasterTS Sep 24 2018 11:02pm FLAG
You know like those people you see around all the time and you just smile or say hello? You’re not friends but you’re not complete strangers either. It was like that

Sapphire Sep 25 2018 5:34am FLAG
If that was close enough for you to mourn his death then do it, that actually sounds similar to something that happened to me, scarily similar actually *hugs tight*

MasterTS Sep 25 2018 5:47pm FLAG
What happened?

Sapphire Sep 25 2018 6:52pm FLAG
She was the daughter of my french teacher 5th-7th grade. Like you I knew her, only 107 students at the school so I kinda had to know her. We were friendly but not really friends. 3rd week of freshman year high school I get called to the office with everyone else that went to school with her, suicide, hanging with a belt on a bunk bed

MasterTS Sep 25 2018 7:09pm FLAG
I’m so sorry. That’s terrible. I always get so angry with suicide victims at first but then I realize that I understand. You feel like no one cares about you no matter how many times people say they do and some people just can’t be saved.

Sapphire Sep 25 2018 8:02pm FLAG
*hugs* Even before I stood at her funeral I cried for her, we all did. Far as I knew she was a good person, she seemed strong, beat my ass every time we played soccer *smiles*...even though she wasn't my friend, with her death the world lost one more amazing person...just like the person you knew. There is no shame mourning that kind of loss Saph.

MasterTS Sep 25 2018 9:18pm FLAG
Thank you...

Sapphire Sep 25 2018 9:21pm FLAG
*hugs you tightly* Always Saph

MasterTS Sep 25 2018 10:58pm FLAG
*relaxes into your hug and closes my eyes*

Sapphire Sep 26 2018 5:23am FLAG
*rubs your back gently with my fingers*

MasterTS Sep 26 2018 10:14am FLAG
I’m sorry for running away all those times. Any other guy would have said to hell with the chase but you kept it up and I really don’t deserve you for that

Sapphire Sep 26 2018 12:24pm FLAG
I probably just didn't give you a good enough reason to stay back then *smirks and kisses your cheek* I did come on rather strong back then as well, and I did usually surround myself with girls so I don't blame you at all for not sticking around

MasterTS Sep 26 2018 12:50pm FLAG
*looks up at you and laugh* Rather strong my ass. You were intimidating

Sapphire Sep 26 2018 4:07pm FLAG
Well I never meant to be intimidating, but I would rather be that then seen as weak like most of the others that hung around haha

MasterTS Sep 26 2018 5:50pm FLAG
Oh you’d never be seen as weak at least not by me

Sapphire Sep 26 2018 6:30pm FLAG
*smiles* then mission accomplished

MasterTS Sep 26 2018 7:01pm FLAG
Well duh weak and weak don’t go together

Sapphire Sep 26 2018 7:17pm FLAG
True, almost any other combination works except that one and luckily our awesomeness compliments each other instead of butting heads...well mostly anyways >>

MasterTS Sep 26 2018 9:30pm FLAG
Yeah it doesn’t completely rule out us butting heads but it helps

Sapphire Sep 27 2018 5:58am FLAG
Well if we never did things would get rather boring, I also remember something about blades sharpening each other *grins*

MasterTS Sep 27 2018 11:57am FLAG
Makes sense. I’d like to think I make you sharper

Sapphire Sep 27 2018 4:54pm FLAG
You make me plenty of things beautiful *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 27 2018 5:31pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes and smiles* Oh my gosh here you go

Sapphire Sep 27 2018 5:51pm FLAG
*holds you close kissing your neck slowly up to your ear* here I go what hmm?

MasterTS Sep 27 2018 7:38pm FLAG
*laughs* Here you go with your dirty humor

Sapphire Sep 27 2018 7:47pm FLAG
I have only the most pure of intentions *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 27 2018 7:54pm FLAG
We must have two different definitions of pure babe

Sapphire Sep 27 2018 8:13pm FLAG
You wound me Saph, not all of my thoughts come from the gutter you know *smiles and kisses you deeply, fingers cupping your face*

MasterTS Sep 27 2018 8:44pm FLAG
*gently grabs your shirt and pulls you closer before pulling away* Mmhmm I’m sure they’re not

Sapphire Sep 27 2018 8:47pm FLAG
*lightly rubs my fingers up and down your back* it's only when you get me riled up beautiful

MasterTS Sep 27 2018 9:27pm FLAG
So that’s almost all the time. Also can you let my cheeks breathe please? *smiles*

Sapphire Sep 28 2018 12:19pm FLAG
*kisses your cheeks* I suppose I can give them a small break, only a small one mind you *smiles holding you tight and relaxing* I could almost go for a nap with such a great body pillow, but then I'd be missing out on this gorgeous girl I know...yeah the nap can wait *cuddles*

MasterTS Sep 28 2018 12:51pm FLAG
I love you but a break is MORE than three seconds. Now tell me about this girl you know *takes one of your hands and holds it while intertwining our fingers*

Sapphire Sep 28 2018 3:58pm FLAG
Well a 3 second break is better then no break yes? *grins* well I'm not usually one to kiss and tell but she's a sweet girl, rough around the edges and makes people think she's unapproachable and impossible to deal with but I happen to know for a fact that she only appears that way to the people who don't deserve the real her. I suppose you could say that every rose has it's thorns and her thorns are the sharpest, all to protect the most beautiful flower,l and only those that know how to properly handle such a rose get the pleasure of doing so.

MasterTS Sep 28 2018 4:28pm FLAG
Damn don’t make me cry

Sapphire Sep 28 2018 4:39pm FLAG
If those are tears of joy then I think I can make an exception *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 28 2018 5:04pm FLAG
They are but I have a terrible crying face

Sapphire Sep 28 2018 5:37pm FLAG
I bet it's adorable *kisses your tears away*

MasterTS Sep 28 2018 5:41pm FLAG
If you have a thing for girls that look like a drowned rat then yeah my crying face is great

Sapphire Sep 28 2018 6:05pm FLAG
Nah it's ok because I look like an utter badass when I cry so it balances things out *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 28 2018 6:31pm FLAG
That’s physically impossible. No one can look like a badass when they cry.

Sapphire Sep 28 2018 6:46pm FLAG
Oh I beg to differ, ever seen a crying man nearly tear someones head off in a blind rage so pure the Hulk would be green with envy *smirks*

MasterTS Sep 28 2018 6:49pm FLAG
You cry when you’re angry too?!

Sapphire Sep 28 2018 7:19pm FLAG
...You wanna know a secret?...course you do. I have only ever been in one real fight my entire life, the reason I fought is because my 'friend' pushed me through a rosebush at his house, not over...through. After I threw him to the ground and mounted him in full cover I didn't really stop punching until I realized he wasn't fighting back anymore. I realized that his full grown red nose pitbull was sitting quietly to the side watching us, my hands were covered in our blood, and that I had been crying ever since the rose bush. That last fact was confirmed by our two of which was an active marine, who stood by and watched me unleash hell on this yes *grins*

MasterTS Sep 28 2018 9:01pm FLAG
Well . That’s intense. I don’t like the thought of you fighting though *frowns* The part about wet anger that aggravates the hell out of me is that people assume that because I’m crying they’ve won. What they don’t realize is I’m crying not because I’m intimidated but because I’ve realized that it is in fact illegal to murder them and that shít is frustrating. I probably wouldn’t be able to do it anyway. I can barely handle someone raising their voice at me. I swear I hate being sensitive

Sapphire Sep 28 2018 9:10pm FLAG
Well I can relate with you there on being to be honest I don't really remember what happened, most of the story is what I heard from the 2 friends who watched. I don't really know if I cried because he was someone that was going to be hurt even though there was no reason to other than his pride in wanting to know who was a better fighter. Or if it was because I couldn't stop myself from hurting I knew there was a better option but wasn't strong enough to take it...hmmm

MasterTS Sep 28 2018 9:49pm FLAG
I think I took your job as therapist on here. Have you always had problems with your temper like that or was it just a one time thing?

Sapphire Sep 29 2018 5:48am FLAG
Always had one, never once got that close to releasing it, never got close afterwards either that day taught me a lot about myself. Mostly that when I cry it's manly as hell *grins*

MasterTS Sep 29 2018 9:08am FLAG
Point taken. Now I know someone that can look like a badass when they cry

Sapphire Sep 29 2018 2:34pm FLAG
Just assume I can look badass doing anything and should I ever not, know I chose not to...for some reason. Something profound and philosophical. Probably

MasterTS Sep 29 2018 2:44pm FLAG
Yeah yeah. Always a badass. I got it *laughs*

Sapphire Sep 29 2018 8:56pm FLAG
Well it was enough to help me get you *grins*

MasterTS Sep 29 2018 11:56pm FLAG
Your ability to be a badass is not how you got me just like how my ability to be a bitch isn’t how I got you

Sapphire Sep 30 2018 5:23am FLAG
Actually in a way they might have. If you weren't a bitch to the undeserving then it's possible you could have been snatched up by some lucky punk, or something similar could have happened to me. Either way there's a good chance you wouldn't have your throne right now *smiles*

MasterTS Sep 30 2018 1:44pm FLAG
I’ve been in line for this throne for a looooooong time. Glad my bitchiness saves it for me

Sapphire Sep 30 2018 3:41pm FLAG
Oh is that so, glad to know it's something you've wanted so badly for a loooooong time *grins*

MasterTS Sep 30 2018 7:42pm FLAG
Think about it though. We’ve been playing this game of cat and mouse for almost five years now. That’s insane to me

Sapphire Sep 30 2018 8:16pm FLAG
Just means we know each others buttons about as well as we're going to *grins*

MasterTS Sep 30 2018 8:48pm FLAG
I don’t know. I think there’s always something new to learn about someone. Always a new button waiting to be discovered. For example you’re just now discovering my cheeks after those years *laughs*

Sapphire Sep 30 2018 9:03pm FLAG
Ok fine then we know most of each others buttons, the important ones anyways. Besides those adorable cheeks of yours aren't really a button more like a reward.

MasterTS Oct 01 2018 11:18am FLAG
*shakes my head* For you maybe

Sapphire Oct 01 2018 2:47pm FLAG
You do know seeing you blushing all cutely just makes me want to cuddle and kiss more right *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 01 2018 6:29pm FLAG
Oh I’m very aware of that fact. You don’t usually need a reason to want to cuddle me *smiles*

Sapphire Oct 01 2018 6:38pm FLAG
Do I need a reason to cuddle you? No, does seeing you blush all cutely make me want to cuddle more? Hell yes.

MasterTS Oct 01 2018 9:08pm FLAG
I’m denying you the privilege next time *smirks*

Sapphire Oct 02 2018 5:48am FLAG
Well then we both loose, that's not cool *cuddles*

MasterTS Oct 02 2018 5:39pm FLAG
*huffs* Be glad it’s getting a little colder

Sapphire Oct 02 2018 6:02pm FLAG
Oh don't try to act like you don't love it as much as I do *kisses your neck*

MasterTS Oct 02 2018 8:46pm FLAG
*giggles* I do it because of that and because I’m a good girlfriend/whatever the hell I am to you

Sapphire Oct 02 2018 9:39pm FLAG
You're mine *hugs tightly* all mine and only mine, to love and squeeze and cuddle and if anyone tries to get in the way I hope they don't mind loosing body parts...not that their opinion really matters but you know, in a perfect world and all

MasterTS Oct 03 2018 10:50am FLAG
*smiles* The same goes for you. I was never one to play nice and share

Sapphire Oct 03 2018 2:27pm FLAG
*smiles and kisses you*

MasterTS Oct 03 2018 5:44pm FLAG
Whoa whoa you didn’t agree

Sapphire Oct 03 2018 6:57pm FLAG
So I can only kiss you if I pledge my undying loyalty to you? That didn't seem to stop you from kissing me before though.

MasterTS Oct 03 2018 9:35pm FLAG
That was before you said that. So let me get this straight. I have to be loyal to only you but you don’t have to the same??

Sapphire Oct 04 2018 7:51am FLAG
To be fair you were ready to accept that very condition up until I told you I didn't have any other girls *grins* well I was gonna do it anyways, I swear that I shall have no other girls while you are mine *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 04 2018 9:31am FLAG
Yeah you better not *kisses you*

Sapphire Oct 04 2018 11:57am FLAG
*kisses back* yay there's my kiss

MasterTS Oct 04 2018 5:12pm FLAG
Yeah I wouldn’t want to deny that privilege for too long. Would’ve been a little cruel *laughs*

Sapphire Oct 04 2018 6:50pm FLAG
Well you are a brat so I wouldn't put it past you *smirks* at least until you couldn't hold out any longer *grins*

MasterTS Oct 04 2018 8:24pm FLAG
Oh this brat could last wayyyyy longer than you sweetheart

Sapphire Oct 05 2018 5:59am FLAG
Hey we can put that to the test anytime you want luv *grins*

MasterTS Oct 05 2018 10:02am FLAG
Bet. Time starts now then. *gets off your lap and stands away from you with my arms crossed*

Sapphire Oct 05 2018 2:38pm FLAG
Well we have to set the conditions first, so no kissing only? No kissing and cuddling? No touching? What limits we talkin about here

MasterTS Oct 05 2018 3:52pm FLAG
No touching. If I let you touch, you’d be sly and make me lose.

Sapphire Oct 05 2018 4:14pm FLAG
Alright then I accept, just remember your throne will be nice and warmed up when you're ready to submit *grins*

MasterTS Oct 05 2018 5:48pm FLAG
Yeah yeah and I’ll be soft and squeezable whenever you’re ready to give up

Sapphire Oct 05 2018 8:18pm FLAG
Soft is nice, squeezable is meh on importance. I prefer the warmth, the feeling of silky smooth skin and hair under my fingers. The feeling of a heartbeat that's not mine. Hearing the soft breaths and moans. Tasting anothers lips, the slightly salty taste of skin specially around the neck. The soft scent of shampoo, and sometimes their arousal...

MasterTS Oct 05 2018 8:45pm FLAG
*takes out one of my earbuds and looks around* You say something?

Sapphire Oct 05 2018 9:55pm FLAG
*lays down on the couch* Nope, just talking to the wind *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 05 2018 10:16pm FLAG
Uh huh sure you were *smirks* How’s that conversation going for you?

Sapphire Oct 05 2018 10:33pm FLAG
*looks at you and smirks* surprisingly well actually

MasterTS Oct 05 2018 10:39pm FLAG
*shrugs* If you say so. I could change into a skin tight dress right now but I don’t wanna play too dirty

Sapphire Oct 05 2018 10:41pm FLAG
*smirks* you could wear a burlap sack for all I care, I'd still want to jump you all the same *grins*

MasterTS Oct 05 2018 11:01pm FLAG
*narrows my eyes playfully* That was smooth

Sapphire Oct 05 2018 11:21pm FLAG
Just no cuddling like that, burlap isn't exactly soft and not nearly as nice to touch as you luv

MasterTS Oct 06 2018 12:38pm FLAG
Might wanna get well acquainted to some burlap until you lose this bet

Sapphire Oct 06 2018 1:15pm FLAG
If I get acquainted with anything until you reclaim your throne it would be a nice piece of silk, that way I can at least feel something almost half as nice as you. Actually add some velvet and it might just about get to, experiments for later

MasterTS Oct 06 2018 2:02pm FLAG
I’m sure they have silk robes on amazon. Then, you can feel it all over *winks*

Sapphire Oct 06 2018 2:24pm FLAG
Like I said, another time maybe. For now I still have very vivid memories of the real thing to keep me satisfied *grins*

MasterTS Oct 06 2018 3:41pm FLAG
Do you now?

Sapphire Oct 06 2018 4:04pm FLAG
Wouldn't you like to see *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 06 2018 4:57pm FLAG
*laughs* You’re not allowed to answer my question with a question

Sapphire Oct 06 2018 5:14pm FLAG
To be fair mine was a rhetorical question so apples and oranges *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 06 2018 9:41pm FLAG
But a question nonetheless

Sapphire Oct 06 2018 10:01pm FLAG
Like I said apples and oranges, not really comparable *grins*

MasterTS Oct 07 2018 10:09am FLAG
Alright I’ll let it slip....this time

Sapphire Oct 07 2018 11:19am FLAG
Why thank you ma'am for your unrivaled generosity *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 07 2018 5:06pm FLAG
You’re most welcome

Sapphire Oct 07 2018 6:41pm FLAG
So how life Saph?

MasterTS Oct 08 2018 4:54pm FLAG
Just peachy. What about you?

Sapphire Oct 08 2018 5:46pm FLAG
You seem irritated...did something happen?

MasterTS Oct 08 2018 9:38pm FLAG
Sorry nothing happened. I was just being sarcastic haha

Sapphire Oct 09 2018 7:51am FLAG
Also can you make a new post? I think we broke this one with all of our talking

Sapphire Oct 09 2018 7:52am FLAG
Seems fine on my end but you use a phone don't you? Maybe this site just never expected posts nearly 800 messages long haha

MasterTS Oct 09 2018 1:06pm FLAG
Yeah I’m on a phone and it keeps crashing on this post. I don’t think the creators braced for such chatty people

Sapphire Oct 09 2018 5:23pm FLAG
Give advice: