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I am looking for a discord trading group

The Problem: Looking for discord trading group. Comment your name and tag number and I’ll add you. My tag number is nineninezeroone if it’s not that tag number it’s not me.

Asked by: weewoo at 06:33:27 PM, Wednesday, September 19, 2018 PDT FLAG


Young links, s2r, Kik dominant4sissy

Anonymous Sep 21 2018 8:02am FLAG

f1 6 slaves can add me. first task: take a selfie KIK: supergirl1 6 without space between 1 6

supergirl1 6 Sep 22 2018 1:01pm FLAG
Kmill200 Kick me to trde mega links...s2r

Anonymous Sep 24 2018 1:54pm FLAG

Donejack4 Oct 27 2018 9:42am FLAG
Donejack1 3 4 no spaces

Anonymous Oct 27 2018 9:43am FLAG
Donejack 1 3 4 no spaces tag number six seven eight zero

Anonymous Oct 27 2018 9:44am FLAG

Buddhaman97 Oct 27 2018 11:37pm FLAG

Ebonyhunni78 Nov 08 2018 9:06am FLAG
if only anyone know other site than this site to trade. i gonna give you free cp add me kik kontolryan

Anonymous Nov 15 2018 6:44am FLAG
4 trd Kik yourabadexmple

Anonymous Mar 02 2019 10:15am FLAG
4 trd Kik yourabadexample

Anonymous Mar 02 2019 10:16am FLAG
Kik Todd the Godd

Anonymous Jun 05 2019 11:04pm FLAG
Hi there, I have a group of 5 so far trading only in youg forced and young bdsm g links. If your interested in joining or to trade then send a link only if your links have this in it or we are not interested and you will not be added. Send to kik - Steveieone

Anonymous Jun 06 2019 7:43pm FLAG
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