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The Problem: Hello pets

Asked by: MasterTS at 10:44:42 PM, Friday, October 12, 2018 PDT FLAG


*rolls my eyes* You already know what I’m going to say don’t you

Sapphire Oct 13 2018 5:30am FLAG

You may not be, but you really want to be *grins*

MasterTS Oct 13 2018 9:24am FLAG
And where did you get that idea from?

Sapphire Oct 13 2018 4:10pm FLAG
Kmill200 Kick me to trde mega links...s2r

Anonymous Oct 13 2018 5:21pm FLAG
Oh my god. It's like...LikeLike has become a place for child trafing. I honestly, want to flag every person who uses the word "rape" or "link" or "pic" or "gay" or "sex" or something else nasty and horrible. Of course, I'm not gonna get a response because administrators, understandably enough, have completely left this website (which hasn't been updated since the mid-90's) to rot in the hands of dirty criminals. I bet that if I called the FCC to check out this site, they'd shut it down in a heartbeat. I'm actually thinking of getting a debit card (with my parents' permission, of course) so I can buy the domain name. Then I can actually deal with all the filthy scum on this forgotten corner of the web.

ANormal Oct 13 2018 5:59pm FLAG
@MasterTS - Just send me your mailing address (not your P.O. Box) and I'll deal with the rest. They don't call me Sheriff for nothing.

Never2L8 Oct 13 2018 6:05pm FLAG
Sounds like a good idea if you can do it Anormal

Sapphire Oct 13 2018 6:44pm FLAG
*sigh* I was afraid of this, somehow this is even worse then what used to happen haha, and lets just say I have a hunch Saph *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 14 2018 4:05pm FLAG
As usual, it’s wrong. Do you know that Never2L8 guy?

Sapphire Oct 14 2018 4:35pm FLAG
Never heard of him before, probably just like those other pervs always posting for trades. Shouldn't take long for them to get bored and waddle off

MasterTS Oct 15 2018 1:16am FLAG
Haha why waddle?

Sapphire Oct 15 2018 7:55am FLAG
Because it's sounds funnier that way haha

MasterTS Oct 15 2018 10:57am FLAG
Guess you’re right about that one

Sapphire Oct 15 2018 7:29pm FLAG I the only one to think that we are both so stubborn that neither one of us will ever give in to our bet and that we would just go back to the us without cuddles and kisses?

MasterTS Oct 15 2018 8:59pm FLAG
You’re definitely not the only one. I figured that’s what was going to happen

Sapphire Oct 16 2018 12:03pm FLAG
Yeah I thought so *pulls you into my lap and kisses you long and hard*

MasterTS Oct 16 2018 1:17pm FLAG
*kisses you back and laughs* Aww looks like big bad TS can’t go too long without his girl.

Sapphire Oct 16 2018 3:25pm FLAG
If I thought one of us would actually give in or screw up I'd have kept going but at the rate we were going it wasn't gonna happen *cuddles* though I've never been more happy to loose a bet before *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 16 2018 3:36pm FLAG
Yeah me too. It was getting more and more awkward not being in your lap

Sapphire Oct 16 2018 4:37pm FLAG
How things change when you get awkward NOT being on my lap haha *kisses your neck*

MasterTS Oct 16 2018 5:01pm FLAG
Ugh I know. Don’t expect me to become one of those clingy ass girls though

Sapphire Oct 16 2018 5:30pm FLAG
Cling as much as you want unless I ask you to move brat *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 16 2018 6:46pm FLAG
You’re only saying that because you don’t want to go through something like that bet again *smirks*

Sapphire Oct 16 2018 7:10pm FLAG
Yes *cuddles* like a winter in russia, so cold...*smirks*

MasterTS Oct 16 2018 7:33pm FLAG
*laughs* I’m more than just a good source of body heat you know

Sapphire Oct 16 2018 8:37pm FLAG
That you are and so much more, however I went without this for like a decade so let me enjoy this *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 16 2018 9:06pm FLAG
Alright alright I’m hushing up now

Sapphire Oct 16 2018 9:20pm FLAG
I am however open to any suggestions you may have *kisses your neck up to your ear*

MasterTS Oct 16 2018 9:25pm FLAG
*giggles and gently runs a hand through your hair* How much attention do you need right now

Sapphire Oct 16 2018 9:27pm FLAG
I don't need much, I do however want lots *nibbles on your ear*

MasterTS Oct 16 2018 11:12pm FLAG
Yeah I can see that. *smiles* You’re acting like a puppy that’s seeing your owner for the first time after they were gone for a while

Sapphire Oct 17 2018 7:59am FLAG
Well I could do it the other way around but I don't think you'd appreciate me calling you good girl offering you treats and grabbing your collar and leash *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 17 2018 3:57pm FLAG
I am never one to turn down treats. As you know, I’m a runner so putting a collar and leash on me isn’t going to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

Sapphire Oct 17 2018 4:11pm FLAG
Much easier to do when you're practically glued to my lap, as for treats I think I got a bone here somewhere for you *grins*

MasterTS Oct 17 2018 4:46pm FLAG
*fights back a smile* I want to be mad but I can’t be because I walked right into that one

Sapphire Oct 17 2018 5:00pm FLAG
Does my good girl not want her treat? *holds up a black leather collar trimmed in silver with a black leather leash* or does my good girl want to go for a walk first before treat time? *grins*

MasterTS Oct 17 2018 5:17pm FLAG
Pffft you’re an idiot. Put your toys away please *shakes my head laughing a little*

Sapphire Oct 17 2018 6:09pm FLAG
At least I'm a charming idiot, failing that at least an entertaining one haha

MasterTS Oct 17 2018 6:39pm FLAG
Hmm I’m feeling generous today so I’ll give you charming and entertaining

Sapphire Oct 17 2018 6:59pm FLAG
Milady's generosity is to great a gift for this lowly servant *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 17 2018 7:07pm FLAG
You’re right. I think I’ll take back charming. Wouldn’t want you to get too arrogant

Sapphire Oct 17 2018 7:33pm FLAG
Yes Milady *kisses your hand and grins*

MasterTS Oct 17 2018 7:46pm FLAG
Princess works too *smirks*

Sapphire Oct 17 2018 8:15pm FLAG
As you wish, princess Sapphire *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 17 2018 9:22pm FLAG
Oh no nevermind that sounds terrible *laughs*

Sapphire Oct 18 2018 10:46am FLAG
I dunno doesn't sound too bad *cuddles*

MasterTS Oct 18 2018 3:06pm FLAG
You’re biased. I promise it doesn’t *rests my head against your chest*

Sapphire Oct 18 2018 4:10pm FLAG
That's fair *softly plays with your hair*

MasterTS Oct 18 2018 8:10pm FLAG
*closes my eyes and relaxes into your hands* You’re gonna make me fall asleep

Sapphire Oct 18 2018 9:07pm FLAG
I can think of worse things *kisses your forehead*

MasterTS Oct 18 2018 11:11pm FLAG
Yeah but I can think of better things to do

Sapphire Oct 19 2018 12:54pm FLAG
As can I but I'm curious what you are thinking *grins*

MasterTS Oct 19 2018 1:18pm FLAG
Just some things *smirks* Doesn’t matter though

Sapphire Oct 19 2018 7:46pm FLAG
And why doesn't it matter my sweet Sapphire? *lightly kisses your neck up to your ear*

MasterTS Oct 20 2018 10:18am FLAG
No reason. They just don’t matter right now. Maybe later they will

Sapphire Oct 20 2018 3:02pm FLAG
*sighs dramatically* Fine, be that way brat *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 20 2018 3:47pm FLAG
*blows you a kiss* It’s a talent

Sapphire Oct 20 2018 4:59pm FLAG
Something you want to talk about Saph? Seems like something is bothering you

MasterTS Oct 20 2018 5:16pm FLAG
At times I really hate that you know me so well

Sapphire Oct 20 2018 6:43pm FLAG
*hugs* Yeah I'm a jerk like that, so what's wrong?

MasterTS Oct 20 2018 6:53pm FLAG
*sheugs* It’s stupid

Sapphire Oct 20 2018 6:54pm FLAG
Maybe, maybe not. It's enough to bother you and that makes it my problem until you tell me to off

MasterTS Oct 20 2018 7:00pm FLAG
Wellllllll basically I’m an emotional wreck and I’ve been feeling invisible and forgettable lately and it’s so irrational and I sound so stupid omg

Sapphire Oct 20 2018 7:13pm FLAG
*hugs you tight* You? Forgettable? *smirks* You must be joking

MasterTS Oct 20 2018 7:16pm FLAG
*hugs you back and mumbles into your chest* Yeahhh even I have flaws and insecurities

Sapphire Oct 20 2018 7:20pm FLAG
Like all're still cute tho *grins*

MasterTS Oct 20 2018 7:23pm FLAG
Always true

Sapphire Oct 20 2018 7:42pm FLAG
So you want to tell me what happened? *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 20 2018 7:48pm FLAG
Nothing really happened. Just a feeling

Sapphire Oct 20 2018 7:54pm FLAG
'just a feeling' affected you this much?

MasterTS Oct 20 2018 8:20pm FLAG
You’d be surprised how much feelings affect me

Sapphire Oct 20 2018 8:25pm FLAG
Wow must have been something big, well I'm here if you wanna talk *hugs*

MasterTS Oct 22 2018 10:37am FLAG
Thanks love. I’m here I’d you ever need to talk too

Sapphire Oct 22 2018 11:19am FLAG
Talking is good, cuddling is better *cuddles*

MasterTS Oct 22 2018 11:57am FLAG
*smiles* I should’ve known that’s like your therapy

Sapphire Oct 22 2018 3:03pm FLAG
Nah if anything you are my therapy Saph, cuddles are just a nice extra. Besides I'm not the one who needs it right now *kisses your cheek*

MasterTS Oct 22 2018 4:21pm FLAG
*pouts* Yeahhh don’t remind me

Sapphire Oct 22 2018 5:25pm FLAG
Then I shall instead remind you of the most important day since jesus *grins and kisses you on the lips, softly at first as my fingers gently touch your cheek*

MasterTS Oct 23 2018 2:28pm FLAG
*wraps my arms around your neck and kisses you back* what are you doing to me? *buries my head in your neck cuddling you and laughing softly*

Sapphire Oct 23 2018 3:19pm FLAG
*wraps my arms around you, fingers gently sliding across your back* seducing you?

MasterTS Oct 23 2018 5:00pm FLAG
It’s kinda working but I don’t want it to *laughs*

Sapphire Oct 23 2018 5:17pm FLAG
I'm not sure if holding back is making that better or worse but it's fun slowly driving you crazy *grins*

MasterTS Oct 23 2018 5:39pm FLAG
Probably making it worse but I can’t give everything up that quickly even if you’re driving me absolutely insane

Sapphire Oct 23 2018 5:44pm FLAG
Well you know me Saph I always preferred a slow decent into madness over a quick one *grins*

MasterTS Oct 23 2018 6:18pm FLAG
That explains about a lot about you then

Sapphire Oct 23 2018 6:33pm FLAG
Hey madness is like stew, always best when slow cooked *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 23 2018 9:36pm FLAG
*crinkles my nose* That has got to be the weirdest simile I have ever heard in my entire life

Sapphire Oct 24 2018 5:18am FLAG
Haha *hugs* mission accomplished then...though now I want stew

MasterTS Oct 24 2018 10:29am FLAG
Call it pot roast or something. Stew makes you sound like a witch

Sapphire Oct 24 2018 11:12am FLAG
Stew and pot roast are different, I mean geez that's like saying you might as well call a hamburger a cheeseburger

MasterTS Oct 24 2018 1:44pm FLAG
Fine what’s the difference?

Sapphire Oct 24 2018 2:57pm FLAG
Stews are like a thick soup with plenty of broth, pot roast tends to be less broth and more potatoes carrots etc, also they usually use different meats

MasterTS Oct 24 2018 3:22pm FLAG
Well the more you know

Sapphire Oct 24 2018 4:24pm FLAG
And I happen to know what dinner will be tomorrow, not enough time today to make it *grins*

MasterTS Oct 24 2018 5:07pm FLAG
Hmm pot roast?

Sapphire Oct 24 2018 5:56pm FLAG
Nah stew cooked for no less than 10 hours

MasterTS Oct 24 2018 6:14pm FLAG
So you can cook? *smiles*

Sapphire Oct 24 2018 7:56pm FLAG
A little, I usually stick to pretty simple stuff but that's just my taste. I mean so long as you have the recipe then it's no different then putting together an IKEA anything

MasterTS Oct 24 2018 8:09pm FLAG
From what I’ve heard, putting together anything from IKEA is hell but hey to each their own. I’m more of a baking person than cooking

Sapphire Oct 24 2018 8:34pm FLAG
I mean maybe some of the more complicated pieces might be a bit annoying but if you can nuke a burrito you should be able to figure out IKEA, what do you like to bake?

MasterTS Oct 25 2018 9:37am FLAG
I make cakes and cupcakes mostly

Sapphire Oct 25 2018 11:45am FLAG
Not a huge fan of sweets but I'd like to try them one day *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 25 2018 4:07pm FLAG
We’re going to have to change that. Even though you don’t like sweets, do you have a favorite cake flavor?

Sapphire Oct 25 2018 5:59pm FLAG
Cheesecake with raspberry, and I don't like sweets because they hurt my teeth so not much we can do about that I'm afraid haha

MasterTS Oct 26 2018 12:10pm FLAG
Aww that sucks. I haven’t tried making a cheesecake yet but we’ll see

Sapphire Oct 26 2018 2:17pm FLAG
Yeah anything gooey like caramel or chocolate or frosting of most any kind get stuck in my teeth then it's a mad dash to find the pointiest object I can find so I can dig it out haha

MasterTS Oct 26 2018 3:11pm FLAG
What about whipped cream frosting?

Sapphire Oct 27 2018 5:51am FLAG
Dunno, willing to risk it for a taste of you *grins*

MasterTS Oct 27 2018 8:47am FLAG
*laughs* Stop teasing. I’m being serious

Sapphire Oct 27 2018 9:10am FLAG
Oh so am I *grins and nibbles on your ear* would it be better if I said for a taste of your goods? *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 27 2018 3:03pm FLAG
Assuming you’re referring to cake as my goods and not me, then yes that’s better. Although something tells me that’s not at all what you meant

Sapphire Oct 27 2018 3:16pm FLAG
Well...both to be honest, mostly your cakes but depending on how you took it possibly you yourself *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 28 2018 3:38pm FLAG
I figured it was both. Looks like you do have a sweet tooth for some type of cake

Sapphire Oct 28 2018 3:47pm FLAG
If it's made by someone I care about then I'll eat the whole thing regardless *smiles and cuddles*

MasterTS Oct 28 2018 3:50pm FLAG
Awww precious *kisses your cheek*

Sapphire Oct 28 2018 4:53pm FLAG
If I had to choose a normal cake flavor I'd say...vanilla

MasterTS Oct 28 2018 5:06pm FLAG
Hmm I’ll accept that. Why not chocolate though?

Sapphire Oct 28 2018 5:59pm FLAG
...*shrug* I like the taste of vanilla?

MasterTS Oct 28 2018 6:18pm FLAG
Well I like both

Sapphire Oct 28 2018 6:27pm FLAG
Well bully for you =p

MasterTS Oct 28 2018 8:27pm FLAG
*laughs* Okayyyy I think that’s enough talk about sweets. You pick something

Sapphire Oct 28 2018 8:45pm FLAG
Yeah but I'm not good at picking things to talk about out of thin air like that

MasterTS Oct 29 2018 11:09am FLAG
If I can do it, so can you. Just pick the first thing that comes to your mind

Sapphire Oct 29 2018 12:46pm FLAG
...Ok first thing to mind isn't said in polite company...second thing isn't said in any company...I don't think the third thing even has words to describe it......all I can think about after that is food

MasterTS Oct 29 2018 1:20pm FLAG
I’m curious now. What are the first two things since you can’t describe the third one?

Sapphire Oct 29 2018 4:14pm FLAG
If I said it you'd be an accessory and I wouldn't want to do that to my dear Saph *smiles*

MasterTS Oct 29 2018 4:42pm FLAG
Uh huh. Too much for my innocent ears?

Sapphire Oct 29 2018 5:39pm FLAG
Nah if it were just that much you'd be the first one to hear about it *grins*

MasterTS Oct 29 2018 8:40pm FLAG
Then what? You can’t expect to not want to know your secrets

Sapphire Oct 29 2018 8:49pm FLAG
Well we all have our secrets, you're not quite ready for these particular ones...yet *smirks*

MasterTS Oct 29 2018 8:56pm FLAG
*crosses my arms* If you say so

Sapphire Oct 30 2018 5:54am FLAG
Oh I'm sure there are things about yourself you aren't ready to tell me yet, just how things go luv *kisses your cheek*

MasterTS Oct 30 2018 1:10pm FLAG
Yeah I guess so. Doesn’t mean I like it though

Sapphire Oct 30 2018 3:08pm FLAG
Besides when the time comes to divulge my secrets you can be damn sure it wont happen here haha

MasterTS Oct 30 2018 4:10pm FLAG
Awww I was sure you’d let all the trolls know about your Achilles’ Heel

Sapphire Oct 30 2018 4:35pm FLAG
Well to be fair even if they did know that none of them would be able to use it in any meaningful way

MasterTS Oct 30 2018 7:55pm FLAG
So it doesn’t bother you anymore or it would only bother you if used by people you care about?

Sapphire Oct 30 2018 8:39pm FLAG
Neither, anyone less than you wouldn't be able to use it in a way that could hurt me, in the same way an infant couldn't fire a loaded gun

MasterTS Oct 30 2018 9:11pm FLAG
Why me though?

Sapphire Oct 30 2018 9:43pm FLAG
Cause you're not an idiot?

MasterTS Oct 30 2018 10:59pm FLAG
*laughs* Wow thanks. Glad you think so

Sapphire Oct 31 2018 4:07am FLAG
Well it's more than just not being an idiot you are so much more than just not an idiot, but that right there is enough to set you apart from all the chaff so it's fitting *grins*

MasterTS Nov 02 2018 11:43am FLAG
I feel like you only see my good personality traits so I feel that I should warn you about the bad ones. I’m annoying as hell, I need constant reassurance that someone still likes me, I won’t tell you when I’m depressed and I’ll lie no matter how many times you ask if I’m okay. Hmmm can’t think of anymore right but I figured I would warn you now so that you can act according. Meaning I won’t judge you if you leave

Sapphire Nov 02 2018 3:42pm FLAG
Yeah not going to lie those are basically 'the 4 things you have to learn to deal with being with a woman' hell if those were the only 4 things a guy was good at he'd make at the very least an acceptable partner

MasterTS Nov 02 2018 4:58pm FLAG
Yeah I guess that’s true. But hey if you think you can deal with it all, be my guest

Sapphire Nov 02 2018 5:22pm FLAG
*Opens up a bottle* Good times @TS, and @Saph. Watchu doin’ lately?

Enemy Nov 03 2018 2:04pm FLAG
Being busy as hell. What about you?

Sapphire Nov 04 2018 7:02pm FLAG
am I the only one who reads these convos between saph and ts with a bucket of popcorn?????

dragonwing Nov 04 2018 10:06pm FLAG
same ^^

anonymousbitch Nov 04 2018 11:21pm FLAG
I’m glad we can provide such entertainment to y’all lmao

Sapphire Nov 05 2018 10:21am FLAG
Well this is about the only thing worth reading on this site anymore haha

MasterTS Nov 05 2018 3:39pm FLAG
That is true. Everything else is extremely disturbing

Sapphire Nov 05 2018 4:13pm FLAG
Or just people asking if anyone remembers them. You have to admit if you go back through our conversations there are some really good lines here and there almost like a half decent romance novel

MasterTS Nov 06 2018 1:27pm FLAG
Damn we can only get half decent?

Sapphire Nov 06 2018 3:36pm FLAG
A good romance story would have more drama and at least a clear fake out antagonist mixed in with the 'awww look how cute they are together' parts. I mean hell we don't even have a 3rd wheel rival to make a proper love triangle! Also if it was a really bad love story and we'd be knocking boots like every other hour, so we fall somewhere in the middle *grins*

MasterTS Nov 06 2018 6:44pm FLAG
I could always summon someone if you believe we need a good antagonist and love triangle *smirks*

Sapphire Nov 06 2018 6:47pm FLAG
I'm honestly surprised me just being here hasn't summoned them already to be honest. Either they all just left or our little romance story is just so good nobody wants to interrupt *grins*

MasterTS Nov 06 2018 6:59pm FLAG
I like to think it’s the latter. Makes us look more interesting

Sapphire Nov 06 2018 7:02pm FLAG
True, plus there's the whole 'will they or won't they bang' angle, so temptingly close at times but then it's just more cuddlles n kisses *grins*

MasterTS Nov 06 2018 7:15pm FLAG
*laughs* No you’re always temptingly close. I on the other hand know how to keep my skinny jeans on

Sapphire Nov 06 2018 7:20pm FLAG
It's what you do with those skinny jeans that keeps the readers guessing *smirks*

MasterTS Nov 06 2018 8:14pm FLAG
*raises my eyebrow* And what exactly am I doing with them?

Sapphire Nov 06 2018 8:20pm FLAG
You keep them on, despite how much you might want to take them off *kisses you* and it leave the readers thinking, will she or wont she *grins*

MasterTS Nov 06 2018 9:02pm FLAG
*giggles and kisses you back* She will not. So sorry to disappoint the fans

Sapphire Nov 07 2018 5:14am FLAG
I'm sure they are organizing the riots as we speak *pulls you into my lap*

MasterTS Nov 07 2018 10:03am FLAG
As long as they leave you out of them, I don’t care

Sapphire Nov 07 2018 11:19am FLAG
While I do enjoy a good riot now and then I can think of much better ways to spend my time *runs my fingers lightly up your arms*

MasterTS Nov 07 2018 4:47pm FLAG

Sapphire Nov 07 2018 7:53pm FLAG
Cuddling with you? *kisses your cheek*

MasterTS Nov 07 2018 8:57pm FLAG
*smiles* Good answer

Sapphire Nov 08 2018 5:49am FLAG
Like I'd say anything with such a beautiful girl in my lap. I'm almost offended *grins*

MasterTS Nov 08 2018 10:13am FLAG
Awwww stop it

Sapphire Nov 08 2018 3:44pm FLAG
Make me *grins*

MasterTS Nov 08 2018 10:14pm FLAG
*pulls you closer to me by your shirt and kisses you* That good enough for you?

Sapphire Nov 09 2018 5:46am FLAG
That was the correct answer *smiles and kisses you back*

MasterTS Nov 09 2018 12:12pm FLAG
Told you I’m always right

Sapphire Nov 09 2018 2:13pm FLAG
At least more right than you used to be *smirks and kisses your cheek*

MasterTS Nov 09 2018 2:23pm FLAG
Nope I was right then too

Sapphire Nov 09 2018 5:05pm FLAG
The first sign of intelligence is admitting you can be and have been wrong about stuff *smirks*

MasterTS Nov 09 2018 5:37pm FLAG
Fine. I’ve been wrong about like one thing. There you go.

Sapphire Nov 09 2018 6:11pm FLAG
...Well I suppose admittance to one thing is better than none...let's call it a start *smiles*

MasterTS Nov 09 2018 9:21pm FLAG
I can do that

Sapphire Nov 10 2018 4:51am FLAG
Oh I know you can beautiful *cuddles*

MasterTS Nov 12 2018 1:21pm FLAG
Look who decided to join me again after like a year *smirks*

Sapphire Nov 12 2018 3:00pm FLAG
Hey I got used to answering on the odds I forgot the order got all messed up so shush brat =p and besides that it was only like, a day? So like half a year

MasterTSW Nov 12 2018 4:55pm FLAG
Nah it was more than a day so a year. If you think I’m a brat, you at least have to remember that brats don’t like to be kept waiting *smiles*

Sapphire Nov 12 2018 5:19pm FLAG
Consider it payback for making me wait *smirks*

MasterTS Nov 12 2018 5:56pm FLAG
Making you wait for what?

Sapphire Nov 12 2018 6:16pm FLAG
All these years for you *smiles and hugs you tightly*

MasterTS Nov 13 2018 1:37pm FLAG
Well was it worth it? *laughs*

Sapphire Nov 13 2018 2:19pm FLAG
Oh absolutely *cuddles* so soft and warm

MasterTS Nov 13 2018 2:22pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes playfully* I don’t know what I’m going to be good for in the summer

Sapphire Nov 13 2018 4:29pm FLAG
Easy summer cuddles, it's like winter cuddles but usually with less clothing on *grins*

MasterTS Nov 13 2018 5:33pm FLAG
Oh God no. I love you but you’re not touching me in hot ass weather. I’ll but you a body pillow to help with your cuddling addiction

Sapphire Nov 13 2018 5:49pm FLAG
Well it's a good thing I have my own AC unit *grins*

MasterTS Nov 14 2018 12:14pm FLAG
*groans* That won’t help. I’ll still be hot. You’re not going to let me get out of cuddling, are you?

Sapphire Nov 14 2018 2:58pm FLAG
Well to be fair you could be ***** in the middle of Antarctica and you'd still be hot, and no, you can't escape the cuddles *grins*

MasterTS Nov 14 2018 4:39pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes* You’re lucky you’re so cute. I guess I’ll comply

Sapphire Nov 14 2018 7:14pm FLAG
Please I'm god damn adorable and you know it *smirks*

MasterTS Nov 14 2018 10:20pm FLAG
Can’t argue with that one *smiles*

Sapphire Nov 15 2018 5:53am FLAG
Yay *kisses you soft and slow running my fingers over your cheek and up into your hair*

MasterTS Nov 16 2018 12:32pm FLAG
*laughs before kissing you back and climbing onto your lap straddling you* You know I never would’ve taken you for someone that loves PDA so much *sits up on your lap with my hands still on your chest*

Sapphire Nov 16 2018 1:57pm FLAG
I usually don't but what can I say with you I just have so much to show off *smiles and wraps my hands around your waist*

MasterTS Nov 16 2018 5:15pm FLAG
*shrugs* I don’t mind anyway. I think it’s sweet

Sapphire Nov 16 2018 5:20pm FLAG
I've heard I'm rather bitter but that's what the pineapple is for *grins*

MasterTS Nov 16 2018 5:40pm FLAG
Well you’re not bitter to me at least but I think that’s because you know damn well I would never allow it

Sapphire Nov 16 2018 7:24pm FLAG
*Cracks bottle open* there goes my savings.

Enemy Nov 16 2018 11:44pm FLAG
Well I wasn't talking about my personality Saph haha

MasterTS Nov 17 2018 1:35pm FLAG
What did you buy the Trump vodka Nate? Stuffs like $100 a pop

MasterTS Nov 17 2018 1:35pm FLAG
*narrows my eyes* I’m lost then

Sapphire Nov 17 2018 2:01pm FLAG
Hehe no worries luv, it's kinda cute that you don't *smiles*

MasterTS Nov 18 2018 1:04am FLAG
Nooo tell me. You know how much it bothers me when I don’t understand something

Sapphire Nov 18 2018 5:29am FLAG
Haha fine fine, I was talking about how I taste Saph *grins*

MasterTS Nov 18 2018 11:42am FLAG
*sighs dramatically* I should’ve known. Can’t relate though. I’m pretty sweet

Sapphire Nov 18 2018 6:52pm FLAG
*smiles* Like ambrosia *kisses your cheek*

MasterTS Nov 18 2018 10:13pm FLAG
Did you just compare me to a goddamn fruit salad?

Sapphire Nov 18 2018 10:33pm FLAG
Ambrosia, a drink created by the greek gods, said to be the most delicious substance mortal or god would ever taste. Also some say drinking it will make you near immortal

MasterTS Nov 19 2018 2:05pm FLAG
I feel so bad lmao. I’ve always known ambrosia to be an ugly ass fruit salad. I’m like 98.9% sure I can make you immortal by the way

Sapphire Nov 19 2018 2:17pm FLAG
I’m like high right now but not from drugs cause drugs are bad and I’m a good girl

Sapphire Nov 19 2018 2:18pm FLAG
I will take that chance, even without the immortality *grins* and I wish I was high right now, like legit high cause I'm clearly the bad one in this relationship *smirks*

MasterTS Nov 19 2018 5:38pm FLAG
You’re such a bad influence *laughs* Do you know how innocent I was before I met you 5 years ago? I was an angel

Sapphire Nov 19 2018 7:09pm FLAG
Well to be fair, compared to now 5 years ago I could be called an angel so...even? *grins*

MasterTS Nov 19 2018 10:40pm FLAG
No not even. Your mind games were way worse 5 years ago than they are now. I would say that you were anything but an angel, a little devil actually *smirks*

Sapphire Nov 19 2018 11:08pm FLAG
True as that may be my 'mind games' never really worked on you so can you really use that for a comparison?

MasterTS Nov 19 2018 11:19pm FLAG
Well I’m here now so how do you know they didn’t work on me?

Sapphire Nov 20 2018 12:14am FLAG
Because you are here now saph, if my mind tricks worked on you then you would have been mine years ago, yet here you are with what you claim to be a more mild me *smiles*

MasterTS Nov 20 2018 1:01am FLAG
Maybe they started to work over the years

Sapphire Nov 20 2018 7:38am FLAG
I guess persistence paid off this time then *grins*

MasterTS Nov 20 2018 1:14pm FLAG
Mmhmmm *cuddles up in your lap*

Sapphire Nov 20 2018 1:55pm FLAG
Oh sweet softness *buries my head in your shoulder*

MasterTS Nov 20 2018 4:52pm FLAG
*giggles* Someone’s happy

Sapphire Nov 20 2018 4:59pm FLAG
I've had a headache for 2 days, my last message was right after I got home then I passed out, I left work early cause I started shaking like I downed a gallon of super caffeinated coffee and no amount of Excedrin makes a difference >

MasterTS Nov 21 2018 5:20pm FLAG
That sounds awful. You should really go see a doctor. Does it feel like a migraine?

Sapphire Nov 21 2018 5:49pm FLAG
Eh I'll go see a doctor when I'm dead, besides you loose man points every time you go to the doctors for anything less than a severed arm, even then if you cry you still get dinged points *grins*

MasterTS Nov 21 2018 6:18pm FLAG
I couldn’t care less about your man points right now. I’m trying to make sure you’re okay and you should be too.

Sapphire Nov 21 2018 6:39pm FLAG
If I weren't ok I probably wouldn't be here teasing you about it *smiles* I feel better I promise *pulls you into a hug and kisses your forehead*

MasterTS Nov 21 2018 9:52pm FLAG
*pouts* Okay good but don’t scare me like that

Sapphire Nov 21 2018 10:10pm FLAG
Didn't mean to *smiles* but you are cute when you pout so not a total loss *grins*

MasterTS Nov 22 2018 4:50pm FLAG
You think everything I do is cute *laughs* I could trip over my own feet and all you’d think is “wow cute”

Sapphire Nov 22 2018 10:05pm FLAG
Completely forgot to say this. Happy Thanksgiving baby

Sapphire Nov 22 2018 11:26pm FLAG
*imagines you tripping over your own feet*...that's adorable!!!

MasterTS Nov 23 2018 8:39pm FLAG
also same, Happy Turkey Day! ^^ I was in a bit of a food coma because a whole turkey plus sides a plenty can be hard to eat between 6 people, but by god I gave it my best shot

MasterTS Nov 23 2018 8:41pm FLAG
That’s not... We have two very different version of adorable *shakes my head* And I was definitely in a food coma. I ate like a pregnant woman with the munchies

Sapphire Nov 23 2018 10:15pm FLAG
Agreed but I still prefer my version *grins*

MasterTS Nov 24 2018 1:52pm FLAG
Of course you would. Here’s a question for you. What’s your favorite song right now? Since they say that music says a lot about someone

Sapphire Nov 24 2018 4:42pm FLAG
Favorite song right now? Hard to say but I like 'Somethings got me started' by Swingfly

MasterTS Nov 27 2018 12:59pm FLAG
This time you came back after like 60 years. I’m nothing but an old woman now *laughs* I just listened to that song though. It’s definitely going to be stuck in my head. It’s really catchy

Sapphire Nov 27 2018 3:09pm FLAG
Yeah it's part of my playlist when I bike to work I probably hear it 4 or 5 times a day haha hard to say if it's my favorite song but it's right up there, if I had to pick another it would be a remix called 'One song to the tune of another' by Atheism-is-Unstoppable on youtube

MasterTS Nov 27 2018 5:27pm FLAG
I’m into so many different genres that I can’t possibly pick an all time favorite, but Juice by Iyla has been on repeat lately for me. Not sure if you’d like it though haha

Sapphire Nov 27 2018 7:13pm FLAG
Is that the one where the guy is putting the bag over his head?

MasterTS Nov 27 2018 8:21pm FLAG
Yeah that’s the one

Sapphire Nov 27 2018 8:39pm FLAG
It's good, the video is surreal so bonus points. I can't see it going into a playlist anytime soon but not bad

MasterTS Nov 28 2018 10:47am FLAG
*shrugs* That’s fine. Everybody likes different stuff

Sapphire Nov 28 2018 3:02pm FLAG
Oh there are a handful of of songs that go into my guilty pleasures playlist haha

MasterTS Nov 28 2018 5:24pm FLAG
I have like 6 but my main one is 24 hours long

Sapphire Nov 28 2018 6:01pm FLAG
My biggest playlist it's the entirety of what my phone holds then put on shuffle lol only like 200 songs though

MasterTS Nov 29 2018 11:07am FLAG
Do you have an “in your feelings” playlist?

Sapphire Nov 29 2018 3:47pm FLAG
In my feelings? If you mean a playlist of songs that trigger some kind of emotional response then that would be almost every song I have.

MasterTS Nov 30 2018 12:33pm FLAG
Not exactly. A playlist with only the songs that make you sad. That’s what “in my feelings” means.

Sapphire Nov 30 2018 4:09pm FLAG
Nothing like that but I do have several several songs like that, right at the top of the list is 'Whiskey Lullaby' By Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss, I cannot listen to that song without getting misty eyed

MasterTS Nov 30 2018 4:21pm FLAG
So you’re a country fan?

Sapphire Nov 30 2018 9:20pm FLAG
I do like country, used to hate it but I like it now, though I do like far more heavy metal songs then country songs...heck I think I like more rap then country songs...ok I don't hate country and I really like a couple country songs

MasterTS Nov 30 2018 10:12pm FLAG
Same here. Church Bells by Carrie Underwood has been stuck in my head lately

Sapphire Dec 01 2018 4:59am FLAG
If we're talking recent, I'm not sure if it is country but it's damn close if it isn't, 'The Time is Now' by Unstoppable Movie on youtube

MasterTS Dec 01 2018 10:20am FLAG
I’ve been super busy lately but I’ll listen to it when I get a chance

Sapphire Dec 01 2018 4:04pm FLAG
End of the year rush eh? Haha always kinda sucks

MasterTS Dec 01 2018 8:21pm FLAG
Yes. Christmas shopping and end of the year assignments and seasonal depression and stress eating so yeah it sucks

Sapphire Dec 01 2018 8:26pm FLAG
Aww I'm sorry love *pulls you into my lap and hugs tight*

MasterTS Dec 03 2018 10:40am FLAG
*smiles and cuddles against your chest* Don’t be. I got this.

Sapphire Dec 03 2018 2:12pm FLAG
Shhh this is the perfect chance for me to get extra points and cuddle *kisses your cheek* don't ruin this for me *smirks*

MasterTS Dec 03 2018 3:32pm FLAG
*laughs* My bad. I’ll let you have it this time

Sapphire Dec 03 2018 3:42pm FLAG
Yay *cuddles* so warm and soft

MasterTS Dec 03 2018 4:20pm FLAG
As always. Not to mention I smell like vanilla so that’s a plus

Sapphire Dec 03 2018 8:32pm FLAG
You smell like my coffee 0.0 *buries my head in your neck breathing deep* Yup there's my new drug *grins*

MasterTS Dec 04 2018 10:38am FLAG
*giggles* Hey don’t get too high. I like you sober

Sapphire Dec 04 2018 2:02pm FLAG
*mumbles something and buries my head into your neck more holding you tighter*

MasterTS Dec 05 2018 11:18am FLAG
Noo can you come up for oxygen like once please?

Sapphire Dec 05 2018 3:23pm FLAG
Oxygen is overrated, all I need is the scent of vanilla and you *smiles*

MasterTS Dec 05 2018 5:34pm FLAG
*rolls my eyes playfully* No I’m overrated. You need oxygen

Sapphire Dec 05 2018 6:21pm FLAG
If by over rated you mean on a scale from one to ten your scale exploded because it couldn't quite handle a thousand? Then yes...yes you are

MasterTS Dec 05 2018 6:34pm FLAG
*kisses your cheek* You’re so sweet

Sapphire Dec 05 2018 7:02pm FLAG
I'm only able to be sweet because you make it so easy for me, I mean seriously I call hax *smiles and kisses your lips softly*

MasterTS Dec 05 2018 7:25pm FLAG
*kisses your lips before moving to your nose and pulling away* I think that maybe this big softie has been here all along and you had to find the right person to bring it out

Sapphire Dec 05 2018 9:06pm FLAG
Oh so I'm a softy now am I? *smirks*

MasterTS Dec 05 2018 9:25pm FLAG
Absolutely *smiles*

Sapphire Dec 06 2018 5:43am FLAG
Big yes, soft? Almost never when you're around *smirks*

MasterTS Dec 07 2018 10:36am FLAG
Remember that time we were talking while you were sick? I think it’s about to be the other way around now. I feel terrible

Sapphire Dec 07 2018 11:51am FLAG
Well then it's my turn to look after you *hugs*

MasterTS Dec 07 2018 12:37pm FLAG
You wouldn’t like me when I’m sick. I’m mean

Sapphire Dec 07 2018 2:18pm FLAG
Oh no worries there, I've been around women giving birth. Nothing like a family member screaming they will tear your heart out and choke you to death with it haha

MasterTS Dec 07 2018 3:41pm FLAG
Yeah I’m not that mean so I’m sure you’ll be fine then

Sapphire Dec 08 2018 2:14am FLAG
*Cracks open another Bottle* My savings are gone by this point. Yes, THE TRUMP VODKA. Anyways how are my tao favorite love birds doing? I am now here to stay!

Enemy ( Nate ) Dec 09 2018 2:34am FLAG
I’m great. Just taking cough syrup shots

Sapphire Dec 09 2018 4:25pm FLAG
Styrofoam Cup x2, Cough Syrup x1, Sprite x1, Jolly Ranchers x4

Enemy Dec 09 2018 7:32pm FLAG
I usually take shots of Nyquil when I'm feeling sick *rubs Saphs back*

MasterTS Dec 10 2018 11:16am FLAG
I can’t find mine *pouts* but I am starting to feel better. My throat’s just scratchy as hell

Sapphire Dec 10 2018 2:49pm FLAG
Too much coughing?

MasterTS Dec 10 2018 3:09pm FLAG
Yeah I sound like a little old lady now. My voice is so hoarse

Sapphire Dec 10 2018 3:27pm FLAG
Yeah I get that when I cough too much which is almost always during winter, shame winter is my favorite season

MasterTS Dec 10 2018 4:11pm FLAG
Ugh I know. I love it but my body doesn’t

Sapphire Dec 10 2018 4:47pm FLAG
Nothing better than cuddling up in front of the fire while it snows outside with something strong and warming to drink *cuddles* now I just need a good drink and snow

MasterTS Dec 10 2018 5:26pm FLAG
*smiles* Hmm coffee or hot chocalate?

Sapphire Dec 10 2018 6:18pm FLAG
Fix me a cup of that Boi

Enemy Dec 10 2018 9:32pm FLAG
Coffee always, vanilla bean coffee black, no sugar, I was talking about a good whiskey or brandy tho *grins*

MasterTS Dec 11 2018 1:07pm FLAG
Haha you have your Trump vodka Nate what else do you need?

MasterTS Dec 11 2018 1:08pm FLAG
Ewwww I don’t know how you take it black. I take my sugar with a little bit of coffee *laughs*

Sapphire Dec 11 2018 1:35pm FLAG
Sometimes the Vodka can’t always fill the missing spot.

Nate Dec 11 2018 2:31pm FLAG
Real men drink coffee black, heck if I could make it extra black I would, the bitter taste is like a punch to the face, perfect for waking your brain up. That and after you get used to splitting an entire pot of cheap black coffee between 2 people every day you eventually get used to it haha

MasterTS Dec 11 2018 4:36pm FLAG
True vodka does leave something to be desired, I wonder if all the machines that make Trumps vodka are all gold like his toilets

MasterTS Dec 11 2018 4:37pm FLAG
One of the times I’m grateful to be a lady. Real men can have fun with that one

Sapphire Dec 11 2018 5:14pm FLAG
You should try some of my coffee, you may not love it but I know you wont hate it outright like other black coffee

MasterTS Dec 11 2018 5:25pm FLAG
It would go down as the ugliest pout in history so I’ll pass

Sapphire Dec 11 2018 6:20pm FLAG
*Sippin’ on this bottle of Yak*

Nate Dec 12 2018 1:04am FLAG
1st things first, no pout of yours could be anything less than adorable, thing the 2nd my coffee is so smooth and sweet you wont even know you're drinking coffee

MasterTS Dec 12 2018 10:48am FLAG
*kisses your cheek* Thanks love but my answer stays the same. Even you can’t make me drink black coffee

Sapphire Dec 12 2018 2:38pm FLAG
*kisses back* does it help if it looks more brown than black?

MasterTS Dec 12 2018 4:27pm FLAG
Nope if it’s not the lightest brown I’ve ever seen I’m not drinking it.

Sapphire Dec 12 2018 4:57pm FLAG
Fine fru fru starbucks coffee for you then love haha

MasterTS Dec 12 2018 5:15pm FLAG
Hell yeah. Caramel cocoa cluster Frappuccino for me please. You can drink your bitter bean juice.

Sapphire Dec 12 2018 5:29pm FLAG
Just the sound of that makes my teeth hurt haha I do like a good frappuchino now and then, just the basic one mind you

MasterTS Dec 12 2018 5:56pm FLAG
Well I’m anything but basic. How does that make your teeth hurt but not black coffee?

Sapphire Dec 12 2018 6:24pm FLAG
Sweet things make my teeth hurt, chocolate, caramel, toffee, anything sweet sugary and gooey is especially bad for me, remember our talk about cakes? Oh also cold things really hurt if I'm not careful about it, hot bitter things don't bother me anymore than a regular person

MasterTS Dec 12 2018 7:50pm FLAG
Yeah I remember. Might have to get you some sensodyne *smirks*

Sapphire Dec 12 2018 7:56pm FLAG
Haha, tried it and it doesn't work. My mom is a dental hygienist and I get prescription grade toothpaste from her ^^

MasterTS Dec 12 2018 8:46pm FLAG
Oh cool. Are you a mama’s boy?

Sapphire Dec 12 2018 8:59pm FLAG
Nope, see human teeth have this protective coating called enamel that wraps around teeth from birth like armor. I basically never had much enamel due to genetics so all the things you would never feel are everyday to me ^^

MasterTS Dec 12 2018 9:17pm FLAG
I know what enamel is and why people have sensitive teeth. I was making a little joke.

Sapphire Dec 13 2018 4:13am FLAG
*sigh* ok I've been trying all day to respond but everything ends up sounding way more harsh then I want it to be so I'm just going to pretend the last...5 comments never happened

MasterTS Dec 14 2018 5:52pm FLAG
No go ahead. I want to hear it

Sapphire Dec 14 2018 7:03pm FLAG
Sorry love not on this, it's irrational because I know you didn't mean anything hurtful by it, hell I can't even pinpoint exactly why I felt that spark every time I started to reply. Besides I never got more than a few words in, if I did answer it would just be 'If that's so then why...' or 'That's funny coming from...' I never got any further than that

MasterTS Dec 14 2018 9:18pm FLAG
It’s fine. We can just forget it then

Sapphire Dec 15 2018 5:37am FLAG
Good because I just want to lie in bed all day while this headache goes away with the worlds most comfortable vanilla scented pillow *grins*

MasterTS Dec 15 2018 1:15pm FLAG
Aspirin works too *smirks* If you wanted some other remedies besides me

Sapphire Dec 15 2018 2:57pm FLAG
Yeah but aspirin isn't nearly as comfortable to cuddle with plus there's a distinct lack of vanilla and that's just unacceptable *pulls you close and cuddles*

MasterTS Dec 15 2018 4:00pm FLAG
But then I’ll get you even more sick

Sapphire Dec 15 2018 5:16pm FLAG
Wasn't sick just had a headache, besides I don't mind when you share with me *grins*

MasterTS Dec 16 2018 1:49pm FLAG
Surprised I didn’t make it worse

Sapphire Dec 16 2018 2:35pm FLAG
Honestly I don't think I'd have seen a difference if you had haha

MasterTS Dec 17 2018 2:36pm FLAG
Damn that bad?

Sapphire Dec 17 2018 5:21pm FLAG
That and I'm used to forcing myself to get up and do stuff when I'm sick unless I absolutely have to lie down haha

MasterTS Dec 17 2018 6:51pm FLAG
That’s your problem. Go sit tf down somewhere if you’re not feeling well

Sapphire Dec 17 2018 8:00pm FLAG
Oh I'm feeling fine now, never got down with the sickness *grins*

MasterTS Dec 17 2018 10:36pm FLAG

Sapphire Dec 18 2018 4:18am FLAG
Aww you didn't get the reference damn, and don'y you worry I have many many failings to balance out my wolverine like healing haha

MasterTS Dec 18 2018 1:08pm FLAG
Yeah not at all sorry. But I do wish you’d pass the healing power over my way

Sapphire Dec 18 2018 4:40pm FLAG
Well it was a reference to a song popular more than a decade ago by a hard rock group so I'm not that surprised, and if I could I would, maybe I should try giving you an injection see if that does the trick *grins*

MasterTS Dec 18 2018 5:29pm FLAG
Sorry I don’t do small needles *smirks*

Sapphire Dec 18 2018 7:25pm FLAG
Then it's a good thing it's my needle isn't it? *grins*

MasterTS Dec 19 2018 10:56am FLAG
Whatever helps you sleep at night baby

Sapphire Dec 19 2018 11:57am FLAG
Well to be fair calling my needle small is like saying Jupiter is a great summer vacation spot, you've never been so your opinion on the matter is at best a lie, at worst it makes you look like a fool among fools so I'd be careful about that in the future *smirks*

MasterTS Dec 19 2018 2:49pm FLAG
That’s got to be the fastest I’ve ever gotten a guy heated. Alright I’m done now

Sapphire Dec 19 2018 5:28pm FLAG
You do whatever you want, I on the other hand miss MY saph, you know the one who said things that made sense. So I'll just wait here till she decides to return.

MasterTS Dec 21 2018 3:26pm FLAG
We’re not doing this. Why the hell do you always feel the need to guilt trip me or say like that when I make a joke?

Sapphire Dec 21 2018 3:53pm FLAG
Because I felt like you went out of your to make that joke hurt and you didn't care if you had to straight up lie to do it.

MasterTS Dec 21 2018 5:30pm FLAG
We getting hurt over d*ck jokes now????? That’s what we doing

Sapphire Dec 21 2018 5:50pm FLAG
Okay I miss you I’m sorry

Sapphire Dec 22 2018 7:39pm FLAG
Sorry busy, merry Xmas ^^

MasterTS Dec 25 2018 11:16am FLAG
Merry Christmas

Sapphire Dec 25 2018 2:15pm FLAG
And I wasn't upset about the joke you made it was the fact that you were reaching into BS just to make it, I mean if you want to make fun of me at least make fun of things you can see brat haha

MasterTS Dec 26 2018 12:38pm FLAG
Yes sir *laughs and climbs in your lap*

Sapphire Dec 26 2018 2:52pm FLAG
Good girl *wraps arms around your waist and kisses your cheek* how were your holidays?

MasterTS Dec 26 2018 2:58pm FLAG
Good, I definitely ate a lot. How was your Christmas?

Sapphire Dec 26 2018 4:50pm FLAG
I got some pan scrapers...and things happened, didn't see my family because nobody told me anything until 2pm on xmas eve so...that's a thing

MasterTS Dec 26 2018 5:18pm FLAG
That’s a ty thing to do. I’m sorry. I think that I’m a pretty good gift though so merry late Christmas

Sapphire Dec 26 2018 6:24pm FLAG
Ooohhh *nuzzles your neck* does that mean I finally get to unwrap you? *grins*...but seriously though don't dis those pan scrapers I actually needed those >>

MasterTS Dec 26 2018 10:30pm FLAG
Sorry I’ll hush about your pan scrapers but they can’t do half the things I can *smirks*

Sapphire Dec 26 2018 10:56pm FLAG
Doesn't answer my I get to unwrap my gift *grins and kisses your neck*

MasterTS Dec 26 2018 10:58pm FLAG
*runs a hand through your hair and giggles* Give me a second. I’m trying to figure out if I should just tease you or not

Sapphire Dec 27 2018 12:54am FLAG
*kisses your neck slowly up and gently nibbles on your ear* That's fine I'll just tease you until you decide *grins*

MasterTS Dec 27 2018 1:03pm FLAG
*bites my lip* That’s how it’s supposed to go

Sapphire Dec 27 2018 6:00pm FLAG
*kisses down along your jaw, stopping to tease your lips with a feather lite kiss* To be fair teasing happens to be one of my favorite parts *grins*

MasterTS Dec 28 2018 2:40pm FLAG
Something that’ll never change about you I’m sure

Sapphire Dec 28 2018 2:47pm FLAG
Making girls squirm and writhe under me? Never *grins and kisses your lips*

MasterTS Dec 28 2018 3:26pm FLAG
Under you? Nah I like being on top *climbs on top of you to straddle you*

Sapphire Dec 28 2018 5:24pm FLAG
I mean I prefer being on top but I don't mind letting you do all the work every now and then *smirks and grabs your hips, gently sliding my fingers over your stomach and sliding my thumbs slowly up*

MasterTS Dec 28 2018 6:23pm FLAG
I mean if you want to put in the work, I won’t stop you. Just let me tease a little. *leans down to kiss your lips moving to your jaw and then slowly to your neck*

Sapphire Dec 28 2018 6:31pm FLAG
*slides my hands around to your lower back lightly dragging my fingers up your back* Hey by all, and I do mean all means tease away *smirks* I'll make sure to pay it back later *slides my hands down to your hips then slaps your butt, grins*

MasterTS Dec 28 2018 9:45pm FLAG
Oh no kinda scared now *sits up on your lap and giggles*

Sapphire Dec 28 2018 10:58pm FLAG
Oh don't worry Saph I only punish naughty girls who need a good spanking...or just want one *grins*

MasterTS Dec 29 2018 11:51am FLAG
I think even good girls need one every once in a while

Sapphire Dec 29 2018 1:54pm FLAG
Right? How else can we make sure they stay good girls unless we remind them what happens when they're bad **grins and bites lightly at your neck and ear*

MasterTS Dec 30 2018 12:08pm FLAG
I’m so sorry but I’m really not in the mood. I just had a lot happen recently and I’m extremely shaken up right now

Sapphire Dec 30 2018 6:40pm FLAG
Woah hey no worries Saph, no need to apologize *hugs you tight*

MasterTS Jan 01 2019 3:52pm FLAG
*hugs you back* Thanks

Sapphire Jan 01 2019 8:16pm FLAG
Hey you know you come first, flirting comes second *kisses your forehead*

MasterTS Jan 02 2019 1:03pm FLAG
Aww I love you

Sapphire Jan 02 2019 9:41pm FLAG
Love you too Saph *smiles and snuggles into your back still holding you tight*

MasterTS Jan 02 2019 10:35pm FLAG
So what have you been up to?

Sapphire Jan 03 2019 11:53am FLAG
Sleeping in, well actually not so much sleeping as lying in bed wrapped in a blanket cause its freezing outside, you?

MasterTS Jan 03 2019 1:02pm FLAG
The exact same thing. Who knew being wrapped up like a burrito brings such happiness?

Sapphire Jan 03 2019 11:30pm FLAG
Only thing better would to be wrapped up in that burrito with you *smiles and kisses you softly*

MasterTS Jan 04 2019 11:38am FLAG
Get your own blanket burrito *laughs*

Sapphire Jan 04 2019 3:38pm FLAG
I mean I already have my own but I'm just such a sharing kinda guy I thought I'd share the love *grins*

MasterTS Jan 04 2019 3:50pm FLAG
I’ll share my love but not my blankets

Sapphire Jan 04 2019 9:54pm FLAG
Well I mean I was offering my blankets love

MasterTS Jan 04 2019 11:33pm FLAG
Oh well then I’ll gladly take those

Sapphire Jan 05 2019 8:04pm FLAG
To share brat to share haha

MasterTS Jan 05 2019 8:47pm FLAG
Share? Is that some type of sauce? Never heard that. Never experienced that. Never felt that.

Sapphire Jan 05 2019 10:25pm FLAG
Oh yes the most delicious sauce you ever had, I'll give some sometime *grins*

MasterTS Jan 06 2019 5:40pm FLAG
Even more delicious than... oh never mind I don’t think that’s said in front of company

Sapphire Jan 06 2019 5:51pm FLAG
Oh well nothing more delicious than that my dear, there's a reason I eat plenty of pineapple *smirks*

MasterTS Jan 07 2019 11:14am FLAG
I actually heard that’s a myth but if it works for you *shrugs*

Sapphire Jan 07 2019 7:32pm FLAG
Well you are very literally what you eat. If you put lots of sweet things with natural sugars into your body as opposed to say coffee that has a bitter taste then it only makes sense that things coming out of your body will be sweeter right?

MasterTS Jan 07 2019 9:38pm FLAG
Yeah I guess but I’m just saying that I heard that the whole fruit thing didn’t make a huge difference like people made it out to be. Basically people were acting like it was going to make it taste like a whole ass fruit basket and that’s just unrealistic

Sapphire Jan 08 2019 5:19pm FLAG
Oh yeah that I agree with, I think it's more like taking the edge off so it's not as extreme. I don't think there's any way to turn someone into a walking smoothy haha

MasterTS Jan 09 2019 12:14pm FLAG
Taking the edge off lmao. Didn’t know it was alcohol

Sapphire Jan 09 2019 7:57pm FLAG
Hey now alcohol isn't the only thing with and edge to it, also anyone who takes the edge off alcohol cause they can't take it in its original form is a damn pansy and should switch drinks haha

MasterTS Jan 09 2019 9:41pm FLAG
You calling me a pansy?

Sapphire Jan 09 2019 10:48pm FLAG
Do you do it cause you can't take it or because you just prefer it that way? Big difference right there

MasterTS Jan 11 2019 2:43pm FLAG
Actually not sure yet. I’ve never even attempted to try brown liquor

Sapphire Jan 11 2019 3:15pm FLAG
Not sure about brown unless it's an ale or a stout beer. Most hard drinks are clear amber or golden

MasterTS Jan 11 2019 7:00pm FLAG
Golden. Brown. Same difference. Either way, I haven’t tried those yet.

Sapphire Jan 11 2019 7:25pm FLAG
Remind me never to ask you if my outfit is coordinated haha

MasterTS Jan 11 2019 7:34pm FLAG
Don’t you ever come for me like that ever again. I have an impeccable fashion sense lol

Sapphire Jan 11 2019 7:47pm FLAG
I mean fashion maybe but I was talking about color coordination haha

MasterTS Jan 12 2019 1:52pm FLAG
Color coordination and fashion sense go hand in hand

Sapphire Jan 12 2019 5:05pm FLAG
This coming from the girl who said gold and brown are the same? Haha

MasterTS Jan 13 2019 2:18am FLAG
Obviously a super super bright shade of gold isn’t the same as brown but some shades of gold are in the same family as brown

Sapphire Jan 13 2019 9:44am FLAG
Well to be fair I only ever wear black blue or white haha though I am somewhat partial to green

MasterTS Jan 13 2019 11:28am FLAG
Oof. Green?

Sapphire Jan 13 2019 2:03pm FLAG
As a color yes but not really in clothes, I have a couple green hats that I don't really wear outside of st Patrick's day and that's about it...maybe some souvenir socks I've never worn

MasterTS Jan 13 2019 4:20pm FLAG
Okay good. I was about to say...

Sapphire Jan 13 2019 5:54pm FLAG
I do love my 'Irish Drinking Team' hat complete with bottle opening built into the bill, best hat evar!!!

MasterTS Jan 14 2019 2:53pm FLAG
Oh no sir. That’s gotta gooo

Sapphire Jan 14 2019 6:53pm FLAG
Hey that's my official st patricks day hat, it will never go

MasterTS Jan 14 2019 11:49pm FLAG
No one has an official st. Patrick’s day hat

Sapphire Jan 15 2019 5:24pm FLAG
That's because most people don't have an irish drinking team hat duh *grins*

MasterTS Jan 15 2019 9:23pm FLAG
Apparently this just gets worse and worse

Sapphire Jan 16 2019 6:59pm FLAG
Hey you dissed my hat I mean I had to say something brat *smirks*

MasterTS Jan 16 2019 9:12pm FLAG
Or you could just admit that it’s an atrocious hat

Sapphire Jan 18 2019 8:14am FLAG
It's an awesome hat, and hey at least it's not a Federal Booty Inspector hat

MasterTS Jan 18 2019 12:45pm FLAG
I’d prefer that one if you only wore it around me

Sapphire Jan 18 2019 7:59pm FLAG
Oh wow that just gave me an idea 'Ma'am I'm with the FBI and there have been reports of illegal booty matching your description, I'm afraid I'll have to strip search you for inspection so please assume the position'

MasterTS Jan 20 2019 9:05am FLAG
That triggered my fight or flight response

Sapphire Jan 22 2019 8:53pm FLAG
Then I'll have to make sure I bring the handcuffs when I wear the FBI hat, never know when I might have to restrain a suspect *smirks*

MasterTS Jan 23 2019 2:15pm FLAG
They’re no good to you if you can’t get them on me

Sapphire Jan 23 2019 6:09pm FLAG
At the very least it'll be a good fight yeah? *smiles*

MasterTS Jan 23 2019 9:19pm FLAG
That’s one positive way to look at it *smirks*

Sapphire Jan 24 2019 6:27pm FLAG
You know me always trying to find the silver lining *smiles and pulls you down into my lap* by the way your throne was missing you *smirks*

MasterTS Jan 25 2019 3:04pm FLAG
Can’t have my throne getting cold *cuddles up next to you*

Sapphire Jan 27 2019 10:09am FLAG
Nothing worse than a cold throne after all *smiles and kisses your cheek wrapping my arms around your waist*

MasterTS Jan 28 2019 5:25pm FLAG
So how are you?

Sapphire Jan 29 2019 10:54am FLAG
Much better now *nuzzles your neck* generally speaking not bad, life marches on and all that, you?

MasterTS Jan 29 2019 2:40pm FLAG
Well I’m alive so I guess that’s always good

Sapphire Jan 29 2019 7:15pm FLAG
Alive is good, way better that not *cuddles* far less cuddly

MasterTS Jan 29 2019 8:20pm FLAG
Good to know you’re not a necrophiliac *laughs*

Sapphire Feb 03 2019 10:03pm FLAG
Well if it was you...maybe. Depends on how well preserved you are, freshness helps *grins*

MasterTS Feb 04 2019 3:45pm FLAG
....I did not need to hear that you would my dead body *shakes my head*

Sapphire Feb 05 2019 5:59pm FLAG
Hey I said maybe, depends on the condition brat. I still prefer you nice and warm *cuddles*

MasterTS Feb 06 2019 11:09am FLAG
I’ll be sure to stay alive then so the condition doesn’t matter

Sapphire Feb 13 2019 6:17pm FLAG
I'll hold you to that...though I may just hold you period it is one of my most favorite things after all *smiles*

MasterTS Feb 14 2019 10:29am FLAG
We’re all very well aware of that *smiles*

Sapphire Feb 16 2019 5:20pm FLAG
But there is something else I do possibly enjoy more *grabs you by the butt and pulls you into a deep kiss*

MasterTS Feb 18 2019 10:33am FLAG
Ahh sorry I’ve been insanely busy

Sapphire Mar 01 2019 7:26pm FLAG
No worries love *kisses your cheek* figured it was something like that

MasterTS Mar 02 2019 9:49am FLAG
Damn, you guys are committed. *Clap*

Enemy Mar 09 2019 3:42am FLAG
Well that was somewhat appropriate haha

MasterTS Apr 12 2019 1:56pm FLAG
Well the ghost has returned

Sapphire May 09 2019 9:32pm FLAG
Yay my Saph is back! *hugs* how you been beautiful?

MasterTS May 10 2019 12:20pm FLAG
*laughs and hugs you back* Someone missed me. I’ve been good! What about you?

Sapphire May 12 2019 3:15pm FLAG
Other than missing you? Pretty Good

MasterTS May 12 2019 7:22pm FLAG
Aww I’m sorry

Sapphire May 12 2019 9:50pm FLAG
No worries luv, life and all that *grins*

MasterTS May 12 2019 11:36pm FLAG
*groans* Omg yes. Thank you for understanding though

Sapphire May 14 2019 5:55pm FLAG
*smiles* Of course it's not like I don't have to deal with life and all, for myself haha So can I offer you a seat? Your throne has been rather lonely *grins*

MasterTS\ May 15 2019 12:31pm FLAG
Well I wouldn’t want to keep my thrown waiting. *climbs into your lap and rests my head on your chest*

Sapphire May 15 2019 8:26pm FLAG
*Wraps my arms around your waist and holds you close* There we go, that'll warm things up in no time *smiles*

MasterTS May 16 2019 7:14am FLAG
I’ll never understand how you manage to use me as a heater no matter what the weather is like outside

Sapphire May 16 2019 9:06pm FLAG
Well it has been a pretty cold year so far, a lot more rain this year too so whatever it works, you really going to complain about it? Haha

MasterTS May 16 2019 10:26pm FLAG
No of course not. I’d never complain *smiling slyly*

Sapphire May 21 2019 6:39pm FLAG
Besides you do make for the best heater, soft warm and infinitely hugable *smiles*

MasterTS May 22 2019 11:33am FLAG
Eh I try. You really should thank Bath and Body Works for the soft part though. Those sugar scrubs are really something

Sapphire May 29 2019 7:08pm FLAG
Dear Bath and Body Works, Thank you for keeping my girl soft and smooth XOXO...btw send me all the sugar scrubs daddy needs presents

MasterTS May 31 2019 10:43am FLAG
Anyone say Ghost?

Enemy Jun 18 2019 6:10pm FLAG
Toxxicon BACK AGAIN... S2R for young links!! Big Archive is with me on KiK: toxxicon

Anonymous Nov 01 2019 2:03pm FLAG
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