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Looking 4 people, will give ways to make money from links, in exchange for personal request

The Problem: M HERE, ATLEAST READ THIS, wont even take a minute.If you’re not interested it’s understandable. M here, 18, LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO DO REQUEST FOR ME!!I looking for someone to do request for me, Heres how it works, complete 30 request to claim any of the rewards imma mention.The rewards can include money, groupchats to ur liking(private), girls/guys to , Now what are the request? It will only work if, you are a girl or a guy living with female relatives. I pay good money if u satisfy me and do alot of request for me, if u do atleast 50 request ill give u any reward u want and an extra one, deep web links even too or even more The request will be things like: cumming on your relatives panties, cumming on their ass while their asleep, take videos and pics of their ass, cum near their ass, or rub ur c*ck on their ass .ONLY ACCEPT IF UR SURE U CAN DO IT. If interested on the cumtribute thing or the request, kik me, cumonpanties1.2.3(all together, no dots or spaces) P.S i pay well, if u completely satisfy me ill pay atleast if im in a good mood who knows maybe ill pay more. Iam mainly looking for someone to do request for me, i can also teach u how to get money from the deep web by trading links and doing such things.

Asked by: anontheobli at 04:50:48 PM, Tuesday, February 05, 2019 PST FLAG


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