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How do I get my mom to me??

The Problem: I am to scared to try anything but if i do anything she will yell at me. Help please lol.

Asked by: SomeoneIG at 10:48:20 PM, Thursday, February 14, 2019 PST FLAG


You cannot get to her abruptly. You need to approach systematically. You will have to make things happen. Plz elaborate. I have also tried for my elder sister. May be I can help u. Plz ping me on my Kik id: menir1

Anonymous Feb 16 2019 10:20pm FLAG

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Anonymous Feb 19 2019 8:07pm FLAG
Nobody has given this poor pathetic soul any advice yet.

EIHC Feb 22 2019 2:14pm FLAG
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Anonymous Feb 22 2019 6:33pm FLAG
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Dont do that or you will regret all your life.. she is your mother, love and care about her dont do bad things to her

Anonymous Mar 23 2019 4:44am FLAG
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