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Kidnap me and ill serve you forever

The Problem: I want to be kidnapped used, abused and to be kept as a 24/7 slave and be treated as property to where whoever has me can sell me to whomever. And use me however they want. I never want to be found. I just want to be taken. Yes I know this is unusual request ant not many people think this is real but I assure you it is just email me at Mastersbabygirl0/2/1/5/1/3/8/ or kik me at Queen_Andaconda No/ in email or text me at no . and i will answer any questions you may have.i am from the Southern USA. And as i am serious i do hope u are to so please do not waste my time.

Asked by: Southernslave at 04:41:32 PM, Wednesday, June 19, 2019 PDT FLAG


Snapchat is t_bolin

Southernslave Jun 19 2019 5:24pm FLAG

Bolin reply me on hangout

Anonymous Jun 20 2019 8:30am FLAG
come to hangout

Anonymous Jun 26 2019 10:10pm FLAG
Gender and age?

rosebloodwulf Jun 27 2019 6:04pm FLAG
hangout id changed to aditip537

Anonymous Jun 28 2019 7:39pm FLAG
at gmail

drp Jun 28 2019 7:40pm FLAG
google hangouts welcome preetsxm

Anonymous Jul 07 2019 10:01pm FLAG
Rosebloodwulf 21 and i am female

Southernslave Jul 10 2019 3:27pm FLAG
southernslave better Bolin your id not working in hangouts preetsxm

Anonymous Jul 13 2019 8:07pm FLAG
Give advice: