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My boyfriend, his **** brothers, dad, and uncle gang banged me in their house. Pregnant?

The Problem: Hi I'm Jenna and I'm , and my boyfriend Travis is . Last week, Travis brought me to his house for dinner to meet his family. I met his dad, his uncle, and his , , and 18 year old brothers. His mom was away, so I was the only girl there in the house with the 6 boys. We had dinner and then we went to the living room to have drinks. We were all sitting around the couch talking and having a good time when I got I bit drunk. Then my boyfriend started to kiss me and take my clothes of right there in the living room.. Then Travis took his clothes off, made me lie down on the couch and started to have sex with me in front of his dad, uncle and brothers who were just watching! Then Travis suddenly told his family to join in, so all the other boys started taking their clothes off too. Travis's brother put his erect penis in my mouth and made me suck it, while his 18 year old brother and his uncle started sucking on each of my nipples. Travis put his erect d*ck up my butt hole, while his dad and his brother double penetrated my dripping wet vagina with both their huge erect d*cks at the same time! I felt their huge father and son c*cks stretching me open as they pounded me hard and fast. Travis and his brothers are really like their dad, since all their **** hard d*cks are just as big as their dad's! About 8 inches long and thick! They did this to me for 4 hours and they would occasionally switch places. I was sucking the d*ck of Travis's brother when he whispered to me: "You like the taste of that big d*ck? Huh? Does it taste good? That's pure juicy American c*ck meat right there!" and then they all started laughing. I looked down at my vagina and I saw that Travis and his dad had both their d*cks double penetrating my vagina. Then Travis says to his dad: "Can you feel that, Dad? That's my d*ck sliding up against yours! What do ya think, Dad?" Then his dad replies: "Your c*ck has certainly grown, son! I'm so proud of you... Nothing beats having my son's huge c*ck rubbing against mine while pounding a girl's cooch." After another hour, they said that they were all ready to come. Travis went first and put his huge c*ck inside me, and then I felt him shooting his warm creamy thick semen all inside me. He took his penis out and his brothers shot their semen inside me too. After, his uncle and dad took turns filling me up. When his dad was done ejaculating his load inside me, my vagina was already overflowing with semen! They pulled me up to keep the semen from dripping out of my vagina, and Travis put some tape on my vagina to keep it shut. I was so drunk, I passed out after that. When I woke up, it was the next morning and I was in my room at home. I figured Travis must've brought my home after I passed out. I looked down at my vagina and saw that the tape was still there! I took it off, and all the semen of the 7 boys who gang banged me last night was still there dripping down my thighs. I didn't take pills and Travis and his brothers, dad and uncle didn't use condoms when they had sex with me last night. Can I get pregnant? If I do get pregnant, how do I know who the father is especially since they all took turns ejaculating their sperm inside me one after the other?

Asked by: JennaMaria at 06:53:55 PM, Wednesday, May 09, 2012 PDT FLAG


1) this sounds like b.u.l.l.sh1t 2) Morning after pill 3) If it did happen report it, no matter what it is rape

Anonymous May 10 2012 4:43am FLAG

This is a serious problem. You really might be pregnant contact me

advisor May 10 2012 1:48pm FLAG
Is that real? Because it seems like a story

Anonymous May 10 2012 1:49pm FLAG
Ow my porre thing id dump him that is not wright that is so so sick tell him to of that is rape not good not good at all !

I love ?????? May 10 2012 4:34pm FLAG
It sounds like you had a great night, i wish i'd been there too. you might be pregnant, but i suggest you move in with your bf and milk his big c*ck deep inside you every night just to be sure. then when they see your pregnant they will all think they are the father. and so they'll love you and look after you forever. email me if you want more advice,

john May 11 2012 3:19pm FLAG
You are sick John. That is rape and it is illegal. All 6 of them should be charged with rape, assault and battery. Intentionally trying to impregnate a woman against her will. The only thing that family deserves is JAIL!

Me Jun 05 2012 12:47am FLAG
sounddddds gooooooooooooooooooooodddd baby

dj Jun 10 2012 5:09am FLAG
Jenna It's rape hun if you aare pregnant they are sick you didnt have a chance to make a choice I am sorry sorry honey im in my 20s but I'll be a way better boy friend my brother my dad they wont be able to touch you to bad I am engaged but I'll never let any 1 else touch my girl friend and my sisters 21 18 (real) 18 adopted and they been raped its a bad thing and as a friend I wouldnt allow rape I am goverment offical for eurasia

Jaroslaw Wieslaw Franzac-Terszyowszki Jun 10 2012 10:38pm FLAG
You probably are pregnant might want to go to the dr and find way is getting a blood test done. It is the most accurate. I have had 4 kids from first 2 are by my grandfather, 3rd one is by my uncle and my youngest is by my father. Good luck

Carmen Jun 19 2012 10:16am FLAG
Carmen ur a bitch ur all r

mad girl Jun 19 2012 11:42pm FLAG
Oh honey i am so sorry. step 1 dump his sorry ass step 2 talk to someone u trust a bff (even if its a guy) or ur mom but you can't keep that kind of thing all bottled up you have to tell some body ok?

Colleen Jun 21 2012 2:12am FLAG
OMG! This is rape. U shouldn't let that happen at first place. U should say NO! And u should tell the police. They have to go in jail...

Messy Jun 23 2012 3:30pm FLAG
1)it sound like a story not a real life thing but I could be wrong2)if it is real tell a trusted adult

Anonymous Aug 12 2012 6:27pm FLAG
1)it sound like a story not a real life thing but I could be wrong2)if it is real tell a trusted adult

Ashley Aug 12 2012 6:27pm FLAG
Ur stupid why where u getting drunk in the first place ur only secondly u should not have been there an ur the only girl you do not kno those people that well enough an u where the only girl......gotta make better desicions hun!!!

Tiffiny Aug 12 2012 6:30pm FLAG
Oh youre pregnant for sure lol

frank Aug 26 2012 12:56am FLAG
Highly doubt it's real, but either way, how the is that rape? Did she say they forced her or that she didn't enjoy it? No, she said she was dripping wet

Not a dumbass Oct 12 2012 7:37am FLAG
s made up any that can handle that.... frankly dont exist smh im shocked how my many gullable people there are on the internet smh #iknowfeeldumberforhavingreadthis

makeveli Oct 18 2012 9:36pm FLAG
give me your address i want to make u pregnent

sagar Oct 30 2012 11:32pm FLAG

hater of attention seekers Nov 06 2012 7:33am FLAG
Okay 'Messy' and 'Tiffany'. You guys have obviously never been raped or anything so shut the hell up. It's not as simple as saying no. If you say no they don't stop. If this really did happen I her, she's probably traumatized. You don't make her feel like even more by telling her she's stupid. she's not "stupid". She wouldn't have gone if she knew she would get raped.

Laney Nov 06 2012 7:37pm FLAG
You dirty whore telling made up stories.

Jenny Dec 04 2012 2:54pm FLAG
I cant believe people are actually believing this ing detail if u were so called drunk like come on get real

#trolldetector Jan 02 2013 10:02pm FLAG
My comment messed up i meant to say how do you remember every detail if u was drunk and if u say u wasnt that drunk so how is it u start tohave sex with him so i got u either way TROLL

#TROLLDETECTOR Jan 02 2013 10:04pm FLAG
Go hit them there

Swettie Jan 04 2013 1:15am FLAG

You don't know Jan 04 2013 8:38pm FLAG
It happened four yrs before i was at christmas party wid my bf n his brother i got so drunk dat i dont remember anything n next morning when i get up to my surprise when i was going for pee i had my other clothes on but my thong n bra were not there which i had day before.few hrs later i got a knock at my door i opened n found it was my bf's brother he handed my lost stuffs u know what dint said anything n went away.i was happy coz i had seen his huge bulge at pool n always fantasize about him i felt so good down dere a min later i got his text saying i had a sexy boobie but dangerous hole coz he got penile fracture.

Dolliee Jan 05 2013 7:28pm FLAG
Hoo u felt good there give me ur address i'll u all day it's 10cm long.

Vekas Jan 05 2013 8:08pm FLAG
I want thick also any one dere

Dollie Jan 05 2013 8:26pm FLAG
I just wonder how how can two of them put it in u at a time m really serious

Dollie Jan 05 2013 8:30pm FLAG
sweeie u had kiss their ing ass and their a jerks

bad boys Jan 30 2013 8:04pm FLAG

u bad boys Jan 30 2013 8:05pm FLAG

Alex Jan 31 2013 8:17pm FLAG

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Anonymous Jan 31 2013 8:25pm FLAG
Is anyone have to say about because i am locking my advice from Wednesday 6,20okay everyone bye

Jenna Feb 01 2013 9:01pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 21 2013 12:18am FLAG
This was rape, but the way you wrote about it makes it seem like you enjoyed it...

Anonymous Feb 21 2013 11:35pm FLAG
jenna I think that it was a bad thing to do. i think you should tell your parents and be put on birth control.

Warrior cat lover Feb 27 2013 10:10pm FLAG
By the way everyone reading this... don't juge me for saying what i think is right!!! and dont cuss at me plz i'm only !!

warrior cat lover Feb 27 2013 10:14pm FLAG
maybe u looked like a slut?

Anonymous Mar 03 2013 10:59pm FLAG
it seems to be a story

jacob.p Mar 03 2013 11:00pm FLAG
Thats messed up.How can you be soo dumb.drinking at smfh

sara Mar 04 2013 4:46pm FLAG
Is thata true stoty

ajay Mar 10 2013 10:40pm FLAG
Sex them every day they will love u m sure

Dollie Mar 11 2013 8:27pm FLAG
Its not rape u dint said a single no n u dint took pill coz u want it n after a week u r regreting it but dont b sad at least u enjoyed it n get da experience of getting ed by many at a time

sexy lady Mar 14 2013 8:26pm FLAG
FAKE wat a load of bull!

Anonymous Mar 19 2013 5:51am FLAG
I will u even HARDER BITCH! I'm 28 inches!!!!

d*ckissooling Mar 22 2013 7:08pm FLAG
All of u are fools

Daniel wisdom Mar 25 2013 1:36am FLAG

anonymous Apr 01 2013 10:47pm FLAG
Kik me im orrh4

Oliver Apr 03 2013 5:10pm FLAG
I dont see how this story can be real...really two ant the same time in your is that big...nothing but a lie!!!

nobody Apr 04 2013 5:18pm FLAG

nobody Apr 04 2013 5:20pm FLAG
I dont see how this story can be real...really two at the same time in your p*ssy come on...not even pamala anderson's p*ssy is that big...nothing but a lie!!!

nobody Apr 05 2013 6:20am FLAG
Enjoy it mored*ck more love

Big head Apr 08 2013 10:25pm FLAG
Enjoy being knocked. Up. Put a baby in my sis and where both happy and trying oƱ second

big brother Apr 10 2013 1:30am FLAG
What if it was real huh

One in hole Apr 15 2013 9:10am FLAG
sweetie dont listen to those c*ck suckers they probably just jealous. anyway go to the doctor and put yourself in therapy.

10 year old girl Apr 15 2013 5:21pm FLAG
This definitely sounds like a made up story to me. I am a psychologist and I know from many years of experience that when a rape victim tells her story she doesn't use such vulgar language and use those kind of terms.

jessicat Apr 22 2013 4:27pm FLAG
girl check but be careful next time and report to everyone that can help and i hope this isnt a made up story

vienna Apr 27 2013 4:07am FLAG
ing fake...

yo yo May 07 2013 4:00am FLAG
wow. this can be fake but what you should do is tell your parents or your bf's mom. tell your parents and the cops. that's illegal for them to do that. i would dump him also. hes not worth it if he did that with his dad brothers and uncle.

The Kid May 07 2013 7:02pm FLAG
its not worth you hiding ur pregnancy from your parents and making them find out when it happens. tell them and tell them the truth what does stupid guys did. they should go to jail. well i hope this helped anyway or at least a bit.

The Kid May 07 2013 7:05pm FLAG
She didnt fight it back so its not rap

your boy kevin kik me kevin moon May 08 2013 12:02am FLAG
What are you talking about. They where holding her down so she coudnt move at all your boy kevin kik me kevin moon read it though

The Kid May 17 2013 3:29pm FLAG
dis is a lie hw wii all dis hapun to u nd u won't report

vickie0802 May 18 2013 2:07pm FLAG
How was the d*ck

Hiya May 21 2013 7:48pm FLAG
Hiya your so stupid. What if this happened to you. Your just a stupid bitch.

The Kid May 22 2013 6:59pm FLAG
Hey The Kid ur a c*ck Sucker son of a bi*ch and im a dude you ignorant bastard god ur such a d*ck anyways stupid bi*ch

Hiya May 23 2013 4:26pm FLAG
Go ing b*tch god

Hiya May 23 2013 4:28pm FLAG
And Jenna Ur prolly faking this if not then u shoulda done sumthing like grabbed a shotgun and killed them stewie griffin style

Hiya May 23 2013 4:31pm FLAG
Before what i just sent i meant Go Die F'ing Co*k Sucker son pf a Bit*h

Hiya May 23 2013 4:32pm FLAG
Dudes peeps watevas can we all just STFU God And Jenna i believe ur pregnant sweetie srry for all those others sayin crap like ur lieing and crap

~~:3~~ May 23 2013 4:40pm FLAG
You understand this is just an erotic incest site right? None of this is real. You are all idiots

NoneOfYourBusiness Jun 01 2013 6:08am FLAG
oh my god believe me this is rape unless you willingly gave in on this its considered rape. and yes your going to get pregnant after all of that but if your ling about this stuff then shame on you. but for now i believe you. so if you didnt willingly give in the call the police cuz its rape.

!Saphire! Jun 09 2013 11:52am FLAG
That girl is right.

@Stephany@ Jun 09 2013 11:53am FLAG
Probably troll.. Ye so if not.. Tell someone.. But people are right you wouldn't remember it if you were drunk,well at least not in that much detail which is why I question it.. But if it is true you need to get tests and everything. Tell someone.. -cough-

JessDaFrikkenBVBArmyNinja:D<3 Jul 08 2013 3:54pm FLAG
uh ok... but fake, and your a guy

dd Jul 11 2013 2:26pm FLAG
Most made up crock of like that she was bored with her time and if it was is true then she sounds like she enjoyed it by remembering how every word was said how stupid

me Jul 15 2013 4:52pm FLAG
Jenna my daughter was forced by her mom's blk soccer team manager she quitely and while being pinned down and pounded with threats she was forced to take inches of mad angry deef man when he surprised yr girl on couch with moms' 18in dildo, he pushed his snake into her face with 2fingers rippingher panty & fingering her hard. He kept forcing her to gagg his semi-erect hose down she said it was down her chest at times. He then lifted her ontop his pole as she tried to not stay he forcedhis long c*ck up into deeper and harder, she feared him so she played dead by just not fighting it. It then felt better and she was able to calm him by moaning and asking to let her grind on him. She even admitted how it was not as sore when she let him mount her as she tried to spread her size1 90lbs of ass. He entered in 2long thrusts up till it bottomed on his nut sack. She was numb and froze stiff. She pumped back to give him sign of OK. She took cum on she braggs today as she does adult work as a fluffer and stand in for look-alike stars. Lei can suck big face and he pinned her down as he held her calfs up to her shoulders and made her guide d*ck into her jerk for him!he slammed deep fast harder with each thrusts till he pulled out to force her to open mouth to swallow he said swallow like ur mom does bitch. He threatened her to tell e eryone if she talked to anybody he denied he raped her said she wanted it by cutting school with him up in moms room. She never complained infact as time elapsed she got a car money and work from him .

daughter makes dad tweek with memories of sex at home. Jul 17 2013 1:30am FLAG
That was rape and gang-banging, plain and simple. The boyfriend, his brothers, his father and his uncle should've been put in jail for what they did to that young girl. They took advantage of her, horribly, and they should pay for it.

mplo Jul 19 2013 10:36pm FLAG
This is bull story

Bjohn Jul 20 2013 9:20am FLAG
Yes you might but now problem it is from the same family...

Anonymous Jul 28 2013 5:47am FLAG

anonymous Jul 29 2013 5:43pm FLAG
Fake story!!!!! Gangbang u for 4hrsskinny really??? And took turns to cum inside of u????? I think u might get HIV or AIDS girl!!!!!! Thats your fault n u are now consider a hore!!!!!!

Anonymous Jul 30 2013 8:08pm FLAG
Fake story, Travis is in your but hole, while daddy and his seven**** year old brother penetrates your and two other guys are sucking your titts ALL AT THE SAME TIME, get a life you FAGGED

Anonymous Aug 03 2013 11:50am FLAG
Lmfao! Try harder next time to make this sound real, Instead of a ing ***o story. So Pathetic.

Anonymous Aug 12 2013 10:47pm FLAG
Lol at the comments who believe this story. HA!

Poopiepants Aug 13 2013 2:52am FLAG
I agree with makeveli. No can take 2 d*cks in the and 1 in the ass without screaming for the police and passing out in pain. Don't care how drunk you are. SOUNDS LIKE BULLSH*T to me.Also, what STATE do you live in. What's the consent age. Did you ever say STOP or NO?????????

Anonymous Aug 28 2013 8:14pm FLAG
If you can take 2 d*cks in your but funny

carlinhos Freire Sep 01 2013 2:02pm FLAG
Damn. And no hot bitch to suck ur ed so damn good. Do not want kids then get fixed. You need a diaphram with sharp teeth. It is called rape prevention . Oh and a stun gun to shock them till they are knocked out. Tie them together in a c*ck in ass chain and in permanent marker on their foreheads RAPIST and take their picture in different angles and post it on Facebook.

Wouldn'tyouliketoknow Sep 10 2013 2:39pm FLAG
Jenna, I was in your place at . I had just got breaast implants and all the boys started to notice my 38"DD tits. This one boy I really liked who was a senior asked me to have dinner at his house. I did't know that his mom and dad were out for the night and it was just him and his three brothers. Well I got a little drunk and I realized we were making out in front of the 3 other boys. My boyfriend had me deepthroating him while I felt a big c*ck going in my ed more and big loads of cum than small.

Trina "tramp" Sep 18 2013 9:46pm FLAG
it's so fake first she says it's 6 boys then at the end she says 7 and who post this on the internet instead of going to the police?

Phoenix Sep 19 2013 9:58am FLAG

jason Sep 20 2013 11:32am FLAG
did you like it?

mad man Sep 26 2013 2:58pm FLAG
Go tak every DNA and take you baby dada and sent it to the doctor and check who is the father

Yo Sep 28 2013 3:19am FLAG
When I was I was forced to suck all the guys in the frat & swallow all the sperm to get into the girls frat then i was told I had to ing now. biggest c*ck was ". Stillswallow

Lisa Van N. Oct 03 2013 9:11pm FLAG
WOW! What people will do for attention.........I have know idea what to believe anymore,so many stories it's hard to know what's true or false

Jennifer Oct 10 2013 6:22pm FLAG
Hey girl message me and ill will fill ou in on everything i know about that kind of stuff.

Michael Oct 10 2013 7:33pm FLAG
dont know bout all that ,but i gotta 9n ahalf in c*ck that would love to bange u

The lerster Oct 12 2013 11:38pm FLAG
but i would give my left nut to pound your ,,,,,

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 11:40pm FLAG
This is clearly an exaggeration of another person's story.otherwise there wouldn't be any details, besides maybe her finding the tape on her genitals the next day, and her remembering what she was doing last night.

Proxy Oct 15 2013 11:56pm FLAG
Hmmmm it made my wet ... I've been in something similar... I have 2 kids w my best friend's dad 1 with her brother and twins on the way with her uncle..and it all started with her Grandfather who loved to suck my huge nipples at .. It was wrong but it felt so nice..

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 12:44pm FLAG
It is impossible to have someone up her backside and 2 people in her vagina at the same time! Read the story again! It is completely fake!

Anonymous Oct 25 2013 9:51am FLAG
Keep your legged shut girls!!!

Gypsymama42 Nov 03 2013 10:33pm FLAG
Keep your legs shut girls!!!

Gypsymama42 Nov 03 2013 10:33pm FLAG
I couldn't understand a thing she was saying

Me Nov 08 2013 6:07pm FLAG
good story lmao!! i was just looking up that dumb ass show uncle granoa cancel it its gay like inbred rednecks

allah Nov 09 2013 5:26am FLAG
Hun see a therapist immediately, then call the cops. this is rape and it's not right. I hope they all go to jail.

Dr. CohenLin Nov 17 2013 7:41pm FLAG

JR Dec 11 2013 1:18am FLAG
I men't to say tell that stupid s mom what went on .

jr Dec 11 2013 1:28am FLAG
Sweetheart if this is could've used birthcontrol in between 78 hours after sex to prevent pregnancy if this isn't true i suggest you see a psychologist because someone who makes a "rape" story up isn't stupid or attention seeking exactly it means there's a story underneath this story disguised or your just trying to make people trip either way there's my advice:/

Psych101specialist Jan 10 2014 2:19am FLAG
go to ur boyfriend kick him in the balls and say u know why u fn dog

pregtogo Jan 11 2014 1:09am FLAG
Um ... no bitch Just no

reasonable person Jan 12 2014 4:20am FLAG
thats rape there is no way around it get them locked up and dont go there again babe hope they get what comeing to them

PAUL Feb 05 2014 1:04pm FLAG
Remember there is help for problems like this talk to some one don't think your alown there are phone lines and websites to help u hope u don't have to go threw that ever again best of luck from paul

PAUL Feb 05 2014 1:37pm FLAG
Wow don't listen to them ing JAIL I believe you and that it's true

The ing sweet hottie šŸ˜‰ Feb 15 2014 11:27am FLAG
How dumb have you gotta be this is obvisly a story and if it's real it's sick and the girl sounds like she was enjoying it so let the twisted hillbilly get on with it

Esie boy uk Feb 25 2014 5:37pm FLAG
girls dont feel seminal fluid in they're vagina.

an educated person Mar 02 2014 12:44am FLAG
i feel sooooooooo sorry 4 u tell the police and give them ing boys a taste of your medicine.PS:Your poor vagina

ninja blade3 Apr 17 2014 4:56am FLAG
and ecscuse me who ever u r she is not a and no i dont have a anger problem... maybe

ninja blade3 Apr 17 2014 4:59am FLAG
Anonymous you are the whore ;] my work is done

ninja blade3 Apr 17 2014 5:02am FLAG
this is not a story

ninja blade3 Apr 17 2014 5:03am FLAG
YOU and Colleen you have the same name as me, my real name is Colleen i like u ;]

Anonymous Apr 17 2014 5:16am FLAG
that messege above is by ninja blade3 actualy

ninja blade3 Apr 17 2014 5:18am FLAG
mad man good question did you like it?

ninja blade3 Apr 17 2014 5:22am FLAG
she is not a whore

ninja blade3 Apr 17 2014 10:08am FLAG
i talk a lot anyway bye

ninja blade3 Apr 17 2014 10:08am FLAG
u say rape....he never said no!!!!

Anonymous Apr 23 2014 9:22pm FLAG
i mean she never said no!!!!

Anonymous Apr 23 2014 9:22pm FLAG

ninja blade3 May 05 2014 3:27am FLAG
Shame I really think you should see a doctor...

heartbroken May 09 2014 7:05am FLAG
Your pregnant 99% if you have 6 kids then each has a kid!this is rape report it!

Annonymous May 15 2014 10:38pm FLAG
Say bye to ur life if your mom finds out

Lolz person May 18 2014 1:47pm FLAG

Deen May 28 2014 2:15am FLAG
Got a nice hard on after reading that. Thanks!

GiantC*ck May 31 2014 8:59am FLAG
it doesn't matter who the father is you just do what your told and let any one of them do whatever they want to you,if you get pregnant so what that's what your for to dump huge loads of cum in you

Anonymous Jul 02 2014 10:09am FLAG
... I feel bad I bad.... I beat my meat to it.

meat beater Jul 21 2014 5:59pm FLAG
who comes up with this lul

IdontBelieveIt Aug 13 2014 8:28pm FLAG
just read this if this is real you need to report it if you don't I will For your own good

Officer 2479 state police Nov 23 2014 6:16pm FLAG
Bull crap

lealea Nov 27 2014 9:56pm FLAG
il764J Thanks , I've just been searching for info approximately this topic for ages and yours is the best I have came upon till now. However, what about the conclusion? Are you sure about the supply?

bBulXINfAWRyynko Dec 21 2014 9:44am FLAG
Oh i think u r pregnant but ur baby can have a serious problem because there are different semen entered into u but this is absolute rape dear

lady k Mar 28 2015 12:48pm FLAG
Omg Jenna Dont feel bad.I started letting my bfs brother come over while my bfs at work and started mouth and ass .and the next day it starts all over again.its been going on for 6 or 7 months now I've been pregnant twice and I told them both they were excited but I miscarried. I think there both tryn to get me pregnant because both of them won't let me get out a bed after they blow loads of cum inside me.I wish we all lived together because I love them both now .if I have a baby I won't know who's it will be .but I'll jus end up pregnant again and again,I just know advice is if u keep going back to visit his family and u get pregnant have it and let them get u pregnant again so nobody gets jealous.

lindsey Apr 10 2015 7:50pm FLAG
I want u again....ur boyfriend

prem Apr 20 2015 8:29pm FLAG
Um get them arrested for infiltrating your own personal self next in future don't get drunk not to be mean but it's kinda your fault to for getting drunk with 6 over 18 year old men they are pigs they didn't refuse to rape or sexually abuse you ........... Your should prosecute them

? Apr 28 2015 4:46pm FLAG
I agree with the ones that says call the law that was 6 counts of rape

Pi friend May 20 2015 7:45pm FLAG
Nice sex story but seriously you people are retarded if you think this is true, you must be young as well if so

Logic Bitch May 31 2015 11:56am FLAG
Its only rape if she did not like it. Sounds like she loved ever min of it. You sould go back and do it again

Anonymous Jun 21 2015 11:48pm FLAG
you are all mfkrs

akw ā˜†ā˜†ā˜†ā™šā™š Sep 13 2015 11:17pm FLAG
First she said 6 boys now its 7 this is a lie by a hot lie

U will never know Dec 29 2015 8:02pm FLAG
am sure it is not true, to men can't enter in one vagaina and 1 in the ass you can easly die.

Anonymous Jan 01 2016 12:06am FLAG
Give advice: