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Take me away and use me

The Problem: I want to be kidnapped used, abused and to be kept as a 24/7 slave and be treated as property to where whoever has me can sell me to whomever. And use me however they want. I never want to be found. I just want to be taken. Yes I know this is unusual request ant not many people think this is real but I assure you it is just kik me at Queen_Andaconda or snapchat me at t_bolin and i will answer any questions you may have.i am a 21 year old female from the Southern USA. And as i am serious i do hope u are to so please do not waste my time. And please be from the usa as well thank you. My limits are scat. For those in the communitty im also a little. And have my bdsm test scores if u wish to see them just ask

Asked by: Southernslave at 05:33:34 PM, Thursday, August 15, 2019 PDT FLAG


Bolin doll I have added you in google hangouts and even we had a few conversations. But you suddenly stopped and hunting for dream dreams are turned real. dr uncle prof of medicine and sexologist for girls

Anonymous Aug 15 2019 7:40pm FLAG

any other girl young boy wishing dream made real is welcome to above given hangout direct ref likelike

Anonymous Aug 15 2019 7:41pm FLAG
She Stopped on me to

Anonymous Aug 20 2019 5:40pm FLAG
Did you ever stop and think that the real owner of these accounts might have gotten hacked and when she finnaly got back into them blocked yalls creepy asses

ARgal Aug 20 2019 6:26pm FLAG
The real owner got incredibly fing pissed but nowhere near as ing PISSED AS HER BF IM GONNA KILL THE DUMBA.SS C.U.N.T OF A FRIEND THATS HACKED SAID OWNERS ACCOUNTS

Dragon Aug 21 2019 1:38am FLAG
Hahaha like u can do anything

Southernslave Aug 21 2019 7:39am FLAG
dont you ing bank on it

dragon Aug 21 2019 8:02am FLAG
I knew this seemed suspicious

Anonymous Aug 22 2019 12:38pm FLAG
And yet you didnt flag it

Anonymous Aug 22 2019 3:35pm FLAG
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Anonymous Aug 31 2019 6:34am FLAG
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alessinchen Jul 15 10:03am FLAG
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