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Am I the only one...~ Shreve

The Problem: That all these weirdos are in fact cops or FBI undercover? Because if their real people then we need a purge. 😂😂

Asked by: Shreve53 at 05:30:04 PM, Wednesday, September 04, 2019 EDT FLAG


I completly agree Shreve. I hope they cops or FBI and not really this disgusting.

ARgal Sep 04 2019 4:17pm FLAG

They just seem to be multiplying. I feel like it won't be long before they start trafing people on here.

Anonymous Sep 04 2019 4:44pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 04 2019 4:51pm FLAG
You're naive if you think we aren't everywhere. You're friends, family, coworkers, neighbors. And you're probably like 'nah i wouldn't ever associate myself with this'. How many secrets do you keep? How many times have you had an idea or experience and just kept it to yourself? Is it really that hard to believe everyone around you is doing it to? And honestly, you can understand everyone wants to keep it hidden, to hypocritically crucify each other just to save face. You can understand why your inner circle keeps it from you. You might not like it, but this is how people have always been, and always will be. It's impossible to watch everyone at every second of their lives. All you can do it take precautions and never give anyone complete trust. Because we exist, and unfortunately aren't going anywhere.

Tampa 6.6 Sep 08 2019 6:38pm FLAG
^The fuck kind of Anonymous shit is this? 😂😂😂

Shreve Sep 08 2019 7:52pm FLAG
laugh all youwant to hes right we are not going anywhere

Anonymous Sep 09 2019 6:13am FLAG
Which is a damn shame. Forget jail for you freaks, you all just need a bullet to the head.

Shreve Sep 09 2019 11:20am FLAG
Shreve I completly agree with you

ARgal Sep 09 2019 12:19pm FLAG
Looking for real snuff/killing videos of women and or children to trade, kik me at inkcypher

Lakvkw Sep 10 2019 10:14am FLAG
^Now this guy really could use a bullet.

Shreve Sep 10 2019 4:19pm FLAG
Shreve wanna get together and go find these weirdos and give them what they deserve

ARgal Sep 10 2019 8:00pm FLAG
^Nah. After seeing how truly not alone I am, I've decided to come clean. I'm into incest and I'm a nepiophile. I mean, why do you think I've been hanging around here?

Shreve Sep 11 2019 9:33pm FLAG
You are a fake Shreve, nice try

ARgal Sep 12 2019 1:57am FLAG
Ahhh, shucks. And here I didn't think you would notice. I genuinely thought you would take my statement at face value. How clever you must be, to see easily stop my scheme. Woe is me. You're so intelligent, it's making me dizzy. You truly are the white knights' greatest strategist. Us freaks better watch out, there's outwitting you. You're truly marvelous, Mr. argyle. I see now the error of my nefarious ways.

mrstealyourgrill Sep 12 2019 2:00pm FLAG
It is Miss ARgal and you freaks will never see the error in your ways, and stop being so dramatic.

ARgal Sep 12 2019 3:20pm FLAG
bra why is u still on dis

Anonymous Sep 13 2019 12:23pm FLAG
Oh, dramatic? Dramatic?! DRAMATIC!!?!? I could have sworn I was going for something else, but I suppose being the smartest person on the internet, you would know better than I, argyle.

i think its called sarcasm Sep 13 2019 1:49pm FLAG
fake shreve. i do not know who you are. but i have a guess. my people have a bad enough rap without trolls like you, drawing unnecessary attention in our few social spaces. if you know who i am. and i suspect you do. stop posting here.

nox Sep 13 2019 2:32pm FLAG
Anon who are you talking to and learn how to spett. And hi nox

ARgal Sep 13 2019 7:19pm FLAG
hello. i am leaving now. farewell.

nox Sep 13 2019 9:56pm FLAG
Bye nox

ARgal Sep 13 2019 10:37pm FLAG
Awe don't go. I want to know who you are. I like your name, btw.

Anonymous Sep 14 2019 6:04am FLAG
Then make a post like a normal person and ask for me and i might appear

ARgal Sep 14 2019 2:35pm FLAG
Argal answer ur fcking insta messages

Dragon Sep 14 2019 5:28pm FLAG
Who the f are you. Idk know you

ARgal Sep 14 2019 7:19pm FLAG
Dragon i messages you

Dragonsbaby97 Sep 14 2019 7:27pm FLAG
And who the f are you using my original name bitch

Dragonsbaby97 aka original ARgal Sep 14 2019 7:28pm FLAG
I...meant nox? I didn't want nox to leave. I mean, who talks like that? He's gotta be some old dude right?

My names a number Sep 14 2019 9:46pm FLAG
^What the fuk!

Moonlark Sep 22 2019 6:03pm FLAG
I saw 29 comments and couldn't help myself had to look wow haha this didn't disappoint

infantorgies Sep 24 2019 6:52am FLAG
^ roflmfao me too bro. who the fuk is nox? or agyle and steve? clearly the latters know each other.

just here 4 teh lulz Sep 26 2019 5:18pm FLAG
The the fuck is steve? Theres not a single post on here from a steve.

Shreve Sep 27 2019 6:08am FLAG
Well well, clearly he/she was referring to you you.

Anonymous Sep 27 2019 6:38am FLAG
Nope. I'm Shreve not steve. 😛😛

Shreve Sep 27 2019 2:24pm FLAG
Given some of the earlier content in this post, I'd imagine that was the joke.

Woosh Sep 27 2019 10:38pm FLAG
Haha omg you s amazing. Please dont stop 🤡

Riggity riggity cleft Sep 28 2019 1:40pm FLAG
Toxxicon BACK AGAIN... S2R for young links!! Big Archive is with me on KiK: toxxicon

Anonymous Nov 01 2019 1:56pm FLAG
No one is suppose to stir up trouble, that's why I was placed here. If anyone ever forgot.

Enemy Dec 30 2019 10:12pm FLAG
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