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i want to kill myself but im just

The Problem: i really hate my life and i want to kill myself dont get me wrong i love my life i have a great family great friends but when i get yelled at i get sad and think of some ways to kill myself and i dont really want to talk about my family about this so i came here to talk what im going though idk how to speell but when im sad i think nobody cares about me but i guess im happy at school cause of my friends but when im not at school i gueess im depressed but idk how to explain myself i feel like im trapped

Asked by: ihatelife1232 at 03:57:19 PM, Monday, September 23, 2019 PDT FLAG


You got kik? I can chat with ya if ya need someone to talk to.

Shreve Sep 23 2019 8:20pm FLAG

u just gotta wait it out and it’ll get better bro I swear it will, trust💞💞it will just wait and it will get better

Faker aka izaac Oct 01 2019 12:37am FLAG
just do it. the longer you wait the harder its going to be. and dont listen to optimists. it doesnt get better. death is true freedom. i am a single mother. if i didnt have a daughter that relied on me, i would have killed myself already. bills pile, people steal and harass, your friends and family die, your body breaks down. if you dont have many obligations, and havent invested much in life, this is the best time. you might not get a better chance. im not dark or evil, just thoughtful. you are going to die. do it now and youll never have to suffer again.

daisyg Oct 15 2019 8:05am FLAG
every one please read carefully and note by heart:::::: life is once a gift by great god and the gift of god can not be distroyed by any one. you must live but enjoy. for help hangout

Anonymous Oct 29 2019 10:01pm FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 01 2019 2:10pm FLAG
Daisyg if you don't like your life you should let someone bang your daughter. How old is she?

Anonymous Nov 02 2019 9:48am FLAG
shes 4. and while i am very open minded, i do love my girl and would like to keep her from harm, hence the reason i yet breathe. so im going to have to decline.

daisyg Nov 21 2019 6:49am FLAG
Daisyg you are a good mother. However I am just gonna warn you if you let her go to public school nowadays she'll likely lose her virginity by 10

Anonymous Nov 21 2019 5:15pm FLAG
Ill bang her when shes n u should let sumone bang her and u should watch maybe join them having a 3 sum with ur kids could bring a closer bond with them

Ty Feb 03 2020 1:52pm FLAG
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