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The Problem: Have you heard from her?

Asked by: anon00 at 11:47:23 PM, Friday, September 27, 2019 PDT FLAG


No i have not have you?

Dragon Sep 29 2019 8:01pm FLAG

No I have not. I am very worried about her.

Anon00 Sep 29 2019 9:03pm FLAG
Ahh fck... Have you got insta or snapchat better to talk on then here

Dragon Sep 30 2019 12:59am FLAG
So who are you to her if I may ask?

Anon00 Sep 30 2019 4:36am FLAG
Snap chat is the signature

Anon0097 Sep 30 2019 4:46am FLAG
Hey I have to go into work. I will be on break in about 4 hours

Anon00 Sep 30 2019 5:27am FLAG
If your her sister you probably already know who i am to her ive known her for almost 3 years

Dragon Sep 30 2019 6:58am FLAG
Anonzerozeronineseven thats your snap?

Dragon Sep 30 2019 6:59am FLAG
Yes that's my snap. And we don't talk alot.And I'm making sure you are you.

Anon00 Sep 30 2019 8:08am FLAG
Who’s dragon?

Anonymous Sep 30 2019 9:42pm FLAG
If you got Any Mega animal links send them my way! I got kitty links M and F k I k me at Glory69hole

Anonymous Sep 30 2019 9:42pm FLAG
lmao dragon u took my girl waay back a few years back

Faker aka izaac Oct 01 2019 12:35am FLAG
And who was your girl

Anon00 Oct 01 2019 3:38am FLAG
Wtf are you on about faker

Dragon Oct 01 2019 8:06am FLAG
Faker aka izaac you were asked a question.

Anon00 Oct 01 2019 3:15pm FLAG
Can we all just accept that lootcifer is superior to rngeezus? im so tired of people comparing them to lucifer and jesus THEYRE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THE FORMER DONT EVEN HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION.

sry guyz im drunk n bored Oct 01 2019 9:54pm FLAG
Faker who the fuc are you

Dragonsbaby97 Oct 06 2019 9:19pm FLAG

Enemy Oct 09 2019 12:03pm FLAG

Dragon Oct 14 2019 2:38am FLAG
Dragon you don't know me but I have been watching you on here and I'm just wondering why this girl is so important to you?

Anonymous Nov 11 2019 10:35am FLAG
How long have you been watching and its a long story

Dragon Nov 12 2019 7:21am FLAG
Just long enough to know this girl is very important to you and I am just wondering why?

Anonymous Nov 12 2019 9:49am FLAG
Well lets just say alot of things have happened but weve been together for near on 3 years or atleast we were

Dragon Nov 12 2019 3:58pm FLAG
Were? Are you not together anymore?

Anonymous Nov 12 2019 4:09pm FLAG
Well i havent heard from her in a month

Dragon Nov 12 2019 4:38pm FLAG
Could something have happened to her? From what I have seen she seems to care for you alot. Could she be not talking to you to surprise you with something?

Anonymous Nov 12 2019 5:47pm FLAG
I dont think so i was in contact with her sister about it but then she suddenly blocked me and we live in different countrys and she dont have my address sooo

Dragon Nov 12 2019 7:30pm FLAG
Could somebody have threatened them to make them stay away from you?

Anonymous Nov 12 2019 7:48pm FLAG
I doubt it no one except for her knows im talking to her sister or was

Dragon Nov 12 2019 9:34pm FLAG
Could her sisters significant other have blocked you without her knowledge?

Anonymous Nov 12 2019 9:48pm FLAG
I doubt it and i doubt her sister wouldnt of noticed the fact i was blocked for so long

Dragon Nov 12 2019 11:30pm FLAG
She could have thought that you blocked her. And about the girl who is important to you do you believe that she would actually ghost you if you are both so important to each other?

Anonymous Nov 12 2019 11:48pm FLAG
Hard to say i could of been played the whole time but who tf knows i sure as hell dont know anymore im just pissed off not knowing whats going on

Dragon Nov 13 2019 2:19am FLAG
If she didnt want to be with me anymore she could of just said

Dragon Nov 13 2019 2:37am FLAG
I honestly don't think that is what's going on. To me she does not seem the type to ghost someone she cares about. But you know her better than I do Dragon.

Anonymous Nov 13 2019 6:35am FLAG
I wouldnt of thought so either but all the evidence is pointing to it...... Who are you anyway

Dragon Nov 13 2019 6:36am FLAG
You need to think with both your head and your heart. Think back on what you know about her. Does she seem the type to just ghost without an explanation. I mean 3 years is a long time to be together in a long distance relationship because those take a lot of work.

Anonymous Nov 13 2019 6:38am FLAG
Who am I that is the question isn't it? Let's just say I'm a person who cares about what happens to others. I'm a person who wants to help others. I'm a decent person who actually has feelings and empathy for others unlike most people on this planet

Anonymous Nov 13 2019 6:50am FLAG
Easy to say hard to do especially when they conflict eachother and a decent person on like like not something i would expect to find on this godforsaken part of the internet

Dragon Nov 13 2019 6:55am FLAG
Yes well we do still exist. What do they say? Just think back on all the key points. Think back on how she treated you. Think back on her personality. Think back on it all. What does it tell you. You seem like the type of person who can tell alot about a person and who can see through bull

Anonymous Nov 13 2019 7:01am FLAG
People can lie anon people can fake its not that hard to pretend to be something your not on the internet and its not that easy to check either i just want to know whats happening so i can sleep at night rather then being wide awake wondering wtf is going on

Dragon Nov 13 2019 8:15am FLAG
I know people can lie Dragon. But in the end it's up to you to decide if she is worth the problems it causes you and your health mental and physical.

Anonymous Nov 13 2019 8:52am FLAG
Cant say if its worth it if i cant even talk with her cant afford to go fly and see her either

Anonymous Nov 13 2019 3:13pm FLAG
it im gonna try contacting her uncle

Dragon Nov 14 2019 2:18am FLAG
Any luck

Anonymous Dec 31 2019 9:22pm FLAG
I do apologise for not responding sooner. It has been very busy for me here lately. I hate the holidays to much to do and not enough time to get it all done.

Anonymous Dec 31 2019 10:01pm FLAG
No luck whatsoever im assuming your the same anon who has been replying to me before

Dragon Jan 06 2020 7:30am FLAG
Who are you to care so much

Dragon Jan 06 2020 7:34am FLAG
Yes I'm the same one. Let's just say I was close to her once but lost my chance.

Anonymous Jan 07 2020 8:07am FLAG
Now youve peaked my interest got snapchat or line? Easier to talk on there then here

Dragon Jan 07 2020 7:13pm FLAG
I'm downloading line.

Anonymous Jan 07 2020 8:54pm FLAG
My line ID is likelikeanon

Anonymous Jan 07 2020 9:26pm FLAG
Sent a message

Dragon Jan 08 2020 4:30am FLAG
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