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help with mom

The Problem: can someone help me with my mom? i dont know how to start please juro_at

Asked by: juro at 02:03:02 AM, Sunday, October 13, 2019 PDT FLAG


How can I contact you?

Anonymous Oct 13 2019 5:08pm FLAG

apna gmail id likho

km Oct 14 2019 2:55am FLAG
my mail is juro_at sorry i made mistake earilier

juro Oct 14 2019 8:50am FLAG
it's still not shown correctly it should be juro_at wp pl

juro Oct 14 2019 1:06pm FLAG
juro _ at wp pl

juro Oct 14 2019 1:07pm FLAG
juro_eleven at but number instead of eleven i dont know why number isnt shown

juro Oct 14 2019 1:08pm FLAG
what her age and your age. what dad do job. other family members tell all things.

ggg Oct 17 2019 5:43pm FLAG
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Me Oct 20 2019 6:14am FLAG
come to live chat for help

Anonymous Oct 24 2019 8:45pm FLAG
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Me Oct 26 2019 4:50pm FLAG
juro yes we are on mail so be there . any one else needing help may conatct hangout as id above

Anonymous Oct 28 2019 10:28pm FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 01 2019 2:09pm FLAG
juro reply mail drbdx

Anonymous Nov 27 2019 12:18am FLAG
any one dreaming family but can not make it to hangout live and get full support with cooperation Dec 02 2019 12:04am FLAG
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Anonymous Dec 05 2019 10:17pm FLAG
uski age kitni h aap kya karte ho papa kya karte h kitne brother sister ho.

jiggy Dec 28 2019 4:27am FLAG
For incest help mail me at

Incest_helper Jan 14 3:33am FLAG
my hangout id is above dr dbd

dbd Jun 13 8:39pm FLAG
Give advice: