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Take me away and use me

The Problem: I want to be kidnapped used, abused and to be kept as a 24/7 s.e.x. slave and be treated as property to where whomever has me can sell me to whomever they wish. And use me however they want. I never want to be found. I just want to be taken. Yes I know this is an unusual request and not many people think this is real but I assure you it is. Come and get me at 1.7.7 Riverland drive Heber springs AR I will answer any questions you may have. I am a 21 year old female from Arkansas USA. Please be serious about taking me if you reply.

Asked by: Betty1997 at 01:34:18 PM, Monday, November 11, 2019 EST FLAG


I would if i had my driver license

Anonymous Nov 11 2019 6:02pm FLAG

If you have a car you can drive down here and be my sex slave for a day, i'll you none stop all day till you can stand anymore, message me bak if interested

Same person from above Nov 11 2019 6:15pm FLAG
And maybe we can go on from there

Still same person Nov 11 2019 6:16pm FLAG
Actually if you have kik message me on there, my kik is ambris_chu, i am male so guys fuk off

Still same person Nov 11 2019 7:29pm FLAG
Got a kik account or snapchat i have a few questions if your genuine?

An interested person Nov 12 2019 7:22am FLAG
Chris Hansen will be waiting there for whoever shows up

Anonymous Nov 12 2019 8:13am FLAG
An interested person what is your Kik or Snapchat?

Betty Nov 12 2019 9:51am FLAG
Hit me up on snapchat, cant drive down there but i can give you my address so u can come to me, my snap is Rogue_vr

Rogue_Vr Nov 12 2019 10:03am FLAG
If you willing to wait another week or 2 i should have my driver license by then

Rogue_Vr Nov 12 2019 12:45pm FLAG
My snap is my name im the interested person btw

Travion_con2019 Nov 12 2019 4:37pm FLAG
Your not who i think u are. are u.......

Dragon Nov 13 2019 6:59am FLAG
Who are u?????? Do I know u??????? I don't think I do so unless ur interested in my post please get the fux off it

Betty Nov 13 2019 7:25am FLAG
Again i can probably take u away for like 2 to 3 days once i get my driver licence but that about it

Rogue_Vr Nov 13 2019 7:38am FLAG
And i am serious, might not be forever like u want but i can give u a taste of being kidnapped for a few days atleast

Rogue_Vr Nov 13 2019 7:41am FLAG
2 1yo lives in arkansa. U sound like taylor or adri

Dragon Nov 13 2019 8:13am FLAG
Who the fux are they. I seen someone brave enough to post what they want. And it gave me the courage to do the same

Anonymous Nov 13 2019 8:31am FLAG
If you talking about last few posts on here there fake made by a jealous friend

Dragon Nov 13 2019 3:08pm FLAG
No answer hmm

Dragon Nov 15 2019 7:12pm FLAG
Y’all do realize you gin show up at this niqqas house and get arrested right

Anonymous Dec 02 2019 12:18am FLAG
Lol doubtful anon probably a fake or troll or another girl ive known for along time

Dragon Dec 04 2019 2:55pm FLAG
Im curious since she suddenly stoppd replying and the "anon" on my post stopped talking at the same time so who took her

Dragon Dec 05 2019 8:43pm FLAG
Did anyone get this chick?

Anonymous Jan 06 2020 7:29am FLAG
Don't go in there its a trap

Anonymous Mar 11 2020 2:33pm FLAG
She is being dead for 3 years nobody lives there and you will die in woods after returning from there

Anonymous Mar 11 2020 2:34pm FLAG
Give advice: