Fantasy Hoops



In honor, in memory of MasterTS, it is my duty to be the new MasterTS

The Problem: That is my new alias for now on.

Asked by: Enemy at 01:18:18 AM, Tuesday, December 31, 2019 EST FLAG


Everyone will Remember MasterTS

MasterTS Dec 30 2019 10:18pm FLAG

Lmao ts will be around somewhere when he wants to talk to saph

Dragon Dec 31 2019 2:26am FLAG
Lol. Very true Dragon

Anonymous Dec 31 2019 9:50pm FLAG
Why is that so Accurate

Enemy Jan 01 2020 7:14am FLAG
Actually I've been waiting for Saph to show up but I haven't seen her around in months and since practically every other post since then has been about pron sharing it wasn't worth responding to haha

MasterTS Jan 03 2020 4:20pm FLAG
Just look for a slave again ts im sure saph will show up ;)

Dragon Jan 06 2020 6:12pm FLAG
While I would normally agree with you Dragon Saph is...a different kind of girl. If she were active here then she would have responded if she wanted to. If she hasn't responded it's either because she can't or she doesn't want to lol

MasterTS Jan 07 2020 9:50pm FLAG
Lol ive seen your convos i can see shes different but it does provide some good entertainment on this godforsaken part of the internet honestly why you 2 arent dating is beyond me you seem like a perfect match for eachother a nice combination of friendly bickering and affection

Dragon Jan 08 2020 5:27am FLAG
We all thinking it. No doubt.

Enemy Jan 09 2020 12:40pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 07 2020 4:17am FLAG
Hlo Frds agar aap BUSNUSS karna chahte hain to call ya WhatsApp Karen mujhe is number par

Anonymous Feb 07 2020 4:19am FLAG
Dang, I sent noodles to a MasterTs once. Those were better times.

Kruelty Jul 10 2020 1:20pm FLAG
And I greatly appreciate it Kruelty. I loved buttering my wiener with your noodles.

MasterTS Nov 09 2020 5:57pm FLAG
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