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how can i seduce my little sis

The Problem: How can i seduce my 7 year old sis im shes 7 and shes nice

Asked by: monkeyman at 02:42:26 PM, Sunday, May 13, 2012 PDT FLAG


dude! im get a gf

kelsie May 13 2012 9:45pm FLAG

ummmm u dont u sick freak

Megan May 13 2012 9:45pm FLAG
u could kill her

kelsie May 13 2012 9:45pm FLAG
yah think about it ur little sister bleeding 2 death

kelsie May 13 2012 9:49pm FLAG
you peole suck :( i am so angry of this all ......

lonelove May 13 2012 9:50pm FLAG
??ur 21i cant help u

Anonymous May 13 2012 9:53pm FLAG
??ur 21i cant help u

kelsie May 13 2012 9:54pm FLAG
7?????? what the actual

kitty :D May 13 2012 9:54pm FLAG
U r probaly the sickest weirdo ALIVE along with all the other nuttos

letsnot&saywedid May 13 2012 9:58pm FLAG
loner boner bro buy a hooker

kelsie May 13 2012 9:58pm FLAG
hey!.... wat u ppl say.... i say to this guy who want to seduce his sister........

lonelove May 13 2012 10:03pm FLAG
People like you need help, serious help... go yourself and leave your sis alone...

Lindsey May 13 2012 10:28pm FLAG
Love to see your little sis *****. Mail me we can talk

lilgurllover May 14 2012 1:32am FLAG
For gods sake tell him you are joking

Gemma May 14 2012 5:02am FLAG
*No comment*"ummm.....SICKO FREAK MOTHERER DIE!!!

TOM3000 May 14 2012 5:09am FLAG
If gemma doesn't do as I say I will tell you what to do to her

lilgurllover May 14 2012 5:29am FLAG
Why not just rape her in a**

lilgurllover May 14 2012 8:13am FLAG
Look dude just leave your sis alone. If she's willing go for it. You shouldn't be tryn to mess with her anyway. She's your sis.

lilgurllover May 14 2012 9:53am FLAG
let her caught you masturbating

mcv193 May 14 2012 11:04am FLAG

Anonymous May 14 2012 5:27pm FLAG
bro i dont judge but think about how akward that will b afterword jus get a girlfrend to bone

barbie May 14 2012 8:47pm FLAG
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