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Slaves come here

The Problem: Hello my pets

Asked by: MasterTS at 12:33:31 AM, Tuesday, January 28, 2020 PST FLAG


Time to get the popcorn boys

Dragon Jan 31 2020 8:23am FLAG

Yes Dragon, out of your bootyhole.

MasterTS Feb 01 2020 11:33am FLAG
Ya kînky bästard

Dragon Feb 01 2020 8:18pm FLAG
Ahhhh no matter how long I'm gone the trolls will always use my name eh? Just to let everyone know I only created this thread in the off chance Saph comes back, everyone else do whatever you want haha

MasterTS Feb 02 2020 11:18pm FLAG
I may be a month late but its nice seeing you and Sapphire

Mephiles2 Mar 04 2020 9:35pm FLAG
Dominate XXX addict looking for a Submissive Uncut Raw Slave willing to do anything to watch his mistress squirt! Must be Slim\Fit! Bigger than 7 inches, uncut and CLEAN! My slave must be willing to take pictures\videos Anywhere, Anytime no matter how risky it is and most importantly being willing to show your face in the videos/pictures! Im looking to abuse my slaves through humiliation! My slaves must be comfortable with backdoor penetration, oral play, self facials, public risky shots, and most importantly always staying in character of the submissive obedient pig Never questioning his mistress Only thanking her with any task that’s given because your time with me is enough to make you nut like no other female out there can make you! I’m here to help you express yourself and free your mind in ways you’ve never thought you could! I’m here to teach you how to really be YOU! If you care that X rated addict with no shame K. I. K. Me at Glory69hole!

Dominate XXX addict looking for a Submissive Uncut Raw Slave wil Mar 09 2020 9:14pm FLAG
Awwww still looking for me even after all that time. I have to say I’m flattered

Sapphire Jun 05 2020 6:26pm FLAG
Well I mean you did just up and disappear literally days after I asked you out and you said yes *sigh* not even a word. Heck I don't even think I did anything wrong...this time anyways haha

MasterTS Jun 17 2020 9:40pm FLAG
No you didn’t. Not this time. It was me and my stupid busy life this time.

Sapphire Jun 23 2020 8:23pm FLAG
Yeah I know that feeling, life first play later or something like that *grins*

MasterTS Jun 24 2020 11:49pm FLAG
I usually go by “all work and no play” but I guess yours works too *smirks*

Sapphire Jul 01 2020 3:00pm FLAG
Should I watch out for Redrum? Haha, Though I have to admit you are anything but a dull girl *smiles*

MasterTS Jul 01 2020 6:35pm FLAG
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