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Trading kik or wickr MEGA links

The Problem: Kik: charlesmendez000 Wickr: charlesmendez00 Send to receive only please. New Good links only

Asked by: charlesmendez000 at 12:59:28 PM, Saturday, May 09, 2020 PDT FLAG


Kik/wickr thetradest rare cp only s2r

Anonymous May 09 1:58pm FLAG

Boy links trades ......Kik .. puttheexinsex

Anonymous May 09 5:07pm FLAG
Wickr ... mega boy links

Anonymous May 09 5:08pm FLAG
Wickr .... euphoria 2 1 3 spaces mega boy links ...some new

Anonymous May 09 5:09pm FLAG
I'm back. Kik uroboy

Anonymous May 10 2:52am FLAG
Signs of a professional scammer ...1. oh I have all my links tied up on one huge 400 GB link ...if it's exaggerated or sounds to good to be true it is . Sign # 2 ....oh go ok go you first you send send link it's immediate desperate fast if they don't even ask you what type of link or mega or Dropbox or female or male ..if they immediately just push you ..ok go first ...they are scammers .. # 3 check how many days on kik they have been around . If 1 day on Kik but they have 35 links something is not true . Shut down fake bad traders .post them here .

Anonymous May 10 4:14pm FLAG
Jennyssmokez is a big scam on Wickr .....she sends links that expires after she sends ....don't send her

Anonymous May 10 5:29pm FLAG
Trading all types CP links through Kik! Send to receive or else no reply. Kik Username: BryanIsTheGuy

Anonymous May 10 11:52pm FLAG
Sapin777 add me and S2R mega

Anonymous May 11 12:21am FLAG
SEND TO RECEIVE! I have a NEW high-quality MEGA link with young girls, black girls, and incest! I'm looking for GIRLS WATCHING CP. If you send that I will give you my very best link! Kik: @sadetrade wickr: @sadetrade

Anonymous May 11 9:57am FLAG
S2R! I have 980+ vid mega link! Looking for OMEGLE VIDS, BUT WILL ACCEPT ANY MEGA LINKS Kik @cassienova99 Wickr: cassienova99

Anonymous May 11 10:09am FLAG
Wickr: jdlaw Toddler and black only

Anonymous May 11 5:22pm FLAG
Wickr .... euphoria 2 1 3 mega links

Anonymous May 11 9:20pm FLAG
Jdlaw doesn't send back

Anonymous May 12 1:11am FLAG
selling mega acccount And TORRENT for cheap price. the mega account contain 797 gb worth cp. and torrent contain more than 3 TB OF MIXED CP. inside the torrent contain. everything you can think of . daisy destruction. full set cambodia girl HMM. full duration of tropical cuties. real rape, gina, japan cp, asian cp, black cp, boy on boy , man on boy and much more. add me wickr kontolryan to buy Wickr only testimony when you pm me. got proof with my customer

Anonymous May 20 12:55am FLAG
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