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Black yng boys and girls.

The Problem: Trading my big 1 2 5 gb of black yng only trading with ppl who has good black my kik is mya19934 s2r

Asked by: Jessica12071 at 09:30:59 PM, Sunday, May 31, 2020 PDT FLAG


The only ones who say I don't send are scammers

Anonymous May 31 9:32pm FLAG

Bc they tried to play me

Anonymous May 31 9:32pm FLAG
Wickr: jdlaw

Anonymous Jun 01 2:29am FLAG
Mya is lying she is scammer and doesn't send back. Soon as you send she'll block you

Anonymous Jun 01 5:47am FLAG
Mya doesn't send back at all

Anonymous Jun 01 5:47am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 01 5:48am FLAG
Mya is a fake don't send to her no matter what

Anonymous Jun 01 5:48am FLAG
Trading rare only STR kik thetradest

Anonymous Jun 01 5:48am FLAG
Mya is all lies

Anonymous Jun 01 5:57am FLAG
Just traded with her and I got a good link back idk what u guys talking about

Jessica87 Jun 01 8:30am FLAG
Mya doesn't send anything, I just sent her a link with a sweeper virus, if she does not get the encryption key its gonna erase everything she scamming bitch

Anonymous Jun 01 9:43am FLAG
Mya why are you a c*nt ? ...born selfish ? Trading boy links .... euphoria 2 1 3

Anonymous Jun 01 2:30pm FLAG
Kik ... trades

Anonymous Jun 01 2:30pm FLAG
Her name is Jessica too when you see that it's Mya she's a bitch she makes different profiles

Anonymous Jun 02 9:57am FLAG
Mya you ing c*nt

Anonymous Jun 02 9:57am FLAG
thetradest is a scammer. He's gonna make different profiles. beware ppl!

Anonymous Jun 02 11:48am FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 02 10:00pm FLAG
I just traded with thetradest so somone is lying

Anonymous Jun 03 5:59am FLAG
Thank you who ever you are

Anonymous Jun 08 6:08am FLAG
Trading dropbox link on kik, send to recive KIK: bernardo_XD

Anonymous Jun 24 5:26am FLAG
Give advice: