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looks like this site will never change

The Problem: it is still filled with disgusting people

Asked by: sonicrulse at 09:50:49 PM, Monday, June 01, 2020 EDT FLAG


Trading rare kik thetradest s2r

Anonymous Jun 02 2020 9:43am FLAG

kik: amysmom99 wickr: amysmom99 New and rare links! Honest and fair trading.

Anonymous Jun 02 2020 10:19am FLAG
And all you 'clean' people can't seem to stay away. You're not fooling anyone but yourselves. We all know how easy it is to make an alternative account.

Detbabylegs Jun 02 2020 3:46pm FLAG
and how? i don't even create other accounts on here.

sonicrulse Jun 03 2020 11:54pm FLAG
you are probably one of the people creating those topics anyways

sonicrulse Jun 03 2020 11:55pm FLAG
its been said a hundred times. nobody is making you stay here. nobody is stopping you from going to a different site. yet you guys still hang out here, constantly complaining about how terrible it is, about how were all going to hell, youre going to kill us, blah blah blah. if you dont like it here leave. in case you hadn't noticed, all your whining hasnt changed anything. this site is for freaks now, like it or not.

Anonymous Jun 04 2020 9:48am FLAG
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