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yng kik trade

The Problem: Yng kik trade S2R ONLY gucciboi0

Asked by: gucciboi015 at 05:50:26 PM, Friday, October 30, 2020 PDT FLAG


S2R! I HAVE NEW links! Honest and fair trading! If you trade me OMEGLE CP I will send you a 35G mega link! I have black yng, incest, and much more. Kik: jakehill36 wickr:jakehill36

Anonymous Oct 31 2020 2:37pm FLAG


MOONCAKE45 Oct 31 2020 6:30pm FLAG
Kik.... bestwank ........mega boys links trades ......Send 2 R

Anonymous Oct 31 2020 10:30pm FLAG
Wickr ....... doctorcox mega boy links

Anonymous Oct 31 2020 10:31pm FLAG
SCAM Alert .. jakehill36 above offering 35 GB is a scammer does not send back at all ....don't trust or send him anything...thank God I only sent him one small link

Anonymous Oct 31 2020 11:13pm FLAG
Jakehill36 on Kik and Wickr is a fraud lier scammer .....he does not send back ....just tried to steal links all day from other trusting people

Anonymous Oct 31 2020 11:16pm FLAG
If they screw you or cheat you post them here as fake ass loser scum

Anonymous Oct 31 2020 11:39pm FLAG
Got all the best young links, s2r Kik: hornboydog8

Anonymous Nov 01 2020 1:28pm FLAG
My kik Sapin777 add me and S2R mega

Anonymous Nov 02 2020 9:57pm FLAG
Trading yng girl pics vids n links. S2r. No limits. 0-5yo preferred kik@ lil.cutiez

Anonymous Nov 03 2020 2:46am FLAG
S2r. I have new links and new account. K1k = AJTrde2

Anonymous Nov 04 2020 7:36am FLAG
Scammer alert...tom F or Thomas 25 on kik.and Wickr ...scam lier ...don't send to him

Anonymous Nov 04 11:56pm FLAG
kik: blksnakemo

Anonymous Nov 25 4:16am FLAG
Mega links trades.....Wickr ...icebabee ......and ..............Kik... orcakilledjaws......also looking for legit fair trade groups to.join

Anonymous Dec 06 10:52pm FLAG
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