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This place still exists?

The Problem: I’m grown now but like. I thought this would’ve been shut down by now. Was just bored and decided to come check

Asked by: Miles165 at 05:14:54 PM, Saturday, October 31, 2020 EDT FLAG


Lots of young mega and dropbox links, and beast/incest links, s2r. Kik: hornboydog8 Prefer boy links.

Anonymous Nov 01 2020 1:11pm FLAG

I so

Anonymous Nov 03 2020 1:38am FLAG
I so

Fag Nov 03 2020 1:39am FLAG
If you are reading this comment your parents will die within 5 years. To undo this curse you need to copy this and paste it on 5 other manga. i'm so, so sorry,please forgive me. I Know this may be seem nonsense but not gonna risk.

Anonymous Nov 06 2020 5:35am FLAG
Ill risk it not copying and pasting

Anonymous Nov 07 2020 6:49pm FLAG
same af literally thought the same thing in my head

Anonymous Nov 09 2020 10:50pm FLAG
This place is still here but has become somewhat of a show and has turned into something horrible. I wish they would just shut down this website since it will never return to the glory days of what it once was. It’s fun to come back after so many years to see if anyone else comes back but that’s about all there is to it.

Carson Nov 12 2020 2:15pm FLAG
It got g a y.

Maddy Nov 12 2020 9:44pm FLAG
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