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I haven’t been on here since 20.. I think 🤣

The Problem: Helllllooooo I literally haven’t been on this website in yearsssss, I used to go on here for over a year straight EVERYDAY when I was maybe lmaooo I met ode strangers. But I’m 19 now and I wanted to check the website out again (can’t believe I remember the website name still) but this site seems the same ... filled with pervs

Asked by: GiannaA15 at 03:54:46 PM, Saturday, November 21, 2020 PST FLAG


gianna? Like Gia?

Anonymous Nov 21 11:42pm FLAG

I’m not sure what I went as on here tbh wit you 🤷‍♀️ Gianna, G, Gia

GiannaA Nov 22 11:42am FLAG
Yo you should let me hit you up

Anonymous Jan 11 1:28am FLAG
Hey GiannaA I remember you! It’s been so long! This place has really changed from those good old glory days, I used to love coming on here everyday to hand out and chill with friends it was a nice time. But yeah now it’s filled with all sorts of crap and stuff, kinda sad to see this site get turned into what it is now.

Carson Jan 19 6:28am FLAG
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