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How can my son in his arse but not wake him up

The Problem: Hi, I am a married naughty dad and I get a tiny tight arse... Msg me on wickr: knkyguy31 for naughty chat/ or send yung fam vids 4 trade or DB/mega

Asked by: Kinkydad25 at 04:56:03 PM, Friday, December 04, 2020 PST FLAG


Just drug him. Nyquil works for me. Just don't give him so much that he gets sick.

L. Bruley Dec 06 10:04pm FLAG

or, you know, you could...i don't know, wait until he's old enough to consent. like i'm into young ones too guys, but come on. doesn't mean we have to be so sleezy.

Anonymous Dec 07 5:02pm FLAG
ddontt ddrug buttseduce sslowwlly pllay his cokk aandd anuss aand sstttartt ffingger

Anonymous Dec 13 2:43am FLAG
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Anonymous Jan 26 11:20am FLAG
good you are naughty dad never drug any one as it is risky. boy or girl any one play safe with love and care arse or c*nt with love get online email help mahakrani 1 1 6 @ ya hoo . c o m no spacing whem you mail keep secret private as incest is not alloweed but is illegal

Anonymous Feb 01 5:19am FLAG
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