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This place has really taken a turn for the worst! - Carson

The Problem: I used to love coming here everyday all those years ago and not coming back to this place it’s just sad to see what it has become, hopefully this place gets taken down or somehow makes a comeback. However it goes it’s still nice to come back in hopes to finding old friends that used to be on here and seeing how life is going for them. If anyone from those glory days are here I would love to chat and see how things are! :)

Asked by: cbark24 at 06:32:31 AM, Tuesday, January 19, 2021 PST FLAG


My old bestie, what up brother. Great seeing you Carson.

Enemy Jan 26 2:59am FLAG

What’s going on man good to see you too! Just recently moved into a house my wife and I bought so that has been really fun and exciting! Wbu?

Carson Jan 29 5:49am FLAG
THEN FKING LEAVE ALREADY. Go to facebook or something. We get it you don't want to be here. But you're the only one stopping you from leaving.

Anonymous Jan 29 7:52pm FLAG
Actually, just been pretty chill, lots of business going on, business investment, and still rather young myself still.

Enemy Jan 30 4:23am FLAG
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