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Looking for young kids or fellow p3do girls to chat with!

The Problem: P3do woman here! I’m not looking for disgusting old men get out of my dms. I’m looking for young boys or girls or fellow sisters out there to have a dirty chat with and discuss our fetish’s so hmu. If you’re not a kid or a girl and you’re a guy who asks me to trade I’ll block you.

Asked by: Babygirl20 at 04:47:56 PM, Saturday, April 24, 2021 EDT FLAG


Oops forgot to add my Wickr. My Wickr name is

Babygirl READ THIS Apr 24 2021 1:52pm FLAG


DON May 02 2021 3:06pm FLAG
Kik: TheHiddenTrader yng girl s2r

Anonymous May 13 2021 9:30am FLAG
s2r kik:xxajnxk send the types of links you want to get back.

Anonymous May 31 2021 6:05am FLAG
Not looking for dirty old guys fuggin lol! Our community is tiny and our options are shrinking, you better take what you can get bro

Anonymous Jul 17 2021 10:38am FLAG
Trading large mega files. strictly s2r Kik drunkenroser. Do remember to input what you looking for be it girl boy ect

Anonymous Jul 22 2021 12:56pm FLAG
"our community is tiny"... wtf? STOP THE TRA/F-ING STOP THE LINKS. NOW

Anonymous Jul 29 2021 7:53pm FLAG
Lookin for young Black girls links S2R only Dropbox and Mega. Kik: Moneyteammarv Wickr: Mt2Flee

Anonymous Oct 02 2021 8:35am FLAG
Give advice: