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I dont know why I keep coming back to check on this place - Zer0

The Problem: But here I am. anybody here down for a civil conversation?

Asked by: Corrupt_Pharaoh at 02:59:22 PM, Sunday, May 02, 2021 PDT FLAG


To see if it ever returns to it's glory days. At least that's why I keep returning

Anonymous May 02 11:22pm FLAG

Shut the fu€k up losers lmao

Anonymous May 03 3:39pm FLAG
Just say fuck dude.

Anonymous May 10 8:41pm FLAG
I only just discovered this site. What on Earth is this? This is the most disgusting website I’ve ever been on. It’s like a broken, even more degenerate version of 4chan. The search bar doesn’t even work. What did this site used to be like? From what I can tell, it’s very old.

Concerned Citizen May 11 10:10am FLAG
People use it to trade things they shouldnt now

Anonymous May 11 7:40pm FLAG
Yeah this is horrible. These poor kids. I didn’t even realize Mega was used to trade abuse material like this.

Concerned Citizen May 12 8:13am FLAG
JPM me lo encontré por error que increíble

mendez mendez JPM May 13 12:55pm FLAG
How many times do we have to tell you people to just stay out? This site is gone as far as you're concerned. It's become our cesspool and it's going to stay that way unt il it gets shut down. You guys know that, so the only reason you would come back is out of morbid curiosity, which is how I got started. Let me just say, quit while you're ahead.

Shrive May 18 9:40pm FLAG
I'm in search of someone that's y I keep coming back

Anonymous May 19 7:23am FLAG
Man. I was on here about a decade ago. It never used to be like this. I've reported this site for some disturbing pedo things. But I see nothing has been done.

MintyMeow May 19 10:45pm FLAG
I come here to remind myself how cruel humanity can be. All these poor children hurt by the lust and greed of adults. Disgusting.

Anonymous May 20 8:25am FLAG
Hello. I've got all new g forced / rape mega like so if you got the same and your up for trading then S2R girls forced / rape links. Not interested in selfie g likes , only hardcore what I've got. KIk me on Steveieone

Anonymous May 27 8:59am FLAG
Shrive has the right Idea.

Enemy Jun 04 11:09am FLAG
Hi enemy and zero! Can’t quite remember what name I went by on here. It was shy girl at first, but I remember both of you!! Idk if you remember Romeo, my memory is very faint. But I remember yall!! Hope all is well! Very disappointing to see all the cp and .

??shy girl?? the girl who was friends with romeo?? Jun 10 7:06am FLAG
All you need to stfu and trade my links. Stop being . We’ve all seen atleast 1 girl with a fat ass

Anonymous Jun 28 8:38pm FLAG
jeez these links and ... thats scary. this needs to be taken down. the whole website :(

cewlboi Jul 29 4:41pm FLAG
Give advice: