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I want to be Ra-ped or made into a s-ex slave

The Problem: I am a 23 yr old male living in Waxahachie texaw and i am a complete co-ck/cu-m slut, i love to suck off guy and get , i dont care if you ra-pe me or kidnap me, i just want di-ck, i want to be forced to take a co-ck in my a-ss over and over again non stop till my a-ss and mouth is over flowing with c-um so plz ra-pe me or kidnap me and use me in what sexual way u want should it be your personal slave or prostitute me for money i dont care if interested message me on discord at Astral#9231

Asked by: Astral at 02:48:09 AM, Monday, May 31, 2021 PDT FLAG


So people want a ton of cp but wont take someone who is offering to be there s.e.x slave?

Astral Jun 02 11:57am FLAG

If you were a girl yes. Not a some disgusting hairy fatass ugly ass man you stupid faggot bitch

Fag ^^ Jun 06 12:09pm FLAG
There is a girl on here who was wanting to be taken but no one ever came

Anonymous Jun 06 1:02pm FLAG
Good for u, i was just saying what i wanted to happen to me, if ur not interested then move on

Astral Jun 08 12:51am FLAG
Anon how do u know mo one came and got her

Astral Jun 08 1:01am FLAG
anon that girl wasnt real that was a jealous ex friend trying to get her taken... i should know since i know this girl very well

dragon Jun 09 2:05am FLAG
O really how well

Anonymous Jun 13 7:22pm FLAG
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