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Lets make an agreement

The Problem: It obvious that all the pedophiles on this site arent going to leave even tho at this point it seem like none of you guys even have any u r just trying to scam other for it but you do you, as for the agreement i would like to make is i want to bring likelike bak to the way it was back when i came on here during my high school day so i ask that you guys plz stop posting in the Love Category and leve that for us to just chat in, you can keep posting in any other category but leave us the love category

Asked by: Seiki at 06:32:38 AM, Saturday, June 05, 2021 PDT FLAG


Lmao that ain’t happening buddy LOL

What’s a loser this guy ^^^ Jun 06 12:08pm FLAG

Don't think these are real people. Probably just bots with the way they keep writing the same thing over and over

Shreve Jun 06 5:09pm FLAG
"like you did in highschool" lol very obvious sublimanal hint you like ****s! lmao join the party and swap some links 😜

Anonymous Jun 10 6:23am FLAG
Yo Shreve! how's it going, man?

Likelike isn't going back to how it was. Get a life OP, you grad Jun 10 10:38am FLAG
Hey now, I know that nobody else is going to do that... but I'll stay out of love for you op. At least you have some common sense and some respect.

Some random creep Jul 17 10:35am FLAG
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