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Trading Huge Links, S2R

The Problem: Kik: Groupt898

Asked by: groupt898 at 11:34:31 AM, Sunday, October 10, 2021 PDT FLAG


Kik- janeishere3 I have multiple 300GB+ folders both mega and Dropbox. I’ve got pretty much all types of things such as ****, black rape etc. I am Str but will send 3 links if you send a good link in return. No annoying people as I’m trying make my folder bigger and give some to others.

Janeishere Oct 11 1:10am FLAG

Kik is janeishere3 Screwed up on the post…

Anonymous Oct 11 1:11am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 11 1:12am FLAG
janeishere 3 I swear this website is with typing.

Jane Oct 11 1:12am FLAG
Janeishere 1 2 3

Janeishere3 Oct 11 1:13am FLAG
I’m trading rare mega and Dropbox links, I’ve got some that are over0gb. Str but if you send a good link I’ll send two back for it. My Kik is liamhame

Liam Oct 11 4:56am FLAG
Xxxbabygirl79 kik me

Anonymous Oct 12 1:18am FLAG
kik: anitabaldings s2r only

Anonymous Oct 14 1:49pm FLAG
Gurl cp MEGA links for trade, s2r KIK: BryanIsTheGuy

Anonymous Thu 11:25pm FLAG
Give advice: