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My wife Maala Saigal is having an affair with my servant in Delhi

The Problem: Please tell me advice what to do

Asked by: Rahoul at 12:09:18 AM, Friday, February 04, 2022 PST FLAG


This is what happens when you marry a whore.

Paul Feb 08 10:54pm FLAG

You might be right Paul, but for years my big husky wife has been torturing me as she does in my dad for her enjoyment. Her wrestling years has made her more dominant, along with her girlfriends. As for me, I watch how the girls take turns on a friday night as they destroy his body and manhood. My big wife is so nasty, that she has her boyfriend punish me and put me on my knees to watch her finish off my dad in a reverse facesiting until she gets off. The big biych is a massive 5'", 243", size feet.

Crying husband Feb 10 5:08pm FLAG
SHOULD BE 5'",243#S, SIZE FEET. YES PAUL !!! SHE TO IS A NASTY WHORE!!!! What to do???

size feet, 5'",

Should be six feet tall, and 243 pounds , with size eleven feet. A real killer to men.

Husband Feb 10 6:02pm FLAG
All husband does is complain about his wife, and her active life style. He has been on theses sites for years, and her to. Get a LIFE !!!!

Anonymous Feb 11 5:24am FLAG
She is a big ladie, but has a lot of fun with men !!!

Husband Feb 12 8:00am FLAG
Maala has always been a slut. She's been spreading her legs since she was . Once a slut, always a slut.

Adil Feb 13 2:44am FLAG
Adil... my wife loves to torture me with other men as she enjoys her time with them ! With her stocking wearing.. it must drive men nuts, but.. she loves it ! The big woman she is, she even had my Dad.. yes my DAD.. between her legs not to mention HIS FACE !!! Iguess we can swap stories of our women, but for me... Iget nothing but WATCHING !!!!! It's HER WAY OF PUNISHING ME !!!!! She is a BITCH FROM HELL.... You should see her wrestle men. It will get you excited, no lie Adil... Men have told me that I am lucky to have her, and watch her get Nasty, and at the same time a Slut.Oh the stories... they are Nasty to read...

Husband Feb 13 11:16am FLAG
Husband is right about his big wife.. after reading his stories that are true, she did and sometimes wrestles men, even husbands DAD, for her enjoyment. Her and some of her girlfriends do the same thing to him, for there style of pleasure. Maybe Husband might tell more about his watching his big ladie perform on other men . IT is all TRUE ! that is for sure.

Anonymous Feb 13 11:50am FLAG
Well someone has been reading my stories thank you who ever.

Husband Feb 13 5:02pm FLAG
Ithought this over again, and again... if it is good for my wife to do this style of activity, then I can do it to. I will go after her big nasty friend Gloria, a big woman from Italy, a 6'3", 253 # amazon that works with her in wrestling of men.

Husband Feb 14 8:27am FLAG
Sounds like a plan that you have. Give us the results when it happens.

Anonymous Feb 16 12:01pm FLAG
Hey guys.

Hey, you are Feb 28 1:55pm FLAG
SO ! is my wife a slut to ? what if I want to chase a big woman.. where is my rights ! Do I torture her and let her watch me with her girlfriend Gloria ?

Husband Mar 01 4:40pm FLAG
I saw ur slut wife online. Bitch is quite famous among perverts. Love her white milky petite body...there's nothing u can do wit a slut wife like maala, just be happy she's getting her share of c*cks.

lechy dog Jun 03 12:41am FLAG
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