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Anybody else have encounters with young muscle girls and boys.

The Problem: Today I saw a 3 year old being pushed in a stroller, so far so normal. But when I looked at her I could see that she was bulging with muscles. Big meaty pecs, gigantic biceps and abs you could grate cheese on. Does anybody else have any experiences with young and muscular boys and girls.

Asked by: BruhBruh at 01:38:37 PM, Thursday, June 09, 2022 PDT FLAG


hey I made a server for fans of young muscle I'd love to see you there.

discussme Jun 09 5:41pm FLAG

hello guys got some offer for you all. hi u can call me kaylee but i can tell u my real name if we get close. im thirten 1.3. yo girl and i really like money!! i make content and offer services for, well, cash. i can age verify and i can mainly do anything except for scat, actual illegal activities (rape, actual cp, actual incest, actual rape, zoophilia). i can do other things such as piss, feet, selfh4rm, public, fansign, cosplay, etc. terms/rules! (must read) for more info/Price/Proof contact WICKR kontolryan

KontolRyan Tue 10:40am FLAG
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