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Tons to Trade

The Problem: B preferred but fine with whatever, you must send first or ill ignore, my wickr is khayestrade

Asked by: nt888 at 07:07:38 PM, Friday, November 25, 2022 EST FLAG


STR For all new hard-core G forced / rape mega links . Str me on kik - steveieone

Anonymous Nov 28 2022 3:37am FLAG

Finniekade Is my Kik Looking for t33n and aunt stuff only. I’ve got a bunch of yng and pedo mom stuff both in mega and db. I’m STR but will only be on toda:

Kade Dec 08 2022 1:51am FLAG
Kik - Only trading today Looking for incest and t33n. I’ve got pretty much everything 50+gb files most of them. Str but will reply straight away today.

Trade Dec 09 2022 3:38am FLAG
Kik: likelike30 send to receive first for rare.

Anonymous Dec 21 2022 7:42pm FLAG
Kik- kyle.winner Looking for t33n and incest Mom and aunt. I got 3 45gb links and any size link is ok. STR but will respond quickly

K Jan 02 2023 1:28am FLAG
Kik: TheHiddenTrader yng girl s2r

Anonymous Jan 13 2023 9:25pm FLAG
Wickr - leelewis1 2 3 (no spaces )

Leelewis 3 Jan 25 2023 4:40pm FLAG
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