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should I quit going to the gym because my female friend is crushing my self esteem with her heavy weights?

The Problem: Hello everyone, In short I have a situation where my friend and his wife came back to the country after few years working abroad. His wife is slightly taller than her husband, but she used to be a slim and nice lady. When we met with them for the first time my wife and myself were in shock, the wife has added to her weight more than 70 pounds and she got a lot bigger and wider than before she changed a lot. Apparently, she was involved in weightlifting and some martial arts during these years. Since they came back she proved herself to be stronger than me and of course way stronger than her husband. The problem is that she’s going with me to the same gym and she’s lifting weights way heavier than I can ever lift. She’s making fun of my strength and makes me to spend my time assisting her in her workout. This is emasculating me and shacking my self confidence. There is no other gym close to me. Of course she convinced my wife to join the gym, my wife goes to the gym as she’s going on different times a housewife. I am afraid that if I continue going to the gym with her she will emasculate me even more and destroy my self esteem but if I quit going to the gym I am concern that my wife will become stronger than me.

Asked by: Suestrong2000 at 05:09:27 AM, Tuesday, April 11, 2023 EDT FLAG


Don't be a pussy and just workout more.

Shreve Apr 19 2023 12:45am FLAG

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Concern 1 Apr 19 2023 5:18am FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 19 2023 5:20am FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 21 2023 2:00pm FLAG
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Is this question still active

Anonymous May 05 2023 10:10am FLAG
This’s nonsense just be a man and continue working out there’s no way that she can be stronger than you you are a man you have should be bigger and your muscles mass bigger and you have more testosterone so you should be stronger and have bigger muscles

Shlams May 11 2023 5:56am FLAG
It is still active and I am looking for advices. Shlams I don’t understand why you think this’s nonsense. She’s tall big lady I am not bigger than her and definitely don’t have bigger muscles mass. I don’t think only because I have testosterone it means I am stronger. I’m trying really hard but her strength and weights are unbelievable. You don’t know any strong women

Concern 1 May 11 2023 9:26am FLAG
Come on stop winning how big and strong this woman could be

Shlams May 11 2023 11:01am FLAG
Shlams the lady you’re making fun of me because of her is 6.5 and 230 lbs her thighs are about 28 inches, claves are 24 and biceps inches. I wonder how big you are? Before starting working out with her I thought that I am a big man but I was shocked and loosing my self esteem. The weights she uses are more shocking than her size she dumbbell Curl 50 kg, bench press 200kg, shoulder press 0kg, squat 240kg, deadlift 260 and she can do consecutive 100 pushups with extra weight. I wonder how much you can lift

Concern 1 May 11 2023 11:34am FLAG
What are you talking about you must be wrong these are the measurement of a gladiator not a lady where did you find this lady I find it very hard to believe that this lady is real

Shlams May 12 2023 5:34am FLAG
Well she exists and she’s my best friend wife and she is working out with me and she is emasculating me. You can believe it or not but I am the one who is suffering here.

Concern 1 May 12 2023 9:36am FLAG
This lady is married?? Her husband must be THE HULK. I find it really hard to believe this I don’t think I’ve ever met any person who can lift these weights not to mention that this person is a woman. I don’t understand why are you suffering with her? Anyway I still believe that as a man you should be able to win any woman in a fight regardless her size. So maybe you should fight with her and put her in her right place.

Shlams May 15 2023 4:53am FLAG
Yes she is married and to one of my closest friends and he is nothing like hulk actually he is the exact opposite. You need to hit the gym to see strong people but I agree not many women as strong as her. I am suffering because I have to go the gym with a woman who makes look extremely weak. If you think I am stronger than her or can beat her in a fight it shows that you know nothing of what you’re talking about.

Concern 1 May 15 2023 7:21pm FLAG
Why any man would marry a woman like this and he is not as strong as her, how he handles it. I can’t imagine how woman like her looks like what is her husband size? I will feel really uncomfortable around a woman like her. How do you know she can beat you in a fight did you fight with her

Shlams May 16 2023 1:41pm FLAG
When they got married she was only taller than him and slightly heavier than him but after living abroad for few years she came back like this. For him it looks natural that she is way bigger and taller and stronger than him it doesn’t bother him at all. She used to be a beautiful lady before. Her husband is actually the opposite of her he is 5.5 and 0lbs and he is kind of skinny dude. I know it’s very disturbing to be around her especially if you’re in the gym or doing something physical. Of course she is stronger than me didn’t you read what weights she uses in the gym. Also, she has wrestled with us few times and the difference in the strength is unbelievable.

Concern 1 May 16 2023 6:41pm FLAG
I don’t understand you said her husband is 0lbs.

Shlams May 17 2023 4:39am FLAG
Sorry I meant 0lbs

Concern 1 May 17 2023 5:03am FLAG
Six**** lbs

Anonymous May 17 2023 5:03am FLAG
That’s crazy why a small and short man will marry someone a lot taller and heavier than him. She is so big for him. From what you’ve said she doesn’t sound pretty as well. Does he go with her also to the gym? What do you mean she wrestles with you? Why and when tell me details. Did she beat you? I don’t know maybe you should stop seeing her and not to go to the gym with her.

Shlams May 17 2023 11:44am FLAG
I know he is a short man and always loved tall women. When they got together she was only taller than him, then throughout the years she developed these huge big muscles. I am not in a situation to say if she’s pretty or not but I think that she kind of lost her feminine style. So, her shoulders are so wide maybe the widest shoulders I have ever seen on a person, and her huge muscles also you can see her veins when she’s working out. Plus she cut her hair really short recently I mean like a dude hair so I don’t see her beautiful anymore but maybe because I only see her in casual situations and during work out. To make worst on men around her now she wears high heels almost all the time so she is towering everyone around her. She challenged me for wrestling matches couple of times and it ended really bad for me. I couldn’t do anything against her she’s way stronger than me. Even the last time me and her husband were against her but we lost she’s by far way stronger than the both of us. I wish I can stop going to the gym but now my wife is going to the gym now when I am at work and building muscle. I’m scared that if I quit the gym my wife will be stronger than me too.

Concern 1 May 18 2023 11:27am FLAG
She doesn’t sound really beautiful sorry for your luck. You don’t like muscles on women? You said she was 6.5 and she wears heels that’s crazy are they big or small heels? How tall are you? How she beat during wrestling? Come on two men couldn’t stop her how is that possible? Does your wife knows that you lost to another woman? Tell me more about the wrestling how you do it? What do you usually wear

Shlams May 19 2023 7:13am FLAG
She’s not my wife so no need to feel sorry for me although I am not fan of muscles on women but to be honest sometimes it excites me watching her big muscles when she’s working out or wrestling me. Yes she’s 6.5 and most of the times she wears her inches heels so she’ll be around 7.5 feet, it’s crazy I know. I’m 6.1 so when I’m not around her I feel tall but when she’s around wearing her heels I feel really small and short. Her husband looks like dwarf next to her standing at 5.5 next to her 7.5 in heels. She’s very tall and strong beyond description she can easily control me even when me and her husband tried to wrestle her it was so easy for her to control us. Her one arm is stronger than our full body, not to mention her legs power when she caught someone between her thighs game over all what you have to do is beg for mercy. Of course my knows she’s her best friend, she has witnessed all the wrestling matches. She even wrestled her husband and won even though she isn’t very strong. We wrestle when we’re either at their house or when they’re at our house. We clear the living room and wrestle. Usually no specific clothes whatever we’re wearing but maybe taking off our shirts so it’ll be our pyjamas shorts only most of the time

Concern 1 May 19 2023 4:53pm FLAG
What excites you exactly about her if you said that you don’t think she is beautiful woman? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who is 7 feet or even taller it’s unbelievable she’s so tall anyway why she wears those heels she must look like giant. It’s must be really embarrassing for her husband to be two feet below her. I think he stands around her breasts. I still can’t believe that she can beats two men in the same time. Did she ever put you between her thighs as you described? What was your wife reaction when she witnessed her friend beating you in wrestling match I think any wife will loose respect to her husband if he another woman is way stronger than him in wrestling. Why your wife wrestled your friend? Have you ever wrestled your wife? How strong and big she is? When you say you take off your shirts do you mean only men take it off or also your wives take off their tops also? Tell me more about those wrestling between all of you

Shlams May 21 2023 5:47am FLAG
Not sure but there’s something exciting embarrassing and kind of scaring when a woman can overpower you easily. I think she likes to tease me and her husband and shows us how bigger and stronger she is comparing to us and that’s why she wears those here when she’s around she doesn’t need any more height but she loves to make us feel weak and small. Her husband feels normal around her it doesn’t bother him. He’s used to the fact that he’s the smaller and weaker part in the marriage. He even encourages her to wear heels, gain weight and muscles. When she wears those heels her husband even stands below her breasts, I find it really abnormal but they both love it think it’s natural. As I said she’s very strong and skilled fighter it’s not problem for her to win against two men and probably more. Of course she caught me many times between her thighs and let me tell it’s unbelievably painful I almost faint when she starts applying pressure, and maybe she’s only applying 10% of her strength. My wife is laughing at me when I beg her friend to let me go or not to apply more pressure. And she’s teasing me whenever we have physical job at our house she will say don’t do it maybe it’s really hard for you I can call Alex and she can handle it. So, yes you’re right maybe she lost some respect to me as she no longer sees me as a strong man. But she loves it that women are becoming stronger than men. Yes, I have wrestled with my wife couple of times and I won the problem is that she’s getting stronger every time and the difference between our strengths is getting closer. She’s slightly shorter than me stands at 5.10 few months ago she started going to the gym and gaining muscle and weight. I’m trying to increase weights I lift in the gym but I think her progress is going faster than mine as her muscles started being visible now. Do you have a wife? When I won over my wife in wrestling she was frustrated so she wanted to try her strength against my friend and she won it wasn’t really hard for her. So, in wrestling and size Alex is number one, me in number 2 my wife 3 and Alex husband is fourth. I’m not sure if I understand your question but as I said usually we meet at the end of the day so we’ll be wearing our pyjamas and when we wrestle we take off our shirts so we sweat men and women.

Concern 1 May 22 2023 6:14am FLAG
Your friend is so weird being in this type of relationship. How do they live? Is he the head of the house? He must look like a kid next to her on those heels. Your wife isn’t small she’s bigger than me. I see why you’re concerned if your wife is enjoying it and working out now maybe she will stronger than you soon. Do you know what weight she uses in the gym? I don’t understand why your wife was frustrated if you’re stronger than her, this how normal marriage should be. How did she wrestle your friend? Was it hard on her to win? No I don’t have a wife or girlfriend, but recently I started noticing there’re so many strong women out there. Sorry to ask this question but when you say your wives take off their shirts do you mean they will be only wearing bra? If that case I can see why you find it exciting

Shlams May 23 2023 6:14am FLAG
Maybe it’s weird for you but it’s just normal for them. Not sure what do you mean by how do they live but no he’s not the head of his house at all. They both live in total reverse relationship. Her job is much better than his and she makes a lot of money so she’s the main provider. He decided to accept a part time job from home since her income is so high that she can pay for everything by herself in this situation he can be responsible for the domestic chores while she focusing on her career to make more money. And of course since she is bigger and stronger she do any physical tasks around the house like lifting stuff or moving furniture. Finally, she’s much more confident and better decision maker than him so in simple way she’s by far the head of the house. Yes, you’re absolutely when she wears those heels and go to restaurant he looks like her kid and she treats him like a kid. Ya my wife isn’t small woman but thankfully not as big as Alex and hopefully she’ll never be. I’m really trying my best to stay stronger than her but I think she develops muscles really quick. She goes to the gym in the morning when I am at work and I try not to ask her about her working out I don’t want her to feel that I am concerned about her strength. But I can obviously see the change now. Her muscles are visible she can lift many heavy stuff around the house and her shoulders are getting wider and wider. It’s obvious that you don’t have a wife because women these days will not accept being weaker than men they’re so competitive and are really good in gaining physical power. Although she’s not really strong and haven’t wrestled before but she wrestles my friend and won easily. I wanted my friend so men aren’t destroyed but he failed. Well as far as I remember my wife always wears bra when we wrestle with them, but Alex doesn’t always have a bra. She doesn’t need one TBH.

Concern 1 May 23 2023 9:00am FLAG
That is super weird why on earth would any man accepts this type of life or maybe ask for it. What do you mean treats him like a kid? If you are really concerned about your wife getting stronger why you don’t ask her to stop lifting weights, tell her that you don’t like muscular woman. She should stop. Your friend must be really weak since your wife is stronger than him I can’t imagine how big is the difference between him and his wife. So, when you say your women take off their shirts you mean your wife will be only wearing a bra and her pants? And what do you mean Alex doesn’t wear a bra so when she takes off her shirt she will not be wearing anything? And why she doesn’t need a bra?

Shlams May 23 2023 12:08pm FLAG
I can see your point but I think he’s very happy husband and I can understand that also. He’s a small weak man he married someone who can do all the hard things for him, she goes to work she’s responsible for money she protects him she takes care of him and he’s only responsible on cleaning the house and keeping his wife happy. So, he really enjoys his life. Every time I ask my wife she makes fun of me that I am a and I am scared of becoming weaker than her. She’s focusing on getting stronger now it’s too late to convince her otherwise. Well my friend is weak but my wife is getting stronger really quick and she’s not a small woman anymore. I can tell you that now she always wears sleeveless shirts and her biceps are getting bigger and harder. Yes, usually my wife will be wearing a bra and her pyjamas short when she wrestles. Alex doesn’t wear bra most of the time because she has developed pecs muscles so she no longer need it. Yes, she’ll be shirtless during wrestling matches. By the way what is your size? Do you lift weights?

Concern 1 May 24 2023 10:24am FLAG
Before talking to I thought that I am average man but now I am not sure anyway I’m 5.8 and 70kg. I don’t lift weights but I play soccer once a week. My muscles are not visible but when I flex you can see some muscles. Your friend is looking for his marriage from a very different point of view than the usual one but I can understand him now but still wouldn’t imagine a man being in a relationship where he’s not actually the man or the head of the family. When you say she does all the hard things how’s that who lifts the heavy stuff and how she protects him? Have you wrestled with your wife recently how strong is she? I find it really weird that women want to build muscles. Do you mean Alex is wrestling topless MAN this’s hot. I don’t get it what do you pecs muscles? Have you ever touched her boobs during wrestling before? How you and your friends feel about your wives wearing that are you okay with it.

Shlams May 25 2023 11:55am FLAG
Man you’re not big at all you’re shorter and lighter than my wife she can easily overpower you so imagine someone like Alex what can do to you. You have never lifted weights in a gym before? How old are you? As I said Alex and my friend live in a complete role reversed relationship. So, she’s the head of the house also she does all the physical work like lifting heavy stuff moving furniture killing spiders changing the car wheels, she fixes anything around the house or the yard. What I meant by protecting I meant if it’s late at night and they need something she’ll go and get it as she thinks he shouldn’t be alone outside the house at night things like that. Maybe it was not common few years ago for women to build muscles but nowadays it’s very common and it’s a trend now for a lot of women also they brag on how muscular they are and they don’t like muscular men. I haven’t wrestled with my wife in the last two months but I can see huge improvement in her muscles I am really concerned. Yes, Alex wrestles topless most of the time. I don’t know if it’s hot I don’t think about it this way. Pecs muscles are when your chest muscles grow. Yes, during wrestling you touch the other person and it might be anywhere. Me and my friend don’t really talk about our wives outfit during wrestling but I think he’s okay with it like me

Concern 1 May 26 2023 10:02am FLAG
Am 23 and no I don’t go to gym. You really think that even your wife is stronger than me. Your friend and Alex live in a strange way don’t you think. Is she happy that her husband is so weak and she needs to protect him even from spiders. Does she do all the heavy work around the house? Do you know other women who build muscles are there a lot of them? You think your wife can be stronger than you in the future? I think it’s extremely sexy to wrestle women topless I don’t understand how you don’t think about it this way. But I don’t understand why a woman would like to build pecs muscles that will reduce her boobs size isn’t it. Are you okay if your wife wrestled topless

Shlams May 30 2023 4:46am FLAG
I know for a fact that if you don’t go to the gym or train on fight art that my wife can easily be stronger than you considering that she’s taller heavier and taller and more muscular. My wife is getting stronger and muscular really fast her muscles are getting more visible everyday her shoulders are getting wider her legs muscles are getting ripped in dramatic way. She no longer asks for my help in anything the other day she just moved our dining table using one arm and our dining table is really heavy. I am getting stronger as well but not as fast as she’s doing it. I just don’t want to be way weaker than her. Of course Akex and my friend is extremely happy with their relationship they both encourage each other so he encourages her to build bigger muscles and be stronger and more dominant and she encourages him to become smaller as she thinks men are cuter this way. I think what you don’t understand that many women these days don’t want to look feminine and cute they think being pretty means having muscles and wide shoulders, that’s why they build muscles so it’s the new sexy. I can see your point that it’s exciting to topless women but when this woman is kicking you and you’re in pain it’s very hard to think about this way. I don’t mind if my wife wants to wrestle topless it’s her decision why I should stop her. Do you have problems

Concern 1 May 30 2023 8:49am FLAG
It’s a strange to know that I might be weaker than those women, maybe I should start working out. You think your wife is stronger than you now? How would you feel if she’s stronger than you what would you do? How your friend encourages his wife to be stronger what can he do? I always think that women want to look cute and not muscular or big. You don’t get excited when you wrestle topless? I don’t know I am not married but I don’t think I will like other men touching my wife boobs

Shlams May 31 2023 6:08am FLAG
Maybe you should but even if you start working out this doesn’t mean you be stronger than women who work out especially if they’re bigger and have been working for years. I think now we’re close but surely she’ll be stronger if she will continue working out. I don’t know there’s nothing I can do. I just don’t want her to be way stronger than me. Well he encourages her by telling her how much he loves her muscles and how proud he is. No our women strongly believe beauty is bigger muscles. No, I don’t get excited. Actually I asked my friend about it since you mentioned it and apparently he’s the one who asks her to wrestle topless because it excites him but definitely not the man who’s suffering between her muscles. Maybe you should try it before you judge

Concern 1 May 31 2023 9:28am FLAG
Her husband asked her to wrestle topless oh my gosh that’s really strange isn’t it? I will love to wrestle woman topless why not. You think if I meet a girl who works out then she’ll be stronger than me. That’s bit scary. What do you mean way stronger than you? You think she can be way stronger than you

Shlams Jun 01 2023 5:48am FLAG
You’re not big tall or muscular or even athletic guy so I’m almost certain that a girl who works out regularly and has your size or bigger can easily overpower you and beats you in most physical exercises. Why would you think this’s scary? I mean to be way stronger like she can beat me with no effort or to lift easily things that I can’t even move I mean to be like Alex. I don’t know if she can be like that I am hoping not, she doesn’t have the same strong built like Alex. Yes, he said it’s very exciting to watch her wrestling me wearing nothing but underwear or shorts. He also told me that he’s asking her to start wrestling other men even but not sure what her thoughts about that it looks like it’s something that excites him. Well you should look at the wrestling as a way to prove who’s stronger not to see women bodies. Anyway you should try it I am sure you can find girls who wants to do it. Yesterday me and my wife was watching tv and our legs are on table it starts to become clear that her legs muscles thighs and calves are getting bigger than mine. I think it’s happening she starts having muscles bigger than mine I am really stressed.

Concern 1 Jun 01 2023 11:53am FLAG
I’ve never imagined in my life that I may marry a woman who has bigger muscles than mine or stronger than me it’s just not normal for me. Your wife already has bigger muscles than you how long she’s been working out? How do you feel about it? It’s not easy to find women like your wife or Alex where I live. I know wrestling is to see who’s stronger but at the same time I don’t think it is possible not to get excited on these women bodies if you are wrestling them. So, did you wrestle Alex or your wife recently? Did Alex wrestled any other men? How big is your wife muscles now?

Shlams Jun 06 2023 5:46am FLAG
Yes, unfortunately my wife’s legs muscles thighs and calves are more muscular than mine now even her shoulders are wider and more muscular thankfully my bicep is still bigger but I don’t know how long it will take her to have bigger biceps as well. It only took her about 6 months to have bigger lower muscles and shoulders. I don’t feel great about it, I feel way less of a man. She wants to have proper measurements and wrestling this weekend and I am really concerned that she’ll overpower me. Yes, of course Alex is addicted to wrestling and every week the differences between our strengths and hers are getting bigger. She agreed to wrestle other guys for her husband but not sure who. Maybe it’s better not to find women to wrestle this way you can keep your feelings as a man

Concern 1 Jun 06 2023 10:16am FLAG
sabi ali

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Sherri crushed my self esteem and ego when we arm wrestled. Then we tried wrestling. Women can be stronger than I thought they were.

Bill in mo. Nov 02 2023 2:00pm FLAG
Bill in mo. Who is Sherri? Is she your wife or girlfriend? How big are both of you? Why did you wrestle at the first place? How do you handle it

Concern 1 Nov 17 2023 5:57am FLAG
Give advice: