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How to hump a stuffed animal

The Problem: how does it work

Asked by: Tye-Die at 03:31:31 PM, Sunday, June 03, 2012 PDT FLAG


Why don't you just do it

BBC Jun 03 2012 10:36pm FLAG

wwht the .i.n.g blow up dolls hump it till yo is hard and pertend some girl is sucking that small litte d*ck i know its small cuz u dont got the f...u...c..k..i..n..g ball to ask a girl out take her to the closeit and get a qicky

death angel Jun 04 2012 12:40am FLAG
candy ass

death angle Jun 04 2012 12:41am FLAG
Im guessing your a girl and no you don't just do it takes skill and it has to be sorta kinda hard

Anonymous Jun 04 2012 1:06am FLAG
OMFG im crakin up.

lick me Jun 04 2012 2:04am FLAG
what its true most pepol will agree with me

death angel Jun 04 2012 2:55am FLAG
if that persons a girl then all she has to do is act slutty push a guy on the bed cuz hes willing

death angle Jun 04 2012 2:58am FLAG
Oh wow but not always and are you black im not raisist or anything just wondering

Tia Jun 04 2012 4:53am FLAG
Get a teddybear put it under ur vagina rub in a circular motion for a while Obviously!!!! Don't need any tape or dildos just the teddy bears snout

awesome Jun 04 2012 5:56am FLAG
Or if u wana actually hump something then get the pillow and just grind it

Tia Jun 04 2012 6:10am FLAG
um you move your pelvis back and forth

c*ck51 Jun 04 2012 9:47am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 04 2012 10:19am FLAG

straightgirl Jun 05 2012 2:07pm FLAG
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anonymous Jun 17 2012 6:49pm FLAG
i have a stuffed animal sponebob. if it is a medium or large animal, fuld it so between it's legs is facing up. sit on it. hump it and grind. the harder you do it, the better in feels. it also feels good to rub it on your chest. or, stuff it in your pants while hunping. im going to do that right now. ;)

im ! Jul 30 2012 6:35am FLAG
haha i love humping stuffed animals.

im ! Jul 30 2012 6:37am FLAG
hey. i just humped my stuffed animal. i folded it so it's nose was on top then it's nose felt so good shoved inside me.

the Jul 30 2012 7:05am FLAG
i lov humping my pillow and the side of my bed feels so good and rubbing my boobs on my pillow :]

pinkslippers :)) Aug 05 2012 11:36am FLAG
as a matter of fact im going to hump right now

pinkslippers :)) Aug 05 2012 11:38am FLAG
I just stick a hairbrush in my .

Anonymous Sep 24 2012 3:54pm FLAG
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mj girl Oct 02 2012 4:57pm FLAG
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Hornygirl Oct 22 2012 6:44pm FLAG
you like, get a stuffed toy[ not hard] ether put it in your pants or just plain hump it. let me tell you, its a good feeling

imagirld Feb 02 2013 5:07pm FLAG
i like to just like take a stuffed toy with beads in it and at first rub my..... then i start humping it until i feel relly happy with the feeling. :] but i feel gulty

imagirld Feb 02 2013 5:11pm FLAG
Get a soft stuffed animal or pillow (I use pillows-they're bigger(; ) and put it under you. You can either lie on your stomach or sit up for this. Then, start moving up and down or in circles on the stuffed animal/pillow. It helps if you put a lot of force into it! ;)

pillowhumper34 Feb 27 2013 3:50pm FLAG
Take the leg point it hump and pu on and out of your vagina or go ip and down.

sexualhumpergirl Mar 19 2013 6:40pm FLAG
TO HUMP A STUFFED ANIMAL: first you get a soft, meduim teddy bear, put it's beady nose under ur vagina, then just go on it and move in a curculare movement. try going slow in an up and down motion or also try i fast! TO HUMP A PILLOW: first get a comfy soft pillow, either fold it and put it under ur vagina or you can lay on it flat and go really fast or slow. yeah i still do these stuff, mostly with the pillows! :D

Teh Epic & Horny Yr Old Apr 07 2013 11:37am FLAG
take a teddy bear but it under your vagina go up down or cirularl motion it feels so ing good have so much fun!

dhumper May 19 2013 9:28pm FLAG
Well, for me I do it with my medium sized pig stuffed animal. I lay it on top of a smaller pillow, so it's like it's crouching, then just grind it If your straight use a tampon cuz it's better that way (im Bi)

Pighumps May 28 2013 10:11pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 08 2013 5:59am FLAG
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wantyourbody:D Jun 10 2013 6:29pm FLAG
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Nick Perez Jun 10 2013 9:44pm FLAG
Does anyone let their dog eat you out?

Jun 23 2013 7:48am FLAG
rub your boobs in its face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Jul 08 2013 7:58am FLAG
rub your vigina in its face

Anonymous Jul 08 2013 8:06am FLAG
humpin` my hippo right now

Anonymous Jul 08 2013 8:08am FLAG
use force!

Anonymous Jul 08 2013 8:10am FLAG
I just jump it's privates and rub up till its stomach and it feels sooo good... Sometimes I just stick it's face in my v@gina and hump but I do it in my underware or pjs... I watch *** before I hump... Ugh it feels sooo good!!! I'm by the way

Hornyhumper Jul 10 2013 11:27pm FLAG
how do you hump a stuffed animal and make it feel like real sex

sexy bi.. Jul 24 2013 5:09pm FLAG

sexy bi.. Jul 24 2013 5:10pm FLAG
You take a pillow fold it then hump it til u feel good and if it does work then watch *** at the same time I am doing it right now

s Aug 14 2013 11:08pm FLAG
If you just put something under it, It will be higher up. You can also lay it on the ground or your bed and go up and down I have lots of medium-large stuffed animals to do this ;]

Sexylesbian Aug 30 2013 12:58am FLAG
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Amanda the sexy girl Sep 07 2013 8:29am FLAG
go to jerk room whatch *** then hump

jenna Sep 15 2013 11:13pm FLAG
pump it

kitkatz i luv sex Sep 17 2013 4:56pm FLAG
omigawd take off ur clothes and stick its head in ur vagina

sexmaster Sep 17 2013 4:57pm FLAG
call me im

Anonymous Sep 24 2013 4:24am FLAG
1) What I would do is go to my bed and put 3-4 pillows and I would put my stuffed animal (I usually put 2 so I pt can be higher) on them then I would start humping slowly and then I would go faster... 2) I would go lay on the floor and put the stuffed animal's hand between my underwear and my pants then I start humping!

Anonymous Oct 17 2013 12:52pm FLAG
Stick your pjs on and go up and down

Jshwhsjcb Oct 21 2013 3:38pm FLAG
Strip in front of a pillow and try and French kiss it. Next rub your t**s on the top and stick your v@jina in its face. Make sure you sleep on the other side of the pillow tonight!

Anonymous Oct 21 2013 3:42pm FLAG
Humpin is so sexi i hump every night uhh feels sO good tO get your vigina in its face

Sexi 10 year old Nov 06 2013 6:08am FLAG
If u have a vibrator, put it where the stuffed animals penis would be. Turn on the vibrator and have fun!!!! I'm masturbating right now ;)

Nov 16 2013 12:11pm FLAG
Uhh it feels sooooooooo gooood thanks for the advise!!! I'm screaming it feels great!!!!!!!!!!

Humpstar Nov 26 2013 2:03pm FLAG
To, I just used the corner of my pillow to jump and it felt soo good!

Humpstar Nov 26 2013 2:05pm FLAG
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Humpstar Nov 26 2013 2:07pm FLAG
i hump my stuffed dog by putting it tail in my vagina the i makeout with my stuffed bear or my pollow by the way i am and i am a girl

lovetohumpmyanimale Nov 29 2013 12:01am FLAG
I hump my teddy bear and it feels good but I'm scared I might get caught

Micaela Dec 22 2013 6:44am FLAG
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Dec 22 2013 6:47am FLAG
I take my dog stuffed animal and hump until I am wet and it feels soooo good you just put in under your vagina and grind!

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Sexy yr old ;) Jan 12 2014 10:36pm FLAG
OMG I do this a lot. Just take a pillow and sit on your bed. Sit on top of it and it's better if you get a separate stuffed animal an use that one to make out with for example kiss it or rub it on the body. I love this it feels so good on my vagina!!!

Eat my Jan 18 2014 10:32am FLAG
Btw it's better if you watch something before so that you get turned on

Anonymous Jan 18 2014 10:35am FLAG
i rub my teddy bears hand up and down my wet vagina

xfgdvbhhbfbb Feb 09 2014 5:51am FLAG
i had sex with ma bf them i humped my teddy OMG its so good then clear stuff cam out

watr Mar 26 2014 11:29am FLAG
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thatgirlovahdare Mar 27 2014 3:15pm FLAG
hi im new the way i hump a stuffed animal is to put it under me then go in circles then move my legs back and forth really fast.and yes im a lesbian if you want to kik me its

latonyam3 Mar 31 2014 5:06am FLAG
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Hornygirl (bi) Apr 19 2014 3:50pm FLAG
I put its head under my vagina then i circle and i pres my tits against it and move sexi

Sexi May 05 2014 5:21pm FLAG
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I want pussies now May 20 2014 1:39pm FLAG
when you have sex moan and what it to fell good than hump the pellow really hard intell your wet.

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Anonymous Jun 05 2014 10:17am FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 05 2014 10:17am FLAG
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Sally Nov 22 2014 9:51pm FLAG
I love to fold up a towel after ive had a shower and just hump it really hard, until i get a nice feeling. But after a while it makes me feel guilty and i feel like i will get caught.

Girl Jun 02 2015 10:46pm FLAG

xhamster Jun 02 2015 10:47pm FLAG
So get any type of teddy bear, close your bedroom door, take of all ur clothes lay the teddy on ground lay with ur vag on its head and go up and down, then move ur hips in a circular motion FEELS SO GREAT

WhoLikesMasturbating!!! Jun 02 2015 10:51pm FLAG
... *eats pocky and finishes reading* .. well now im bored again

Shadowreaper Jul 12 2015 6:40pm FLAG
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libby Nov 07 2015 1:07am FLAG
I love humping my stuff dog and who wants to have sex with me I'm such in a good mood cause of humping my stuff dog

Humping you Nov 13 2015 4:22pm FLAG
Omg I have a stuffed bear he is so soft and loves to be humped

setting the mood Nov 28 2015 2:12pm FLAG
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setting the mood Nov 28 2015 2:18pm FLAG
I take a pillow or two and lay them down in the bathroom I take my neck massager And put It between my legs and spread my p***y I turn it on then it starts to Vibrate I like that therefore want to go in a back-and-forth on the pillow or stuffed animal

Try it Apr 04 2016 8:49pm FLAG
Put the bears nose on your and move ur body in a circular motion FEELZ SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! then u can lick the wetness off the nose it so good this omigod Someone want to have sex sonetime I go to loganville middle school age grade 8 I have black glasses on everyday ((I'm straight|guys ONLY!!!))

sexxxluvsexxx Apr 22 2017 2:42pm FLAG
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