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Any guys on here who want to ??

The Problem: Look im always horney like all of the fricken time I'm not looking for a bf I just wanna kik only!! I want to be wet so hurry!!! My username is girlygurlxoxo MSG me be as dirty as you can ;) ;)

Asked by: Gurlygurlxoxo at 01:33:09 PM, Thursday, June 28, 2012 PDT FLAG



Kevin807 Jun 28 2012 8:36pm FLAG

um... how old are you

idc Jun 28 2012 8:38pm FLAG
my d*ck will go deep and ill more cum there is

Kevin807 Jun 28 2012 8:39pm FLAG
Do u want to me?

Issac Jun 28 2012 8:40pm FLAG

Kevin807 Jun 28 2012 8:51pm FLAG
Hey gurlygurl do u wanna me??? I also txt n kik if u want

Issac Jun 28 2012 9:02pm FLAG
i will you soo good that u wont want to ever stop

luis Jun 28 2012 9:59pm FLAG
my d*ck is si big that it will rip open your and youll start to water

bossmand*ck Jun 29 2012 4:13am FLAG
i will u and do everything u want im a guy txt me at 4805502286 ill girls from me

devsexy Jun 30 2012 12:30pm FLAG
Kdis iz hacked by me

Iris Jul 12 2012 8:19pm FLAG 7 inch c*ck

john lohman Sep 30 2012 3:17pm FLAG
i want to some randoms on kik my username is skyrocket999 and i am so now text me ASAP

Anonymous Oct 06 2012 3:25pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 08 2012 8:36pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 04 2012 5:23pm FLAG
Girls on only add me to play around kik name is metallica_rules

Anonymous Nov 06 2012 3:49pm FLAG
Girls add me, male. Username is lavergis. I'm very descriptive

Isaac Nov 17 2012 10:00am FLAG
Any girls who wanna or chat kik me at SkylerFTW I'm and a guy

SkylerFTW Nov 20 2012 9:11pm FLAG
kik me, girls only m.johnston420 i trade pics you wont be disappoint m

Anonymous Nov 21 2012 9:45am FLAG
Keep over 18

Anonymous Nov 22 2012 7:49am FLAG
Keep over 18

G Nov 22 2012 7:50am FLAG
me (405)3)9739)

Anonymous Nov 23 2012 4:01pm FLAG
me (405)3)9739) I'm a guy

Anonymous Nov 23 2012 4:02pm FLAG
What's your number girl?

Ajjones Nov 24 2012 1:35pm FLAG
kik me (girls only) m.johnston420 i send s

Anonymous Nov 25 2012 8:41am FLAG
kik: TheFranticAtlantic

TheFranticAtlantic Nov 27 2012 8:50am FLAG
Im M kik me fakeaccountlikelike

Fake account Nov 27 2012 6:58pm FLAG
Girls of any age kik me for pic trade and I promise u won't be disappointed kik @ bleach

bleach Nov 27 2012 11:45pm FLAG
My email is Im a guy

Alex Andrade Nov 28 2012 5:41pm FLAG
Sorry i gave you the wrong one The right one is I will answer

Alex Andrade Nov 28 2012 10:35pm FLAG
Or kik me my username is balconex3 im a guy

Alex Andrade Nov 28 2012 10:43pm FLAG
Kik me guys :) mine is gwenluvs

Gwen Nov 29 2012 4:54am FLAG
Gwen u

Anonymous Nov 30 2012 8:40pm FLAG
Any girl over age 10 kik me @ tapout98 We cn s or jt have a casual talk.GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!

tapout98 Dec 01 2012 6:14am FLAG
U guys r all gay grow the up and stop being pedifiles

Gabeflo Dec 01 2012 7:36pm FLAG
girls kik me m.johnston420 if you wanna trade pics you have to send first

Anonymous Dec 02 2012 12:04am FLAG
Add scott246 I'm male, text me;)

Scott246 Dec 03 2012 10:53pm FLAG
Hey girls. I'm and I am up for anything(; I am always on kik and ill trade pics if you will. Just send a pic to me if u want and say hi and ill get back to you when I can. Don't worry. I'm always gonna have kik;D. CjWolfman204. Hurry. I'm waiting. (Girls only. -18)

Anonymous Dec 05 2012 3:09pm FLAG
Any girls that want to just talk or send pics kik me!! Celticsbball

Anonymous Dec 15 2012 3:06pm FLAG
kik me tboner4278

Anonymous Dec 15 2012 7:43pm FLAG
bad kids....bad!

g :D Dec 21 2012 7:47pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 22 2012 12:47am FLAG
me aziz_faqihi

aziz Jan 02 2013 12:37pm FLAG
Who ever wants to on KIK kik me on kenny_49 I'm a yr guy looking for girls to wit [;

Ken Jan 02 2013 5:18pm FLAG
My username is my kik and btw she disconnected already

Kmania554 Jan 03 2013 7:26pm FLAG
Axeman69 18 male

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 10:35pm FLAG
Kik me @ oklahomafuture6 s

Anonymous Jan 07 2013 1:00am FLAG
Any girl who wanna trade Kik me @ ilovetennisIma m

Anonymous Jan 08 2013 6:24pm FLAG
Guarantee every fag on here is a virgin xD ing homos

you fags Jan 10 2013 1:35am FLAG
Hey girls!!! Kik me if you wanna on kik. Any age!!! Girls only!!! Kik: alex.brewer

Meeee Jan 11 2013 10:00pm FLAG
me yr old irish male gavinkinger

gavin Jan 14 2013 3:28pm FLAG
hey girls! i'm , male, and will kik any girl... username is cwiand

Cwiand Jan 16 2013 3:23pm FLAG
Girls me im and all the kik name is- "" hurry!!!! Jan 17 2013 3:39pm FLAG
Hey Girls, If you wanna talk dirty and trade pics, hit me up! AirJordan19

Anonymous Jan 18 2013 10:11pm FLAG
me at samyraty. I'm

Samyraty Jan 20 2013 6:15am FLAG
Kik Percy69 m

Anonymous Jan 20 2013 7:49pm FLAG
Girly girl ill u

Drew.22. Jan 23 2013 6:06pm FLAG
Check ur kik

Adidas2 Jan 28 2013 3:45pm FLAG
Hey Girls, wanna trade ****s? My kik is Airjordan19 ;)

Anonymous Jan 29 2013 3:16pm FLAG
Someone sexy me please girl wanna talk dirty!! Jecasa kik

Anonymous Jan 30 2013 8:18pm FLAG
Nvm please dont txt to that won answer

Anonymous Jan 30 2013 8:48pm FLAG

Taylor445 Jan 30 2013 8:52pm FLAG
Try Killy445 kik

Jordenike Jan 30 2013 8:54pm FLAG
Why don't you txt me boys girl kik lilan22

Lil100 Jan 31 2013 4:36am FLAG
im m 18 dbupton kik me

dbupton Feb 01 2013 12:34pm FLAG
Male Ministud23 kik me girls. Trade s ;)

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 12:03am FLAG
any girls want to talk clean or dirty or trade kik me: hola_como_estas

hola_como_estas Feb 03 2013 9:07am FLAG

Blake Feb 03 2013 6:10pm FLAG
Any girls any age wanna kik or talk dirty? hit me up kik- Airjordan19

Anonymous Feb 08 2013 7:02pm FLAG
KiK me! /m straight!! Girls only;) Superbadass1

Superbadass1 Feb 10 2013 10:39am FLAG
Fit male with big D here :). Girls who wanna trade pic me up! kik- AirJordan19

Anonymous Feb 10 2013 9:10pm FLAG
Kik cash2727 for sexy s m

Anonymous Feb 11 2013 6:10am FLAG
Wanna trade pics or chat? Kik me at DillonHMU

DillonHMU Feb 11 2013 6:50pm FLAG
Kingbigballs is the name. Making you cum with my big c*ck is my game. Kik me girls

kik username kingbigballs Feb 12 2013 10:54am FLAG
Craig_b_ kik me :)

Anon Feb 12 2013 7:41pm FLAG
Girls any age, kik: jetsetdon. I'm 25 M

Anonymous Feb 14 2013 9:23am FLAG
_hunter1997 m hit me up ladies (;

John Feb 18 2013 12:14am FLAG
Hey guys, me on Snapchat: erricaJust send me your penis first and I'll tell you if I'll with you or not. See you then! ;)

errica Feb 18 2013 8:08am FLAG
hey errica, ur snapchat doesnt work, but im really so wanna just text? im a guy

landon Feb 18 2013 9:11am FLAG
me erica 80189525

Ur master Feb 18 2013 1:45pm FLAG
Hey girls kik me my name is ThePerson22 im boy

Anonymous Feb 19 2013 6:33am FLAG
any girls, or , wanna ? im , male, my numbers 919 622 2475, kik me at korey98, SUPER y ;)

Anonymous Feb 19 2013 1:12pm FLAG
Kik me babe girl LRW20 im super and ill trade s :)

LRW20 Feb 19 2013 5:08pm FLAG
u got a phone number?

Anonymous Feb 19 2013 11:25pm FLAG
Text this long d*ck fella! 8432760606

'I just wanna fuk Feb 20 2013 10:38am FLAG
Hey i am a male is there any ladies out there any age wanna me you can contact me at if so i perfer you to be no older than 18 and females only i liv in state colledge pa

eli Feb 20 2013 12:34pm FLAG
You can kik me at Eli1998H

eli Feb 20 2013 12:49pm FLAG
Kik me girls at nelson

Brandon Feb 21 2013 2:02am FLAG
Kik me girls drake_amzng18 I will make you wet

Drake_amzng18 Feb 21 2013 12:36pm FLAG
Add me girls any age, kik: jetsetdon. I'm 25 M

Anonymous Feb 21 2013 2:28pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 8:49pm FLAG
Girls wanting to trade s kik me at phillmehard

Anonymous Feb 27 2013 4:54pm FLAG
f Im lez so girl me up please;) guys send me pics of your ex gfs or any hot girls and I might send back:P P.S I want several picks of the same girl!! not just a bunch of different girls:) thanks loves kik me at WantTheD69 ;)

Andrea Feb 28 2013 9:40pm FLAG
Male. . I only want girls me. And note. I'm new. But I'm ready to get dirty. 80838056

Anonymous Mar 01 2013 7:05am FLAG
Add me kennyawesome big fat c*ck for females only

Bigmeat Mar 01 2013 4:05pm FLAG
I'm looking for girls willing to trade pics. My kik is retardus101. Message me asap

retardus101 Mar 02 2013 11:20pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 06 2013 4:39pm FLAG
me at 863-797-08 girls only :P

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 11:13pm FLAG
Kik me @ wizkhalifafanpage if you want to have fun

Wizfan Mar 10 2013 10:06am FLAG
me on kik: robsonator

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 6:28pm FLAG
Male , me on kik; robsonator. Girls only

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 6:31pm FLAG
Kik me at ahtashizzle im a guy and want to girls hmuuu

Trill NIGHA Mar 11 2013 2:06pm FLAG
Add me buttsbunny a sexy asian and has sexy abs and fit

Anonymous Mar 12 2013 5:17pm FLAG
kik me: sophielovescookies virgin ready for dirty talk

$ophie Mar 13 2013 1:20pm FLAG
Mxkid38 Hit me up girl

T®ey Mar 14 2013 3:10pm FLAG
LC_Knights_9 kik me girls I'm male want clean chat but can do dirty if want to

Anonymous Mar 15 2013 7:34pm FLAG
My number is 57325697and I'm ready to woman.

A guy Mar 18 2013 7:17pm FLAG
Kik me girls munkres94

Anonymous Mar 18 2013 10:37pm FLAG
Hey sexy girls i wanna get sooo dirty with you!! Kik me jb322!!

Anonymous Mar 19 2013 7:04am FLAG
Btw im !

Anonymous Mar 19 2013 7:04am FLAG
Text me 5037445576 kik acamky m looking for some sexy girls

Anonymous Mar 20 2013 6:25pm FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw)

thatoneguy305 Mar 21 2013 7:31pm FLAG
Hot girls kik me at cdogism I'm a M

Anonymous Mar 22 2013 1:53pm FLAG
Steveo8605 hmu girls

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 9:33pm FLAG
Girls only pleez be wet and 785 262-7078

Me Mar 24 2013 9:33pm FLAG
Bored just want to talk to girls

This guy Mar 24 2013 9:34pm FLAG
Girls only: me on Kik: TheBananaPants

TheBananaPants Mar 26 2013 1:48pm FLAG
Hey ladies, Kik me if you want to feel amazing. I'm tall, athletic, and have a huge d*ck. Girls any age. I just want to make you feel great ;) KIK me at henryninja

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 2:01am FLAG
Girls who wanna kik me @bestever27

Thebest Mar 28 2013 9:18pm FLAG
I wanna be dominated hmu guys tori.Veaga

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 2:48am FLAG
I'm a year-old girl. I'm bisexual, so both boys and girls can Kik me at Kate_lyssa. Just send me a picture of your penis or vagina and I'll send you mine back. See you then!

Kate Mar 29 2013 11:21pm FLAG
Girls me at jackswg77

Anonymous Apr 01 2013 8:00am FLAG
Im a male wanting to trade picks girls only.

Anonymous Apr 03 2013 10:49pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 04 2013 11:30am FLAG
Kik at dj539 cmon girls. Varsity football loves to have fun

Anonymous Apr 04 2013 11:31am FLAG
(706) 288-6627 txt me for a good time.

Zach Beverly Apr 04 2013 9:12pm FLAG
male me on kik or trade with me guys Johnny3Tears

Anonymous Apr 06 2013 8:03pm FLAG
me girls only but I'll trade pics of girls with guys on kik username Johnny3Tears

Anonymous Apr 06 2013 8:04pm FLAG
Kik me girls only :) I'll if you want to but if not I like to talk:) grady.mchugh

grady.mchugh Apr 07 2013 7:03pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 07 2013 7:04pm FLAG
kik me for a fun time: mrlube000

mrlube000 Apr 07 2013 8:29pm FLAG
guy looking to 3202505746

Zach Apr 08 2013 7:26pm FLAG
jtr1991 im male looking to chat with any girl

Anonymous Apr 14 2013 3:16pm FLAG
Any hot girls willing to trade pics kik me at tomtompson

Tomtompson Apr 19 2013 1:42pm FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw) girls must be 10 and up im btw for lesbian girls if you want to trade girl pics im down looking for

thatoneguy305 Apr 20 2013 6:30am FLAG
boy looking to trade or make your day (aedoe7)

boy looking to trade or make your day (aedoe7) Apr 21 2013 6:10pm FLAG
girl add my kik sophielovescookies btw no d*cks please im les... just sayin

SophieLovesCookies Apr 22 2013 12:15pm FLAG
guy! Up for anything dirty! Snap me at Joe245! ;)

A guy Apr 22 2013 2:12pm FLAG
guy up for some dirty fun! ;) snap me at Carebearconnor! ;)

A sexy guy Apr 22 2013 2:14pm FLAG
hey guys, this is a sort of prank: here's my friends number: 24299373 he doesn't know it's posted only girls text him age doesnt matter enjoy ;)

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 1:14pm FLAG
/ Male wanna Chat with girls Trade if they want no Fake pls ! Kik: Lisasternchen

Anonymous Apr 25 2013 8:44am FLAG
Heyy girll ;) you wanna see my big@$$ cøçk?? 8======D :P u hmu tho on kik! Ri_Dawgany girls §è×t mee!! Only if yo all are hawttas tho no ratchets >:P

a giant ;) Apr 27 2013 12:58am FLAG
m looking for girls to talk and trade pics with Kik: Peef_Rimgar

Anonymous May 02 2013 12:06pm FLAG
girls me my names stewarty98 biyyyyyyy

Anonymous May 04 2013 5:18pm FLAG
male need a girl please 435-660-67 girl only

please text May 05 2013 10:22am FLAG

Anonymous May 05 2013 6:34pm FLAG
Me I want to with a girl I'm (male) kik: killert800

chris May 07 2013 7:56pm FLAG
Sexy girls just kik me. @worlds_best_baller And guys only kik me i you got a girl who you think i would be happy with

Worlds_best_baller May 12 2013 9:14pm FLAG
any girls + text me and we can swap pictures, my 10in hard c*ck, and your tight young .

konrad May 14 2013 2:54pm FLAG
my number for GIRLS ONLY is 2067194276

konrad May 14 2013 2:55pm FLAG
Girls me kik-> AJ795

Anonymous May 16 2013 10:44am FLAG
me asapsosa0425 kik male

Anonymous May 17 2013 7:04am FLAG
MrVinni77 ;)

Anonymous May 21 2013 10:33pm FLAG
Hey guy lookin for some fun on kik I trade picks and talk dirty if u want kik me at :icemann83 girls only plz

Anonymous May 23 2013 4:07pm FLAG
I'm a guy looking to have some fun on kik I like and can talk as dirty as u want kik me at: icemann83

Icemann83 May 25 2013 5:34pm FLAG
im a girl and my kik is taylor260

Anonymous May 27 2013 7:05am FLAG
I'm looking for s /m GIRLS ONLY kik: Shangrillama

Anonymous May 27 2013 5:23pm FLAG
girls kik me at mackta_omega27

Anonymous May 27 2013 10:15pm FLAG
Hi im a guy looking for some fun on kik looking for some and im really good at dirty talk kik me im icemann83

Anonymous May 29 2013 7:14pm FLAG
guy looking for girl send pics to my kik @ izzzer ill send back

Anonymous Jun 01 2013 5:58am FLAG
m Any girls that wanna have fun and be naughty n , Hmu! Kik is.. Airjordan19

Anonymous Jun 04 2013 4:28pm FLAG
If yap wanna me at kik @Austin fullagar

atf Jun 04 2013 5:57pm FLAG
I'm a guy and im , any girls wanna or talk? Kik me @kikgt32

Kikgt32 Jun 04 2013 7:58pm FLAG
me girls im_always_bored1

Anonymous Jun 05 2013 10:17pm FLAG
I'm guy, bi, or s ONLY! Kik: mrlube000

Anonymous Jun 08 2013 6:59am FLAG
guys and girls text me I am bi Kik: mrlube000

mrlube000 Jun 08 2013 7:05am FLAG
Hey male . Pretty big d*ck. kik me @nicococoacoa Girls only. Any age. Only kik me if u wanna trade s

Anonymous Jun 08 2013 7:10pm FLAG
Girls who want to trade s kik: andrew_malcolm

Andrew_malcolm Jun 10 2013 1:04pm FLAG
Kik me I'm into girls, _josh_

cloud Jun 13 2013 2:43am FLAG
Im a m, any girls who wanna trade s hmu, my kik is timjacker95. lookin for anyone

Anonymous Jun 15 2013 9:57am FLAG
I'm a yr old M, ladies kik me: _Obey_swaqq You don'y have to send pictures if you don't want to but I got a 9 inch c*ck & if you message me i'll show you(;

_obey_swaqq Jun 15 2013 9:33pm FLAG
female just wanting to talk males ONLY! Kik me at: argentina_girl

Cici Jun 20 2013 9:31am FLAG
Get a life

Yah Jun 21 2013 12:40pm FLAG
/M/US Any girls want to trade s dont care about age/skinnyorfat/race kik me @thesexyguy_

thesexyguy_ Jun 29 2013 7:36pm FLAG
Ugh. Guys I dont want your penis. I want you to make me wet. Talk dirty to me get it.

Girlygurlxoxo Jun 29 2013 9:53pm FLAG
m baseball player very fit and need a kik buddy to send me pics and who wants to talk dirty and sexy. Kik js0709 Girls only!

Anonymous Jun 30 2013 3:20pm FLAG
boobs @ (will not show face) or kik me @ me33(again i will not show face just body)

Me33 Jul 01 2013 9:30pm FLAG
I'm a sex slave looking for a master to punish me! I enjoy role play and will send pics! Guys only Kik clairebearxoxo_ 19 F USA

Wet and waiting Jul 02 2013 4:39pm FLAG
Girls kik him Joseph_P1997 he trades

Anonymous Jul 09 2013 6:42am FLAG
Girls kik me @petrus56 im m

anon Jul 09 2013 1:01pm FLAG
Guys kik me gabbyismywifey69 I'm female only guys please

Anonymous Jul 10 2013 6:35pm FLAG
male girls to kik me itojay5529 trade s

itojay5529 Jul 13 2013 11:28am FLAG
I'm 26 years old, 6' tall, in very good shape, and well endowed ;) kik me: el_nick (ladies only please!!)

Anonymous Jul 20 2013 11:14pm FLAG
Girls kik me @ bigredirish for and pics

Anonymous Jul 21 2013 8:47pm FLAG
m hot guy looking for hot girls 10/. Kik me randomguy551

Anonymous Jul 22 2013 9:31pm FLAG
(505) 386-20 looking to talk dirty with hot guys ages I'm a girl

Hotgurl Jul 25 2013 6:00pm FLAG
Horny girls kik me @petrus56

anon Jul 26 2013 2:36pm FLAG
Kik me at brahall242 m looking for and trading pics do not have to show face girls only

Anonymous Jul 26 2013 5:23pm FLAG
hey im a guy and im tall,tan and i lov plz b my number is 7566 7238

Jul 28 2013 4:55pm FLAG
Kik doscoz ladies, for texting, I'm super

Doscoz Jul 29 2013 1:30am FLAG
f - looking for dirty chat. kik me at lauren_swim. only m

Anonymous Jul 31 2013 4:05pm FLAG
I am the best guy here out of all of these fake s. I want a girl who will trade pictures and is h*rny, but i also want girls who want to just talk :P I'm not demanding for pics. Please girls, kik me at ryhyguy :)

ryhyguy Jul 31 2013 5:23pm FLAG
kik me: mr.rocko95 any girl can me. M

urAnus Aug 16 2013 9:37pm FLAG
Can a girl please me im and my kik is austinnisdope and I have want to trade pics with a girl :)

Austinn Aug 18 2013 9:04pm FLAG
Any girl here wanna kik me:TECHNOFREAK32

^^^^^^male^^^^^^ Aug 18 2013 9:46pm FLAG
To ANY girls out there kik me tbone0625 I'm a male you will trade pics and is up for anything ;)

tbone0625 Aug 19 2013 4:01pm FLAG
Looking for a slave hit me up kik: Tsims22

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 2:23am FLAG
Cute girls that are down to kik me @jamiez69 /m abs

Anon Aug 20 2013 11:15am FLAG
18+ sexy girls to and trade pics kik me TPearson44. Let's have fun

Nice c*ck for you Aug 23 2013 4:10pm FLAG
Text me at 7604599754 I'm 19m. Need a friend

jae Aug 29 2013 8:15am FLAG
Kik me ladies ;) I'm male my kik is: joe_mia

Jo Sep 07 2013 5:22pm FLAG
All girls ages to kik me at thickerthan18 only GIRLS ;) ill do anything

Anonymous Sep 08 2013 6:47pm FLAG
I'm f wanting guys and girls to with me I don't do s send me somthing sexy so I know that I wanna with you! Be creative! Kik me at biggarland hope to talk soon

Anonymous Sep 11 2013 9:26pm FLAG
any guys wanna kik is btw

secygurl Sep 20 2013 12:29am FLAG
bubblebutts49 made a mistake

secy gurl Sep 20 2013 12:31am FLAG
Hey I'm a m if any girls want to chat or or trade s Kik me at hammerhead007007

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 5:23pm FLAG
Im lookin for a nice dirty conversation or pics. Im a guy. Names RETALlATI0N. The "l" is a lowercase L and the "0" is a zero

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 6:54pm FLAG
Girls send pics to the.king21 thx! Will send back!

Anonymous Oct 07 2013 6:11pm FLAG
Oops sorry it's mr.king21

Anonymous Oct 07 2013 6:12pm FLAG
Any boys wanna i need to kno ur a guy first kik me. Fallen_anglel

Hornyoys Oct 07 2013 6:56pm FLAG
Girls any age kik me at: armandoruiz97

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 6:33am FLAG
Girls- if youre looking for a hot guy with big d*ck to with youve come to the right place;) Kik me at triplethreetres

Anonymous Oct 10 2013 3:03pm FLAG
Adam.B.dawkins Im yr guy wanting to girls -

Adam Oct 12 2013 1:25pm FLAG
Kaileyperez20 kik me im Alot of fun ;) + please. Guys only.

I'll make your c*ck hard^.^ Oct 13 2013 12:29am FLAG
Athletic toned white boy for cute girls only. kik: suprem3em

Anonymous Oct 15 2013 1:05pm FLAG
Any more boys tht text me will BE BLOCKED ok

secy gurl Oct 16 2013 6:51pm FLAG
m I'm really horn.y, naughty girls kik me ;) epadilla661 GIRLS ONLY

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 10:53am FLAG
Any girls looking for a slave kik me at baba_louie3 m

Anonymous Oct 21 2013 10:22pm FLAG
M kik me mattlovesyou88. trading s and live . 6.5 in penis.

mattlovesyou88 Oct 22 2013 1:13am FLAG
hmu girls 10 inches steveo8605

Anonymous Oct 25 2013 10:34am FLAG
hey kik me I am male USA looking for any hot girls who want to on kik girls between -my kik is:Lucasman21

kik:Lucasman21 Nov 02 2013 3:56pm FLAG
Horny girls kik me tristanbroussard

Tristan Nov 03 2013 10:55am FLAG
Anyone wanna or jussst talk hit me up on kik Georgia_boy_swagg

Anonymous Nov 11 2013 5:05pm FLAG
kik - rochard42 im bored and up for anything chat, trade, etc. hit me up! ;)

Anonymous Nov 19 2013 10:05pm FLAG
M and I am willing to (pics or no pics, your choice) I'm looking for year old girls and my kik is my username ;)

datwaffle Nov 21 2013 6:17pm FLAG
kik - rochard42 Lookin for a girl who would like to talk, about anything and everything..would be nice to see where it goes... hit me up if you're interested ;)

Anonymous Nov 23 2013 9:54pm FLAG
Horn.y girls 9-19 kik me ;) epadilla661 I'm so horn.y GIRLS ONLY!!! Must be able to take live pics, no gallery. Guys will be ignored so don't ask to trade girl pics and no gays

Anonymous Nov 24 2013 12:02pm FLAG
Hay girls I'm male if u wanna chat kik me at tritent I just wanna chat we can trade if YOU want to thanx

Tritent Nov 24 2013 12:41pm FLAG
kik - rochard42 Lookin for a girl who would like to talk, about anything and everything..would be nice to see where it goes... hit me up if you're interested ;)

Anonymous Nov 24 2013 4:41pm FLAG
Looking for some girls to chat / trade with pls respond if u see this Gus I trade some girl pics two a swell as names of other girls to kik me peeps I'm m kik is tritent

Tritent Nov 25 2013 1:49pm FLAG
hey im male, looking to talk or trade pics with a female any age on kik, my kik name is gothictiger6, kik if you want to talk :) see you there. you must be able 2 send a live pic of your face please.

Anonymous Nov 25 2013 3:02pm FLAG
looking for a horn.y girlfriend 9-19 ;) MUST be able to take live pics and make videos NO GALLERY PICS! I'll send back. kik me epadilla661

Anonymous Nov 30 2013 4:04pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 01 2013 9:34pm FLAG
Hey if any girls wanna trade pics I have pics of me and a couple of my sister and a lot of other girls Kik me at danbrad97 gland guys if you wanna trade girl pic me up

danbrad97 Dec 02 2013 10:00pm FLAG
Any girls want a boytoy kik me @ hayden_kirby1

meeeeeeee Dec 06 2013 5:40am FLAG
Hey ladies that wanna trade some pics n such Hmu!! kik@Airjordan19

Anonymous Dec 06 2013 2:57pm FLAG
Hey what's up! male here looking for a girl who would love to talk about anything and everything, i'm just bored and would love to see where things go ;) kik- rochard42 hit me up if you're interested!

Anonymous Dec 07 2013 12:39am FLAG
M looking to and trade pics & vids with girls. kik mattlovesyou88. I reply quick and you wont be disappointed ;)

mattlovesyou88 Dec 15 2013 9:38pm FLAG
Kik for clean or dirty chat:miket6

Anonymous Dec 21 2013 2:39pm FLAG
Horny guys kik me @bighaley for and naughty pics ;)

BigTitsHaley Dec 21 2013 5:33pm FLAG
hey girls kik me ramrunner001

Anonymous Dec 23 2013 3:28pm FLAG
looking for a horn.y girlfriend ;) MUST be able to take live pics and make videos NO GALLERY PICS I'll send back. kik me epadilla661 and boys DON'T BOTHER to kik me asking to trade girl pics/vids or you'll be ignored

Anonymous Dec 23 2013 5:35pm FLAG
Any girls who wanna that r kik me at corndog3 I\'m a yrd m :) idc what you look like

corbdog Dec 25 2013 11:17pm FLAG
Haha oops it was suppose to be corndog3 on my name

Anonymous Dec 25 2013 11:18pm FLAG
Hay girls if u wanna chat clean or dirty pls kik me at tritent I\'m m and I also do chat or trade with lesbians or non lesbians so kik me looking forward to talking to u.

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 12:51pm FLAG
Hey girls m me on kik at starrynight

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 5:45pm FLAG
19 M Im a psychic will do readings for sluts and slaves, girls only kik: saxxons19 snapchat maxthehacker or text two one five-three one five-seven three seven one

Anonymous Jan 05 2014 10:57am FLAG
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