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How can I suck my dads penis

The Problem: I really want to suck my dads penis. He is so got and he always get me hard when he touches me. I really want to suck his penis. How do I suck his penis?

Asked by: Daddyilveu at 05:30:24 PM, Friday, July 06, 2012 PDT FLAG


Wow that really turned me on! Wish i could suck my dad but am scared too... Are u male or female?

Biancastewart90 Jul 07 2012 12:51am FLAG

I'm a male

Anonymous Jul 07 2012 12:52am FLAG
Oh okay :)

Biancastewart90 Jul 07 2012 12:56am FLAG
Oh okay :)

Biancastewart90 Jul 07 2012 12:56am FLAG
Anyone that needs advice on hecking thier dads email ma @

anon Jul 07 2012 12:59am FLAG
Cnt u give ur advice here plz

Biancastewart90 Jul 07 2012 1:08am FLAG
Cnt u give ur advice here plz

Biancastewart90 Jul 07 2012 1:08am FLAG
suck my c*ck fast i give u trg then u can easuly suck dad cuck

ravindra Jul 07 2012 7:33am FLAG
Post your d*cks photo in tumblr

Anonymous Jul 07 2012 1:21pm FLAG
I bet ur dad d*ck must be yummy lol

Biancastewart90 Jul 07 2012 6:34pm FLAG
I want to see your d*ck!

Anonymous Jul 08 2012 2:57am FLAG
don't commit incest, that isn't nice all you don't look at d*cks

Skemz Jul 08 2012 4:56pm FLAG
Biancastewart90- u turn me on, I really want to heck u ;)

King Jul 09 2012 1:34pm FLAG
i suck my dads all the time im doing sex with him nw

monkeysee Jul 10 2012 12:35am FLAG
your so gross

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 1:15am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 15 2012 4:06pm FLAG

jamal Aug 03 2012 4:21pm FLAG
Try sucking him when you sleep. Thats what i did and he didnt even wake up! I sucked my Dads sweaty penis hard :)

Anonymous Aug 06 2012 11:03pm FLAG
i wish i sucked my dad hes soo hairy and ive seen his pubic hair it turned me on but i dunno how to suck his penis ive had a wet dream over him a few times

suckit Sep 08 2012 3:13pm FLAG
Start by kissing him slowly and touching his crotch sexually. then take of his shirt and suck his nipples. then slowly undo his jeans and take his c*ck in your hands, lick the tip and then slowly suck his c*ck getting faster making sure you suck his balls until he cums and u swallow it. thats what i did and now im his slave. xxx

daddys-slut Oct 27 2012 6:15pm FLAG
I really want my dads c*ck, I always see him in underwear and the bulge is so big. The size of a tennis ball. I want to suck his c*ck and balls without him knowing!! How??

anomynous Dec 31 2012 6:10pm FLAG
Suck it when he is sleeping,i sucked it and he saw me but he ignored and now we are having a strong bond between us

try it Jan 04 2013 8:31am FLAG
i have also sucked my dad's d*ck while he was sleeping he saw me but m not y he dint reacted.....

u dont knw me... Mar 08 2013 2:14am FLAG

I DONT KNW Apr 01 2013 8:50pm FLAG
Many fathers enjoy their daughter's mouths around their shafts. Take it in your hand, give it a little gentle tug and tell him how you really feel. There is nothing more beautiful than to relax your daddy with a nice suck. Don't be shy telling him you'd like to give him your little hole. He can take himself and rub his manhood over your little opening and it feels nice. He will be very proud of you for being such a big girl.

Obedient Daughter Apr 10 2013 2:03pm FLAG
Suck, when he sleeping. It is simple.

Ramesh Rathod May 15 2013 11:02am FLAG
HE said he was MALE. Not female. READ. Get him buzzed, get on the topic if hes ever been sucked, feel him out.. read his body language.

massimo May 18 2013 7:36pm FLAG
Umm find a nice guy your age and just suck him and imagine its ur dad.

Kutiee 99 Jul 26 2013 3:37pm FLAG
You lot ar sick

xxloveu Jun 10 2014 12:05pm FLAG
Wat i would do is ask him how big his penis was when he was ur age. I want to suck my dads penis but i afraid he might tell my mom

Anonymous Oct 09 2014 10:18am FLAG
Do not suck his penis

? Feb 26 2015 7:14pm FLAG
Why would you like to suck his penis. You need a gril to suck your penis

Zack Feb 26 2015 7:20pm FLAG
I want to suck my dad d*ck to but what will happen if I do btw I have a gf

Anonymous Apr 30 2015 10:45pm FLAG
simple. you should try when he is sleeping in straight position. it is normal

dafor Jun 22 2015 9:47am FLAG
i ed my dad once and we did 69 his c*ck is giant

bigman Jul 20 2015 12:39am FLAG
im now and i want to do to the same to my dad but we dont live with him anymore

me Apr 15 2016 6:15pm FLAG
I saw my dad's penis and sucked too.but he caught me.he was so angry on bad luck

Anonymous Apr 24 2016 12:00pm FLAG
When he is sleeping slowly move your fingers from his chest and undo his pants

T Sep 04 2016 12:29am FLAG
Is not good

Anonymous Oct 18 2016 6:44am FLAG
I'm his daughter and I sucked his d*ck, and we had fun and now him and I have a kid... so is he a grandpa or another dad?

me in the a*s Apr 03 2017 4:10pm FLAG
i could tell you alot if i could just see your dad and your c*cks and any brothers you might have

usatruckerman Jan 18 9:19am FLAG
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