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Kik Horny girls trade s

The Problem: I'm a m. looking for a girl willing to trade s. sactownkid98

Asked by: sactownkid98 at 10:17:24 PM, Friday, July 06, 2012 PDT FLAG


hey im

hotstuff Jul 07 2012 5:41am FLAG

sac town? wheres that? what is it? im curious answer my questions! whats the 98 for?! are you 98 years OLD? OR MAYBE 89 YEARS? DO YOU LIKE THE COLOR BLUE? OR GREEN? OR HOW BOUT PURPLE? OR PERIWINKLE?! AM I ANNOYING YOU? DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP?! ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER!.......oh yea i have to press add advice for you to reply..... uh.. sorry. BYEEE!

Gabi Jul 07 2012 6:16am FLAG
Hes probally older than me Gabi.

jimmy Jul 07 2012 8:00am FLAG
Means the year he was born dumbasses

Anonymous Jul 07 2012 8:39am FLAG
not nessecarily anon....

Angel Jul 07 2012 10:20am FLAG
hey hotstuff;)

Travis26 Jul 08 2012 5:03pm FLAG
Girls kik me at SkyHighLife Mhere. Horny and willing to trade

SkyHighLife Jul 16 2012 3:36pm FLAG

kkriiis Jul 28 2012 12:18am FLAG
hey girls kik me or text me kik- ljack4965 number- 5053882579

Anonymous Sep 16 2012 11:10am FLAG
m here. Kik me at Ryan5876

Anonymous Sep 20 2012 2:50pm FLAG
any babes down to trade some pics on kik hit me up!! joejobinxs

Anonymous Sep 25 2012 12:00pm FLAG
m kik me girls any age kik below vvv ;p

Erik505 Sep 29 2012 8:53am FLAG
Kik me anonymousaustin3

Mandes Oct 06 2012 11:35pm FLAG
Kik me anonymousaustin3 s;)

Mandez- not Mexican btw Oct 06 2012 11:37pm FLAG
I have girls to trade aak7897

Anonymous Oct 10 2012 11:57am FLAG
m babyface1998 ;)

Anonymous Oct 14 2012 1:36pm FLAG
Kik me girls! ;) @ Mr_Macias_XD Lets talk dirty!

Anonymous Oct 17 2012 6:31pm FLAG
Guitarist3 Big d**k Trade s Girls only

Ananymous Oct 19 2012 2:26pm FLAG
Guitarist3 Big d**k Trade s Girls only

Anonymous Oct 19 2012 2:26pm FLAG
kik me hard c*ck jtisbig

me Oct 19 2012 10:04pm FLAG
I really need some action here. m, well built. I want big knockers and a rump the size of mars, singerboi10

Hornystraitguy Oct 20 2012 5:07am FLAG
m sweden Kik:maxan98 (if u are a guy i can trade pics of girls) (if you are a girl,lets trade :D)

Maxan98 Oct 24 2012 6:28am FLAG
m USA kik: Xitak GIRLS ONLY!!! Send s

KaTiX Oct 30 2012 9:40pm FLAG
Girls Kik me cdogg95 clean or dirty chats

Cdogg95 Oct 30 2012 9:54pm FLAG
Kik me girls. No younger than , I'm male. Good looking xD kik is jessesmasshh. Hit me up to trade or chat

jessesmasshh Nov 02 2012 9:51am FLAG
HMU girls -. m here trade pics! Baseball_swag_star

That Nov 04 2012 12:10pm FLAG
bech5ter im a guy lokking for girls

bech5ter Nov 09 2012 12:49pm FLAG
Kik me: localize777 Plenty of pics to trade!

Anonymous Nov 12 2012 5:57am FLAG
kik me. m, as hell @ fluxxxed

d*ckohsobig Nov 18 2012 1:58pm FLAG
h0rny as hell ;)

d*ckohsobig Nov 18 2012 1:58pm FLAG
Kik me hot girls that wanna trade pics ;) bobbyg395

Bobby Nov 20 2012 9:04am FLAG
Horny girls kik me @kev_schwartz

Anonymous Nov 22 2012 6:23am FLAG
kik me m girls only m.johnston420 i send s

Anonymous Nov 22 2012 5:22pm FLAG
Girls Kik king_mafia for pictures to be sent to me

King_mafia Nov 25 2012 3:57pm FLAG
m kik me girls only m.johnston420 i trade pics

Anonymous Nov 26 2012 10:28am FLAG
Girls of any age kik me for pic trade and I promise u won't be disappointed kik @ bleach

bleach Nov 27 2012 11:49pm FLAG
Hey guys :) kik me at IXCupcakeXI for some pic trading

IXCupcakeXI Nov 28 2012 10:33pm FLAG
Kik me girls! I'm a sexy Venezuelan guy I gott a pretty damn big c*ck! Kik:albertolopez10

Unknown Nov 29 2012 7:49pm FLAG
Kik me girls at jsteel001 to trade pics I'am male

Anonymous Dec 06 2012 8:33pm FLAG
Ladies kik me bobby_lax m up for anything

Anonymous Dec 08 2012 9:25pm FLAG
Girls can send me s at extem on kik

Anonymous Dec 10 2012 10:51pm FLAG
Jake_Kemp_69 add me girls;)

Kempy Dec 25 2012 8:15am FLAG
xXSEBASSXx girls any age send me ****s;)

xXSEBASSXx Dec 28 2012 3:57pm FLAG
Girls kik me at johnnyboy2442 , always

Anonymous Dec 29 2012 5:16pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 29 2012 5:16pm FLAG
Kik me @ victer_shouff

guy Dec 29 2012 10:58pm FLAG
m...kik me girls @zayn_mukhtar,,,,,if u wanna get wet

Zayn Jan 05 2013 11:21am FLAG
Girls who are willing to trade are welcomed to message me. Up for anything. Always on so kik me at Beast_of_America.

Infinite Jan 14 2013 8:49pm FLAG
kik me ladies killphil100

Anonymous Jan 30 2013 8:54pm FLAG
Girls kik me s @ hunter4256

Anonymous Feb 05 2013 8:15pm FLAG
Kik if you wanna trade s Kik: daleloot

Anonymous Feb 07 2013 1:42pm FLAG
Girls kik me im and will do anything for s pics @ sexy****issexy

Sexy****issexy Feb 08 2013 1:23pm FLAG
i have s of exes to trade so girls or guys kik me at stevenmccoy331

stevenmccoy331 Feb 09 2013 9:47pm FLAG
Kik me girls anasim m

John Feb 10 2013 2:16pm FLAG
Kik me girls thru 18 willing to trade s or just talk username is The45th

Anonymous Feb 10 2013 11:07pm FLAG
Kik me at soccer35, I am a boy and willing to trade pics or dirty talk or just chat

Soccer35 Feb 17 2013 6:06pm FLAG
Girls only kik me n3dd

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 3:43pm FLAG
Im a lesbian, will send pics of me for pictures of your ex girlfriend kik:madmartin2

Anonymous Mar 03 2013 5:16pm FLAG
Girls kik me cam802

Anonymous Mar 04 2013 12:16pm FLAG
Looking for Girls willing to send s kik Jvega6969

Jvega6969 Mar 05 2013 7:01pm FLAG
any girl willing to trade s im a guyy kik:canyon69

Anonymous Mar 12 2013 1:30pm FLAG
Girls willing to or trade s with me Kik me Im my Kik Id is madfredness

Anonymous Mar 17 2013 9:16pm FLAG
Kik me girls: RicoAlwaysHorny male looking for a nice time ;)

Rico Mar 22 2013 2:18pm FLAG
Kik me at cdogism I'm m hot girls only

Anonymous Mar 23 2013 5:12pm FLAG
male looking for a nice time.Kik me girls: RicoAlwaysHorny ONLY GIRLS!!!

rico Mar 24 2013 12:07pm FLAG
Kik me girls any age! Kik is MikeSampson. I will trade pics. I check my phone often and will reply ! Male//usa

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 12:27pm FLAG
Kik me I'm very girls I'm a guy we can do anything dirty talk trade s or just a clean chat kik me Gabriel2552

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 5:58pm FLAG
Please kik gabriel2552 im bored and im good at

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 6:03pm FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw) age doesnt matter im btw for lesbian girls if you want to trade girl pics im down

thatoneguy305 Mar 29 2013 6:34pm FLAG
Kik tommy5797 girls only for a good time ;)

Tommy5797 Mar 30 2013 10:21pm FLAG
Kik me at willdort3

Me Mar 31 2013 8:03pm FLAG
Kik me at dodobird3 looking for s (girls - only) :)

anonymous Apr 07 2013 12:12pm FLAG
kik me jrowe3838 girls only

anonymous Apr 08 2013 4:51pm FLAG
Kik me girls (looking for s) Timmeh2198

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 5:43am FLAG
Girls + kik me laughteroflove got a nice c*ck and as hell, trade pics or dirty talk

Laughteroflove Apr 09 2013 2:12pm FLAG
male kik ilikepie47 girls only

Ilikepie47 Apr 09 2013 3:06pm FLAG
Any girls up for dirty truth or dare? Kik joshua2796 /m

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 4:39pm FLAG
Hey boys add heypeeps333 for pic trades and dirty truth or dare

Anonymous Apr 11 2013 8:29am FLAG
M canada. Gurls wanna have real fun? Kik me @ prettyboyswagg97. Im up for anything. :)

Anonymous Apr 11 2013 5:28pm FLAG
hey im a guy kik me at canyon69 trade s or anything

canyon Apr 13 2013 4:41pm FLAG
/m willing to trade pics with guys or gals perferobly gals though kik me @ tamedbeast

Tamedbeast Apr 14 2013 10:19pm FLAG
hmu @h6859 on kik or seanhunt02 on oovoo will trade pics and I got a 7 inch d*ck and lookin for girls only

hmu Apr 15 2013 10:10am FLAG
Ok all this stuff below ignore I'm sexy girls(: kik me hco_doe

Anonymous Apr 18 2013 6:54pm FLAG
guy Kik me at soul_eater_101 Up for anything

Anonymous Apr 19 2013 8:01pm FLAG
Kik me RHINOxBOY girls only

Mr.awsome Apr 20 2013 10:25pm FLAG
Girls kik me I'm i trade s or and i have abs kik is jared64

Anonymous Apr 21 2013 2:57pm FLAG
If you live in texas in either mission or mcallen kik me, rey9 (girls only)

Anonymous Apr 22 2013 9:25pm FLAG
Texas boy here! Huge c*ck head! HORNY GIRLS ONLY kik me! I send s but you have to send some too(; send me s to get my attention and i'll send some back(: and you know what they say.. everything's bigger in texas(; my kik it mitchluk

Mitchluk Apr 23 2013 7:40pm FLAG
Hey I'm . Kik me girls only!

anonymous Apr 27 2013 2:38pm FLAG
Kik me girls I'm feddybest

Anonymous May 01 2013 7:41pm FLAG
Hey girls -im male with a big c*ck so hmu at DoubleRainbow02 open convo with a and ill send back ;)

Anonymous May 04 2013 7:11pm FLAG
Kik me s girls @maxb444 male abs & big d*ck

Max May 07 2013 1:30pm FLAG
Im m . kik me MinecraftGamerz

Anonymous May 10 2013 4:14am FLAG
girls kik feeder

tom May 11 2013 3:44pm FLAG
Kik me m maccas_lad3

Anonymous May 15 2013 12:34am FLAG
Kik me girls Username: bigblackcxck

anonymous May 20 2013 10:28pm FLAG
Girls only. I trade s

Mannthousand May 23 2013 5:03am FLAG
warpcraze kik me if your + im looking to trade.

warpcraze May 25 2013 1:06am FLAG
Kik me girls any age wanting to trade s pics kik: aricdavid

Someone May 25 2013 3:50am FLAG
Kik me girls trade s I gotta huge c*ck u can see if u send pics bobsthename777 girls only

bobsthename777 May 25 2013 6:19am FLAG
Any gurl wanna trade s or talk clean kik me lilsleepy8

Anonymous May 26 2013 5:19pm FLAG
Any girl down to trade me up at my kik eric_diaz300 your age doesnt matter

A boy May 26 2013 10:48pm FLAG
any girls kik me nadroj2 m athletic

Anonymous May 27 2013 2:02pm FLAG
I'm male and my kik is kevinwalsh10

Anonymous May 28 2013 5:14pm FLAG
I'm , male and can trade s! Kik- Wet_Bear

Anonymous May 29 2013 8:26am FLAG
Girls kik me for s + I'm a m looking for some girls to trade s with ;) kik me laughteroflove

Laughteroflove May 30 2013 10:34pm FLAG
Girls send s @ cheeseball24

Anonymous May 31 2013 10:45am FLAG
Girls any age kik me. nunyadamnbiz I love to trade s and ;)

Anonymous Jun 02 2013 9:01pm FLAG
Hi m here looking for some slut to entertain me add me henryev

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 1:15pm FLAG
Do ing not kik joejobinxs!!!!! That was a fake add that a friend put on there! Please do not send anything to that kik!

Joejobinxs Jun 05 2013 2:54pm FLAG
Kik me girls I'm . Roman.Bost. I check my kik often.

Roman.Boss Jun 06 2013 3:31pm FLAG
19 male, looking for girls any age. we can trade pics and and anything :) kik me zsombor19

Anonymous Jun 07 2013 6:34am FLAG
girls kik jrowe3838

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 1:33pm FLAG
m (girls only) any age I'm always active kik me : tradez

Tradez Jun 10 2013 7:07am FLAG
Girls kik me @ jevenp

Anonymous Jun 10 2013 7:00pm FLAG
Girls text me at - 545856

Lalala Jun 12 2013 11:03am FLAG
Kik me girls josh_bruh

Anonymous Jun 12 2013 6:24pm FLAG
Girls kik me male and looking to trade s and talk dirty. Don't even have to say hi just send me a pic of you and I will send back. Kik:owenparente1

Anonymous Jun 18 2013 1:37pm FLAG
I trade s of girls kik- chody_

Anonymous Jun 19 2013 6:48am FLAG
male looking for girls willing to trade s or talk kik: nobody_really_carez

Anonymous Jun 20 2013 6:51am FLAG
Kik me ray_meza clean or dirty (girls only)

Anonymous Jun 21 2013 9:07pm FLAG
Huge d*ck ^^

Anonymous Jun 21 2013 9:09pm FLAG
kik me s or just chat @zimboni. I'm and male and always replies. girls only please.any age

nick Jun 26 2013 4:35pm FLAG
if your up for a dirty truth or dare girls send me your kik

Anonymous Jun 27 2013 8:44am FLAG
Kik me girls any age. Tylerscott27

Tylerscott27 Jun 28 2013 4:05pm FLAG
Kik me at Matt499 girls only for some fun ;)

Matt Jul 01 2013 7:21pm FLAG
Girls kik me @ jpashton_904. Im well built, blonde hair & i surf. & i gotta big one

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 7:39pm FLAG
kik me D3STR01 for s trading

anon Jul 04 2013 1:15pm FLAG
Girls kik joshyy500 m trade s

Anonymous Jul 05 2013 6:28pm FLAG
Girls kik me male message "Hey" for dirty and "Hi" for clean if dirty you send first picture and for both dirty and clean tell me where you got my kik... Kik me at notaperv69 GIRLS ONLY

Anonymous Jul 07 2013 12:53pm FLAG
Girls kik me for dirty talk(+) Kik rmount27

Ryan Jul 08 2013 8:15pm FLAG
Kik me legendgamernerd trading s with girls ++ M/dont be fooled by the name!

Anonymous Jul 09 2013 12:14am FLAG
M here girls ages kik me @ ajkirch33

Ajkirch33 Jul 09 2013 1:09am FLAG
m/iliketehwomen girls only and im up for anything

Anonymous Jul 09 2013 12:20pm FLAG
Kik me Kik: JustinM_68

JustinM_68 Jul 18 2013 4:36am FLAG
I’m a M who can be your best friend you or can be nasty so decided I really don’t care. Text “BF" or “NASTY" KIK: BrandonTM1998

Brandon Jul 23 2013 11:41am FLAG
Kik me girls 10+ m wantin to trade s-laughteroflove guys kik to trade girl pics

Laughteroflove Jul 23 2013 9:40pm FLAG
Girls kik me in a hit Kim: dannydoom98

Dan Jul 27 2013 10:11am FLAG
kik me. rustybarnicle69

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 12:02am FLAG
looking for babes. kik: rustybarnicle69

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 12:03am FLAG
Girls kik jamesjass to trade s I'm m I don't send face pics 1

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 9:55am FLAG
Girls kik me at andrew_jackson890 im a guy lookjng for giros -18

A dude Jul 29 2013 10:38am FLAG
m looking for girls to trade with. Kik: 667john

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 2:47pm FLAG
Male iv been told im very cute up for dirty chats kik mrpaddy99

paddy Jul 31 2013 5:09pm FLAG
lookin for a sexy girl to trade s with. if ur up for it kik me @jrowe3838

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 8:47am FLAG
m with athletic body. any girl kik me hardzach2

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 1:21pm FLAG
m looking for trading s with girls kik is:xxtimtheguyxx

Anonymous Aug 02 2013 12:29am FLAG
m big slanger kik:jhalpert69

Anonymous Aug 02 2013 2:11am FLAG
I'm a girl looking to trade. Send me what you got first. Questionablegum

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 6:33pm FLAG
m athletic body, 7in. any girls kik me hardzach2

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 4:43pm FLAG
m looking for girls to trade with. Kik: 667john

Anonymous Aug 12 2013 9:56am FLAG
Kik me andreschival. Male.

Andres Aug 13 2013 9:34pm FLAG
hey ima male wanting to trade s with some girls.i got a big d*ck. kik is: rugbyfan100.

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 1:21pm FLAG
Big d i c k

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 9:38pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 9:39pm FLAG
My name is big d* fer no spaces spell it the right way

Male Aug 14 2013 9:39pm FLAG
hey ima male wanting to trade s with some girls.i got a big d*ck. kik is: rugbyfan100.

Anonymous Aug 16 2013 11:59pm FLAG
male, looking for girls to trade kik: cdolson30 (no judgers) :)

Thrash**** Aug 21 2013 7:13pm FLAG
Also, only :)

Thrash**** Aug 21 2013 7:14pm FLAG
im girls kik me trade pics my kik ryan86794

ryan86794 Aug 23 2013 5:12pm FLAG
girls kik me ryan86794

ryan86794 Aug 23 2013 5:13pm FLAG
male, looking to trade s with girls only. -.

Anonymous Aug 25 2013 8:39am FLAG
^. Kik iz2498👆

Anonymous Aug 25 2013 9:03am FLAG
/m josh_c_3 is kik, girls only dirty truth or dare or skype, dont be a wuss in T or D.

Anonymous Aug 26 2013 11:31pm FLAG
Ginger_in_da_houze i'm a male, massage me whenever ;)

Anonymous Aug 27 2013 8:55pm FLAG
-girls kick me a pic of you almost ***** with face first then we can trade pics my kik is jamie_patterson_7 play football baseball and basketball and I'm ;)

jamie_patterson_7 Aug 28 2013 6:16pm FLAG
GUYS and LESBIANS, if you want to trade girl pics, then KIK me. I now have over 1000 pics of any age you want (and they're all ). I'm looking for ages 10 - , but I'm fine if you have something else, as long if it's . MY KIK IS Official_Trade

official_trade Sep 01 2013 5:41pm FLAG
Kik soccerisawsm if u want to trade s I'm hot and have abs and a big d*ck

Anonymous Sep 03 2013 9:01pm FLAG
Trade kik guy or girl pics only plz Rbtfnx is my kik

Rbtfnx Sep 04 2013 11:23am FLAG
Making a and trading group in kik (girls and boys ages 10-) ONLY LIVE PICS! Don't have to show face if you don't want to but you have to prove that it's you!!! Kik drehar5 if you are interested:) Girls and STRAIGHT boys only!!

Anonymous Sep 05 2013 12:41am FLAG
Girls kik me at beichboy any time m

Beichboy Sep 05 2013 9:43pm FLAG
girls you can kik me or guys you can if you have pics of your exes kik:balkeeeyyyy

Anonymous Sep 08 2013 12:20pm FLAG
girls kik BradBrad23

Bradwahere Sep 15 2013 4:21pm FLAG
Girls Either or not, Kik me at IamtheRazgriz I'm really nice, and I am not going to try anything stupid unless you're and want to trade pictures.

IamtheRazgriz Sep 15 2013 6:23pm FLAG
^^^ I won't try anything stupid unless you're and want to trade /dirty pictures or if you just want to . Also forgot to mention I'm , Male, and straight, as well as white. No piercings, earrings fall under that category in my book. You don't need piercings or earrings to impress/turn me on.

IamtheRazgriz Sep 15 2013 6:26pm FLAG
Im a girl lookin to trade pics of young boyz and girls, and maybe even a girl or boyfriend too. If ur interested, kik me at faeston. Also, u need to be near my age for the bf thing, cauz I wont date u if ur too old.

kenzie Sep 16 2013 11:33am FLAG
I wana trade s kik me at ILoVeB0OBiES guy or girl

ur mom Sep 16 2013 2:25pm FLAG
I'm male and have female pics to trade. Kik: hi_there_Iam_me to trade just send a pic you always send first. You MUST have pics to trade

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 3:33pm FLAG
/m Kik me: iz2498 trade pics Girls only! and under girls.

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 5:24pm FLAG
Lf horney lil girls kik me at ILoVeB0OBiES ANYTIME ima guy

Anonymous Sep 17 2013 6:25am FLAG
Kik: hi_there_Iam_me to trade s of girls. I am male, girls and guys welcome to trade. I only trade pics of girls. You MUST have pics to trade

Anonymous Sep 21 2013 12:16pm FLAG
Kik me: jakehm2020 (don't be fooled by the name!) f lesbian. Trade pics with GIRLS ONLY. (;

Anonymous Sep 25 2013 7:48pm FLAG
Trade with girls or guys. GUYS send pics of other girls and ill send some girls back. GIRLS send yourself or other girls and ill send myself or other girls. Kik: hail1996 I'm male.

Anonymous Sep 26 2013 1:49pm FLAG
If any girl any age wants a slave for pics message me kyle_smith24 ;) I will do anything for you girls. I am m

kyle_smith24 Sep 29 2013 5:40pm FLAG
Girls willing to trade s and up. Kik me at Badboy4426

Baddbooyyy Sep 30 2013 5:26pm FLAG
if any girl wants to trade pics im m kik me looking for up kik me at imjake

jake Sep 30 2013 6:49pm FLAG
Trading pics with girls. Any age. ilovegirls1 ONLY GIRLS PLEASE

ilovegirls1 Sep 30 2013 7:37pm FLAG
trading s with girls any age. kik me: ilovegirls4244

ilovegirls4244 Sep 30 2013 7:40pm FLAG
m / gay. Guys kik me at xezrax7 , just send d*ck pics and I will send back (:

Anonymous Oct 01 2013 4:16pm FLAG
Any girls kik me I'm 24/7 ready to do what ever like trade s, ages (10-25) my kik is mattysboys

Mattysboys Oct 03 2013 7:37pm FLAG
/m girls wanna trade pics kik me : iz2498. Girls -

Anonymous Oct 11 2013 5:37pm FLAG
M trading pics with girls younger than kik me sammyboy2504

Sammyboy2504 Oct 17 2013 2:08pm FLAG
any girls that want to be posted on my tumblr page kik mytruecolours the photos and state whether or not u want your kik to be anon.

Kylie Oct 19 2013 9:39am FLAG
m kik me briankmac if you wanna trade

brian Oct 28 2013 11:01pm FLAG
Kik me girls any age @ tan_da_man1

Hi Oct 29 2013 4:28pm FLAG
Horny girls kik cj_2255

Anonymous Nov 02 2013 1:12am FLAG
I am looking for a female slave a loyal slave who will do whatever I say my kik is master_thunder when you message me say "hello master it's your new slave" and I will decide if it works out i expect you to message me

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 11:25am FLAG
m bi, will trade with anyone, and I can definitely be a slave ;) kik moabm

Anonymous Nov 11 2013 2:17pm FLAG
girls kik rugbyfan100 to trade pics with this big c*ck

Anonymous Nov 14 2013 8:01pm FLAG
Girls kik me while I'm at work. Clean or dirty at grapejuiceman

Anonymous Nov 23 2013 5:04am FLAG
Hey ladies hmu on kik just add kennyawesome for a big dingaling or if you just wana talk (about anything) ;)

Bigmeat Nov 25 2013 12:03pm FLAG
/ m Kik me @ killer_dolphin I'm and bored just say what you want got pics of girls to always down to trade

Chase Nov 25 2013 11:02pm FLAG
Kik hi_there_Iam_me to trade pics of girls

Anonymous Dec 01 2013 3:41pm FLAG
Girls -under kik me at music_is_op

Anonymous Dec 03 2013 4:11pm FLAG
Any female slaves -under text me at music_is_op and I will reply. Send a pic of your breasts and vagina when you text me. Girls older than but under text me and I will see if I will trade with you or not.

Music_is_op Dec 03 2013 4:16pm FLAG
It's my birthday girls. Kik me at maxjones54

Max Dec 09 2013 9:47pm FLAG
Horny girls kik me at stephenhharms I am a male an have a big d*ck

Anonymous Dec 12 2013 6:06pm FLAG
Anyone want to be a trade slave kik _itian_ I'm a male girls only.

Anonymous Dec 14 2013 5:09pm FLAG
m looking for guys and girls. Kik me at SquidWhisperer

Noah Dec 26 2013 4:34pm FLAG
Hey girls it's my birthday. Come chat with me. Kik nate_mannnn

Nate Dec 27 2013 8:38am FLAG
I'm if anybody has pics of young girls to trade (under) kik me at *****pics86

Anonymous Dec 28 2013 10:18pm FLAG
Sorry meant *****pics86

Anonymous Dec 28 2013 10:20pm FLAG
m looking for a girl to trade pics with. I'll tell you to do something and send me a pic then you can tell me to do something.almost like a slave Kik: jumpingmonkey94

Anonymous Jan 01 2014 3:04pm FLAG
Anyone up for dirty truth or dare text me on kik at grifmurph

Anonymous Jan 06 2014 4:03pm FLAG
/m here :) in the next few hours for now... Girls + kik me at hugo7in

Anonymous Jan 08 2014 12:52pm FLAG
im male but i have pics and vids of girls kik @ picsnvids1

Anonymous Jan 13 2014 9:10pm FLAG
Ssantoro /m

Anonymous Jan 18 2014 4:59pm FLAG
Kik me Ssantoro girls only

Anonymous Jan 18 2014 5:00pm FLAG
Send first if you want to trade kik: annaqueen20

Anonymous Jan 22 2014 7:43am FLAG
Hey kik me detective98 I'm male we can trade or talk idc up to you age doesn't matter to me if your nice girls only

Anonymous Jan 24 2014 9:14pm FLAG
Hey to guy here, in always super h0ny girls so hit me up, I'll trade pics or whatever, kik me at stiebs7

Anonymous Jan 25 2014 7:26pm FLAG
male kik me @ dimitri_anatoli girls only any age

Anonymous Jan 26 2014 5:01pm FLAG
I am looking for a female slave a loyal slave who will do whatever I say my kik is master_thunder when you message me say "hello master it's your new slave" and I will decide if it works out i expect you to message me im male now slave

Anonymous Jan 26 2014 6:03pm FLAG
Horny Girls Kik me @ RebornAlone I'm male. I'm up for anything. Age Doesn't Matter. GIRLS ONLY ;) Check me out (;

sean Jan 27 2014 5:27pm FLAG
Horny girls Kik me at raw0

Anonymous Jan 27 2014 5:59pm FLAG
Kik me. I am a male and want to kick girls 10 and up for , dirty chat, swapping pics with girls, and just chatting if you feel like it. I will say I am a little chubby, but I would hope my size makes up for it as my d*ck is 8 inches and I have been told it is thick. My kik is throwmeatbone

Anonymous Jan 28 2014 12:38am FLAG
Kik me: orionsangels. Trading pics of exs (Real)

Anonymous Jan 29 2014 4:25pm FLAG
Kik me: chriscanclutch... Its 7 inches and I will trade(; GIRLS ONLY.

Chris Jan 31 2014 8:23pm FLAG
I trade pics of myself or girls. If you're interested message me, HGRAP

HGARP Feb 04 2014 5:35am FLAG
Male, girls or guy me up on kik biboy995

anon Feb 05 2014 6:20pm FLAG
m girls kik me @chitwoodj to see my 10" c*ck.

Chitwoodj Feb 06 2014 5:46pm FLAG
m girls only age I will talk or trade what ever you want kik me HarrisonG99

HarrisonG99 Feb 11 2014 6:05pm FLAG
m girls only really trading pics Kik bigboys36H trust me I'm a guy name means nothing

Anonymous Feb 12 2014 8:13am FLAG
I am and bisexual and looking for anyone under 18 to kik me for whatever you want to do. I'm not like most guys, think what you want of that. My kik is johnmastiff3

johnmastiff3 Feb 12 2014 9:07pm FLAG
male looking for girls to trade with kik name is deadlock742

Anonymous Feb 16 2014 12:05pm FLAG
I am looking for obidiant slave female 20 and down willing to do anything i say kik jacob88a saying hello daddy

Anonymous Feb 17 2014 7:39am FLAG
girl boys under kik me at christax

christax Feb 18 2014 10:03pm FLAG
M Girls trade only Kik MrSuperWhoLock

Anonymous Feb 18 2014 11:29pm FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 21 2014 6:05pm FLAG
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